API Bug Report

Nov 28 Known Issues (Community Version) Last Updated: December 21st, 2016 Below is a list of current known issues, with links to relevant threads. Please reply in this thread if I missed something and I'll try my best to keep this post up to date. Mashery Registration Accounts registered with @me.com and @mac.com email addresses may not receive emails sent by Mashery (dev.battle.net). Affected users should contact api-support@blizzard.com. http://us.battle.net/forums/en/bnet/topic/13840243918 WoW API Various armory profile issues. http://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20749025924 There is no longer a CN WoW API. While there are some CN endpoints for other games, the WoW API has gone away for the CN region. http://us.battle.net/forums/en/bnet/topic/20747737113 Item stats are identical across different contexts. http://us.battle.net/forums/en/bnet/topic/20747704844 http://us.battle.net/forums/en/bnet/topic/20748715592 Realm names with spaces are formatted different between auction and character APIs. http://us.battle.net/forums/en/bnet/topic/20748844884 PVP Leaderboards API uses extreme amounts of whitespace. http://us.battle.net/forums/en/bnet/topic/20745675920 Character progression data shows invalid bossIds for some bosses. http://us.battle.net/forums/en/bnet/topic/20743404457 Traits returned by the Character API list points you've spent and points granted by relics on traits you've bought, but not points granted by relics for traits you haven't bought. http://us.battle.net/forums/en/bnet/topic/20749008072 There's currently no endpoint for looking up artifact relics & their effect. http://us.battle.net/forums/en/bnet/topic/20749294955 The realm status API for the TW region is not working. http://us.battle.net/forums/en/bnet/topic/20749759091 WoW Character API returns an empty JSON object http://us.battle.net/forums/en/bnet/topic/20749835280 D3 API Tooltips look different in the game vs on the website, with the website data matching the API. http://us.battle.net/forums/en/bnet/topic/20749084881 Leaderboard API not reflecting changed battletags. http://us.battle.net/forums/en/bnet/topic/20752395812 SC2 API The profile endpoint is returning 500 errors. http://us.battle.net/forums/en/bnet/topic/19649936241 New achievements from nova packs are missing and portraits haven't been updated. http://us.battle.net/forums/en/bnet/topic/20748525360Sapu5 Nov 28
Aug 14, 2014 Known Issues Known issues with any of our APIs will be consolidated here. Mashery Registration Accounts registered with @me.com and @mac.com email addresses may not receive emails sent by Mashery (dev.battle.net). Affected users should contact api-support@blizzard.com. WoW Since the 6.0.2 patch many Guild API requests are returning 404. This is being looked at currently. The Acherus Deathcharger is missing from mount data. Certain Quests may not show in the API (Quest #26316, 26285, 28414 and 29518 are examples) Challenge mode Region-wide leaderboards are returning no data The Item API will only display 1 source itemSource for items that have multiple soures. The Item API's itemSource does not populated as expected for some items (e.g. Seal of Sullen Fury). Auction House dumps contain entries with "owner":"???" and "ownerRealm":"???". D3 Calculated character stats can be incorrect. Crit chance is always 0. KR: Some yellow item names are reversed SC2 Newer Character portraits may not be returned.Magena0 Aug 14, 2014
1h SC2 Api data update for Nova Hi, Now that the nova mission pack is released, please also update the resources in the API Portraits out of date: http://eu.battle.net/sc2/en/profile/634224/1/Meingjord/ Achievement pictures are messed up: http://eu.battle.net/sc2/en/profile/634224/1/Meingjord/achievements/ Mission packs don't show pack number 2 http://eu.battle.net/sc2/en/profile/634224/1/Meingjord/achievements/category/4354090 Why aren't the battle.net sites updated when at the patch days? Also waiting for news for the ladder revamp update for the API... Best regards!Meingjord23 1h
2h Diablo leaderboards incorrect information The online leaderboards on the official website doesn't show all players as well as in the API. Only one or two players are being displayed out of an entire full party. Here is a comparison between the ingame leaderboards and the API. http://i.imgur.com/O38DR5S.jpg http://i.imgur.com/0O1V3Uw.pngSupreme3 2h
19h Legendary ilvl boost Legendaries have been 910 ilvl in wow for a while now. Are they going to get bumped in the API data?timwoj6 19h
1d EU Connected Realms and AH API issue As I understand it, in-game, these EU realms are connected together: Set 1: Anetheron, Festung der Stürme, Gul'dan, Kil'jaeden, Nathrezim, Rajaxx Set 2: Arthas, Blutkessel, Kel'Thuzad, Vek'lor, Wrathbringer On the //eu.api.battle.net/wow/realm/status endpoint: * Anetheron is completely missing, not mentioned anywhere * Festung der Stürme, Gul'dan, Kil'jaeden, Nathrezim, Rajaxx are each connected to each-other, and to Vek'lor * All realms in Set 2 appear with their correct connected realms On the //eu.api.battle.net/wow/auction/data/* endpoint: * Anetheron returns the data URL for Set 2 * Festung der Stürme, Gul'dan, Kil'jaeden, Nathrezim, Rajaxx all return "Internal Server Error" There are a number of other issues with the EU AH API lately, some of which can be seen at https://does.theapi.work/ but I mention this one because I've never seen a realm connection error like this before. Please fix it.erorus11 1d
3d Auction API lastModified not updated Hi, lastModified value in auction data status is not updated. Could someone please forward this issue to the dev team? Ex url: https://us.api.battle.net/wow/auction/data/aegwynn?apikey=<key>Merrah4 3d
3d Character exists in Web Battle.net, but not in the API Subj ^^ http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/sargeras/Rudamen/advanced - this page works as it should be, showing a normal character page. https://us.api.battle.net/wow/character/sargeras/Rudamen?apikey=<apikey> - this page returns "Character not found"Kernel7 3d
4d D3 Seasonal leaderboard incorrect Hi, It seems like the Season 9 Leaderboards is showing the incorrect information. It would be great if this could be fixed. Especially the rift-hardcore-dh Season 9 Leaderboard, thats where i realized that the information was incorrect. Thanks!Dondaj4 4d
Feb 15 WoW AH data has stopped updating? it seems that the WoW auction data has stopped updating (at least for EU realms); the last update was around 2016-05-19 21:15 UTC; As far as I can deduce quickly, that last update is available just fine even now, indicating the API itself is working, but no new updates are being pushed from the servers anymore. Has anyone else noticed the same? Taking a quick look at a website using that same AH data ( https://theunderminejournal.com/ ) suggests the same problem shows on the US realms as well.Yoco94 Feb 15
Feb 13 I tried to get a access_token. But error occurs. Hello. I'm programmer. I tried to get a access_token. But error occurs. $.ajax({ url: 'https://kr.battle.net/oauth/token', type:'POST', async: false, contentType: 'application/x-www-form-urlencoded', dataType: 'jsonp', data: { redirect_uri: redirect_uri, grant_type: 'authorization_code', code: authorization_code, client_id: clientId, client_secret: clientSecret }, crossDomain: true, success: function(data){ alert("aaa: " + JSON.stringify(data)); }, error: function(xhr) { console.log('fail: ' + JSON.stringify(xhr)); } }); I applied the above code to our site. (www.exemplaryer.com) But, "Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token" error occurs. You can actually see this situation when you connect to our site. (Please access the "www.exemplaryer.com" and push "F12" key in Chrome.) I am doing this as a business. I desperately hope that this should happen. Please help me.다무찌르리0 Feb 13
Feb 12 SC2 New Ladder Endpoint Showing Wrong Clan Ex: Stephano's clan shows as "OGC" despite having been "MLTDWN" for quite a long time. http://eu.battle.net/sc2/en/profile/2101268/1/Stephano/ https://eu.api.battle.net/data/sc2/ladder/187626 {"id":7341937286147211264,"rating":5912,"wins":61,"losses":50,"ties":0,"points":1548,"longest_win_streak":8,"current_win_streak":2,"current_rank":90,"highest_rank":103,"previous_rank":111,"join_time_stamp":1477511974,"last_played_time_stamp":1479479148,"member":[{"legacy_link":{"id":2101268,"realm":1,"name":"Stephano#818","path":"/profile/2101268/1/Stephano"},"played_race_count":[{"race":"Zerg","count":111}],"character_link":{"id":2101268,"battle_tag":"Stephanhy#2591","key":{"href":"https://eu.api.battle.net/data/sc2/character/Stephanhy-2591/2101268?namespace=prod"}},"clan_link":{"id":1771,"clan_tag":"OGC","clan_name":"OGC"}}]}Ophidian2 Feb 12
Feb 12 Invalid Characters (SC2 API) https://us.battle.net/forums/en/bnet/topic/20752735262 This is still an issue on both the battle.net website and the SC2 data API.Ophidian0 Feb 12
Feb 10 How to get access_token? Hello. I'm programmer. I posted below. https://us.battle.net/forums/en/bnet/topic/20753147280 Please show me some sample code that works well. (angularjs + jsp exemple) Additional Messages I tested below code addtionally. $http({ method: 'POST', url: 'https://kr.battle.net/oauth/token', data: { redirect_uri: redirect_uri, grant_type: 'authorization_code', code: authorization_code, client_id: clientId, client_secret: clientSecret }, headers: {'Content-Type': 'application/json; charset=utf-8'} }) .then(function(data, status, headers, config) { if( data ) { console.log(JSON.stringify(data)); } else { } }, function(data, status, headers, config) { console.log(JSON.stringify(data)); }); But, result is below. ... My website is https://www.exemplaryer.com please show me the answer.다무찌르리1 Feb 10
Feb 9 nameDescription incomplete in item api pull for new mythic+ items When pulling an item that is from mythic+ 13 or higher, instead of it reading "Mythic xx Titan/warforged" it only reads "Titan/Warforged" Thought I would mention this as its preventing my app from working correctly :)Takarii1 Feb 9
Feb 6 Auction Data Old for Some EU Realms https://does.theapi.work/ shows a bunch of EU realms which haven't updated in a while (between 2 and 11 hours).Sapu13 Feb 6
Feb 2 Diablo 3 friends list not working When I click on the Friends tab from my profile, it takes me back to my first hero page. If I type in the /friends manually it takes me to the hero page also. I logged out, and back in, same thing. I restarted my browser, same thing. I'm using FireFox 41.0.1WhoMe24 Feb 2
Feb 2 Mounts missing from the API Currently (01 Feb 2017) there are at least nine mounts left that do not appear in the API query for owned mounts (or the Armory) but exist in player collections : Acherus Deathcharger (spell ID 48778, mount #221) Chauffeured Mechano-Hog (spell ID 179244, mount #678) Felsaber (spell ID 200175, mount #780) Green Kodo (spell ID 18991, mount #73) Teal Kodo (spell ID 18992, mount #74) Ivory Raptor (spell ID 17450, mount #35) Mottled Red Raptor (spell ID 16084, mount #54) Red Wolf (spell ID 16080, mount #13) Winter Wolf (spell ID 16081, mount #15) The Acherus Deathcharger has been missing for a couple of years at the very least(!) Other class mounts work so I don't think that's the reason that the Deathcharger and Felsaber don't. The Mechano-Hog was introduced in WoD and its Alliance equivalent works. So in both cases, the mounts don't seem to be unusual, just forgotten. The bottom six in the list are all early Vanilla retired mounts that are missing from the mount master list and presumably from the Armory API as well. The Ivory Raptor is definitely confirmed as missing from both. If someone could please look into this it would be hugely appreciated! Thanks, Wain, Warcraft Mounts. Note: the list above has been updated. Some of the comments below refer to mounts that have since been fixed.Wain28 Feb 2
Jan 31 WoW Character API - Empty JSON object returned when querying for some characters I've noticed that when querying for some characters the WoW Character API returns an empty JSON object as response. Reproduction example: Request URL: https://us.api.battle.net/wow/character/aegwynn/Skadushy?apikey={YOURAPIKEYHERE} Request Method: GET Status Code: 200 OK Response Headers: Connection:keep-alive Content-Language:en-US Content-Length:2 Content-Type:application/json;charset=UTF-8 Date:Sun, 09 Oct 2016 14:21:32 GMT Retry-After:600 Server:Apache X-Frame-Options:SAMEORIGIN X-Mashery-Responder:prod-j-worker-us-east-1d-122.mashery.com X-Plan-QPS-Allotted:100 X-Plan-QPS-Current:1 X-Plan-Quota-Allotted:36000 X-Plan-Quota-Current:4 X-Plan-Quota-Reset:Sunday, October 9, 2016 3:00:00 PM GMT Request Headers: Accept:text/html,application/xhtml+xml,application/xml;q=0.9,image/webp,*/*;q=0.8 Accept-Encoding:gzip, deflate, sdch, br Accept-Language:en-US,en;q=0.8,da;q=0.6 Cache-Control:no-cache Connection:keep-alive Host:us.api.battle.net Pragma:no-cache Upgrade-Insecure-Requests:1 User-Agent:Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; WOW64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/53.0.2785.143 Safari/537.36 Response content: {}Chralex11 Jan 31
Jan 23 Error 500 in Sc2 API Hi, I have two issues with that profile : https://us.api.battle.net/sc2/profile/146377/2/juanrosc/?apikey=XXX 1 - it returns this error whereas the profile exists : { "status": "nok", "code": 500, "message": "Internal Server Error" } it looks like we have the same error in the website : http://us.battle.net/sc2/en/profile/146377/2/juanrosc/ 2 - the error 500 is thrown with an HTTP response code 200 (which normally mean OK). Why do you not throw a 500 HTTP code ? Just like you do for a 404. Example : https://us.api.battle.net/sc2/profile/000000/2/juanrosc/?apikey=XXX HTTP code : 404 ; response body : { "status": "nok", "code": 404, "message": "Sc2 Profile Not Found" } thanks in advance for your response.Skav83 Jan 23
Jan 23 D3 KR and TW api return same leaderboard data Hello, I've found another "fun" bug, the KR and TW endpoints return the same data: https://kr.api.battle.net/data/d3/season/9/leaderboard/rift-barbarian?access_token=XX https://tw.api.battle.net/data/d3/season/9/leaderboard/rift-barbarian?access_token=XX Both links return same leaderboard data. Can someone please check and confirm this :)Hammer2 Jan 23
Jan 23 Some items missing icon data This isn't an exhaustive list in any way, but the following items are missing icons in the API data: 121015 121016 121069 121070 121071 121124 121125 121126 121179 121180 121181 121234 121235 121236 I only pull 800+ leather armor, trinkets, rings, and necks, so there's probably more.timwoj1 Jan 23
Jan 23 Can't get session tokens Hi! I can get the authorization code part of the OAuth2 process, but no matter what I try can't get access tokens. I have tried multiple plugins (I'm using Python Flask for this) and think I have it right in each one, but always get a 400 error (invalid request). I have gone so far as to reproduce the outgoing POST request. Here it is, in two different forms that don't work. Can anyone help me figure out what is wrong? If you want me to post my Python code I can do that, too, but I think what matters is the actual post operation: The first one uses client_id and client_secret as part of the body of the POST, and the second one uses username and password for basic authorization instead. POST https://us.battle.net/oauth/token Content-Length: 269 Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded client_secret=MYSECRET&client_id=yegbkadrzb5x8aydtaxpmmdhvpsvdb8m&state=322b64fd-c92b-4fd8-9d17-3d5f5cd8bdba&scope=&grant_type=authorization_code&redirect_url=https%3A%2F%2Fhot!@#$s.com%2Fdynamic%2Fblizzard_callback&code=5khwh5774avg2k3ypmxq36pn Of course, I changed my client's secret to MYSECRET only for this post. POST https://us.battle.net/oauth/token Content-Length: 179 Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded Authorization: Basic eWVnYmthZHJ6YjV4OGF5ZHRheHBtbWRodnBzdmRiOG06OVRnVkM4ajU4UHI5VXVOeFNTYlNuYkt5bVpoalJVR3E= state=bad55035-671b-46c2-a9d9-22c3f5dde3a4&redirect_url=https%3A%2F%2Fhot%^-*s.com%2Fdynamic%2Fblizzard_callback&code=qwubc549aqev382nnq82sd8x&scope=&grant_type=authorization_code Neither one of these work and return the same error, any help? By the way, my base URL is hot!@#$s (hots hits), so the discussion forum is changing a particular bad word above into other characters, that's not the source of my problem in the POST operation.HappyPants0 Jan 23
Jan 23 Numeric contexts for relics? Mapping? I posted this about two months ago in the other API forum, with zero responses. Maybe it'll get more traction after being reported as a bug. The relic data that comes with the character data includes a numeric context value. Are these supposed to map to the other text-based contexts that come with the item data in some way?timwoj4 Jan 23
Jan 20 Inferno's March Shoulderpads have no context in API data Inferno's March Shoulderpads (item 139958) have a context when returned with the character data (quest-reward) but don't have the same context when returned with just the item. It's also returning as item level 855 when the item can only be 870 in game. It also returns with absolutely no bonus IDs of any sort, which might actually be correct.timwoj2 Jan 20
Jan 20 ToV Items haven't gotten ilvl bump yet It looks like the ToV items haven't had their ilvls increased in the API data as they have in game. Example: https://us.api.battle.net/wow/item/142541?locale=en_US&bl=3468,1507,3337&apikey= That item is an 890 in game, but the API reports it as 885.timwoj3 Jan 20
Jan 20 PvP API not behaving as expected Didn't see the issue in the known issues so raising as a new one Currently: Leaderboard API not updating as expected - Previously fansites were able to track who is currently playing and have an accurate idea of arena history https://__region__.api.battle.net/wow/leaderboard/__bracket__?fields=pvp&locale=en_GB&apikey=__API_key__ Leaderboard API only displaying 1000 (Previously displaying 5000) https://__region__.api.battle.net/wow/leaderboard/__bracket__?fields=pvp&locale=en_GB&apikey=__API_key__ Unable to see more than 1000 players (Previously all players who had PvP Rating in the current season) on the following api: https://eu.api.battle.net/wow/leaderboard/rankings/3v3?fields=pvp&locale=en_GB&apikey=__API_Key__ The above were all working as expected from (MoP) Season 14 up to (Legion) Season 19 are no information has been provided as per why this suddenly 'broke' (Intentional?) The API stopped working as expected between 2016-12-14 00:28 CET and 2016-12-14 00:58 (I believe) and is currently somewhat useless This API (When working) is an excellent tool for players to get a gist of where they are on the leaderboards and who is playing with who etc, and would be a shame if unable to be fixed to its previous state. Please resolve this when possible as it is missed, Thanks!searay2 Jan 20
Jan 9 Sc2 ladder game data api is respoding with stale data Holly already reported this in the API discussion forum, hoping it will get picked up. All ladders (at least the ones I checked in EU and US) are responding with stale data since a day or two. The data from the legacy endpoint is up to date but the game data endpoint is not. Try this one for example: https://eu.api.battle.net/data/sc2/ladder/188563 Vs: https://eu.api.battle.net/sc2/ladder/188563Irri4 Jan 9
Jan 9 media.blizzard.com invalid https Hello, https://media.blizzard.com is serving content from INVALID COMMON NAME certificate. This is an example url: https://media.blizzard.com/d3/icons/items/large/p4_unique_belt_07_demonhunter_male.pngHammer0 Jan 9
Jan 2 PVP api wow Leaderboards 2v2 no working! Help! Hi, I get an empty request body at 2v2( { "rows": [] } 2v2 - no working 3v3 - working rbg - working what to do with the 2v2 bracket?Aqua13 Jan 2
Dec 27 Sc2 ladder API returns stale data again This may be related to the profile problem? For example: In https://eu.api.battle.net/data/sc2/ladder/188644 player Togusa#2482 has missing clan link (should be in clan Split). In https://eu.api.battle.net/data/sc2/ladder/188673 player Valff#226 has wrong clan link (should be in clan Split but is in clan Orbital Colossus 2).Irri0 Dec 27
Dec 23 Diablo 3 Hero API not updating Last night I swapped out some gear on my character - specifically I replaced the Nat's bow and ring with an Ancient Danetta's bow and a different ring (http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/dawg6-1416/hero/58901404). Normally, as soon as I log out of the game, the Armory and Hero API are updated right away. It's been ~8 hours and still both the Army and Hero API are returning my old gear which I am not wearing any more. Even my paragon level is unchanged since before Tuesday's maintenance. I also tried logging in and out a couple times.Dawg676 Dec 23
Dec 20 [WoW] EU Auction data returning server errors It seems that since a few hours requesting AH data for some EU realms is giving Internal Server errors instead of a proper response (HTTP code 500; "reason": "Internal server error" as part of the JSON response). This does not affect all realms. Of the realms I'm checking, EU-Arathor and EU-Nordrassil are failing, while EU-Stormrage and EU-Draenor work fine.Yoco2 Dec 20
Dec 5 WOW CN is lost! We have found that the part of WOW in Community APIs-CN has been disappeared recently. Someone given a feedback on https://dev.battle.net/forums, but there is no reply. Therefore, We have been received over thirty thousands complaints from users everyday. Could you tell us what’s the reason of part of WOW in Community APIs-CN offline ? As a member of Blizzard Senior Developer Partner Program, We hope to get your reply and help in this situation so that we could server for China’s WOW players better.Laoyuegou6 Dec 5
Dec 4 Rune Drop Rate So far I am almost all of the way through Act II on normal, and have not had a single rune drop at any point in my game. I have gone back to "farm" the countess, and after defeating her 20 times in a row, still no runes. From what I hear most people saying, there should be a low level rune drop from her at least once in every four defeats. I only use her as an example because she's well known for dropping runes. Now, most of the comments are from users running older patches. Since I am new to the game, I'm not sure if this is an actual bug, a change in the programming with the 1.14D patch, or if there's a problem with my current install. Any advice or suggestions will be most appreciated.healer1 Dec 4
Nov 29 Armory not updated - Mythic+ ach Reference to thread http://us.battle.net/forums/en/bnet/topic/20752275890 where talk about Mythic+ progression. It basically states that named characters have the achivement of completing a m+10 dungeon, getting the achivement, but the criteria data is incorrect both on the armory page and in the API. Details in that thread, if you want more example please poke me. TL:DR - the armory is not up-to-date on many different achivements.Snabelad2 Nov 29
Nov 28 D3 : Leaderboards changed battletags not updated Hi, I'm getting multiple reports of players that have changed their battletags but that change is not reflected in the API datafeeds or your official leaderboards. ie : http://us.battle.net/d3/en/rankings/season/8/rift-crusader Rank 2 : SGTxLahman is the old battletag and should be sgtdatroll#1553 Could you please update the leaderboards with the new updated battletags as this is causing issues with data consistency with the rest of my site. ThanksGhostwheel1 Nov 28
Nov 28 SC2 Ladder missing character_link and names Hello! I have noticed that some members are missing character_link and name data in legacy_link. In the majority of the cases it seems to happen when a player is occurring several times in the same ladder. This happens in all regions. But it also happens when a player is listed once (and this is harder to work around). I have only detected this in Korea region. It is also intermittent when fetching the same ladder after a while. Example content from https://kr.api.battle.net/data/sc2/ladder/63091: ... { "losses": 4, "join_time_stamp": 1477397385, "highest_rank": 100, "longest_win_streak": 1, "previous_rank": 1, "current_win_streak": 0, "last_played_time_stamp": 1478003464, "ties": 0, "wins": 2, "rating": 3910, "points": 52, "member": [ { "played_race_count": [ { "race": { "en_US": "Protoss" }, "count": 6 } ], "legacy_link": { "realm": 1, "id": 3080182 } } ], "id": 31088721340137472, "current_rank": 4 }, ... Irri2 Nov 28
Nov 28 [WoW] EU Auction data returning 404 status As already mentioned in the API discussion forum in http://us.battle.net/forums/en/bnet/topic/20752386426 , there seems to be something wrong with the EU auction API: while the API call works fine, the URL it returns for the bulk data download returns a 404 message with HTML content (instead of JSON). For example asking the API for the data for EU Arathor / Hellfire realm returns: { "files": [{ "url": "http://auction-api-eu.worldofwarcraft.com/auction-data/20ce9a160459708b7fa355cbe8a7777f/auctions.json", "lastModified": 1479830504000 }] } but following that URL there returns a 404 Not Found message from auction-api-eu.worldofwarcraft.com (with HTML content instead of JSON). This problem has started somewhere after 2016-11-22 10:12 UTC (that's where my last working download was from).Yoco2 Nov 28
Nov 22 EU Auction Data Timeout It seems that all auction data endpoints are timing-out for all EU realms. For example: http://auction-api-eu.worldofwarcraft.com/auction-data/57304a565824f2d778f9ad106430c98c/auctions.json This has been going on for about 9 hours.Sapu10 Nov 22
Nov 22 [WoW] URL for character thumbnail not working on merged realms Greetings, The thumbnail URL returned for a character on merged realms shows the character realm, but for some reason it has changed to be requiring a specific realm from the merge. Example: Ariane - The Sha'tar Request: https://eu.api.battle.net/wow/character/the-shatar/Ariane?locale=en_GB&apikey=xxx URL returned: /the-shatar/119/84671351-avatar.jpg Full URL: http://render-api-eu.worldofwarcraft.com/static-render/eu/the-shatar/119/84671351-avatar.jpg This does not work, however if you change the-shatar to Moonglade, it shows the characters avatar: http://render-api-eu.worldofwarcraft.com/static-render/eu/moonglade/119/84671351-avatar.jpg This is unexpected, the URL returned is incorrect, and the actual working URL is also technically incorrect. Can be confirmed by checking the src on the image on any characters profile on a merged realm, it is using one of the realms from the merge, not necessarily the one the character is on.Ritual10 Nov 22
Nov 18 SC2 Data Ladder Missing character_link Hello! I have noticed that some members are missing character_link and name data in legacy_link. It seems to happen when a player is occurring several times in the same ladder. Examples: 5060692 in https://eu.api.battle.net/data/sc2/ladder/187495 1376971 in https://eu.api.battle.net/data/sc2/ladder/187010 1758813 in https://eu.api.battle.net/data/sc2/ladder/187516 Example from https://us.api.battle.net/data/sc2/ladder/199814 of the content: ... { "losses": 3, "points": 0, "ties": 0, "id": 14531526163840368640, "last_played_time_stamp": 1477040697, "highest_rank": 100, "member": [ { "legacy_link": { "realm": 1, "id": 852262 }, "played_race_count": [ { "count": 5, "race": { "en_US": "Zerg" } } ] } ], "wins": 2, "longest_win_streak": 1, "previous_rank": 0, "current_win_streak": 1, "join_time_stamp": 1477040697, "rating": 4587, "current_rank": 88 }, ... { "losses": 0, "points": 0, "ties": 0, "id": 9334371094343188480, "last_played_time_stamp": 1477026772, "highest_rank": 100, "member": [ { "legacy_link": { "realm": 1, "id": 852262, "path": "/profile/852262/1/Starclone", "name": "Starclone#330" }, "character_link": { "id": 852262, "key": { "href": "https://us.api.battle.net/data/sc2/character/Starclone-1409/852262?namespace=prod" }, "battle_tag": "Starclone#1409" }, "played_race_count": [ { "count": 5, "race": { "en_US": "Protoss" } } ] } ], "wins": 5, "longest_win_streak": 5, "previous_rank": 0, "current_win_streak": 5, "join_time_stamp": 1477026772, "rating": 4654, "current_rank": 94 }, ... Irri0 Nov 18
Nov 15 bonus list extra bonus... ok noticed this today ...... item 134478 for example has default bonus id's when from mythic instances of 1727 and 1808. ok fine and dandy when querying just the item they auto show and work... BUT when i query My equiped shoulder of the same id with my bonus string of 1727,1808,42,1492,1813 i get a 860 ilvl item with 2 sockets so i remove the default form my string and the sickets are gone ... whats up with that lol...Ulminia2 Nov 15
Nov 11 2-hour US auction house snapshot interval It looks like US auction houses are updating every 2 hours since Tuesday. Previously we enjoyed regular 1-hour intervals in the US. https://does.theapi.work/ https://theunderminejournal.com/dataintervals.php I'd appreciate if anyone else can confirm this observation.erorus5 Nov 11
Nov 7 artifact context issue so my hunters mainhand return ""context": "scenario-normal"," in the items dumb when i query https://us.api.battle.net/wow/item/128861/scenario-normal?id=128861&context=scenario-normal&bl=726,1512,1512,1515&apikey=xxxxx&locale=en_US i get {"status":"nok", "reason": "Context does not exist for item"} and it breaks scripts lolUlminia1 Nov 7
Nov 7 SC2 API Grandmaster Incorrect MMR Boundaries The MMR boundaries for grandmaster are way off. For example, the lowest player in GM is at 5355 MMR, while the API is saying the minimum rating for GM is 4680 and the maximum mmr is 4760. https://us.api.battle.net/data/sc2/league/29/201/0/5 {"_links":{"self":{"href":"https://us.api.battle.net/data/sc2/league/29/201/0/6?namespace=prod"}},"key":{"league_id":6,"season_id":29,"queue_id":201,"team_type":0},"tier":[{"id":0,"min_rating":4680,"max_rating":4760,"division":[{"id":1,"ladder_id":200072,"member_count":189}]}]} Additionally, even tier 1 master has higher mmr boundaries listed than grandmaster (though these appear to be correct): "tier":[{"id":0,"min_rating":4948,"max_rating":5142Ophidian1 Nov 7
Nov 3 item last modified header items with context are not returning last modified headers or a field on the code [header] => Array ( [http_code] => HTTP/1.1 200 OK [Content-Language] => en-US [Content-Type] => application/json;charset=UTF-8 [Date] => Mon, 31 Oct 2016 19:37:56 GMT [Retry-After] => 600 [Server] => Apache [Vary] => Accept-Encoding [X-Frame-Options] => SAMEORIGIN [X-Mashery-Responder] => prod-j-worker-us-east-1e-123.mashery.com [X-Plan-QPS-Allotted] => 100 [X-Plan-QPS-Current] => 1 [X-Plan-Quota-Allotted] => 36000 [X-Plan-Quota-Current] => 3 [X-Plan-Quota-Reset] => Monday, October 31, 2016 8:00:00 PM GMT [Content-Length] => 1501 [Connection] => Close ) [http_code] => 200 [last_url] => https://us.api.battle.net/wow/item/134478/dungeon-mythic?id=134478&context=dungeon-mythic&apikey=XXX&locale=en_US Ulminia4 Nov 3
Nov 2 [BUG] Guild Members API LastModified Always 0 The field in question is from the call (not exact call, but you get the picture): https://us.api.battle.net/wow/guild/executus/someguild?fields=members&locale=en_US&apikey=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx It's happening in: top level --> members --> character --> lastModified This lastModified field is always 0 for all of my guild members, even some of my characters that I've explicitly modified in testing this. It's worth noting that this works fine on the Character Profile API call for a specific call to: https://us.api.battle.net/wow/character/executus/charname?locale=en_US&apikey=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx This causes a problem because it requires me to make a call to the profile endpoint for each character in my guild as worst case scenario. If the lastModified worked, I'd be able to limit the calls based on time which would drastically reduce calls made to Character Profile API. Please let me know if you need anything else from me. Thanks!BrianMay3 Nov 2
Oct 28 D3 season API giving inconsistent results Hey, The D3 season api is bugged out as well. There are multiple errors ex: Barb and DH have the hardcore = true even tho its they are softcore league { "team_size": 1, "ladder": { "href": "https://us.api.battle.net/data/d3/season/8/leaderboard/rift-hardcore-barbarian?namespace=2-1-US" }, "hardcore": true, "hero_class_string": "barbarian" }, { "team_size": 1, "ladder": { "href": "https://us.api.battle.net/data/d3/season/8/leaderboard/rift-barbarian?namespace=2-1-US" }, "hardcore": true, "hero_class_string": "barbarian" }, Crusader has no hardcore = true tag. { "team_size": 1, "ladder": { "href": "https://us.api.battle.net/data/d3/season/8/leaderboard/rift-hardcore-crusader?namespace=2-1-US" }, "hero_class_string": "crusader" }, { "team_size": 1, "ladder": { "href": "https://us.api.battle.net/data/d3/season/8/leaderboard/rift-crusader?namespace=2-1-US" }, "hero_class_string": "crusader" } All the team_size > 1 are missing the hardcore = true. { "team_size": 2, "ladder": { "href": "https://us.api.battle.net/data/d3/season/8/leaderboard/rift-hardcore-team-2?namespace=2-1-US" } }, { "team_size": 2, "ladder": { "href": "https://us.api.battle.net/data/d3/season/8/leaderboard/rift-team-2?namespace=2-1-US" } } Thanksminthok1 Oct 28
Oct 28 Modified-Since header not working? ignore me im a nub lolUlminia0 Oct 28