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Dec 21 FAQ: Bnet App - Voice Chat Alpha v (Alpha) This is a Work in Progress and will be updated as we get more information and practice with it. Please feel free to share any corrections or tips of your own you want added. EDIT: Screenshots by MysticalOS posted on Wowhead for those who want to see the GUI. GENERAL 1. Q: Who is the Alpha open to right now? A: The Alpha is invite only. At this time selected Friends and Family (F&F) and Community members are being invited. 2. Q: How do I know if I have access to the Voice Chat Alpha? A: You will receive an email at the address associated with your bnet account notifying you about it. You can also try restarting your bnet app and if you are in, a pop up will give you the option to download the Alpha. If you don't get a pop up you can also check under Settings > In Development. If you have access the Install option will be there even if the pop up does not activate. 3. Q: Is there a key needed for the Alpha? A: No. There are no keys. Access is automatically enabled on your account. 4. Q: Will I see access listed in Account Management under Summary? A: No, unlike all the other Alphas/Betas it is NOT listed there. 5. Q: Will more people be invited in future waves? A: Yes. Unless Blizzard states otherwise, assume they will follow a standard Alpha, Beta, Release method. 6. Q: What platforms is the Alpha available for? A: It is available for PC and Mac although Mac still has some issues they are working on. Read the Alpha notes for details 7. Q: How do I install and configure the Voice Chat? A: Restart the app. After a few seconds a pop up window will ask you if you want to install the Alpha. You can reverse that at any time by going to Settings > In Development. If for some reason you don't get the pop up, but did get in invite, or are trying to set it up on a second PC, use the "In Development" settings to access the Install option. 8. Q: How do I configure the Voice Chat? A: Go to Settings > Voice Chat. HINT default is open mic so you may want to switch it to Push to Talk. CHAT USE 9. Q: How do I use Voice Chat? A: You can right click an individual then select voice chat to open a voice channel interface which has a text option on the left and voice chat list on the right. Then in the Voice Channel interface select the headphone icon at the top right to chat. When you activate voice chat your name appears over in the right column which is the list of active chat participants. You can also create a Channel by clicking the Friends list then the Create Channel button at the top. You can drag friends into it to chat as a group. No need to type out names. Please note your channel and channel members are NOT saved when you exit like the persistent channels on Skype, Vent, or Mumble. 10. Q: Who can I voice chat with in this version? A: You can only initiate voice chat with people on your application friends list who ALSO have the Voice Chat Alpha. Note that Friend A who controls the channel can add both Friend B and Friend C to it even though B and C are not friends. 11a. Q: Does voice chat work in games yet? A: It does not work within specific games via the game interface at this time. However, you can still talk to Bnet friends on your list while gaming via the Bnet app interface. Bnet voice chat channel text will not show up in game, unlike regular Bnet app text. 11b Q: So do they plan to integrate the new voice chat into games like WoW so we can use it to raid? A: Mostly likely, but it will be done on a game by game basis as applicable. 12. Q: Can we report inappropriate language or abuse? A: Yes. Right click report is now an option in the friends list. Options are Spam, Harassment, or Inappropriate Name. You can also Mute people individually in a Chat Channel by right clicking them.MissCheetah97 Dec 21
Jul 29, 2016 Welcome to Blizzard Streaming: Please read! Welcome to the Beta Feedback Discussion forum for Blizzard Streaming! Before participating in the discussion, please be sure to read our forum Code of Conduct. Also, please limit the discussion in this forum to Blizzard Streaming. For general feedback, please post in the Feedback Discussion forum.Agunurrom0 Jul 29, 2016
2d any one else getting bad lag streaming to facebook? every time I try to stream I get very high latency in game so have to turn streaming offfyaha36 2d
3d Missing Bnet UI buttons Since the latest update, I can no longer see the icons for games in the app, the windows Min, Max, Close buttons, or the tab currently selected (Games, Shop, News). This is on Windows 10 and before the last update I was using an alpha client and it was fine.Bertch21 3d
3d Facebook Stream cutting off early. When I want to stream to facebook, my game lags slightly and it will cut the video off way before the end of it.Smiles46 3d
4d Cant launch wow during installation So I recently decided to switch over to the beta client during my wow installation and when I restarted client for the update wow resumed to download, however even though it was at optimal in the download process I could no longer launch the game on the beta client while installing. I wasn't sure if this is a bug with the new client or something on my end but I just wanted to leave some feedback. Thank you for your time!bbfox1 4d
Feb 11 Notification of unread messages - No messages show Blizzard App/ version: (Beta) Since this latest update, it seems like if I get messages from my friends while in a game, the Blizzard App client will mark that I have an unread message from my friends both on the client over the friends list toggle and next to my friend's names on the actual friends list. This notification appears to remain through sessions as I intentionally kept one from last night until just now this morning. Any time I attempt to open these already read messages (since I received them in game), they will just bring up a blank "Start a New Message" window to that friend and not bring up any messages but doing so appears to be the only way to get rid of the notification.airacuda17 Feb 11
Feb 10 Custom Profile Pictures? I love the fact we finally get to add some personality to our account profiles like other platforms such as steam and origin. I was wondering if there was a possibility that we could get custom profile pictures like those platforms as well.Dva4 Feb 10
Feb 8 pls help I dont want to install blizzard beta but i it started and i cant finis or cancel it help pleaseProAnteCro0 Feb 8
Feb 6 Just Idea Just my opinion. Why not and authenticator in same apps? Maybe its not possible if its possible you already make it same apps right.adwa0 Feb 6
Feb 6 Custom "Avatar" Hello, I just upgraded to the Beta battlenet client, and I have to say I really like the improvements on the client. Especially the ability to select an avatar. However If I may suggest, It would be really amazing to give users the option to upload their custom profile picture ( just like at discord ) because it would improve the look and feel of the whole interface. No offense but right now ( not the beta the live version ) really looks outdated, like 2006-7 style, however the beta features and also the option to change status ( in game as well ) is really great. I think I'm not alone if i say that since the first time i used battlenet my first thought was how can I set a profile picture, as I said earlier this would really make it much more userfriendly. :) Thanks for reading!Minkwity23 Feb 6
Feb 4 "Appear offline" does not work correctly if you enter Overwatch If I use the "Appear offline" status in the Blizzard app, it shows me back to online in Overwatch. Then I have yet to set it ingame back to "Appear offline" again but it still says then for my friends "offline for about a minute ago". Can it please continue to say like "offline for X hours" for my friends please? Or just let us have an option to disable "sign-in to friends".Blueblaster0 Feb 4
Feb 4 Appear offline automatically when you log in An option to always log in under the status "Appear Offline". Sorry if this has been posted before couldn't find any.Corti2 Feb 4
Jan 29 App shortcut disappearing Hey, sometimes after there has been an update to the Blizzard APP the shortcut I have put in my start menu for quick access disappears. I assume it's because the update sometimes replaces the executable. Not a major problem, just an inconvenience.Niclas0 Jan 29
Jan 28 Friends list groups I've been wanting this feature for a long time. I have different groups of friends who all play Blizzard games, WoW guildmates, coworkers, personal friends, people I met playing a certain game, ect. I have a pretty bad memory when it comes to people so I'm constantly trying to organize them in a way that will help jog my memory. Currently I can add people to favorites but that's it. Can we get the ability to put our friends into sub-folders?Cyl54 Jan 28
Jan 27 Voice Chat Service Real simple, can you make it so you can send/receive voice chat requests in what ever game your in without tabbing out.RaptorRaid0 Jan 27
Jan 26 Beta effect game? I have been in the open beta battlenet. My game seemed effected, because my dps dropped and hps to less than half of normal output. I opted out of the beta and they were fine. To be honest I really don't now what caused it. I can't believe the battlenet app could cause that. Will play without beta for a while and see if it happens with out it. So many variables can cause problems, addons being one of them. My fps were 100fps, no real lag.Orionataya0 Jan 26
Jan 26 Can't get voice to work :( When trying to connect to voice i get this error We can't connect you to a voice server right now. Please try again. More help: BLZBNTBNA00001389 (4002) i've done everything i can think of to fix the issue: >restarting PC >Resetting voice defaults >reconfiguring my microphone >Starting the group >being invited to a group I think its just a small bug, the group chat feature works perfectly for me.Majikmana29 Jan 26
Jan 25 app launches in full screen mode at Windows 10 startup I have "launch when you start your computer" checked. When Windows starts, opens successfully but in full screen view. Not a big deal its just strange. I never maximize my window so it's not remembering my last setting or something. Windows 10 Pro 64bit ThanksLunarCastle0 Jan 25
Jan 24 Destiny 2 continues to move to the top of my games list; never played, never installed I do not own Destiny 2. I do not want Destiny 2. I have no intention of playing it ever, or installing it ever. Despite this, it sits at the top of my games list visible here; PLEASE get this off of my list. I only play 2-3 of these games, yet they all sit on the list, too. There is no reason for this game to be there when I go to play my other games, and especially no reason for it to be there when it's not even installed. It's never on the bottom. If it's not in space #1, it sits in space #2. This list should operate as either only installed games present, or last-played at the top. I can't see it's constant presence as anything other than an attempt to force it onto me, which leaves me feeling very hostile towards it. Please consider my request to show only installed games on the taskbar list, or to reflect the sort order that I have on my Launcher. Steam's list already functions in a similar way, and I think the Bnet Launcher should follow suit. I do not know how the Origin Launcher functions, and cannot comment on it.MrTyko0 Jan 24
Jan 22 Please delete my account. 안녕하세요. 저는 20!@# 한국 나이로 14살이 된 한국 소녀입니다. 제가 블리자드와 연락하는 이유는 제 계정을 삭제하고 싶기 때문입니다. 그 이유는 내가 블리자드 계정을 한국 블리자드 계정이 아닌 미국 계정으로 만들었기 때문이다. 그래서 블리자드 계정을 한국 블리자드 계정으로 변경하려고 했는데, 안타깝게도, 거기엔 없었습니다. 그것이 내가 너에게 나의 블리자드 계정을 삭제하라고 요청하는 이유이다. 내가 삭제하고 싶은 계정은 iamminina05@gmail.com라는 계정이다. 나에게 더 하실 말씀이 있으면 이메일로 보내 주십시오 감사합니다. 제 계정을 삭제해 주세요. 그럼 안녕. (이건 번역기라 영어가 좀 틀릴 수도 있어요.) Hello. I am a Korean girl who turned 14 in Korean age in 2018. The reason why I contact Blizzard is because I would like to delete my account. The reason is because I made my Blizzard account not Korea Blizzard account, but America account. So I tried to change my Blizzard account to Korea Blizzard account, unfortunately, there wasn't. That is why I am asking you to delete my Blizzard account. The account I want to delete is an account called If you have anything else to tell me, please email or and I'll reply. Thank you. Please delete my account. Bye, then. (This is a translateration, so I may be a little bit wrong in English.)MZIIwor0 Jan 22
Jan 19 DPI scaling When I launch it from the Desktop it results in crappy UI like some buttons are missing and stuff. But if I launch it directly from the directory containing the Launcher, It results in sharper UI and doesn't have missing buttons. but the DPI it uses is way off on my Surface Book, which results in small dropdowns, buttons and texts.ProXboxghost0 Jan 19
Jan 17 Region Change/Log-in Region Hi all, I've been using the beta for over months now, and I realized there's something I think should be added, a region change field or some sort. I know doesn't work like Steam or Origin, due to "performance" issue, they set friends and play regions, things like that separated. However, this makes users more difficult to connect with friends from other regions. Would it be nicer to have a region change or just change how the servers work? That'd be very great, thank you.Zer0Assassin1 Jan 17
Jan 8 in-game group chat Some very nice features in the new chat, however I feel some of them can still be improved upon. The main issue I see at the moment is that the group chat is currently only available in the bnet app. It would be nice if the chat would be available in-game aswell. Currently it's not a huge problem for people who use multiple monitors, but I can imagine it being annoying for people who use just one.Xebo1 Jan 8
Jan 6 Some english text on the Italian language Hello! I just saw that there are some english lines on the Italian translation 1) 2) Thanks and see you ingame 8)marcostudios0 Jan 6
Jan 6 Blurry Text apart from settings Hey all When I booted up my client today I noticed that everything had seemingly dialled itself back a few resolutions which isn't to my liking (everything's gotta be crisp!) I opened up my In-Client settings & found that the text in the settings were just as clear as they'd ever be while the main page options, game titles & tabs were still blurred? Even though it is the Beta maybe something could be worked out here unless it already has been? Thanks in advance! How my Client looks, see the difference?: Jan 6
Jan 5 stream delay? I played an hour worth of OW while streaming, but when i checked the video on FB it's lagging way behind, and when I finished streaming, it only recorded the first 20+ mins. Is it due to bad internet connection?Liger7 Jan 5
Jan 4 Very small chat textarea Jan 4
Jan 3 Heroes, StarCraft, WoW and Overwatch avatars from ingame implemented in the app Like in the forums of each respective game , can we have the option to choose from which game do we want our avatar be? :D Of course, these will be avatars WE OWN in each of those games. I understand that Blizzard may not like the idea of custom avatars so... why not this option? :DMORFOS0 Jan 3
Jan 3 error by mistake I cloned the post :(MORFOS0 Jan 3
Jan 3 Shop Issues I love to gift to friends WoW pets and StarCraft/Diablo content (or to myself, I love blizzard micro-transactions <3 ) but... somethimes the store have problems and.... it does not load :( This happens after a purchase and when I saw the in-app store section and then close it to do something to go in again Please, fix it.MORFOS0 Jan 3
Dec 28 Profile's Avatar: Feedback and Suggestions Greetings, players and moderators! With the new social features provided from Beta's Blizzard app, many players have scattered their opinions all over new forums and topics... I think it would be well organized to gatter all those suggestions in only one topic. Here, I would like to express my opinion about the avatars and make a place where we can all give suggestions and see what blizz does think about it! Organization: Well, I believe Blizzard is saving the best avatars for it's final version. WIth more avatars, we will have a demand for some sort of arrangement of them, maybe by game? Player ŦĦanatøŝ made one topic suggesting it could be as simple and elegant as the HotS avatar selection, as it can be viewed in his forum: Styles: I could be the only one here who thinks about it, but I would want more representative images of my favorite characters on those avatars. The thing with HotS avatars and its styles is that most are too "cartoon", too comical for their personalities (I'm sorry for criticize you, Blizz...). If Blizzard makes some atractive, variable avatars, I would easily pass the fact that we can't have our own images selected. Characters: As I said, maybe because it is a Beta and Blizzard is saving the best parts for their final act, maybe because they're actually modifying their art style for those avatars, but I really missed some iconical figures from WoW. I would suggest, not sorted in preference order: Illidan Medivh Khadgar Kil'jaeden Arthas/Lich King Arthas Profet Velen And many more characters with less screen appearence and a great relevance (or just because they're pretty) could be made as well, in time. I can't raise any flags for other Blizzard games, so it's up to you guys. Which characters would you want to see in your profile?Sofoklys1 Dec 28
Dec 27 Stream audience can only be set to 'only me' I realize it's somewhere in my Facebook settings but I can't figure out how to set the Audience to something other than 'only me' in the streaming drop down menu. On Facebook when I go to Settings > Apps > Blizzard Entertainment, under app visibility and post audience I have it set to Custom > Friends and I have exceptions for people that aren't into gaming but that doesn't explain why 'only me' is the only option that shows up on the streaming menu.zombaby16 Dec 27
Dec 27 Chat History Chat history is being kept and can be accessed at any time, whether on my pc or on a server is unclear. Will no longer be using battlenet launcher for any reason if this stays in the client. Rolling back and not using beta for now, but that didn't remove my chat history. Please include an option to not log our chat in a manner that is so creepy. I realize it'll always be accessible to blizzard to protect the community in case of reports which is fine. I just don't want a constant reminder. I saw btw, a blizzard employee say this about the issue, simultaneously insulting customers and accusing them of violations of TOS: "Support Forum Agent: "It should only be a privacy concern if you are sharing access to your Blizzard Account with someone else."" (not listing the agent's name) This is inaccurate, some people including me just get the heebie jeebies when we're reminded that we're all being constantly recorded. Please and thank you for options.Minerva7 Dec 27
Dec 27 Beta entry I noticed today that battlenet said I was no longer in Beta, I was in it for a while, clicked on it again, and it downloaded again. Don't know how long I was out of it. Not sure if I did something wrong. Or if when there are updates we need to reenter Beta. I love the idea.Orionataya0 Dec 27
Dec 26 [Suggestion] Mark All As Read Under the social tab, it would be fantastic if we could mark all messages as read since if we have already read our messages, or don't care about reading them. It's a little frustrating logging in and getting that toast everytime. This has also probably already been suggested. Thanks!Veloth0 Dec 26
Dec 26 Non-Functioning Transports Zepplins work part of the time. None are coming to U.C., even though the zepplin master says it has arrived. S.W. also has periodic issues.ImaHunk0 Dec 26
Dec 26 Translation issues (English instead of Russian) English instead of Russian language in beta (Английский вместо русского языка в клиенте версии 1) Button "Connect", while u have no connection with internet or Blizzard servers ("Connect" -> "Подключиться") 2) "Options" under the game title. ("Options" -> "Настройки") 3) "Region/Account" on the bottom. ( "Region/Account" -> "Регион/Учетная запись") 4) Hint when mouse above the region ("Select your account or Region" -> "Выберите учетную запись или регион")DjDevil0 Dec 26
Dec 24 [Beta] App crashing randomly Hello, ... Whether I'm in WoW, Hearthstone, HoTs, or another non-Blizzard title, if I have the Beta Application open in the background it will randomly cause my primary monitor to go black. The screen does eventually come back but with the application whited out and I can't interact with it at all without hard closing it through right clicking on the tab on my toolbar. Specifically with Hearthstone, it has happened twice now during the Dungeon Run. The game is unrecoverable, and I have to close it down and restart it. Very frustrating for obvious reasons. Specifically with WoW, I can be anywhere in the game and it will do as I explained. Screen goes black, refreshes, and the app is whited out and un-usable. But WoW is fine as I just return to it by clicking on it in the toolbar ( app still crashed, so I hard close it)Sprucewayne0 Dec 24
Dec 23 Question About Appear Offline Across Devices If I'm on my desktop computer in the client and I set myself to "Appear Offline," log out, and later launch Hearthstone on my iPad, will I still appear offline to b-net friends on the mobile Hearthstone app? Also, thank you, Blizz, for finally implementing this feature. :)Hilljack2 Dec 23
Dec 22 ear piercing noise from the new beta update insanly high noise from the the app then it stops working. the noise sounds like this old snow thing from old big thick tv's but amped up 3000x times and then fed into your pc on the highest volumeDoctorCC0 Dec 22
Dec 22 Beta Launcher not scaled properly? see title. Battle.Net launcher is scaled improperly when using hi-dpi displays like my SurfaceBook with Performance Base which uses default 3000 x 2000 resolution at default 200% which makes the Launcher itself so big and non-HD in terms of looks. Also this makes the close/max/minimize buttons button invisible and inaccessible.ProXboxghost0 Dec 22
Dec 22 beta app choppy I tried searching the forums but couldn't find anything. I've noticed when clicking and dragging the app to move it around the desktop, it is very choppy in movement not smooth at all. The same goes for the little videos under each game on the app, almost like the fps is lowered. Has anyone else noticed something like this? It's not game breaking by any means but still annoying nonetheless.DCudz11 Dec 22
Dec 22 Blizzard Streaming, No Audio Capture Hello! Just want to inform you that the capture system sounds is not working for me. Discord voice, music playing in the background from my browsers and other sounds are not being captured. If I mute my mic altogether using the Blizzard streaming UI, even game sound will not be picked up. I am using a Razer USB Headset/Mic. I would like some Assistance as I'd like to stream to my facebook more often.KaidoMarahu15 Dec 22
Dec 18 Can't Connect Facebook Account The little ' Facebook Login' window seems to be bugged as every time I try and log in it seems to just refresh the page. Here I recorded myself: Dec 18
Dec 17 Improving on the group feature So I messed around a little bit with the new social features of the BETA client. I mainly took a look at the group feature since I'm interested in creating a group chat for our guild. What I'm mostly missing is the option to rearange channels. They are sorted as they are created and can't be rearanged. It would be also nice to have categories to group certain channels.LootFever4 Dec 17
Dec 16 Stop with the insessent taskbar flashing. Oh god, please. I get a message from someone, I click into the window and the taskbar just sits there and flashes stupidly for up to 20 seconds. EVERY SINGLE OTHER windows program I have ever used immediately stops flashing when it becomes the point of focus. But the blizzard app? No. Fix it. It's god damn annoying. Or go back to the old behavior, I don't care which. It has to stop.Spunkette1 Dec 16
Dec 13 Beta Blizzard Update Agent Gobbling Up CPU I started up my Blizzard App and noticed the notification for the PTR update for WoW. About two minutes later my Windows 10 desktop stopped responding for moments at a time. Task Manager was showing the app was using a constant 45-75% of the CPU with a couple of other Blizzard processes snagging 5-10% each. This went on for about a full minute until I killed the processes. Ran virus/malware scan- nothing. Started the app again- better now, but for the first minute, it was using between 40-60% of the CPU while it was downloading/installing the PTR update. Affected: Blizzard Update Agent, Blizzard App, and Helper.exe (32 bit)Kooperkabra0 Dec 13
Dec 9 Delete chat history option Delete chat option Please implement an option to delete chats or restore the previous function to clear chat history when is closed. Nobody wants to keep old massages with no possibility to delete them!Samaira1 Dec 9
Dec 8 Slight keyboard input lag while writing a message. There is a slight typing lag on the "social" section of the app while sending messages to friends. You may realize that it feels like writing a command on a shell which is accessed through SSH.Stormwindy2 Dec 8