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May 18 FAQ: Bnet App - Voice Chat Alpha v (Alpha) This is a Work in Progress and will be updated as we get more information and practice with it. Please feel free to share any corrections or tips of your own you want added. EDIT: Screenshots by MysticalOS posted on Wowhead for those who want to see the GUI. GENERAL 1. Q: Who is the Alpha open to right now? A: The Alpha is invite only. At this time selected Friends and Family (F&F) and Community members are being invited. 2. Q: How do I know if I have access to the Voice Chat Alpha? A: You will receive an email at the address associated with your bnet account notifying you about it. You can also try restarting your bnet app and if you are in, a pop up will give you the option to download the Alpha. If you don't get a pop up you can also check under Settings > In Development. If you have access the Install option will be there even if the pop up does not activate. 3. Q: Is there a key needed for the Alpha? A: No. There are no keys. Access is automatically enabled on your account. 4. Q: Will I see access listed in Account Management under Summary? A: No, unlike all the other Alphas/Betas it is NOT listed there. 5. Q: Will more people be invited in future waves? A: Yes. Unless Blizzard states otherwise, assume they will follow a standard Alpha, Beta, Release method. 6. Q: What platforms is the Alpha available for? A: It is available for PC and Mac although Mac still has some issues they are working on. Read the Alpha notes for details 7. Q: How do I install and configure the Voice Chat? A: Restart the app. After a few seconds a pop up window will ask you if you want to install the Alpha. You can reverse that at any time by going to Settings > In Development. If for some reason you don't get the pop up, but did get in invite, or are trying to set it up on a second PC, use the "In Development" settings to access the Install option. 8. Q: How do I configure the Voice Chat? A: Go to Settings > Voice Chat. HINT default is open mic so you may want to switch it to Push to Talk. CHAT USE 9. Q: How do I use Voice Chat? A: You can right click an individual then select voice chat to open a voice channel interface which has a text option on the left and voice chat list on the right. Then in the Voice Channel interface select the headphone icon at the top right to chat. When you activate voice chat your name appears over in the right column which is the list of active chat participants. You can also create a Channel by clicking the Friends list then the Create Channel button at the top. You can drag friends into it to chat as a group. No need to type out names. Please note your channel and channel members are NOT saved when you exit like the persistent channels on Skype, Vent, or Mumble. 10. Q: Who can I voice chat with in this version? A: You can only initiate voice chat with people on your application friends list who ALSO have the Voice Chat Alpha. Note that Friend A who controls the channel can add both Friend B and Friend C to it even though B and C are not friends. 11a. Q: Does voice chat work in games yet? A: It does not work within specific games via the game interface at this time. However, you can still talk to Bnet friends on your list while gaming via the Bnet app interface. Bnet voice chat channel text will not show up in game, unlike regular Bnet app text. 11b Q: So do they plan to integrate the new voice chat into games like WoW so we can use it to raid? A: Mostly likely, but it will be done on a game by game basis as applicable. 12. Q: Can we report inappropriate language or abuse? A: Yes. Right click report is now an option in the friends list. Options are Spam, Harassment, or Inappropriate Name. You can also Mute people individually in a Chat Channel by right clicking them.MissCheetah101 May 18
Jul 29, 2016 Welcome to Blizzard Streaming: Please read! Welcome to the Beta Feedback Discussion forum for Blizzard Streaming! Before participating in the discussion, please be sure to read our forum Code of Conduct. Also, please limit the discussion in this forum to Blizzard Streaming. For general feedback, please post in the Feedback Discussion forum.Agunurrom0 Jul 29, 2016
23h Move all games I do not own to the shop tab Simply copy the steam UI: GAMES should be the library of games I own that i can choose whether or not to install, SHOP should be the second tab, and include all the games you own that i can purchase. Seems simple right? Remove visual clutter in ONE EASY STEP! UI DESIGNERS HATE THIS SIMPLE TRICK!RockPasta7 23h
3d Allow us to resize the launcher further to hide Activision games. Right now you can only cover a quarter of the Black Ops icon. Let us resize it and make it smaller so that it can potentially cover Black Ops and Destiny 2. Thank you.Vinven2 3d
3d Crafting reset from, 800 to 100 to 1? I transferred over (both a while back and also this week) toons that had crafting from 700 to 800. Initially it appears the new score simply deductions 700 for the number squish. Fair enough. However in both Leatherworking (a while back AND also this week) when I tried to choose from the Leatherworking trainer menu, my leather working was reset to 1. Yes, just 1--even though a moment ago it showed 100 (was 800). So I tried a toon with Jewelcrafting, this week, and it also was reset to 1. Is this by design? Is everyone supposed to lose all crafting? Because that would be a serious slap in in face to those long term subscribers who are very into crafting. (Not to mention rare recipes) I have reported each incident thus far. Could someone officially explain if we all will be stripped of all crafting knowledge? This is not a "ding" against Blizz, but an honest concern that so far I have not seen explained. If I missed an explanation, please point me to it. On a GOOD note, I like the look of the new world! Congrats on that! Thank you.UrthAngel2 3d
4d beta app thoughts While all in all I like the upgrades and things, it seems like with the last update my app will stay minimized to the task bar, I can't get it to resume full size unless I stop and restart it. However I can access the games and such through the right click on the hidden icons area. (And I am aware this could be an error with my computer, but it will do it after a fresh reboot so I'm not sure what is causing it.) The games will start and I can bring up my settings and friends list, unsure if I can bring it up by starting a conversation, I haven't tried yet, but virtually everything works it just won't resume full size.MavyStorme0 4d
4d My 2 cents on the beta app Allow us to hide the games that we don't have installed. (i understand that it's a marketing strategy to promote destiny or call of duty, but i don't care about those 2 games, and i believe there are many like myself). I would recommend that all games installed appear like icons on a desktop and that you allow us to move them around - for example some ppl play wow and diablo and want to have them on top with news feed, some play only Hearthstone or some only Overwatch of know what i mean? I think that if you take some ideas from discord and try to push those ideas in to app, you could direct your own players to use your own product, instead of discord. Other than these ideas, the app works just fine for me.GrimmValeck1 4d
5d App keeps asking for feedback, here's mine Generally, it works well and intuitively, which is what you want from a launcher app. There are 2 areas that need improvement and both involve what games are shown. In the app itself, when launched into a window, as many others have said, I'd like to be able to hide or otherwise control which games are on the left hand side column (games panel). In our contacts list, we can choose to not see people who are offline -- I want that option for games that are not installed. A much more annoying and aggravating issue for me is the list of games shown when I right click the system tray icon (Windows 10). Even more importantly than in the case above, I really don't want to see games that aren't installed. I'm right clicking to launch a game quickly, not accidentally install something. And please please please for the love of god, make the order the games are listed in stop changing every day! Today, the games are in this order: CoD 4 (not installed), Warcraft (90% of my game playing is here), Hearthstone (installed), then Destiny 2 (not installed). Yesterday it was Warcraft, CoD 4, Destiny 2, then HS. That order changes, seemingly randomly, and it is maddening to me! None of this will make me quit but it kind of sucks to start of a gaming session being annoyed by these things, especially when the rest of it works well.Fringetastic3 5d
6d WC3 in Can we get WC3 original titles on app?Muscles7 6d
6d When Launch Beta, it says will not active 3D accelerator When Launch Beta, it says will not active 3D acceleratorblackhawlk1 6d
6d unable to switch back to standard when i click the button in settings to change back to standard version, and then click yes.. nothing happens.TitaniumTM6 6d
Jun 13 No bugs for me Very good, i don't know what it does but it isn't buggy at all (for now) soooo, GREAT JOB!MatthewTheGm2 Jun 13
Jun 13 Unable to Start 3D Acceleration Beta only Unable to Start 3D Acceleration Beta only. My computer meets recommend requierments, Java and video card drivers are up to date. I can login and play on PTR and regular realms. this frustratng bug only pops up when trying to log into the betaTink1 Jun 13
Jun 12 chat window pop out again? Any chance to bring back chat window pop out? some times takes few mins to load all social chats. Everything else is good imo. ty blizz <3Tobal1 Jun 12
Jun 12 Lars From Mars Better not fight it out in real time. - LarsDeadronos0 Jun 12
Jun 11 "You are offline message" does not change on the opened chat window Hello, This the bug I've found, and the steps to reproduce it, However I'm not quite sure if this is a bug, but at least is not an expected behaviour, 1) Logon to Bnet desktop app with the option "Appears offline". 2) Open your friends list on a un-attached window. 3) Notice that the message "You are currently appearing offline" is displayed. 4) Open by double clicking on an offline friend 5) On the new chat window you will see above the "Type a message..." area, the information that you are currently offline 6) On the friends list in the un-attached window opened on step 2) click on "Go online" link within the message box of "You are currently appearing offline" 7) Your status will change on the un-attached friends list to Online 8) Notice that on the conversation window opened with your currently offline friend the message about "You are offline" is still present (the message on step 5) I'm sorry the description but it is how I used to load bugs on an old QA job I had, Regards,Jungler0 Jun 11
Jun 11 STOP TWITCH VIDEOS IN CLIENT !!! just that useless sheit that is on autoplay - wtf is it still here If I want to watch Twitch I can do that. No need to use my cpu power just shortly before I start a game and its autoclosed If you have a contract with intel to destroy my CPU I am not surprisedMokra3 Jun 11
Jun 11 Beta Bug: Usual game content blocks are missing In version (Beta), the content blocks that show game content disappeared and left a depressing whole in my heart. All of the game tabs are lacking content. Here is an example: Jun 11
Jun 11 Using mouse to move character is intermittent Using Mouse, holding mouse buttons to move does not work well. Holding left and right mouse button down will move character and then it stops. It is erratic and considered not working. But, works fine in Legion and other programs and games. Only an issue in Beta for AzerothMuddlite1 Jun 11
Jun 9 Blizzard App very laggy with input lags For the past 3 or so days, I have been experiencing a very laggy and slow Blizzard App client. What happens is that whenever I try to switch games from the games tab, there would be about a second of delay. Also, there are input lags whenever I try to hover over the video thumbnails for example in the Overwatch games tab, the highlight animation of the hovered play button or previous/next button will come around 2 or 3 seconds later. I don't know if the patch 1.8.5 of the launcher is causing this but I'm pretty sure that when that patch came, it was not behaving like this. Like I said, I just noticed this 3 days ago. I would know since I always check the thumbnails of videos for news updates on the game (in this case, Overwatch). The only thing I have done so far is reinstallation of the client but still did not solve the problem. I don't think it's a problem on my PC either. I don't believe that an 8GB ram would not be able to handle the launcher when it's the only window running. Need help badly on this, can't find a forum topic with the same problem as mine.JonesLaw3 Jun 9
Jun 8 Ability to remove games from launcher. Please give us the ability to remove games from the front page of the launcher aka Destiny. The launcher is going to get cluttered as Activision uses the battlenet launcher more.Stadanko4 Jun 8
Jun 8 Customize game list in launcher. Let me hide the game icons for games I don't own not insterested in. I say this as a long time blizzard fans who has bought your games since the lost vikings and orcs vs humans days, and who has bought some of your games several times. (cd-keys are so easy to lose as a kid who is forced to move annually, and bouncing between homes) I know its a marketing thing so you will probably never listen to me, but it is bloody annoying to have icons for games I haven't played in years forced onto the side of my launcher (looking at you world of warcraft, I am not resubscribing, and I don't care how new and shiny overwatch is, I really do not like that game, I'm NOT a shooter person) , and it is also bloody annoying I can't ADD icons for classic blizzard titles. PLEASE add an option to at LEAST 'collapse' multiple games together at the bottom of our list, and also fill it up with classic blizzard titles we may have licenses for, or that you let ppl download on your site. Here is A list of blizzard games I have licenses for that I cannot download or launch from the app, but would LIKE to: Diablo® II Diablo® II: Lord of Destruction® StarCraft® Anthology Warcraft® III: The Frozen Throne® Warcraft® III: Reign of Chaos® Blackthorne® The Lost Vikings® Rock N' Roll Racing®Weyoun3 Jun 8
Jun 8 Let us hide games from the launcher Please give us the option to hide games we don't want to see. I have no interest in the Activision games you've added to the client.Rhyno12 Jun 8
Jun 7 Activision advertisement in Blizzard game launcher They are !@#$ and I dont care about them - if you want to ruin your blizzard (warcraft starcraft) universe go on :( Warcraft combined with call of duty - greedy %^-*s ruin it completely now or bancrupcy closing in ? Otherwise take em out asapMokra0 Jun 7
Jun 6 Beta I haven't had any problems with the beta so far, I also hope i don't get any. I like the beta overall.BlueGuy690 Jun 6
Jun 6 Game list bug Apparently, Call of Duty and Destiny are showing up in the Blizzard App. Those probably belong in the Activision App. Just thought you should know.SurfKansas0 Jun 6
Jun 6 Request: System Tray Menu Customization The menu that appears when right-clicking the system tray contains a lot of options that I don't need. Every single game supported by the application is included in the menu, including games I don't have installed and games I don't even own. I'd appreciate having the ability to hide these games from the list. It would also be nice to have full control to hide other items that appear in the menu. I don't need to access the Shop or News sections of the application on a regular basis.Goblins0 Jun 6
Jun 5 Beta bug: internal error on uninstalling HotS So I went to uninstall HotS while it was background-downloading patch data for the next patch. The moment I clicked uninstall-confirm, I got an Internal error, please try again, but it still showed the UI as if it were uninstalling. It says Removing files, please wait..., but it has stopped harddrive activity without the UI changing. Steps to reproduce: * Have Heroes of the Storm (didn't test other games) installed. * Have a background download partially complete. * Click on Options * Click on Uninstall Game * Confirm * Error message pops upCarighan0 Jun 5
Jun 4 Battlenet app update games based on list The battle net app should update games in the order you have them listed on your game library. Why does the app not update games this way?Dreadnought0 Jun 4
Jun 4 Want to Join Beta I can't play Beta why ?LazyTitan1 Jun 4
Jun 3 Lucio...then Mei suggestions set his legs on fire.. let him get some kicking in,, turn him into a true parkour genius. and Mei should be able to freeze the ground in front of her for mobility slide.TriXieKat1 Jun 3
May 31 Voice Chat API Hi, Voice chat works good, unfortunately I can't use G keys for it from Logitech devices. it will be great if API for Voice Chat will be available for public, at list just start/stop talking.Ramfa0 May 31
May 31 Don't add game shortcuts to Start menu I am probably the only person who thinks that adding shortcuts to the Start Menu is kinda pointless. All games have to be launched it seems with running, so having shortcuts to the individual games doesn't seem to do much, especially if the app is supposed to be central to all games. Also, hiding the app in a folder called "" in the Start Menu seems less than ideal.ShelaMonster0 May 31
May 28 Custom "Avatar" Hello, I just upgraded to the Beta battlenet client, and I have to say I really like the improvements on the client. Especially the ability to select an avatar. However If I may suggest, It would be really amazing to give users the option to upload their custom profile picture ( just like at discord ) because it would improve the look and feel of the whole interface. No offense but right now ( not the beta the live version ) really looks outdated, like 2006-7 style, however the beta features and also the option to change status ( in game as well ) is really great. I think I'm not alone if i say that since the first time i used battlenet my first thought was how can I set a profile picture, as I said earlier this would really make it much more userfriendly. :) Thanks for reading!Minkwity27 May 28
May 27 Flawless... I have yet to have an issue of any kind with the beta app. I've tried every feature and it works as it should and without using a crap ton of system resources. I believe we may be getting closer and closer to the Golden Master version :)FuzedKitteh1 May 27
May 25 Start Voice chat from social tab I like the chat option and I use it quite often. But I think it's a bit of a drag to start a conversation with a friend from inside the app. Right now I have to: Open my friend list > Search for my friend > Right click > Press Start voice chat In the social tab I have a few chats open. I would prefer if there was an option to: Click the drop down menu on the right side of my friend's icon > Press Start voice chat. I would also love it if the normal chat was integrated in the Voice chat window and stored/saved when the window is closed.Amarphius0 May 25
May 25 Windows10 general freezing on 32-bit I've been trying both the latest beta and the current released version of the launcher I never know what the actual cause is, but just actually *using* the launcher screens causes it to completely hang on my system. The only "safe" thing I can do with the launcher is hit "PLAY" to launch WoW. My task manager reports that the launcher is 32-bit. Any chance there's a 64-bit version coming soon? I'm wondering if it's just coming down to that. happening on Windows10 latest release and latest preview insider buildswazoo0 May 25
May 24 CPU Usage The bnet app is using 70% of my cpu when updating games. Bit high isn't it?Pyrous0 May 24
May 23 Games Background Image(s) Instead of left justified background images for each game could you center justify? Its kind of klunky as is because you have to open the launcher very wide to see some images in full (I'm talking the main image not the edge fluff). So even when you do widen the app to show the whole image you have this rather large area on the left that is just filler with no real image. Its very odd and bugs my OCD. I feel like if it was center justified you would be able to see the main background images from whatever width you prefer to have your app set at, and also make it so the player base feels less like you favor the horde even more within the WoW background image in particular. I didn't even know there was a blue side of the image for quite some time I feel.Farling0 May 23
May 23 Hide Titles Since the game's list will likely continue to grow with new Blizzard and Activision games going forward, it would be nice to have the ability to hide games or, perhaps, companies from the app.Kryptyx0 May 23
May 23 My beta went bye bye Since its inception I was always on the beta for the Battle Net launcher but earlier today I logged onto an old account to check it out but upon logging back my main account I realized I was no longer in the launcher beta. I tried redownloading it on my main account and trying to switch but it keeps putting me back on standard. Is the beta for the launcher closed now and what was on it now part of standard or did I somehow get kicked off unable to rejoin.Illidan19730 May 23
May 22 Suggestion: Update apps from top to bottom I sort the games I play in order of frequency. It'd be great for the app to update apps from top to bottom instead of what appears to be randomly (or at least add an option to enable that in Settings > Game Install/Update. I often find myself having to wait for a game or three to patch that I don't play often but keep installed when I want to play the top game in my list, which is waiting for a patch.majordillz0 May 22
May 19 New friends list changes are great I really enjoy the right clicking to view everything, i am wondering if at any time there will be an easy way to change friends list regions. I am only able to see people from the americas server, even though im playing much more often on eu these daysTarley0 May 19
May 18 Love the l love the new ap. great to be able to chat with friends and reconnect with my old guilds. The voice chat is really nice and easy to use. Thanks for giving us great free features.Feloni1 May 18
May 18 Beta app feedback Hey Bliz, Enjoying the beta app for the most part, however I found it quite difficult to figure out how to create a voice chat with my friends. I'd suggest providing the ability to simply click a call button next to someones name or the option to be in the form of right click -> call friend. Hope my feedback helps :) Regards, DetenduDetendu3 May 18
May 18 A few odd bugs The Good: • The beta is working smoother on my PC (i7-4770 W7x64) than the current release, no crashes, smooth display. • Enjoying the "load game straight from right-click" that you added, instead of loading the appropriate tab in the app, it just loads the game, a nice touch. • The chat interface is far more accessible, which encourages me to take part in it more - I like it better than the release version, and honestly think this is a big plus. • The upgrade from release to beta was smooth, and kept my settings, which annoyingly doesn't normally happen after a "blizzard app update". The Bad: • If a game crashes (say, Diablo III), the error report window doesn't interact with the app on "reopen", instead trying to load the release version. Which is odd, and I assume not a beta fault per se, but worth mentioning. • The link for "What do you think about the beta? Give us your feedback." goes nowhere, but I thought I'd give my two cents regardless and looked up the forum manually. Tested with Chrome, Firefox, Chromium, Opera, and Explorer as default browser, all up-to-date with latest release other than Chrome (current beta). • If the PC crashes for any reason, the Blizzard App assumes it's the cause and tries to remove itself from play. Please tell the devs to give it a pep talk and add some self-esteem. The Ugly: • The Shop tab no longer works, no "loading icon", no scrolling tab, not even the "Home + Games & Services" icons. Persists through restart, reinstall. Release version works fine. Confirmed firewall is not blocking it (News tab works as intended), no error generated. Ref screen shot: • Dallas FuelZenithas1 May 18
May 18 Prepurchase CoD Ads are Bad I pay every month for WoW but today, before I went to login my launcher had an ad for Call of Duty. Why the hell are there ads in a launcher when I pay money for the game? If the game was free to play, sure, but I pay for WoW and it feels awful to be assaulted with ads when I already pay for the game.Peach7742 May 18
May 18 Mark all messages as read option I haven't had real problems with the beta launcher, but in terms of quality of life changes it would be awesome to have a way to mass-mark all messages in the social tab as read. I have yet to see a message that I actually missed flagged as new. However, I always end up scrolling all the way down just in case, because the constant notification for allegedly new messages is annoying. Several of my conversations marked as new today have no messages displayed in them at all (not sure if that counts as a bug!).Kobi1 May 18
May 18 Launcher fails to log in Haven't read about anyone having this kind of issue so here I am. In the last few weeks I've been having problems logging in the app. I'd enter my informations as usual, click log in, accept the request on the authenticator then the app would start loading for a long time. After that time, instead of launching, it'd go back to the starting point where I have to re-enter my password and email to log in. It usually takes two tries to manage to log in. Tonight though, it took seven.Cinereum0 May 18
May 18 Groups for Friends List A feature that I would really like to see added to the Blizzard app is the ability to create groups for the friend list to organize friends. So I can have group for IRL friends, WOW guild friends, HOTS friends etc.bcool787 May 18