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May 2 FAQ: Bnet App - Voice Chat Alpha v (Alpha) This is a Work in Progress and will be updated as we get more information and practice with it. Please feel free to share any corrections or tips of your own you want added. EDIT: Screenshots by MysticalOS posted on Wowhead for those who want to see the GUI. GENERAL 1. Q: Who is the Alpha open to right now? A: The Alpha is invite only. At this time selected Friends and Family (F&F) and Community members are being invited. 2. Q: How do I know if I have access to the Voice Chat Alpha? A: You will receive an email at the address associated with your bnet account notifying you about it. You can also try restarting your bnet app and if you are in, a pop up will give you the option to download the Alpha. If you don't get a pop up you can also check under Settings > In Development. If you have access the Install option will be there even if the pop up does not activate. 3. Q: Is there a key needed for the Alpha? A: No. There are no keys. Access is automatically enabled on your account. 4. Q: Will I see access listed in Account Management under Summary? A: No, unlike all the other Alphas/Betas it is NOT listed there. 5. Q: Will more people be invited in future waves? A: Yes. Unless Blizzard states otherwise, assume they will follow a standard Alpha, Beta, Release method. 6. Q: What platforms is the Alpha available for? A: It is available for PC and Mac although Mac still has some issues they are working on. Read the Alpha notes for details 7. Q: How do I install and configure the Voice Chat? A: Restart the app. After a few seconds a pop up window will ask you if you want to install the Alpha. You can reverse that at any time by going to Settings > In Development. If for some reason you don't get the pop up, but did get in invite, or are trying to set it up on a second PC, use the "In Development" settings to access the Install option. 8. Q: How do I configure the Voice Chat? A: Go to Settings > Voice Chat. HINT default is open mic so you may want to switch it to Push to Talk. CHAT USE 9. Q: How do I use Voice Chat? A: You can right click an individual then select voice chat to open a voice channel interface which has a text option on the left and voice chat list on the right. Then in the Voice Channel interface select the headphone icon at the top right to chat. When you activate voice chat your name appears over in the right column which is the list of active chat participants. You can also create a Channel by clicking the Friends list then the Create Channel button at the top. You can drag friends into it to chat as a group. No need to type out names. Please note your channel and channel members are NOT saved when you exit like the persistent channels on Skype, Vent, or Mumble. 10. Q: Who can I voice chat with in this version? A: You can only initiate voice chat with people on your application friends list who ALSO have the Voice Chat Alpha. Note that Friend A who controls the channel can add both Friend B and Friend C to it even though B and C are not friends. 11a. Q: Does voice chat work in games yet? A: It does not work within specific games via the game interface at this time. However, you can still talk to Bnet friends on your list while gaming via the Bnet app interface. Bnet voice chat channel text will not show up in game, unlike regular Bnet app text. 11b Q: So do they plan to integrate the new voice chat into games like WoW so we can use it to raid? A: Mostly likely, but it will be done on a game by game basis as applicable. 12. Q: Can we report inappropriate language or abuse? A: Yes. Right click report is now an option in the friends list. Options are Spam, Harassment, or Inappropriate Name. You can also Mute people individually in a Chat Channel by right clicking them.MissCheetah94 May 2
Jul 29, 2016 Welcome to Blizzard Streaming: Please read! Welcome to the Beta Feedback Discussion forum for Blizzard Streaming! Before participating in the discussion, please be sure to read our forum Code of Conduct. Also, please limit the discussion in this forum to Blizzard Streaming. For general feedback, please post in the Feedback Discussion forum.Agunurrom0 Jul 29, 2016
43m Questions about updating beta and non-beta versions of Bnet App. Not really a feedback, I'm really sorry because I can't find any information about this anywhere. I don't know anything about beta because I've never used beta versions of Bnet app, so I just don't understand how it works. I have a bunch of questions: 1. Is beta going to replace current non-beta release, or it's just a branch of Bnet app that has its own updates, so it will remain being beta until I switch back to non-beta? 2. If yes, will I need to perform extra actions to opt out of beta or my beta client will automatically be updated to release build and clean old files? Thanks for understanding.FTL1 43m
45m Turn off "You are currently appearing offline" notification? Would it be possible to turn off the notification that says "You are currently appearing offline"? Speaking for myself, if I'm appearing offline it's because I chose to, so I already know I'm showing offline. :) I think the big orange warning showing in the friends list and chat window is kind of annoying.Lariel11 45m
5h Beta Client Keeps Trying to Install Destiny 2 I don't own Destiny 2. I've caught my client trying to install it twice tonight anyway. I can't find a setting to tell I don't want it to do this, so I assume it's a bug.Blenderhead0 5h
6h Appearing Offline[NOT WORKING] Hi there, I really like the idea of appearing offline, but unfortunately I am unable to use it. I have looked through all of my settings and cannot find any option to switch to this mode! If there is something I am missing, someone please help. Otherwise, this is a problem that may need to be fixed for some users! Thank youPichael1 6h
7h Appear offline and Quick Join Uh, so I can still see friends who have chosen the "appear offline" option via quick join on my in-game social menu on WoW. I can see them and when I choose "appear offline" they can see me via quick join. Oversight? Working as intended?SayMyName1 7h
7h GSync Flickering Hi - using the Battlenet App Beta, I have noticed that as the application runs at ~24FPS (as seen by GeForce Experience framerate counter), this causes GSync panels to flicker as they have trouble displaying under 40FPS. This flicker only occurs when the application is in focus and makes using the application cause headaches if left in focus too long. This issue does not occur with the old version of the Battlenet App. My monitor is the Dell S2716DG.DrDaveDeath1 7h
13h Social TAB NOT WORKING Hello so why do the Social Tab not show up for me on my Bnet App ? :)Dyhret5 13h
21h 2 voice problems When I press down my push to talk key I can't hear anyone else properly. Their voices come over as stutters with cut out parts. This instantly stops if I release my push to talk key. The app does not remember adjustments to the volume of individuals that I set. If I should restart the app or they should join or leave their volume is returned to default.Arroz0 21h
1d Ability to remove Shop tab It'd be rad if there were an option to remove the tab for the Shop, which is (rather too conveniently) next to the Social Tab. Some people, like myself, have impulse control issues, and any type of option that lets us manage that is usually a good thing. It'd be really cool if this option were extended to games, as well, such as eliminating the BlizzStore button in WoW and removing the appropriate buttons (for loot boxes) in Overwatch.MeleeCyrus2 1d
1d Profile Picture with any photo. Allow people to be able to change their profile picture on blizzard app to any picture they have on their pc and mac as long as its appropriate, allow people to report those with an inappropriate picture on their profile on the blizzard app.Naxavar3 1d
1d "battlenet://WoW" launch URI improvement Assuming you guys fix up the current inability to launch games via the "battlenet://XXXX" URI handler, would it be possible to also allow for specifying the WoW account in the URI? Obvious example: "battlenet://WoW/MYACCOUNT" Ability to specify PTR would be nice too! Cheers, Tz.Tzarc0 1d
1d Delete Friends There needs to be a way to delete multiple friends and once so you can clean up your friends list. I can select multiple people by holding control, but when I right click, there is no option to delete. So I have to go through 50 people I don't play with anymore, and delete them one-by-one, along with a confirmation dialog for each one?DankBeard0 1d
1d Can't switch from Offline to any other status Last time I used the Blizzard App I set myself to appear offline and when using it today I couldn't switch from appear offline to online for example. Plus any friends who were online appeared offline. Only after restarting the app did everything appear to function normally and show correctly. I know I was connected because when I couldn't make the changes the app downloaded the newest patch for Overwatch.ElecRei0 1d
1d battlenet:// url scheme no longer working for most games Hi, I've been using the battlenet:// scheme to start my games for a long time. After a recent update to the Battle.Net Client Beta, most of them are no longer working. Here are my test results: battlenet://WoW - used to start World of Warcraft, currently not working battlenet://D3 - used to start Diablo 3, currently not working battlenet://WTCG - used to start Hearthstone, currently not working battlenet://Pro - used to start Overwatch, currently not working battlenet://S2 - used to start Starcraft 2, currently not working (but battlenet://starcraft works to start Starcraft 2) battlenet://Hero - used to start Heroes of the Storm, currently not working (but battlenet://heroes works to start HotS) battlenet://SCR - used to start Starcraft Remastered, currently not working battlenet://DST2 - used to start Destiny 2, can't test right now as it is unreleased Among other things, these shortcuts are used to play the games with the Steam Overlay to use the Steam Controller, and I personally use them to start my games from a Rainmeter skin without having to open the client window. Are the shortcut different now? Is this functionality being removed? Are these URLs documented somewhere (found some throuhgh trial and error, actually)?Kopert2 1d
1d beta app choppy I tried searching the forums but couldn't find anything. I've noticed when clicking and dragging the app to move it around the desktop, it is very choppy in movement not smooth at all. The same goes for the little videos under each game on the app, almost like the fps is lowered. Has anyone else noticed something like this? It's not game breaking by any means but still annoying nonetheless.DCudz2 1d
1d Appear Offline is... ...the best thing since sliced bread. No, seriously, thanks a bunch, Blizzard! :)Rebbz1 1d
1d Avatars its a bit stupid of a feedback from me more of a constatation than feedback but as a main Ana in overwatch i noticed that you have every overwatch character avatar but i never found the ana one :PGau1 1d
1d Chat History Chat history is being kept and can be accessed at any time, whether on my pc or on a server is unclear. Will no longer be using battlenet launcher for any reason if this stays in the client. Rolling back and not using beta for now, but that didn't remove my chat history. Please include an option to not log our chat in a manner that is so creepy. I realize it'll always be accessible to blizzard to protect the community in case of reports which is fine. I just don't want a constant reminder. I saw btw, a blizzard employee say this about the issue, simultaneously insulting customers and accusing them of violations of TOS: "Support Forum Agent: "It should only be a privacy concern if you are sharing access to your Blizzard Account with someone else."" (not listing the agent's name) This is inaccurate, some people including me just get the heebie jeebies when we're reminded that we're all being constantly recorded. Please and thank you for options.Minerva0 1d
1d Social Tab / Voice Chat Under the Social Tab you should be able to right click someones name and start a voice chat.Sloydd0 1d
1d [Idea] Group Chat Notification Noise! An optional noise for group chat notifications would be nice to have. A simple beep that can be activated and deactivated for individual group chats would greatly improve the group system. As of now, I have no way of knowing if someone is saying something when I am tabbed out. Again, the off and on option is crucial, I wouldn't want to have it on all the time.Frosty1 1d
1d Preview Links In Blizzard App this feedback is for preview links like same in the social media right now, maybe like in discord function. Blizzard App: Discord: Pls Blizzard make it happens :)LuloXXI5 1d
1d notifications Notification orange circle is barely noticeable maybe highlight the chat in orange or atleast just a bigger circle next to the chat on computer for the beta launcherAdeaddk0 1d
1d YouTube/Wowhead Just curious in the group chat if it would be able to embed YouTube videos or Wowhead tooltips in chat, rather than just a link to open in your browser? ThanksAlf2 1d
1d Thai missing in Blizzard drop down menu / News section 1) In live, when Thai language is selected, the drop down menu from the word Blizzard (top left) is in Thai. That is not the case for Beta. 2) Also under the news feed, only shows Hearthstone news. I assume because it is the only game with Thai localisation, but this shouldn't be the case. English version of news for other games should be included too.LoveMuscle0 1d
2d New beta UI blocks shadowplay in wow. The new UI is apparently a directx render window since nvidia shadow play now shows the record icon and FPS indicator on it. This is a problem since when the launcher spawns wow, nvidia shadow play does not latch on to the wow window and causes shadowplay to not show FPS or allow recording of the wow screen it self. In fact if I enable recording while wow is playing full screen, I get a video of the battlenet client, which is less than desirable. I'm not sure if a window can be tagged in some way to tell shadow play to not latch on to it, or perhaps you can come up with a way to pass shadow play's hook on to the spawned game, but as it stands I can not run the beta client if I want to recored any footage in game with shadow play.Kalla2 2d
2d Where is the ana profile picture? Um u can't pick ana as a profile picture in beta... ???Flake0 2d
2d In Game Overlay Maybe? I know this is sounding so much like other "clients" that out now but it would be nice and easier to access these features that you provide us without having to tab out to change voice channels or to start/end a conversation with someone. Just something to think about.Yez0 2d
3d Bnet Launcher doesn't switch to Beta after multiple attempts \ restarts I've clicked on "Switch to Beta" and it downloads and asks to restart and it always just opens in normal mode. Have tried this while a game launched, without a game, on a fresh session, etc..MMMig3 3d
3d Some feedback Hey! been loving the group feature. Few suggestions: an overlay option, have it make a sound when some1 joins the group, allow us to use any pic as profile avatarMacraz0 3d
3d Groups for Friends List A feature that I would really like to see added to the Blizzard app is the ability to create groups for the friend list to organize friends. So I can have group for IRL friends, WOW guild friends, HOTS friends etc.bcool780 3d
3d Reorder of group channels Could we please get an option to reorder group chat channel, please? It's cool and everything but details like these make it kinda lame.Supreme0 3d
3d [Bnet Launcher] Shadowplay hooking to launcher rather than game Hi all, the beta launcher seems to make shadowplay hook onto it (as the fps counter appears on the launcher) and consequently it does not work in game. Switching to the non-beta launcher solves the issue. Not sure if this has been said elsewhere but google came up with nothing :/AndrewMick0 3d
3d PushToTalk click is too quiet With sounds up to max the click that the app makes when you press your push to talk key down is too quiet.Arroz0 3d
4d Double clicking on friend in friends list doesn't open up new chat window ... it takes me to a whole new screen on the app. I just want a popout of my message like EVERY other messaging platform and instead I have to go through this giant discord style message screen. This is enough for me to turn off beta it is too annoying.Counsel1 4d
4d Notification of unread messages - No messages show Blizzard App/ version: (Beta) Since this latest update, it seems like if I get messages from my friends while in a game, the Blizzard App client will mark that I have an unread message from my friends both on the client over the friends list toggle and next to my friend's names on the actual friends list. This notification appears to remain through sessions as I intentionally kept one from last night until just now this morning. Any time I attempt to open these already read messages (since I received them in game), they will just bring up a blank "Start a New Message" window to that friend and not bring up any messages but doing so appears to be the only way to get rid of the notification.airacuda11 4d
5d suggestion: allow smaller window size now with the new profile/friends list design. i can no longer manage with the overly large window. fyi, I use the bnet app on my 2nd monitor that is in portrait mode. the app width does not fit and hangs onto my main monitor awkwardly. if the app width could be reduced to say the right edge of the breaking news window that would be great.Bloodyroots3 5d
5d Social tab sorting I think it'd be a lot better if the list of people you've had a conversation with would be sorted by latest activity in that chat instead of sorted by most recently clicked. I'll go click through to get rid of my notifications and end up with my active conversation in the middle of the list.Reigh0 5d
5d With the Battle.Net app installed there should be an appear mobile option If you have the Battle.Net app installed there should be an "appear on mobile" option or "appear offline" should default to mobile. The only way to appear offline with the mobile app installed is to use the option so it's a dead giveaway.Megumin0 5d
5d Social Tab The new social tab on the blizzard app is not very practical. It's hard to figure out who sent you a message, it would be wiser to change it back to the boxes that pop out, that way you know who the message came from. I really hope this goes away, it's one thing that may deter me from continuing playing blizzard games. I shouldn't have to scroll through a list to find who messaged me when i'm not in game.Moonwitch4 5d
5d UAC popups? I've recently started getting a random UAC popup, while the app is in the background, because it wants to update. This shouldn't happen, if anything the UAC popup should occur after I look at the app, see it needs to update, and click the normal restart button in the app. It's very disruptive and can pull focus from any normal task or game.Sancus0 5d
5d Real name shown in Group Settings? If I go to Group Settings then members I can see my name together with my account. Is it public to everyone or is it there only for me?Lasagna2 5d
5d WoW icons Why do we not have WoW icons to represent ourselves? I'd even take class symbols. WoW is my main ish, blizz, please dish.Stryiker1 5d
5d [Launcher][Mac] Cmd+left/right in chat In an input field, cmd+left should move the cursor to the start of the current line, cmd+right to the end. Add shift to select the text from the cursor to those points. Currently those shortcuts don't do anything. From a quick test it looks like most other standard Mac editing shortcut combos work just fine, so I wonder if cmd+left/right are somehow getting intercepted. Likewise for cmd+up/down (start/end of document or multi-line input).jag0 5d
5d A typo in the Beta patch notes The patch notes to Patch 1.9.1 (10/06/2017) have a typo. At the end, there is a section Build 9462 -- Known issues. It has the following passage. "after being removed from a channel or testing are you mic". "Are" should be removed.Adûnâi0 5d
5d Can't opt-in to Beta as directed in the official announcement I'm in the US region and want to try out the beta. I was able to switch to the Beta client successfully on my Mac. I tried to also do the same on my Windows PC on the same account, but the Beta option under Settings is just not shown at all. It also wasn't there before I even tried the Mac, so it's not a disconnect between same account on 2 different computers. I'm fully updated on my Battle.NET client (Blizzard App Version and Blizzard Agent Version, should be latest as of this date). Why would my Mac offer me the Beta, but not my Windows PC?miguelito9281 5d
6d Auto-start Offline [Suggestion] Hi, I'm really excited for this new option because I am able to basically hide while i'm doing important things and only set myself to online when I'm ready to game. I could really benefit from the option of starting the client automatically in offline mode regardless of the last status. There are plenty of little scenarios where this would help especially if you're like me and have the launcher set to auto-start. ThanksXeiom1 6d
6d Beta thoughts Pros: New Friends List Compact and the ability to have profile pictures is great. The button to access the friends list being replaced with the 3 buttons is also a great way to reduce clutter Cons: New Messaging System The fact that on the friends list all you see is a small orange dot, when you receive a message, isn't as pronounced as the orange text bubble. Suggestions: Make the icon that appears next to a friend more pronounced While not important to function it would be nice to have a feature that would allow for the character you are currently playing as to be displayed as a profile picture, however I'm not aware of how taxing this would be on the system Overall a good job, thanks for the UI improvementsRadioge0 6d
6d Add minimum threshold for voice chat It would be incredibly helpful to have a slider for a minimum threshold for voice chat without push-to-talk enabled. Discord and other clients have this feature, which can help to eliminate extraneous background noise without push-to-talk enabled. For larger groups, this is imperative to having a good chat experience.Sephthir2 6d