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Aug 1, 2018 Hearthstone and WoW Companion App Feedback Do you have feedback for Hearthstone Mobile or the WoW Companion App? We'd love to hear it! Please utilize the following Game forums to provide your input: World of Warcraft - Hearthstone - Mobile feedback not related to games can be posted here in this forum.Zarcel0 Aug 1, 2018
Jun 2, 2018 The Blizzard Mobile App is here! Hi everyone! Bring your Blizzard Friends wherever you go with improved messaging, friend suggestions, and presence options. Stay up–to–date with your friends on the go, wherever you are! Check it out today! -  Please let us know what you think, we’d love to hear your feedback!Matt Bernardo13 Jun 2, 2018
Sep 26, 2017 Welcome: Please read! Welcome to the Feedback Discussion forum for the Blizzard mobile app! Before participating in the discussion, please be sure to read our forum Code of Conduct. You can also report any issues you find in our Bug Report Forums, and request technical assistance in our Technical Support Forums.Psione0 Sep 26, 2017
Jul 31 no more physical authenticator feedback. Wowhead just reported that Blizzard removed all physical Authenticators. Okay, so I went to twitter to look into it for those of us who own more than 2 accounts. (I, Myself, own 2, I app my main, Fob my alt account. My fiancee, she owns 4, and Fobs all of them). BlizzardCS had this to say: So, the limit is 3 accounts per app. Now, our options are, Break the TOS, and add one of her's to my app (no go, We aren't losing our accounts, or chancing bans) or having to buy a new phone (also a no-go)... 4 accounts aren't cheap... This limit seems to be bad business imho.Romolus0 Jul 31
Jul 24 mobile icon I would like to propose a change to the logo. The change is to the background of the logo. At this moment it is the “ blue”. What I propose is a change from that to a completely black background or the option for one for the purpose of it looking spectacular on oled screens. If this is an option and I am unaware please let me knowRabjho0 Jul 24
Jul 21 Blizzard Authenticator Hi, make the Blizzard Authenticator as a universal 2 step verification because it is nice when all your accounts is in one place. You only tap a finger if you want to login... please make this!!!!PEEBEE2 Jul 21
Jul 13 Notifications Yesterday my mobile app went crazy. Even if I used desktop app I still kept getting notifications on phone. I tried to disable them but didn't work. In the end, I had to unistall. Even if I logged off, I still got messages.Alyesa0 Jul 13
Jul 11 Let's make it happen. Can we please get a real companion app that will cover all games . One that doesn't have to load a browser to show profiles. With the great app devs that love blizzard apps there is no reason we can't all come together and make this happen.Zelendel0 Jul 11
Jul 9 Android Device Support I've been waiting for a mobile app for years. Now that it's available, the play store says it's not compatible with my device. This is a disappointment of epic proportions. I have an LG Ultimate 2 [LG-L41C] for Straight Talk. It shipped with Android v4.4.2 and Tracfone doesn't deliver OTA system updates. Whatever OS Tracfone devices ship with, that's what they stay with, and I can't just spend $200+ on a whim for 1 little app, so I'm stuck with this phone until it dies. To be honest, I don't even want a newer phone; I like my hardware buttons that don't appear on the screen, and my 256 color LED that glows around the home button, and I hate the flat, two-tone UI on all newer devices. Screw material design, and every manufacturer and developer for jumping on board the POS design band wagon.Kor113411 Jul 9
Jul 5 Blizzard Esports Mobile App Did Blizzard end this app after less than a year of using it? I thought it was pretty useful.G2ThaUNiT0 Jul 5
Jun 25 Use Wifi instead of data? App won't log in when wifi enabled/connected, but logs in ̶j̶u̶s̶t̶ ̶f̶i̶n̶e̶ but continually disconnects when using mobile data IF wifi is disabled on phone. Samsung galaxy s10+. Mobile data is very inconsisent and spotty in my part of the country, I can't even load the selection of profile avatars. I would like to be able to use this app. Any suggestions?Eldevane0 Jun 25
Jun 21 Groups on the mobile app We should be able to have the groups like we do on the social tab of . So we would have group invites and more importantly, voice channelsCobble4lyfe3 Jun 21
Jun 12 Mobile app Good afternoon. Will put the chat support communities batlnet mobile app ? Since it is not always possible to be at the PC and reply to the community.Shystrik0 Jun 12
Jun 10 I want notifications without vibration or noise. After looking around Google for a long while, the best answer on BNet is "it uses your device's notification settings" and every Android forum's answer to making a single app stop vibrating is to "use that app's in-app notification settings" Only, apparently Battlenet is so important that it doesn't get those. Either every internal app stops vibrating too, or I don't get notifications for BNet at all. Any chance at getting on/off switches for vibration and jingles? I want the icon at the top of my phone, but I can't have that without getting buzzed at every other second during a conversation.Unicorn2 Jun 10
Jun 10 Please add communities to the mobile app I don't know if this is already in the works, but it would be so amazing if we got communities in the app. I love the community system a lot and It'd be amazing to have access to them away from my PC. I am mainly talking about the Blizzard communities, not the in game Horde/Alliance ones.Stralgarr16 Jun 10
Jun 3 Funtionality to send pictures Is it possible to add the functionality to send pictures? I mean, we can definitely add each other on discord or messenger, but I kind of want my overwatch buddies to stay on only.WeakChicken0 Jun 3
Apr 28 Can you Buy Games or add to your Blizzard Balance via the Mobile App? My Friend has the Blizzard app on his phone, and would like to know if he could either buy a Game ( Such as Overwatch ) for his account, or at least add to his Balance from the app itselfSid1 Apr 28
Mar 20 Landscape Mode When Phone is flipped sideways It would be great to have this app add support for both Landscape and Portraid mode depending on the orientation of the phone. I have a bluetooth keyboard I like to place my phone on while gaming on my laptop so I can use the phone with the keyboard for Chat and the laptop for the game and it’s less helpful when I have to have my phone leaned up against something else charging becaus I can’t dock it on the keyboard in portrait mode while it charges. Also it would be great to add clan-chat for destiny 2 in the blizzard app, as well as fire team chat.Cindershroud0 Mar 20
Feb 28 Battle.Net Groups & Companion Guild Chats We had guild chat & whispers via the Old App and has been removed yet we still cant talk in groups on mobile or talk with the guild when we are away from the computer? Fix it.Strife0 Feb 28
Feb 16 Blizzard Chat App: Allow Sending Photos As the topic says, it'd be great if we could send images through the chatting application.Mikoe1 Feb 16
Feb 6 Spectator mode on mobile app Someone know how to spectate a friend's game with the blizzard app ? If it's impossible to do i would be a great project for blizzard. ThanksYugunz0 Feb 6
Jan 30 Is there any way to contact Blizzard mobile dev department? I made some Overwatch mobile design prototype a month ago and would like to read any ideas and thoughts from developers: ...prunk2 Jan 30
Dec 25 Please remove the profile private please Please remove the profile private please달문검사0 Dec 25
Dec 14 Upcoming Diablo Immortal Hello to anyone reading this! I really love Diablo games on PC, but last 2 years i stoped to upgrade my PC, and start mobile-gaming for myself. So, idea of Mobile Diablo is awesom for me, just there is no Diablo-like games( i mean soul/core/idea) on mobile platform. So i really sitting here and waiting as Hatiko for release of Immortal) I just got a little suggestion, if i can let devs know, and if u help me to let them know. 3 days ago, was released another game on mobile: The Gready Cave 2: the Caves of Time. It is rogue-like game with "tower" system - then further u got, then more different mobs are there, and it s much hard to get further and further. The idea is simple and simmilar to arpg ganre, But! just have a look on how its was made: u never know how much amd which mobs will be spawned on floor (the mobs changes avery 30 levels, but ammount and type is fully random from floor to floor). And another one thing is loot. Hundred tons of loot, and never 2 simmilar parts of armor. Deep system of customization of stats and skills, and u can change everything u need with huge luck and pile of time. But, how great the feeling, when u found something really good!)) And, despite that it takes really a lot of time (u just want play more and more) its really strong game with cool replayability. So, if anyone can, show them the game) Maybe, its not the way the devs go, but maybe there they can find a lot of sollutions and really strong and cool ideas to improve the content, the depth, the classic-like soul of the upcoming Diablo: Immortal. I just belive, that adequate communications and suggestions can help to make our Diablo: Immortal really great and make haters cry themselves in a corner. Thank u for patience. Its not kind of trolling, joke or smth like that.NightyZz0 Dec 14
Dec 14 Combine the mobile app and the Blizzard Authenticator app + more This would be very convenient and something that would add functionality to the app. Another idea that could be add is launching a game on your computer from your phone or start a download/update on your computer from you phoneShadow0 Dec 14
Dec 10 Friend Spectator mode It be nice if you could see a streaming of your friend or the hearthstone spectator mode. or if you friend is doing arenas in wow you could see them (with restrictions). Something like thatkogure0 Dec 10
Nov 29 Split screen settings scrolling Minor issue, but when using split screen functionality in Android you are unable to scroll up or down in the settings. Would be great to make that area scrollable when the window is below a certain % of the screen, or to activate in split screen mode.Vodmorqele0 Nov 29
Nov 9 Сommunity in the mobile Hello! Sorry for my English. I really want to communicate with my community in the from the phone. Unfortunately, only private messages are available. Is it planned to add such functionality?Mortalis0 Nov 9
Nov 8 Mobile?? No thanks, My opinion. So I have a serious question. Is this forum ONLY for people that are the deepest of fan boys? I have said nothing against the forums rule at ANY point. I for one am glad to give feedback, I don't want mobile period, at least concerning games that were based off of a GAME, not an APP. Mobiles are APP's period. They are always PAY TO PLAY/PAY TO WIN. "One of the real and main reason's is" MONEY, You don't want a one time payment, you want MICRO-TRANSACTIONS. Prove me wrong!!!turtleisslow0 Nov 8
Nov 7 Authenticator on Android Hello! Thank you for the great work that you've done on the Authenticator app! It's very easy to use! I have only one request... could you update the Android app to support adaptive icons? It would definitely make us OCD people feel much better!! Thank you!alexandrite0 Nov 7
Nov 7 Diablo Immortal: Blizzcon was not the place for this >.> To whomever made the decision to announce a MOBILE diablo game at Blizzcon, Sincerely hope you read this. This was not the place. Understand this: I have no problem with the game, I have no problem with the platform. Heck, my phone is lacking in games and I commend this avenue to find new customer bases. My problem is you built this up for Blizzcon. Diablo is a very storied and long running franchise. It has gone over 6 years without a new title. up until recently, the franchise existed purely on PC. the majority of players ARE ON PC. Blizzcon is an annual get together of LOYAL FANS of blizzard games. they already have your games, they play them a lot, and they love them so much and the worlds that exist around them, that they paid a lot of money for hotels and plane tickets or other vigorous travel and come far and wide to celebrate them. and so it is, that in front of these fans, you teased new games. you dropped hints, "leaks", etc. THe fans cried out "DIABLO 4! YEAH!" and you had to "temper" their reaction. They cried out "Diablo 2 remaster!! WAHOO!" and again, you back pedaled "tempering expectations" And then you announced a brand new game, on a brand new platform, that none of the fanbase was asking for. keyword there: FANBASE. the loyal legions who show up to blizzcon. Then in the questions following the announcement, you even admitted this was SPECIFALLY to target new markets and players. GUESS WHAT BLIZZARD, PEOPLE DON'T RANDOMLY ATTEND BLIZZCON LOOKING FOR A NEW COMPANY TO BECOME A FAN OF. do you now see how stupid this was? This should have been saved for E3 or CES, maybe announced in partnership with a phone company and a new phone release, or otherwise presented to those NEW MARKETS that are NOT at blizzcon. Blizzcon is the home of your current loyal fans. If the game was announced and became a great hit, then yes, welcome it into the fold at Blizzcon. oh gee, you've even BEEN DOWN THIS ROAD BEFORE!! from the wiki: "At Sony's Press Conference on February 20, 2013, Chris Metzen announced that Diablo III would release on both PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4" Sony's Press Conference. Hmmm... not BlizzCon. Is activision strangling you? with Morhaime stepping down, how much of the heart of blizzard is left? because it sure seems like the Blizzard I knew and loved has lost its mind and its direction. Year after year after year, you have teased Diablo announcements. TIme and time and TIME again, the fanbase put out "diablo 4!!!" excitement that had to be bashed beck down to normal expectations with the PR Hammer. Seems like your fans REALLY want a Dioabl 4? why don't you make and announce that at Blizzcon? or Diablo 2 Remaster, which has seen just as much excitement. So that is why I feel slapped in the face blizzard. 1) This was nothing current fans were hyped for, asking for, or would seem canon, and yet you announced it to current fans. 2.) You've been down this road before, with Sony, Xbox, and Nintendo, and you knew better then, but not now? 3) Next time your leaks or rumors or hints lead fans to draw the Diablo 4 conclusion, and you then backpedal, I am done. I am a Diablo fan at heart, but it's as if you told your current fanbase that they aren't valuable enough to be worth treating to new content, instead lets set the profit ship to sail for new lands, hey current fans wish us luck! This was the wrong place and time.Ivan7 Nov 7
Nov 3 Android phone phone app Mature filter on phone app for androids. All I see is a friend's lust n chat with them but I don't see a mature filter option anywhere,also add in a headset voice option since phones have a port to them for such a thing.WoWBeardy1 Nov 3
Nov 1 [Bug Report] Authenticator App Crashes when is Blocked I submitted a ticket because I couldn't find where to submit a bug report for the mobile Authenticator app and I was told to post here. When Facebook domains (,,, etc.) are blocked in the hosts file, the Authenticator app gives a generic error when you try to sign in, and doesn't let you sign in at all -- even if you're not logging in through Facebook. I realize that this issue only occurs when the device's hosts file has been modified, which requires root access, and typically system modification isn't something that's typically supported in official apps. However, it would be nice if it still let you log in to your Blizzard account with standard credentials.Krathalan0 Nov 1
Oct 25 Mobile App: iPad Support I really feel this should be a standard from a company with such a reputation of polish like Blizzard. I mean, you can download it, but not being able to use the iPad as it was intended is pretty frustrating. To be clear, I have 3 monitors and an iPad in front of me. Not only could I utilize my conversations solely on my iPad but I could also not have to keep picking up my phone to use the app as I don't want to keep turning my iPad into portrait mode every time. Besides, it looks ugly! I was hoping for something different on the Blizzcon app but unfortunately same problem. Please look into this, or at least let us know if you are. :-)Vortexic0 Oct 25
Oct 12, 2018 Unable to add a second account to authenticator I have a different account set up with my authenticator currently. I wanted to add this one (my other account is my main HS account, and this one is a secondary HS account also with OW). I tried going through the process and I was able to find the serial code and not the authenticator code. Without it, I can't add my account to the authenticator. Since it is advertised that up to 3 accounts can be added to the mobile authenticator, how is this done? I looked through a bunch of forums and Blizzard posts but no one mentions this.Fall0 Oct 12, 2018
Oct 10, 2018 Group chat on mobile Me and a few of my friends made a group chat on the desktop app but we can't do the group chat on the mobile app. I feel that is a feature that should be made available on the mobile app. Its really inconvenient having to login to my computer everytime I want access it.Nate8081 Oct 10, 2018
Oct 8, 2018 Missing Friend On Mobile App I was trying to see if one of my friends were online on the mobile app and noticed their name missing from my friends list so I got on my desktop to find them still there along with all my other friends. When they send me a message it still has the little orange dot to signify that I got the message but the chat history is not showing up either. On Android (Galaxy S9), everything is updated, tried clearing cache, uninstalled and reinstalled. Desktop: Mobile: Oct 8, 2018
Sep 13, 2018 Do you like the Battle.Net client? Let me know what you think of it. (need help) TL;DR: What features of the client do you use the most? Hello, I'm doing a class project about the clients design. I want to gauge how the fan base uses the client and how it can be improved. My ultimate goal is to translate the client into an app. I know that there already is a phone app but it doesn't have nearly as many features as the computer client. So, if you don't mind helping me out a bit can you answer a few questions: 1. What are the most important tabs to you outside of the game tab? (Social, Shop, News, BlizzCon, OWL) 2. Do you use the phone app? 3. What features do you wish you could access on your phone? 4. If you could add anything to the client what would it be? 5. If you could remove anything from the client what would it be?Virtus0 Sep 13, 2018
Sep 11, 2018 Friends/Favorites logging notification Being away from the computer you miss out on your important friends or just anyone in general logging on battlenet. While you were downstairs grabbing a drink, your friend who's been leveling, grinding, rocking the score board with has already passed you in game. That's no fun! These day, a lot of players by now would have a smartphone. Young and young at heart, everyone is connected some form of way. Allowing the notification to be disabled would also be great for those that just don't care. They like their peace. Yet some like myself, like to keep in touch with friends. Especially on bnet. So having a notifications via mobile app that pops up when they log in/out bnet would be awesome!!MagnaPhi0 Sep 11, 2018
Sep 9, 2018 Goup chat in mobile app please~~ The chat function is really nice, but please dont forget the group chat function as well >.< I'm speaking as an Android phone user here~Elumas2 Sep 9, 2018
Aug 29, 2018 [Android] "Line's Full" then "Something went Wrong" Hi there, I am using a Huawei P9 Lite, Android 6.0 and seemingly randomly I will get the following error when I try to log on: "Line's Full" then "Something went Wrong". I know the line isn't actually full because I can login on my iPad no problem everytime. I've tried restarting my phone, uninstalling and reinstalling the app, no success. I am running Avast Mobile Security, but even turning it off doesn't seem to help, and I don't really want to have to uninstall it either.Pand3m0nia3 Aug 29, 2018
Aug 18, 2018 New App Idea Blizzard Store App (available on the Amazon App Store). The only reason I want this, is because I recently purchased way too many Amazon Coins. Hearthstone is currently the only Blizzard game where I can spend them since the game is available on the Amazon App Store. I would hate to spend these coins exclusively for Hearthstone, and would love to see the entire Blizzard store in an app where I can spend Amazon Coins. I'm always on and off WoW, so being able to spend Amazon Coins for WoW game time would definitely get me into the game again. Hope someone high up agrees and sees this. Cheers.HammerSlam0 Aug 18, 2018
Aug 16, 2018 Pending friend requests Still no way for mobile users to delete pending SENT friend requests.Ohushi0 Aug 16, 2018
Aug 15, 2018 Chat bubbles for out of app conversations. Chat heads! For those that dont tend to sit in the app while conversating with friends/family in game.Innevitable0 Aug 15, 2018
Aug 7, 2018 battle net phone permissions Hello Why does the battle net app need access to my camera?Deanington6 Aug 7, 2018
Aug 4, 2018 I had autenticator in Windows 10 Mobile for 5 years I had autenticator in Windows 10 Mobile for 5 years, a beautifull nokia 930 2.2Ghz 8-core with 20Mpx zeiss lens camara. than I found autenticator.. great I use to be a World of Warcraft player since 2008.. lets start the subscrition again. and for a while I managed to play Wow ocasionally , since I installed on my phone. Recently on a ultimate patch the computer I play Wow asked again for autenticator key .. no problem I reached for my phone and the autenticator functons no more.. :?? asked for a solution with a ticket, and they said autenticator was droped for windows mobile platform. Since Im not quitting my phone, Im really thinking in quit WoW and play no more.ManNunes0 Aug 4, 2018
Jul 30, 2018 How to log in account when i'm Lost Authenticator and Phone Number Hello,so the thing is, I have an authenticator on my phone and i just lost my phone( in there have my sim card). I cannot log in on to remove the authenticator either because i need it to be able to log in... Thank you! Sorry, my English is very bad.MusicOkami1 Jul 30, 2018
Jul 25, 2018 Warcraft RTS Forum I downloaded the app, hit edit profile, and it asks me if I want WoW, Diablo, or Starcraft shown on my profile. Why is Warcraft RTS not an option? All I play is Warcraft RTS! Also, I would like Warcraft RTS fans to have a forum different than Diablo fans, I do not think it is proper for both of us to have to post on the same (classics) forum. We are a different group of people, just like all WoW people should be able to post on one forum, so should WC RTS. Putting same game types onto the same forums I think would make more sense, for example: Forum #1 Starcraft I & II #2 Warcraft I, I, & III (Maybe call it "Warcraft RTS") #3 Diablo I, II, & III #4 WoW #5 Heroes of the Storm (Note: WoW should be a different forum than Warcraft RTS, it has a different community.) Also, it would be cool if you add the ability to post on forums, on your mobile app.Dan2 Jul 25, 2018
Jul 16, 2018 How to use authenticator for two regions on one phone? I have two accounts - one in China and one in Americas. Previously, I had Blizzard Authenticator installed on my iPhone for my Chinese account, which was downloaded in Apple's App Store of China region. It worked well. Now I want to use Blizzard Authenticator for my American account as well. So I basically switched the region of App Store on my iPhone from China to US. And then I downloaded Blizzard Authenticator from App Store. However, when I opened the newly installed Blizzard Authenticator (which was from the App Store of US), I found its region was still set as China. So, when I logged in, it displayed the EXACT authentication information as the old Blizzard Authenticator (which was from the App Store of China). I couldn't find a way to switch region in the app. So my question is, is it possible to use the Blizzard Authenticator for two regions on one phone? Thanks.StarvedCat0 Jul 16, 2018
Jul 11, 2018 New update stop Huawei Nova 2i from being compatible with Hearthstone I'm not sure what you guys did last night but my device (Huawei Mate 10 Lite/Huawei Nova 2i) is no longer compatible with Hearthstone. I have been able to play on the device all the while since I bought it early this year. Now the update just say that I need to install something from Play Store and I can't click update as it says that the game is incompatible with my device.cracksys2 Jul 11, 2018