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Jan 6 FAQ: Bnet App - Voice Chat Alpha v (Alpha) This is a Work in Progress and will be updated as we get more information and practice with it. Please feel free to share any corrections or tips of your own you want added. EDIT: Screenshots by MysticalOS posted on Wowhead for those who want to see the GUI. GENERAL 1. Q: Who is the Alpha open to right now? A: The Alpha is invite only. At this time selected Friends and Family (F&F) and Community members are being invited. 2. Q: How do I know if I have access to the Voice Chat Alpha? A: You will receive an email at the address associated with your bnet account notifying you about it. You can also try restarting your bnet app and if you are in, a pop up will give you the option to download the Alpha. If you don't get a pop up you can also check under Settings > In Development. If you have access the Install option will be there even if the pop up does not activate. 3. Q: Is there a key needed for the Alpha? A: No. There are no keys. Access is automatically enabled on your account. 4. Q: Will I see access listed in Account Management under Summary? A: No, unlike all the other Alphas/Betas it is NOT listed there. 5. Q: Will more people be invited in future waves? A: Yes. Unless Blizzard states otherwise, assume they will follow a standard Alpha, Beta, Release method. 6. Q: What platforms is the Alpha available for? A: It is available for PC and Mac although Mac still has some issues they are working on. Read the Alpha notes for details 7. Q: How do I install and configure the Voice Chat? A: Restart the app. After a few seconds a pop up window will ask you if you want to install the Alpha. You can reverse that at any time by going to Settings > In Development. If for some reason you don't get the pop up, but did get in invite, or are trying to set it up on a second PC, use the "In Development" settings to access the Install option. 8. Q: How do I configure the Voice Chat? A: Go to Settings > Voice Chat. HINT default is open mic so you may want to switch it to Push to Talk. CHAT USE 9. Q: How do I use Voice Chat? A: You can right click an individual then select voice chat to open a voice channel interface which has a text option on the left and voice chat list on the right. Then in the Voice Channel interface select the headphone icon at the top right to chat. When you activate voice chat your name appears over in the right column which is the list of active chat participants. You can also create a Channel by clicking the Friends list then the Create Channel button at the top. You can drag friends into it to chat as a group. No need to type out names. Please note your channel and channel members are NOT saved when you exit like the persistent channels on Skype, Vent, or Mumble. 10. Q: Who can I voice chat with in this version? A: You can only initiate voice chat with people on your application friends list who ALSO have the Voice Chat Alpha. Note that Friend A who controls the channel can add both Friend B and Friend C to it even though B and C are not friends. 11a. Q: Does voice chat work in games yet? A: It does not work within specific games via the game interface at this time. However, you can still talk to Bnet friends on your list while gaming via the Bnet app interface. Bnet voice chat channel text will not show up in game, unlike regular Bnet app text. 11b Q: So do they plan to integrate the new voice chat into games like WoW so we can use it to raid? A: Mostly likely, but it will be done on a game by game basis as applicable. 12. Q: Can we report inappropriate language or abuse? A: Yes. Right click report is now an option in the friends list. Options are Spam, Harassment, or Inappropriate Name. You can also Mute people individually in a Chat Channel by right clicking them.MissCheetah93 Jan 6
Jul 29 Welcome to Blizzard Streaming: Please read! Welcome to the Beta Feedback Discussion forum for Blizzard Streaming! Before participating in the discussion, please be sure to read our forum Code of Conduct. Also, please limit the discussion in this forum to Blizzard Streaming. For general feedback, please post in the Feedback Discussion forum.Agunurrom0 Jul 29
17h phone chat app need the ability to be able to use my phone to chat via this service as well...Nohunger2 17h
3d Streaming Overlay: Viewer counter always zero The streaming overlay viewer in-game counter always says zero, even though I see people join my stream on Facebook app. v1.7.1.8423WSUHoey0 3d
3d Can't get voice to work :( When trying to connect to voice i get this error We can't connect you to a voice server right now. Please try again. More help: BLZBNTBNA00001389 (4002) i've done everything i can think of to fix the issue: >restarting PC >Resetting voice defaults >reconfiguring my microphone >Starting the group >being invited to a group I think its just a small bug, the group chat feature works perfectly for me.Majikmana20 3d
3d Friends list groups I've been wanting this feature for a long time. I have different groups of friends who all play Blizzard games, WoW guildmates, coworkers, personal friends, people I met playing a certain game, ect. I have a pretty bad memory when it comes to people so I'm constantly trying to organize them in a way that will help jog my memory. Currently I can add people to favorites but that's it. Can we get the ability to put our friends into sub-folders?Cyl31 3d
6d Streaming: Push to talk Outside of audio issues I'm having related to in game audio not playing over to fb. I wanna talk about Push to Talk. I dont mind when people open mic but I own a mechanical key board and if im taping "ewasdwaasdwasdw" constantly thats all people will be hearing though my mic this is my formal request to include push to talk in the stream software.Xellece2 6d
6d Capture TS3? Is there anyway to capture the voice chat from team speak while streaming using the blizzard client?Shwig1 6d
6d Input lag, frame drops, and chugging while streaming To keep things short, I run Overwatch at 1080p medium settings and 120fps no problem, but as soon as I start streaming (medium quality) I can't seem to maintain even a steady 100fps. It constantly wavers between 90 and 100, occasionally dropping down to 60, which causes a lot of screen tearing. I tried capping the framerate to 60fps but again, it hovers between 50-60frames and sometimes drops. My only guess is that the Streaming service is extremely resource-intensive no matter what settings you're running at. If anyone has any idea of a fix, I'd be very much obliged.DoctorJohn1 6d
Feb 21 There was an error communicating with Facebook Please try again. I keep getting this error. Not sure whats going on. Exited out of the battle net app and relogged and did the same with Facebook. Anyone else encountering same problem?Tymeout7 Feb 21
Feb 19 Blizzard Streaming, No Audio Capture Hello! Just want to inform you that the capture system sounds is not working for me. Discord voice, music playing in the background from my browsers and other sounds are not being captured. If I mute my mic altogether using the Blizzard streaming UI, even game sound will not be picked up. I am using a Razer USB Headset/Mic. I would like some Assistance as I'd like to stream to my facebook more often.KaidoMarahu8 Feb 19
Feb 18 Webcam not working? I have a Logitech C270 webcam and although I have it checked in the bnet launcher streaming settings to use it, it's not working at all. Might possibly be missing something, but I wanted to see if anyone else was having this issue. I'm able to pull it up in other programs easily, so not certain if the launcher is just not seeing it or what. Thanks in advance for any help with this!Aeristar11 Feb 18
Feb 18 Streaming in I see where we can now stream to Facebook via, but could we get additional services like YouTube and twitch. As well adding in communication service to communicate with viewers would be cool.PuddleJumper0 Feb 18
Feb 17 No streaming button on my Hello, I'm trying to find the streaming button but I can't see it anywhere. I've tried using other regions with no luck no streaming button is apearing...Afrodelix9 Feb 17
Feb 13 Launcher Beta? I'd really like to get in on this. I don't see an opt-in on the account management page. How would I go about joining this?Sonick4 Feb 13
Feb 13 Real ID Friends Now Listed By Battletag? With the beta client upgrade this morning to version (Beta), I see that real ID friends are now listed by their battletag first, with their real name afterwards in parenthesis. I would greatly prefer to have real ID friends listed first in the app, or have the option to switch it and have their name listed primarily, followed by their handle in parenthesis. Or even not show their handle, as was previously the case. Thank you.HunterX2 Feb 13
Feb 12 Can't Connect Facebook Account The little ' Facebook Login' window seems to be bugged as every time I try and log in it seems to just refresh the page. Here I recorded myself: Feb 12
Feb 12 Network Bandwidth keeps resetting The latest updates will switch to 20 kb/s every 15 seconds or so, and the "Future patch data" will switch back to 1 kb/s also every 15 seconds or so. Is there a way to correct this so that both stay at 999999 kb/s always? This may be a well known bug, didn't really look around for other posts, but anyway, do with this one as you will~Kaze6 Feb 12
Feb 12 Facebook Stream cutting off early. When I want to stream to facebook, my game lags slightly and it will cut the video off way before the end of it.Smiles20 Feb 12
Feb 12 stream delay? I played an hour worth of OW while streaming, but when i checked the video on FB it's lagging way behind, and when I finished streaming, it only recorded the first 20+ mins. Is it due to bad internet connection?Liger6 Feb 12
Feb 11 We can't connect you to a voice server right now. Please try again. We can't connect you to a voice server right now. Please try again. More help: BLZBNTBNA00001389 (4015) cant connect to voice, tried all the troubleshooting stuff, nothing.Jazo35 Feb 11
Feb 11 Saved videos sometimes 720p other times 480p. After a stream the saved videos are sometimes 720p and other times 480p. I don't really know why. I thought it could be because of the length of streams. Does anyone have any ideas?Stoya1 Feb 11
Feb 10 Audio Issues When Streaming So I tried a couple of streaming sessions yesterday and so far the feature seems very promising, however like many others, I am having some issues with my audio on the stream, and only on the stream. The actual in game audio I get for myself as I play is just fine. Both streaming sessions were done while playing Heroes of the Storm. However, unlike others, my stream audio issue seems slightly different. It all starts off just fine, but as time goes on, the audio starts to lag behind the video and continues lagging more and more as time goes on. It eventually gets to where it's a good 5 or so seconds behind. At some point though, the audio completely goes and all I get on the stream is a mess of garbled static-y booming noises. Got a dxdiag and bnet logs ready to send off if you guys just point me where to shoot 'em.Gofr1 Feb 10
Feb 9 Friend Suggestor The newest iteration of the bnet client with the friend suggester is terrible for one reason. It shows my real name to people who are real id friends with a friend of mine. I am not comfortable with this on any level. Had I wanted people in game to know my real name, I would have already been real id friends with them.Morguth3 Feb 9
Feb 6 Full screen option for the App I feel the Desktop App is great I just would love to see an option in the preferences to have the App go to and stay Maximized/Full Screen.MonsterSquad1 Feb 6
Jan 30 The stream couldn't connect. Please check your internet connection, then try again? But my internet connection is just fine. I had no problems in playing games, no noticeable lag, low ping, etc. I even set the streaming quality to "Low" yet the problem still persists. Any solutions? Thanks.kingpin4 Jan 30
Jan 29 Switching back to standard to try to fix long Wow load screen times Hi folks, with WoW 7.1.5, I started getting really long loading screen times. I've seen some posts about how to fix it, and I can't find the same settings for streaming in the beta Battle Net app, so I'm reverting back to standard in hopes that I can fix my loading screen woes.Frog0 Jan 29
Jan 26 "Stream Paused" Overlay Bug I was streaming Overwatch for the first time, got a bug where a good portion of the beginning of the live stream have the stream paused overlay on them despite the stream is not paused as you can see in the video. Got rid of it by actually pausing the stream and resuming it again tho.HanzGretel0 Jan 26
Jan 26 BNet voice chat and Steam Interesting question here as this worked before (for a substantial amount of time).. Open up desktop app, join channel and start talking. All works. Open Steam and it would still work (up until 1/25/17) where it now refuses to acknowledge the PTT key has been pressed. I can change the settings to Open Mic, works perfectly. Seems to be an issue with PTT carrying over when you load a different program, which sucks as this is a great alternative to Ventrilo when you want to play other games with BNet friends, or chat with them while you are not playing on Bnet. Just tossing it out there as I am pretty sure it's NOT a Blizzard issue but one of Steams (many) updates done daily.EVLSMRF0 Jan 26
Jan 23 BATTLE.NET SMS PROTECT. ERROR ? My BATTLE.NET SMS PROTECT it's not working, i can still login game without asking verification code.AndreaRosa0 Jan 23
Jan 22 Facebook stream buffering alot While live my stream is constantly buffering on facebook, like every 2 seconds its unbearable to watch. But if i end the stream and watch the video it is completely fine no lag / choppyness / buffering. I don't lag ingame and when i playback the video it is fine. Any way to fix this?Thine0 Jan 22
Jan 22 Lost connection after starting stream Hi, relatively new here. I just tried to stream few minutes ago and I noticed that it whenever I start streaming, I would lose and can't connect back to the game server. I've tried this a few times and it keeps happening. Is there a solution for this? thanksmatthewnadaw2 Jan 22
Jan 18 Able to invite non-friends? I just finally got around to testing this voice chat, and while some of my friends do have it, I was curious if you will be able to invite people you are partied with, but not friends with. The sound quality is very good and I will likely use this program, so I hope they make this easy to use.c0ltron1 Jan 18
Jan 18 Missing Bnet UI buttons Since the latest update, I can no longer see the icons for games in the app, the windows Min, Max, Close buttons, or the tab currently selected (Games, Shop, News). This is on Windows 10 and before the last update I was using an alpha client and it was fine.Bertch15 Jan 18
Jan 16 Blizzard Streaming feedback In the streaming settings, the tab order for the Microphone volume slider is higher than the input device list, making the order right to left rather than left to right. Not sure if this is intended. I assume the reason you are currently using Facebook is due to Real ID, but I have to say that it feels like poor taste to support only Facebook Live and not other streaming platforms. I will think less of Blizzard if this feature goes live with anything less than Twitch support. It does say "Streaming Platforms", so I have some faith more will be added. :) Add a setting which is enabled by default that switches all Real ID names in each game to strictly battle tags while streaming is active. Add a setting to send private messages from Real ID friends strictly to the client rather than the game client, or to remove them from the frame captured to the stream. Add a setting to force the mature chat filter to be enabled during streaming. It would be enabled by default. Add a setting to allow friends to right click on you for an option to view your stream. It would have 4 settings: Disabled, Real ID friends only, Favorites only, All Friends. This would be off by default, because there is no guarantee you would want even Real ID friends to know your stream URL. Add a setting to set whether the webcam is on or off by default. Currently it looks like the only way to do that is to set a custom webcam position that is off the frame. Add a hotkey to toggle the webcam on and off. Add a hotkey to toggle the webcam to use the full frame of the stream and show an indicator in game so you know the stream is only seeing the webcam and not the game. Haven't tried the streaming itself out, because I don't use Facebook, but the UI additions seem fine so far.Crache5 Jan 16
Jan 14 Mac Messages disappearing Hi, Sometime in the last month, I've noticed that when someone sends me a message on the Beta client, the text often disappears. When I reply, I found that it eventually reappears. Just wanted to report this bug.Kakaratto0 Jan 14
Jan 14 Voice Chat mute bind button resets Window's audio stream volume My headphone's volume is pretty loud, so I have to micro-manage the different stream types so that they are all at the correct volume and I can hear some talkback properly in them. Unfortunately, when I try to bind a keyboard button to the mute ability in the voice chat, it resets the Window's audio stream volume and makes it totally unusable to me. :(kcstrom0 Jan 14
Jan 13 BLZBNTBNA00001389 ... Get the above error every time I try to join start/join a voice chat. Win 10 Pro. Not seeing any issues with my connection; multiple restarts; no software firewalls; tried launching the bnet app as admin. Looking for additional troubleshooting steps.Elvenbane11 Jan 13
Jan 11 Voice Chat not functional at all on my PC Currently everything loads up fine, if I go into voice chat settings I can see my microphone, I can see it picking up on the meter, but if I click test mic it crashes the app. If I set it to push to talk, and then try to change the key binding, it just crashes the app. It does this no matter if my mic is plugged in or not.Laokin11 Jan 11
Jan 4 BNet Beta Voice - Logitech G930 BNet voice does not currently pick up my Logitech G930 headset mic. Internal mic is picked up fine(G930 works for Curse/Discord). iMac (27-inch, Late 2013) Sierra 10.12 Two other friends with similar iMacs: one was unable to connect(same G930 headset), second was able to connect(TurtleBeach headset).Alavennian4 Jan 4
Jan 2 Suggestions: Game Ads and Voice Chat Window I think that it's pretty silly to advertise that Overwatch(or any of the other games for that matter) is on sale to me when I already own the game. It isn't that big of a deal, but it's pretty annoying. Also, I would like to be able to minimize the voice chat window to tray rather than to the taskbar.YourJohnson1 Jan 2
Dec 30 Suggestion: Channel names and permanence. I'd like to suggest that channels be nameable and allow for better permanence in the event I close the chat channel window, reboot, etc.Teo10 Dec 30
Dec 30 Autentic Authenticated isin't synchingStephGodin0 Dec 30
Dec 20 Disable chat channel popup? I'm in the middle of a game and someone invites me to a chat channel and it covers the middle of my screen getting me killed. How can I make it so that when I get invited it doesn't pop up on my current window but in the background?Thingamajig0 Dec 20
Dec 15, Games and Voice Chat ISSUES. Please Development Team: 1. Make the games run independently, from the software. This issue is about the software that keeps crashes and won't run. Not only that, but games won't run by themselves without the software. Which is very stupid! 2. Create a Repair Tool software in the's folder, that can also run independently, and can scan and fix the software and games. Involves's crashing ability... 3. Please test for a longer period of time and on multiple computers, before releasing an update/patch... :( Still involves's crashing ability... 4. Please ADD a Tab for Blizzard Classic games too, in the software! IT DOES say "One App for all the Blizzard Games" or something like that, doesn't it? I bought all the Classic games and I have to run them from their folders each and every time? I don't like shortcuts on desktop, and the software is in the Windows start up. Why include only the new games and not all of them? 5. This one is as important as the first 4, and this is a real Technical issue. This involves the new VOICE CHAT. I know it is in the Beta stage, but please try to make it work with Bluetooth Headsets also: My Bluetooth Headset with Microphone is this one: The problem is that in game there are one set of settings for Voice Chat, and in the actual Voice Chat window, there is another set of settings. And they all differ from each other. It doesn't matter which setting I make or if they are the same, I can't hear the other person(s) in my Headset, their voice is still coming from the Desktop Speakers! Ok, the Headset works like this: when it is turned ON, it appears on Windows Devices(both the Headset and its Microphone). But when I turn it OFF, it removes itself from Windows Devices(no, it doesn't uninstall itself). And when it's ON, I set the game to use Bluetooth Headset and Microphone. But if i turn it OFF, the games and voice chat don't remember their settings. Because both have 2 separate set of settings that are not tied together. I am and will be referring to them as 2 different softwares, which they are. BUT, Windows works different and IN THE RIGHT WAY. EX: when the Headset is turned ON, I set it in Windows as the Primary Default Device for Listening and Recording. When turned OFF, Windows switches to the Desktop Speakers and Microphone. And when I turn it back ON again, Windows switches automatically to the Bluetooth Device for Listening and Recording! That is how the game's settings should work too. So when I set the game and Voice Chat to use "System Default", REALLY make it use Windows' Default Settings! Though the in game issue still remains... I am referring to hearing the other person(s) in the Desktop's Speakers, instead of hearing them on the Bluetooth Headset like I hear the game's and system's sound in it, despite setting the game and Voice Chat to use Bluetooth Headset... PLEASE REMOVE THE VOICE CHAT SETTINGS FROM ITS WINDOW AND LEAVE ONLY THE VOICE CHAT SETTINGS IN GAME. BECAUSE THOSE SETTINGS SET WHICH SOUND DEVICE TO USE FOR GAMES TOO, NOT ONLY FOR CHATTING. Thank you in advance! And I hope the Development Team can understand what the hell I wrote here......... :) PS: This involves ALL games, not only the software.Lucian0 Dec 15
Dec 14 Launcher Freezing. Launcher Freezing whenever i run overwatch. It seems to keep me logged in but wont let me launch a game unless i close the launcher relauch it.Awhorian0 Dec 14
Dec 13 Audio Capture USB headphone Cannot get audio ie music, voice chat, skype or anything to play through my stream only the sound of my own voice. I have a Razer Kraken Chroma USB 7.1 surround sound. I have tried clicking and unclicking "capture system sounds". Tried changing settings from system default to razer kraken headphones and every other variation. Dont know if its just a USB headphone problem or something that im doing wrong. Any feed back would be appreciated i would very much like to use blizzard streaming in the future as long as these issues can be addressed.Socaljeffy920 Dec 13
Dec 11 Suggestion: Streaming to Groups I would love to see the option to choose a group to stream to, rather than a page or my timeline. Probably an insignificant suggestion, but I manage a couple higher profile facebook pages and I'm terrified that I'll accidentally stream Overwatch or Hearthstone to them, haha.Wipeshots2 Dec 11
Dec 10 Group chat improvements Really liking what you guys are doing here. In order for group chats to be a success though, you need to be able to close and reopen them without getting kicked out if you do so. I suggest adding opened group conversations to the friends list in a separate category header. Also you should be able to create and save groups to the list and even mark them as favorite.Stan7 Dec 10
Dec 1 High CPU usage by alpha client I noticed some performance issues with low FPS in Heroes of the Storm. While I don't rule out the latest patch introducing something, I opened Task Manager and noticed that the client and its related processes are using anywhere from 10-15% of my CPU's capacity and using approximately 200MB of RAM. Heroes of the Storm for perspective uses 25-35% of the CPU's capacity. I do have an older AMD Phenom II X4 940 and appreciate that running Heroes or any other Blizzard title while streaming HD video from Twitch is approaching the limits of what I can reasonably expect from my older CPU. That said, I have been doing so for months without issue and seems to have only started with the new alpha client. I was wondering if this usage is typical or does anyone else find that is using more resources now (which would make sense with the addition of voice chat)? When the voice chat is not being used, should the client still be using up so many resources with respect to CPU demand and RAM?Ubeltater5 Dec 1