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May 31 Community Esports League Hello everyone I work for a city in the state of Florida and we are try to start an Esports league for all ages and people in the community. This would be very similar to someone playing baseball each season. On Blizzards website there is an application for a tournament but not to start a league. I was hoping someone could point me in the right direction or possibly even a moderator could do so as i have found now way to contact Blizzard about the questions we have. Most of these are questions of a legal nature such as can we charge a registration fee? and what is allowed and not allowed when it comes to having PCs with the games on them which will be used by the participants. With Esports growing at a collegiate level we are aiming to allow some kids to start to grow their skills as they would with any other sport. I apologize if this is not the proper forum to post this under and appreciate direction to the proper place. Thank you to anyone who can provide any help.SinVIIWrath0 May 31
Dec 29 Heroes of the Dorm question Have they decided on whether they are going to Honor the Heroes of the Dorm scholarships? I have been a long time blizzard customer and consumer and can no longer in good faith spend anymore money or time on these games if they have flaked on these kids scholarships. If anyone has some information with a source I would love to see it. So far my own investigations have turned up nothing.Anna4040 Dec 29
Oct 13, 2018 Random Ban?? Simon910 Oct 13, 2018
Aug 21, 2018 Women in Esports Why are there no female leagues? There are plenty of exceptional female players. Gaming is not just a male thing, you know. I come across all kinds of wonderful female players in HotS, Overwatch, WOW PvP, Hearthstone, but we never get to see them play in Esports. I understand we can't exactly compete with the men, it would be like creating a women's NFL team, it's just not going to work. So, why can't we have our own league? Or maybe co-ed teams?? I would just love to see more ladies represented in Esports.Dija2 Aug 21, 2018
Aug 17, 2018 Overwatch easports mobile compatibility I love watching overwatch league overwatch world cup and overwatch contenders blizzard has already made in overwatch league app that makes it easy for people on mobile devices to keep up with the overwatch league but when the overwatch league is over and we have things like overwatch can testers and overwatch world cup when you’re on mobile it is sometimes hard to keep up especially when a lot of the websites don’t have mobile compatibility and it ends up for me on mobile missing some overwatch World cup and overwatch contenders leagu World cup and overwatch contenders I wish that blizzard Could make an overwatch contenders app and or and overwatch world cup app so that I can easily keep up with the overwatch games while I am on mobile could make an overwatch contenders app and or and overwatch world cup app so that I can easily keep up with the overwatch games while I am on mobile and I know it’s possible because they have already made an overwatch league app and it wouldn’t take that much more time or money to make this happen It is just a little effort that will make so many people more into and watching overwatch and I think it would help blizzard tremendously please share this with blizzard and or other people who feel the same way thank you for readingTuxMan0 Aug 17, 2018
May 26, 2018 Looking for team EU I'm a grandmaster off tank/flex player with pretty good gamesence.Sid1 May 26, 2018
Dec 10, 2017 Please enable manual quality on Blizzcon/WCS VoDs The VoDs on the Schedule page are very annoying to watch due to the lack of control over the experience. The quality is locked to auto which performs very poorly for me. I get constant buffering which really ruins the experience. I'd love to watch them live but as an Aussie they all start at midnight so it has to be VoDs. Please enable manual control over the VoD quality.Yonan1 Dec 10, 2017
Dec 1, 2017 Recruiting for a Hots Esports team EU Hi - Our Discord/Esport community is currently looking for extra members looking to get into the Esport scene, whether it'd be practice against professionals, hoping to be scouted, or simply doing it for the experience. The majority of players currently are playing for the experience and practice Our Discord channel also contains League of Legends, Overwatch, Starcraft II, Destiny 2 (Once it gets a competitive mode), Paragon, and soon to be Dota II. https://discord.gg/PJzmFyc Please let us know to which game you'd be willing to sign up for, or even if Esports isn't for you, you may choose to hang around and enjoy time with everyone there! I hope to see many of you soon.Fitch0 Dec 1, 2017
Nov 13, 2017 Hearthstone tournament on Saturday - 16 players - Send applications to Stinkyfeet battle.net or Spead battle.net or ZorglaxionXVII@gmail.com - Starts at 1:00pm -GLHFStinkyfeet0 Nov 13, 2017
Oct 29, 2017 Having suggestion on New Mercy Ultimate "Valkyrie" When mercy use valk performing heal on teammate cause mercy to slowing down health regenerate on mercy. thanks. Moderator Edit: To leave feedback about Mercy from Overwatch please head over to our Overwatch forums - https://us.battle.net/forums/en/overwatch/22813879/JEDILEK0 Oct 29, 2017
Oct 18, 2017 Pls uptade Heroes' logo on ur websites Heroes logo has changed for a few months now. It used to look like this: http://eu.battle.net/heroes/static/images/heroes-2/heroes-logo-large.png?v=58-87 And now it looks like this: http://media.blizzard.com/heroes/media/heroes-2/social-facebook-heroes_2.jpg The change is pretty noticeable. All I ask is that you update both Heroes of the Storm's official site to the new logo AND the top panel on for all Blizzard sites (Blizzard|Games|Shop|News|Esports|Blizzcon). When you click on Games, the art representing Heroes of the Storm is really really old and does not use the new logo like the battle.net and in-game clients use. Thanks!Ultrajante0 Oct 18, 2017
Jan 29, 2017 GosuGamers... 1/10 Dear Blizzard. I love Heroes of the Storm. I love esports. I love HGC. I love your commitment and efforts to making this game grow. But please, please please please, never collaborate with gosugamers ever again. Their website is beyond awful, their rules are unclear, their registration system is flawed, and their admins are rude and unhelpful. They still have not even revealed what heroes will be allowed and what heroes wont be for the tournament TOMORROW.MaxPassion0 Jan 29, 2017
Dec 30, 2016 Worried about cheating in Overwatch. So as prolly most of you know, there was a big thread started on reddit accusing C9 Surefour, and Envyus Taimo of aimbot.I'll shorten it for the rest before i get to my worries. Hope i can paste links to reddit if not plz remove the link not the topic itself. ... On the videos of Taimo sniping on Numbani you can clearly see that his aimbot is trying to aim 2 different targets at once after 1 of them was ressurected by Mercy.This one is without a doubt a proof. Surefour videos are more scetchy, and considering the fact that POTG is recorded a bit differently we cant be sure.Tho Surefour itself removed his POV video of the situation after that topic. Either C9 or EnvyUs didn't make any statement yet bout the case.Tho the most important thing is what you guys from Blizzard planning to do bout that. The fact that there are aimbots in OW before the release was well known after some guy posted Soldier76 video of simply not hidden aimbot in work ( can't find it on YT anymore ;/ ) I know those early aimbots have theyr good sides, cause the company can work on them early on but what about the sittuation in which the game have already a 'Pro' scene with money tournaments from beta? You guys(Blizz) prolly plan to launch your own tournaments after release and people are waiting for that so they can participate and maybe get a 'pro' tag for themselves. Instead now those people wonder how they can compete if their opponents have Aimbots on and are still allowed into the game after being compromised. I understand that there will be an Anti cheat system implemented after launch ( i really believe in that ) but this situation right now has to be adressed! here You can see full game https://youtu.be/pLrC75XyBNs, 95% accuracy :DDDD this guy is so blatantkookyB5 Dec 30, 2016
Nov 8, 2016 Heroes Esport Site Teams Overview Hey together, i really enjoy the Heroes Esports Site but the Lack of Informations about Teams is annoying. I mean there is still no Information about which Teams are Qualified for Blizzcon, there is no overview of the Teams in the different Reagions (at least the top 4 / 8 Based on Qualifiers) with Player Description and maybe Pictures. I mean you have all those Stuff cause you use it on Stream, so why not have it on the Homepage. Especially Information about Chinese, Brazilian, Taiwan and AU / NZ Teams are lacking overall in the Internet. Ever Searched for Super Perfect Team and tried to find Team / Player Informations? Haven't found on yet. It also would be really cool if the Replays from the bigger Events could all be posted here on the Home Page as a Package. For Example. Taiwan Blizzcon Playoffs, AU / NZ Blizzcon Qualifier Playoffs, Gold Leage best 8 Finals or Best 4 Finals or Something like that. Especially from Foreign and smaller Countrys we have a lack of Replays avaiable which is really sad cause it helps to improve the heroes scene i think. Hope you guys can Improve the Site a little bit more so it really gets a Site to get Resources and Information about all Heroes Related Esport Stuff. Thanks!SlapJack1 Nov 8, 2016
Oct 27, 2016 Hearthstone world championship twitch :/ Why does the america stream always go down but the other languages have the stream continue, im missing my damn amnesiac matches wtf :/Fantasy0 Oct 27, 2016
Oct 25, 2016 [Bug] GLOBAL SCHEDULE page When going directly to the link: http://us.heroesofthestorm.com/esports/en/schedule and press "LOAD MORE" button, it just copies last line. No matter how many times you press, it will copy last line.RaWk0 Oct 25, 2016
Oct 25, 2016 Bug on the GLOBAL SCHEDULE page http://us.heroesofthestorm.com/esports/en/schedule if you press LOAD MORE button it will copy a last line. Screenshot: http://hostingkartinok.com/show-image.php?id=0359997d40d2fcd6d3eeff1a83cad137RaWk0 Oct 25, 2016
Oct 11, 2016 heroes esport site Maybe I am missing something here, but I think it would be great to announce new "News" on the heroes esport site also via twitter/facebook/reddit etc. I kinda miss new articles when I am not actively browsing to this site...balabub2 Oct 11, 2016
Oct 9, 2016 Shared Google Calendar / Notification I would love if you could create a shared 'google calendar' with all these events, so i could track them easier. It would also help with getting local times for events too.GuniGuGu2 Oct 9, 2016
Sep 23, 2016 Time zone of Tournament starting times Hi, maybe i was just unable to find that information. But it would be really helpful to know what time zone the starting times in the schedule refer to. Took me quite a while to find the time for todays tournament in CEST. kind regard IlloIlloran1 Sep 23, 2016
Sep 23, 2016 Heroes of the Storm NA Fall Regional I wanted to attend this show in person. Followed links. No information. Went to sponsoring organization. No information. This is not how you should promote your game. The user experience needs to be seamless. Easy. Fewest clicks possible. Tried to see if Twitch link had information. Dead airspace on Twitch TV. This is not how you should promote your game. The user experience is non-existent. Please hire me to improve your esports website. Dead links are amateurish. Frustrating. You should test the user experience. Follow your own links. Do they make sense? Do they lead anywhere? Can someone who is in a hurry and of average intelligence accomplish the task. You promote an event on the battle net app and there is no follow through. This is not the first time this has happened - just the first time frustration has built to a level where I share this with you. Take care and good luck.Suileabhain1 Sep 23, 2016
Aug 17, 2016 Qualifiers from Global Regionals You must show the link to the events Hots BNet page. The qualifiers are not advertised there.Praquenick0 Aug 17, 2016
Aug 16, 2016 Matchmaking sometimes just terrible. I have more than 800 games of experience and I'd like to enjoy this game more sometimes but it seems that it's impossible. Your matchmaking system has to be repaired. I found myself too often being match with 2 under lvl 20 players VS a team of 3 of lvl 40 Case scenario where you can't do nothing except witnessing being spanked royally by a more experienced and better composed team. Then we lose 17 to 12, then it makes me feel rage, then it makes me feel quit and then I got this penalty for leavers. But what do you expect me to do ? When the game keeps matching me with lvl 20s against teamed players ??? You can't do nothing in this situation.. it's out of control. Sometimes, we get to an agreement with the team and we just stay there in the Core waiting to get royally beat up so the game can finally end. It's unacceptable, I feel like I'm losing my time and energy and I know it can be corrected. Thank youVietKungFou0 Aug 16, 2016
Aug 15, 2016 Starcraft2 should be an Olympic event. Hello, Blizzard Entertainment people! My name is Minhwa Lee. I am Starcraft's fan and person who is always worried about e-sports future, especially Starcraft2. Without Blizzard Entertainment, Many people cannot dream today's e-sports prosperity. Blizzard Entertainment contributed to make new cultures and new markets and new jobs. Especially, Blizzard Entertainment gave many other company motive to try new challenge. But, Blizzard Entertainment is only one in this business. Because this company is interested in doing players and watching people, as well. So, When Starleague was heyday, it was proved. Most Other games just focus on gamer or the elements. So, just there are only maniac groups. So, When Starleague is downturn, Many normal people turn away from E-Sports. As a result, Now, E-Sports is recession and has limit not to jump over fence. When the Starleague was heyday, there were so many conflicts, happening and accident like match fixing or problem about taking the right to broadcast. So, In Korea, Many normal people truned away Starleague. So, StarCraft2 is also not good result. So, I thought this field need new change to restore before honor. So, I felt Starcraft should be an Olympic sport event while i watch this Olympics. To jump over confined fence of now esports, I think Starcraft2 should have to be included in Olyimpic sport. Olyimpics is the prettiest festival and increase peace and the dignity of man. Through Olympics, We can see preparation for 4 years and passion for 4 years. Starcraft qualify enough itself for Olympics sport through so much league matchs. Starcraft have run leagues for the longest in E-Sports history. It prove love of StarCraft by the people. Unlikely other esports or games, Starcraft include constant exertions of players, passion of players, will power of players and fair play. From the point of view of people, They can look forward to reverse drama and to be moved by the play of players. And So many matches can show people various tactics and strategies. Starcraft2 has the best necessary condition to be Olympic Sport. If Starcraft is a Olympic event, we can expect various things. It will contribute PC Game markets to be a great box office hit. People's positive view can be more increased. IT technics can propagate rapidly. Unlikely other games or other E-Sports, Stacraft can be true sport. And, In Korea, Public TV networks are so conservative. So, People can watch the matches through only some cable tv channels or internet tv channels. This prove E-Sports is still just on outskirts of the fence. So, If Starcraft2 is a Olympic event, many people can watch and know it through public TV channels of many countries. So, People's view can be more positive about Blizzard Entertainment. At this time, Game channels should not have right to broadcast to remove prejudice. When you constitute this suggestion, I think new people have to be managers like before progamers and so on, not old assiociation people like Kesfa. The managers should have passion about this field not personal advantages because of responsibility.이민화0 Aug 15, 2016
Jul 7, 2016 >esports >blizzard >esports >topkekHimself0 Jul 7, 2016
Jun 17, 2016 KDA in Overwatch good for eSports eSports is all about idolizing a player that looks like they are carrying a team. If we look at other eSport games like LoL many idolize players like Faker because they will see him get a penta kill and having a high KDA. If you look at which players are most idolized its all the players that play carry roles such as AD carry and Mid lane. Looking at another game CS:GO the most idolized players are always the top fraggers of their team, players like Olof in EU or Shroud in NA. I completely understand that having a KDA will lead to toxicity, however if you have played TF2 there is a KDA and very little toxicity in that game. I have noticed in Heroes of the Storm the introduction of KDA and I think overall this will improve the eSports viewer experience and in the end entice more players into the game. What do you guys think about having a KDA in the game or some other numerical measure of performance similar to TF2 Score?GHarv2 Jun 17, 2016
Jun 16, 2016 Looking for Hearthstone friends!! Hey guys Ordy here, well I am creating this forum to help me find friend for competitive play in Hearthstone.. I don't know if there is live forums to discuss decks, help with competitive play but I thought I should start here. Tag name Ordy 1396 hope to hear from you soonOrdy0 Jun 16, 2016
Jun 14, 2016 in game sugestion would be nice to watch thes pro games in game so we can check tallent boards ourselves and move camera around map as we like insted of what anoucers put it.gaud0 Jun 14, 2016
May 28, 2016 Overwatch Competitive camera views Idea Hey if anyone who has contributed to the development of Overwatch is reading this i first want to say you guys have made one of the most unique games i have ever seen although at the moment i don't have the ability to play it :(. Anyways due to my inability to get the game i have turned to twitch and wanted to see how the competitive environment would handle the game. I am a huge fan of all the development strategies and hope to one day be able to contribute to developing and adapting products. This brings me to the issue i have witnessed; Streaming tournaments is difficult due to the lack of an objective two sided spectator mode. Because this is most likely impossible(well maybe not for u guys) i came up with the idea to create place-able cameras or preset cameras at choke points the casters would be able to cycle through in order to get a two sided spectator experience. I believe that this is necessary in order for Overwatch to become a really competitive game. *DISCLAIMER* I do not own a copy of overwatch and if this is a feature i apologize for my criticism. Additionally if someone had allready posted this i did not look through all the forums so feel free to dislike this. However, credit given to me or not i would really like to hear a response to this so if u agree please contribute to this post. :) I think i posted this in the wrong forum before sorry.vish71 May 28, 2016
May 23, 2016 Overwatch Launch Celebration Coke esports event I wanted to give feedback on this event. I felt like it was a bad event. We arrived 15 minutes prior to starting and the raffle prize was already given away. (sticker under a cup) The "limited edition swag" was a cup. And they asked us to pay for the soda... I went with family and we at least wanted a set of cups one Tracer and one Widowmaker. But no, they didn't have enough Tracer cups. Theater was so full we had to sit uncomfortably in the front. Developer panel was awkward as they kept eluding to the soldier 76 cinematic as if we hadn't all already seen it that morning. Also the interview wasn't taken very seriously and they tried to turn every question into a joke. Overall, I feel like there was barely any effort put into this event and it was very disappointing. In contrast, I went to a similar event hosted by Naughty Dog and Sony for Uncharted 3 and had a blast. Theater was not too cramped, many prizes were raffled off, from big prizes to small prizes, and you could play the game and compete for a chance to win a collectors edition. The swag wasn't particularly great at that event either ( a notebook, bag, wrist band, and some digital content) but it didn't make you feel bad and insulted ("pay for your drink around the corner its $2.50"). Not sure if blizzard had any control over this event, but this seems like the appropriate place to give feedback.bdonchen0 May 23, 2016
May 17, 2016 Overwatch eSports Show Hi all, this is a copy of the post I made in the /r/overwatch subreddit. You can see it here: https://redd.it/4jkzhp With the impending release of ‘Overwatch’ I’ll be producing a short, weekly wrap up of the game, community and a look at the eSports scene. I aim to start making something straight away (possibly a week or two after release) so I can bring everyone as much information as possible from the get-go. Just a quick bit about me, I’m an Aussie TV Producer and I’ve also been involved in the local production of the league of legends eSports scene. During the beta I spent most of my time maining as Roadhog, Tracer and Mercy. I’m posting here because I wanted to find out what you would want to see in an Overwatch community show? I’d like to cover things like: * Blizzard announcements * Patch information * Best Play of the game moments * Funniest Fail of the game moments * eSport league and team announcements Hopefully being able to share play of the game moments will be something Blizzard invest in on release, but I also wanted to be able to share your funniest moments. If you stream or capture a great fail that’s just too good to miss, show me! In the long run, I can’t wait to be able to start spectating and casting matches, it’s something I really enjoy doing. For anyone that was there, when the APAC servers were live in SWTOR, I broadcast a server-wide Ranked PvP tournament between all the major guilds. Having also seen what tools Riot employ for their eSports coverage I’m really looking forward to playing around with Blizzards variant. If there’s an Overwatch competition coming up, a team being formed with tryouts, results from a tournament or anything that would interest the community, let me know. I’ve setup both a YouTube and Twitch channel and an email address if there’s a link or information you want to share. These are linked in the reddit post. Post below, tell me what would interest you in an Overwatch show, what things you want to see and hear about. Even if it’s just a one off, let me know. Can’t wait to bring this to you all, hope you enjoy it. ☺ ScorpioScorpio0 May 17, 2016
May 10, 2016 Provide replay files for each game of each event Hello, I've been working on a replay analyzer, it takes a replay file and output several stats and charts about the match. I've been using it for my own replays for the last couple of months and now I would like to make it available to the public. I think it would be really valuable if you guys provide the replay files for the major eSports events, that way I can prepare the reports foreach match. Thanks in advance.Lelima0 May 10, 2016
Apr 19, 2016 Reaper? Could it happen? Now that you guys are launching ''Overwatch'' soon. And a spotlight of a Overwatch character is being revealed. Why not make the most awesome Overwatch character? REAPER? The guy with dual shotguns and shadow power? I must say. We need it in Heroes of the storm! Back me up guys!SonderThePro0 Apr 19, 2016
Apr 17, 2016 Youtube Video Overlay Hello, Little frustrated with the overlay used lately for Heroes of the Dorm. The Champion icons, skill picks, and mini map have all been changed for the worse. Champion icons and skill picks have been minimized almost to the point that you can't recognize them. The mini- map has been transformed into something I can describe as nothing other than "dumb". Who thought of this? "Let's change an informative detailed mini-map players actually use themselves and KNOW into an 8-bit 4 color blank impressionist version of the same map that does not show wave pushes, jungle walls, jungle camps, Forts, Towers (oh...we'll just make the entire section a square block). Oohh...next we can change the icons of champs on the mini map into meaningless dots so you can't know who is where. In fact, being as we know everyone hates information they're used to having, let's just remove the skill picks entirely from the overlay." ??????Sorderon0 Apr 17, 2016
Apr 17, 2016 Taking My Business Elsewhere / Rant I've been a fan and supporter of Blizzard for a very long time. Specifically, since the first Warcraft Real Time Strategy game launched for PC. Yes... this one: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Warcraft:_Orcs_%26_Humans I was literally a kid when I first played this game (am now approaching 30). I've since played every single one of their games, including their latest, Overwatch. Lately however, I've seen a dynamic shift in the way this company produces games and treats its customers. It's probably no coincidence that this shift seemingly started happening around the same time that they merged with Activision. I've poured hundreds (possibly thousands) of dollars into Blizzard (and even more hours of my time) over the years but as a customer, I'm treated as if I've invested nothing. Not that I expect special treatment, I just expect more than what I get. I won't go into specifics, there are plenty of forum posts already that cover the problems I have with this company, it's games, and it's ethics. I will say that today was the final straw, as I was again told by customer support that, "There's nothing we can do" when I had technical issues with a game that drastically affected my experience. Additionally I think their latest game, Overwatch, is an insult to long time fans of the stories Blizzard has created. It feels like a cheap gimic to make $60 off of players. There is no story, nothing to connect me with these characters. Just cheap one-liners that make me wonder about a tale I'll never get to hear. Sound familiar? That's because it's the same approach Activision took with Destiny. Coincidence? All this being said, after over 20 years of supporting this company, I'm finally bidding them farewell and good riddens. There really wasn't any reason for Blizzard to not go the extra mile to try and keep me as a customer today, but it seems obvious that they're big enough to not care about individuals anymore. In fairness, thank you Blizzard for the great developer you used to be. Thank you for the amazing stories you wrote and for pulling me into those worlds. This is my tribute to what you used to be. I'll miss you, but you probably won't bother to miss me. Nor will you miss any of the customers you continue to lose over the years before it's too late.Tychon0 Apr 17, 2016
Apr 14, 2016 Open Letter to Blizzard From a Fan First of I would like to say that Blizzard is one of the best companies developing games if not the best not just talking about personal opinion but in almost every way. You guys have came out with Overwatch which is already polished and many in the eSports community and gaming community as a whole feel like the game is running way better than I would've ever expected but that's what puts Blizzard apart from other companies and why you guys are one of the best. I've played your guys games for 18 of the 24 years of my life. I have now started my own eSports organization to compete in Overwatch, after myself enjoying Heroes of the Storm and buying over $200 worth of items from it and playing it a ton. I used to compete for a range of different squads including MoB Gaming Family from a while back and have played a range of games. I've had invitational private testing for Xbox Live when it very first came out where we submitted forms all the time and really it came down to most doing around 2 a week of feedback. I've seen the new system of reserving and everyone getting in. I'm upset because I've never seen a company do a beta for something so big and in my opinion it be so random in a lot of ways and no way for players like myself who want to post with feedback who want to pay money maybe not even to get items I want 100% but to support you guys as developers, and who you invited to the Heroes of the Storm Technical Alpha but I don't get in after this long, its upsetting. I believe that just ranting about this is idiotic and not giving suggestions about how I feel this could be different and better is what we as gamers should do with developers more instead of just having toxic trolling. I think you could have these options possibly and I will go into more detail if wanted on them but these below. 1. Have an option for players that own say all your games or someone who has purchased this amount can have access to the beta. I know this makes it to where people say your paying to win and what not with that aspect. If you do a Veteran account or Premium Battle Net account that guarantees players say beta access when games come out guaranteed, maybe you can access dlc or new items quicker that won't be game changing like skins, mounts, etc. There should be something after 25 years and the success of your games to reward those who have been a part of a lot of those 25 years. What keeps your company going is us the gamer who buy your games, your skins, and all those things we spend money on to get you where your at. 2. You could also have in downtime like the extended one that Overwatch was in or when the game is announced a way individuals can submit applications with their battle.net accounts if it like some of the other launchers how their could track player time in battlenet and have a few other requirements you could have what I feel like is way better feedback system in beta with way more, and would not have so many people who have support some I know the whole time since the beginning and me a few years after your start have supported you guys feel like it's not appreciated. 3. Heroes of the Storm is an amazing game you guys have really great sales sometimes but compared prices I've seen in my experience in a range of moba's I feel like you guys would do more sales with a lower initial price when skins and heroes hit. The reason why is because the game is free to play so you guys do have to make money in order to keep it going and it be a successful game but I feel like it's obivous you would get more sales in Heroes of the Storm if it was lowered from $5 a new skin to even because at $5 if you buy individually just say 12 skins roughly if you only got those that's $60 but to keep more hardcore gamers I feel at 4 I can get 15 skins so 3 more skins I want or other items and it's not going to cost me $20 if I get two heros and say two skins it would cost 16 so I feel more people are going to buy at that because there's alot of other games that are way cheaper and make still a lot if not more. 4. Player run prize pool tournaments, I think like many eSport's games do that are the top prize pool games come out with a season pass or something players can buy maybe a mount with an eSports team logo on it or something to support your favorite squad that can go towards the prize pool. You guys have been around for 25 years and your games have the backing and community for this.Karnagez8 Apr 14, 2016
Apr 13, 2016 Global Schedule Layout Changes Feedback Hi Blizz, I have some feedback on the Global Schedule. I noticed recently that the layout for events leading up to the Summer championship has changed. For those who are unaware, compare the old http://us.heroesofthestorm.com/esports/en/news/19850023 to the new http://us.heroesofthestorm.com/esports/en/schedule The new layout seems to be much less informative in terms of start times on the day and isn't very specific on when qualifiers or ongoing events take place (it only has the start date for the Korean Super League and doesn't mention when qualifiers finals take place for the other leagues). The old schedule certainly had its problems, but I used to actively use it to see what HotS events were taking place around the world and how to watch them, so I got to see things I wouldn't normally see like the qualifiers for each SEA country or the ANZ qualifiers. I can only guess that the new schedule is an attempt at streamlining things so it's easier to follow (I do like that everything is sorted by date rather than region) however it also seems to be taking a back step in terms of the amount of information it is conveying. My suggestion would be to continue to have everything sorted by date, but also mention the qualifiers for tournaments and to mention each game day for the ongoing leagues (like the Korean Super League). Thanks for reading! My apologies for not linking, I don't know how to use hyperlinks on the bnet forums.molmr1 Apr 13, 2016
Apr 11, 2016 Incomplete details/results of matches for regional Hello, I've found it hard/impossible to find results for matches for regionals leading up to global finals. Also, there isn't even a schedule for the regional qualifiers (i.e. no mention of the EU Summer Regional qualifiers that just finished this past weekend). I think it would be a good use of time for the website team to put together a more cohesive and all-inclusive schedule/results for all Blizzard World Championship events. This would make following the eSport so much more enjoyable. Great job on the things you've accomplished thus far and I hope for better things to come. JmanJman03030 Apr 11, 2016
Apr 11, 2016 ESPN2 vs. ESPN3 for Heroes of the Dorm Champs I find the change in distribution method disheartening for the channel change between the lead ups and the finals for switching to ESPN2, which requires an ESPN subscription to watch in streaming, where ESPN3 did not. I simply thought it would be fun to watch the championships, but I enjoy professional football too and still won't sign up for it. I go out and watch the particular game I'd like to see. However, it's unlikely I'm going to find any of my local bars loading up an eSports match to watch. This was an unfortunate choice for my enjoyment of watching your championships. I realize it's business driven decision but I doubt that ESPN is going to see a sudden surge in signups by locking out the final matches to subscribers only. Good luck in the future. I'll make sure I'm more cognizant of where/how you'll be showing the finals before I get any form of invested in the earlier portion of a tournament from now on.Wanderer0 Apr 11, 2016
Apr 4, 2016 my wish about Heroes of the Dorm hello first, i'm korean university student, so not good at english. and i'm Super e sports fan and love Heroes. so i always play Heroes of the storm with my friend. one day, watch NA heroes of the dorm. it was really fantastic!!! with friend, make a team, and have tournament. it mean, more chance to students gamer. because, unfortunatly korea don't have many Hots tournament. and sadly Korea No.2 team TNL don't have sponser. i think problem is 'tournament is few' so... if blizzard have little interest about open 'KR Heroes of the Dorm', it will be really good chance to korean students. thank you for reading, i want listen your thinkoga0 Apr 4, 2016
Mar 30, 2016 Dates for Spring Championship You have on one webpage that the tournament starts March 31st and on another that it starts April 1st. This is most likely due to the difference in time zones (7pm PST on March 31st is April 1st in Seoul) but it's really confusing. Please maintain consistency on your site. March 31st http://us.heroesofthestorm.com/esports/en/news/20079809 April 1st http://us.heroesofthestorm.com/esports/en/news/19850023Jman03030 Mar 30, 2016
Mar 29, 2016 Can we have proper VODs for past matches? Right now we don't have proper VODs links to past matches. When I look at past results and I want to view a specific match, all i get is a link to the Twitch stream, and then I have to filter through all the past videos to find the one that I'm looking for. And even then its usually a super long video of the entire day's collection of matches, so I have to scroll through the video to find the exact match that I'm looking for. Have you guys seen how Riot does it? Take a look at www.lolesports.com Every single match can be found so easily, and with the simple click of a link, i get to watch exactly what I want to watch. Please, this should be really simple to implement, and it would make following the eSports scene in HotS so much more easyNERDRAGE0 Mar 29, 2016
Mar 23, 2016 More than one cast channel for depth? Currently there's only one channel twitch.tv/blizzheroes. Something like that. My issue with watching the tournaments is the difference in cast style is kind of jarring. You have dread who does a lot of detailed analysis with not so much hypecasting versus someone like zoia who is shouting and getting pumped. Both are honestly good things. Sometimes I'm in the mood for one but not the other so when one game is done by dread and then switched to zoia, it's quite a different experience. (they need breaks though!) I just thought it'd be pretty nice to have a bigger cast team so you could have maybe twitch.tv/blizzheroes2 or something. Since there is already an observing team (shoutout to miwa?) and an already huge production, it seems like a small step to have two simultaneous casts with different cast styles.Makthang0 Mar 23, 2016
Mar 15, 2016 Horribly bad accessibility of esports VODs I would expect the Global Schedule site to clearly link VODs for the tournments that it lists. Instead, most of them link to the general blizzheroes twitch page that has nothing but a year old videos under it's Past Broadcasts. If you don't want officially sanction free access to all the videos, then at least set up a subscription payment plan. I would be happy to pay to be able to watch all the games whenever I want (a la GOM EXP for Starcraft). Why do I have to google for everything, every time, then watch it on some random casters channel, such as SolidJakeGG, instead of it being readily accessible through Blizzard's official channels. Finally today the NA Spring Regional Day 1 video appeared in blizzheroes Past Broadcasts, but it's only a 4 minute video, nothing more than just a teaser showing the participating teams. However, googling for it gave me the link to the actual video on the esl_heroes profile. So why doesn't the Global Schedule site link to the ESL profile then instead? If you want Heroes to succeed as an esport, than you really need to get your !@#$ together. Right now, it just seems there's no understanding at all on Blizzard's part of how to approach this. If I KNOW there are tournaments going on, then I should be able to find the video for it in a moment and start watching it on my train ride to work (I don't care even if I have to pay), not juggle 30 minutes of googling and battling mobile-unfriendly websites to finally access the video, at which time my train ride is already finished.Mageek4 Mar 15, 2016
Mar 11, 2016 AlHighSky vs. Wtybill game restart? What happened and why did you guys act like nothing happened?ThreeByEight0 Mar 11, 2016
Mar 11, 2016 Find Heroes streaming times and sites It is very hard to find any of the streaming sites for the Heroes tournaments. We need to have them posted better on the site. The link for the Los Angeles qualifier on 1/31/16 took you to the old blizzheroes on twitch. Found a good link though didn't see some of the tourney I wanted. Now the site shows it down to the final 4 and not sure where those are going to stream. Anyone know of a good site for the information?Tecmoman4 Mar 11, 2016
Mar 8, 2016 A site tv. will there be a possible, app for esports here? ty.Wyldesyde690 Mar 8, 2016
Feb 17, 2016 How does blizzard livestream events? I was looking at how to livestream different events and what is needed to pull it off. Cameras, mixing board ect. The big thing I run into is internet speeds. I just wanted to know what do they use for their events and how much should someone expect to spend to duplicate a setup similar to theirs.Rafiki0 Feb 17, 2016
Feb 16, 2016 Tournament Hosting-Giveaways & Prizes Hey everyone! I host tournaments for a handful of games, including Heroes of the Storm. I am curious about whether or not Blizzard has any methods of providing prizing for tournament hosts, such as skins or hero codes, much like Riot Games does with League of Legends. If such a thing does not exist, it definitely should! I think it would add a lot to Heroes of the Storm tournaments and increase player count. Thanks!rea1440 Feb 16, 2016