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Sep 26, 2017 Welcome to the Mobile Bug Report Forums! Welcome to the Bug Report forum! The purpose of this forum is primarily to collect issue reports on the Blizzard mobile app. We greatly appreciate our customers helping us to find issues with the game. As such, this forum is one of your best methods for making us aware of these issues. Community forums work best when participants treat their fellow posters with respect and courtesy, so we ask that you take the time to read through the forum Code of Conduct before posting.Psione0 Sep 26, 2017
12h I Deleted The blizard app and had Authorication still on I deleted the blizard app from my phone when i had the Authorication still on and so know when i downladed it again, it needed the authorication code on my phone... and i dont snow my security code.... what can i do blizard, this is not funpoopedoo1 12h
6d Android Authenticator Error I am trying to install the Authenticator on my Galaxy Note 8. I swipe through the welcome screens and get to the "Set Up Authenticator" button, but pressing it gives me a quick load and then "Error: An unexpected error occurred. Please try again later." I tried this last night as well as this morning, with the same issue. I've restarted my phone, uninstalled and reinstalled the app, cleared the data/cache, and updated my phone. I'm running both Blokada (as a vpn) and the Disconnect Pro app on my phone, but disabling both did not solve the problem so I do not think it is that. Has anyone else run into this issue?Dynives139 6d
Apr 12 Android App gets killed in the background really fast On current Android versions (Oreo and Pie) the background limits are a bit stricter and the app gets killed almost immediately when not in the focus for a bit. This means, I chat on Bnet, switch to Twitter for a minute and then back and the app has to reconnect and reload again, even showing the splash screen, which is of course highly annoying. This is on a flagship device from this year with 4GB of RAM. Would be lovely if you guys could look into how to prevent this.Stan3 Apr 12
Mar 31 Mobile Authenticator stuck at setting up Game Master Mhaedarnoe contacted me about an issue I am having with the mobile authenticator. I followed the instruction but nothing fixed the issue. I was told to report the issue on bug forum if none of the fixes worked. Once I start the app and log in my account it prompts me to set up authenticator. When i press that i get a message saying "Error...An unexpected error occurred. Please try again later." this has been going on for a few days. android Software version 8.0 it was last updated on 3/1/2019Vestny0 Mar 31
Feb 28 Filter Mature Language Slider Keeps Turning back On Hi, When I Log out of the battle net app, The Filture Mature Language option keeps turning back on. It isn’t a major problem but it is annoying to deal with everytime since My friends are 20+ Year Old. I understand why Theres a filter mode but it is really annoying when I have 2 accounts and have to constantly turn that option off.ĔŶĔFĿƗQĦŦ0 Feb 28
Feb 16 Overwatch League video player display problems The video player does not display properly in landscape mode on mobile. The bottom of the player gets cut off, as it is pushed below the bottom edge of the viewport. This means that I cannot hit the button to make it fullscreen, as it is hidden, which to me makes this unwatchable. This occurs in both Chrome and Reddit browsers. I'm running Android 8 on a Pixel. See screenshot here: Feb 16
Feb 15 Wrong language in app Overwatch Leauge app do not respond when trying to change language. Somehow it’s in Korean and I cant’t understand a thing. I look at another device and change the settings but all it doe’s is that the Korean signs change to the selected language but not actually changing language.MartyMaxi0 Feb 15
Feb 3 Mobile Authenticator stuck at setting up... The Mobile Authenticator is stuck at the setting up..... screen. Gm Nestold Tried to Assist me but the the the app wont get past the setting up... screen after login. we have tried everything and made sure the phone was compatible(s7 edge), uninstall/reinstall, restarts, permissions, the whole nine yards. still stuck at the same screen. Gm Nestold told me to submit a bug report. if you need more info please let me know :)Kurai0 Feb 3
Jan 29 Notification issue/Messages not showing as read Since the latest update in January 2019, the mobile app no longer notifies me when I receive messages from my bnet friends. Also, since the update, the new message dot appears every time I open the app, regardless of me having a new message or not.SuperKiley2 Jan 29
Jan 27 Can't switch server on login page on Mobile Can't switch server on login page. I think the phone os blocking the drop down for change server. I'm using Xiaomi Redmi Note 6. How to file this bug?teokun2 Jan 27
Jan 13 Friend request will not go away on mobile app I received a friend request that I declined on the desktop app, however it is still showing up on my mobile app and will not go away. I have tried to decline it on the mobile app but receive an error message every time.Jinx1 Jan 13
Jan 5 Mature Lanuage Filter I've disabled it numerous times and it keeps turning it self back on.Commack1 Jan 5
Jan 5 Filter mature Language doesn’t save I’veturned off my filter for mature language several times and it never savesPlayer0 Jan 5
Dec 25 App on Chromebook? The mobile app works fine on my Moto X phone but I can't install it on my other Android device, an Asus Chromebook Flip C100P. The Googe Play Store says it's not available for the Flip. I have other Blizz apps (WoW Armory, Legion Companion) installed on the Flip and they work fine. (Note that the Flip truly is an Android device; it runs Android inside a container within ChromeOS.) The Flip is a great platform for Android chat applications because it has an attached keyboard that works very well, yet the device is small and light. I use Discord, Skype, Republic Anywhere and many other Android apps on it. The one glaring omission is the mobile app. Is there any chance that the developers could enable the app on Android-enabled Chromebooks? I believe this would entail simply flipping a switch to allow the Play Store to install the app on these devices. The phone-style UI, as used on the Flip by the Legion Companion app, would work just fine; no need to do a tablet-style wide interface. Thanks for considering this functionality. I hope the developers are able to implement it soon, and I'll be very grateful if they do.alisonnic3 Dec 25
Dec 14 OWL iOS - Can’t set game alerts When viewing 2019 schedule, tapping the clock next to the game does not set alert. Also unable to set via the match details screen, tapping clock in the title bar doesn’t work.FoxFire7201 Dec 14
Dec 13 BlizzCon app - Erroneous notifications I attended BlizzCon this year and set up for notifications for various events I wanted to attend in person and it worked great. However, every so often, I get a 15 minute reminder notification for the Lindsey Sterling concert. I got a new notification today, Dec. 13 at 11:18 am. Device: Google Pixel 2 XL Android Version: 9minorpains0 Dec 13
Dec 12 Unable to see friends I am unable to see my friends on my friends list as it appears empty. All of my messages are also gone. I have tried logging out and then logging back in, uninstalling the app and then reinstalling, and I have tried restarting my phone. Nothing works. How can I solve this problem, is it even an issue on my end?NobleWarBear0 Dec 12
Dec 12 OWL Android app - unable to log in When I tried to log in to the Overwatch League app I encountered a problem, where after typing my email and password I still wouldn't be logged in. I tried reinstalling the app but it didn't solve the issue so I tried to reset my password as one of your forum posts said. During that process I found out there might've been a breach into my email account so I reseted that password as well and tried to log in with my both new passwords and I still can't log in. I'd be grateful if you checked into my account and saw if it maybe isn't an internal problem. Edit: Phone - Galaxy A5 (2016)Krydex052 Dec 12
Dec 9 Cannot type long password Mobile app does not support long passwords, while the Desktop app currently supports it Cannot type more than 16 charactersDance4 Dec 9
Dec 8 Can't login to App with longer than 16 digit pass. I cannot use my cellphone battlenet app now. It only accepts a 16 digit or smaller password. Changing the account software while forgetting there are existing passwords longer than 16 digits is an over site and poor programming.Chetanji2 Dec 8
Dec 4 Purchasing loop I tried to buy a 7 pack of the new set and now the waiting for authorization is just constantly loading. How do I fix this?DeMarcus0 Dec 4
Nov 21 Can't accept friend request When I try to accept a friend request on the Battle.Net mobile app, I receive an "Oops! Something went wrong." error message. I'm on a Samsung Galaxy S8 running Android 7.0 (Nougat). I've tried restarting my phone multiple times with no luck. It worked fine yesterday.Leonadar8 Nov 21
Nov 17 [Bug Report] Authenticator App Crashes when is Blocked I submitted a ticket because I couldn't find where to submit a bug report for the mobile Authenticator app and I was told to post here. When Facebook domains (,,, etc.) are blocked in the hosts file, the Authenticator app gives a generic error when you try to sign in, and doesn't let you sign in at all -- even if you're not logging in through Facebook. I realize that this issue only occurs when the device's hosts file has been modified, which requires root access, and typically system modification isn't something that's typically supported in official apps. However, it would be nice if it still let you log in to your Blizzard account with standard credentials.Krathalan1 Nov 17
Nov 4 authenticator login loop I just ran into this issues today. When i log into my account with the authenticator app it will give me a infinite loop for my login, but when you remove the authenticator app you can normally login but with less protection for your account. Everything was fine yesterday when i had the authenticator app with my account but today on 5/21/18 it started to bug out. I tried some of the protocols to help with the issue but none worked. Game Master Berctisirory helped me out by removing the authenticator so i wouldn't be stuck with the loop. Tomorrow I will try to re authenticate! hopefully you guys at blizzard see this and fix it :).Skelly93 Nov 4
Nov 3 wrong language and wrong streams This is my first blizzcon Virtual ticket and likely to be my last. the mobile app I am trying to stream to my chrome cast from my iphone and the app keeps playing the wrong videos when i select live ones as well as it keeps playing portuguese when i go in the language to change it. just freezes and stop working and when i restart the stream it goes back to portuguese.Mok0 Nov 3
Nov 1 BlizzCon Mobil app issue Downloaded the BlizzCon Mobil app today and started watching some of the wow arena videos on my iPhone 10x max and when you turn the phone sideways to get a wide screen view it cuts off a good portion of the screen. You have to move the phone back to the normal position to skip ahead in videos and you cannot see the bottom 1/2 inch (I’m guessing) of the videoSocalskillz0 Nov 1
Oct 30 Android Authenticator Setup fails Tried on 3 different devices ranging from android 5 to 9 using 2 different networks and carriers. A320FL - Touchwiz Samsung Rom SM-A500FU - AOSP G011A - AOSP logcat shows that a connection has been established without problems (No interference) however the authenticator app shows no login screen at all and the same error message over and over ( <-- Image of the error. Support tried everything possible however nothing worked out in the endSelect2 Oct 30
Oct 30 Unable to restore Authenticator Hi, I'm currently having an issue with my new Oppo R15 Pro where the authenticator app crashes when clicking on the final "Setup Up Authenticator" button, the error message comes up as "Error... An unexpected error occurred. Please try again later" I also don't seem to be able to find a way before this to enter a menu and use the restore code from my old phone to get the authenticator back up and running either. Running the latest version of the app directly from Google Play and running the latest updates on the phone if that helps. Edit: I have uninstalled the app, re-downloaded the app, cleared data and cache for the app and made sure that the app has storage permissions and i still get the same error message :(Bizarre1 Oct 30
Oct 26 Blizzcon app-no audio Blizzcon app- no audio I have a virtual ticket and while attempting to watch live feeds today, I am not getting any audio. I updated the app- still no audio Reinstalled app- no audio Was referred to here from Twitter. System: Apple iPhone 7Plusitsjeremyson2 Oct 26
Oct 22 Authenticator locked me out after new phone I got a new phone, but when I downloaded the authenticator app, it required me to put in my serial number. I do not have the serial number any more, as I have lost all the data on my old device. But I need the authenticator code to log in. I can't remove the authenticator because it requires me to put my authenticator code in to remove it, which I do not have. It also does not recognize my phone number which I have put into my account, which is another issue all together. So, what can I do?Flopgods1 Oct 22
Oct 11 Mobile authentication - one button authentication fails (aka loop) Mobile authentication - one button authentication fails (aka loop) The one button authentication is failing, when the token associated to the authentication expires during the authentication process. How to test: Switch to "use code manually" and look at the seconds left for it. that's it's lifetime. Wait for it to turn, green (max seconds life time). Then switch to single button authentication. and use it => success. @Blizzard Devs: At frontend, add a seconds counter to the one button authentication UI. Then users intuitively know this. backend: if the token lifetime is under the average authentication time of the user => wait for next token. The choice is yours and if this would ever count as a badass letter of intent, then yes call me :D I just want the one button authentication to work properly.Agunigugu0 Oct 11
Oct 8 Missing friend on mobile app Noticed I posted in the wrong forum: I was trying to see if one of my friends were online on the mobile app and noticed their name missing from my friends list so I got on my desktop to find them still there along with all my other friends. When they send me a message it still has the little orange dot to signify that I got the message but the chat history is not showing up either. On Android (Galaxy S9), everything is updated, tried clearing cache, uninstalled and reinstalled. Desktop: Mobile: Oct 8
Sep 25 People with status "Away" in mobile app shown as "Online" in game People from my friend list who use the mobile app, with status set as "Away" (orange/yellow dot) are shown in game as "Online" (green dot). The status is correctly displayed in the app, but after launching a game on the list of friends in game they appear as online. This is confusing because I sometimes write them to join me when they are actually working or doing other stuff and are not even at home at the particular moment.PieknyTomek1 Sep 25
Sep 13 Blizzcon 2018 App feedback. Just a small tidbit. But when i go to the store page, it brings me out of the app and onto the browser and I need to log in again. Since I already logged into the Blizzcon App, is there a way to just keep my login info to provide a smoother transition to the store for purchases? It also gives me a 500 error due to not being logged in I believe.NoLuck0 Sep 13
Aug 31 Skill Calculator not framed right for tablet. Skill Calculator not framed right for tablet. Can’t load spec, also couldn’t reach the far right of the bubbles on diablo 3 spec calc using an iPad.Chaosurge2 Aug 31
Aug 26 Problems With Android Authenticator So I had newer OneTap version of the authenticator installed but suddenly the authenticator would always say "not connected - the authenticator is not conencted to the internet" even tho I was clearly connected via either mobile internet or my home's WiFi. That's the first thing. Then I wanted to uninstall the authenticator and for a simple backup I used the "Save Screenshot" buton which resulted in the error "Can not save screenshot". Well I made one by hand and uninstalled the authenticator went to the Google Play store to download it again and now I am stuck with the old authentcator which doesn't even have one tap. Whats going on here??Idaudit0 Aug 26
Aug 25 Blizzard at gamescom 2018 Whenever i log in, i just get the login screen of the site, nothing else.Lunarielessa0 Aug 25
Aug 24 Mobile app does not show new messages. Yesterday there was no problems with the application but now tonight the app not showing the new messages just the old. I tried reinstall the app and nothing after i restarted my phone it isn't working. My phone: Ulefone S7 and OS: Android 7.0ArmandoLucki0 Aug 24
Aug 16 View Send Friend Requests Greetings!))) In the mobile app there is no possibilities to view your sent requests. In PC it's - Settings -> Friends & Chat -> View Send Friend Requests. Unfortunately, in account settings on the site there is no any friends list or request settings. That's why, some players (in hearthstone for example) face the problem of adding friends and sending requests. The reason is clear - limit of 200 friends (including pending invites). The game is simply not able to send a request an gives an error (but in this message there is no any explanation that this error because of your friends list. It's just "Game completed and recorded! Please restart Hearthstone to continue".) Some people don't know that this limit of 200 friends includes also waiting/pending invites but also, there are some who simply have no access to this list because they play only on their phones. So, for PC users this problem of adding friends is solved quite simply - just go to the settings and delete some invites. But what about mobile users only? As an active member of hearthstone russian technical support what should I reply? If I understand correctly, the simplest solution for now it's just delete/remove some of your friends, right? Will you add any list management to mobile app in future updates? Best regards, bySalamandra ;)bySalamandra2 Aug 16
Aug 4 One-Button authenticator does not work As the title says, my authenticator does not work. I would enter my password, get the login request on my phone, activate it... only to be sent back to the login screen on my pc. Every. Time. Entering the code manually or using SMS works with no problems, but the one-button always sends me back to the log in screen, as if it restarted the whole Bnet log in process.Lukas364 Aug 4
Jul 28 Blizzard Authenticator App I am having some trouble trying to get the Blizzard authenticator app to work on my iphone 6. The app just crashes as soon as I open the app. I have uninstalled, cleared my phones cache, restarted my phone and reinstalled the authenticator app but to no avail. When I reinstall the app and open it I get prompted to swipe and when I press the turn on notifications tab the dialogue box opens up asking if its ok to allow notifications for the app and as soon as it pops up the app just closes immediately. Opening up the app after this just crashes every time. Not sure what to do here. My phone is up to date and never had a problem with the authenticator before. Also worth mentioning a few days ago I was trying to log in through my PC when it would ask for my authenticator code and when the app was still working the one button stopped working and manually inputting the code would not let me log in for some reason. I made sure the code was correct but it never allowed me to log in. I had a master take off the authenticator so I could log back in.Aztex0 Jul 28
Jul 19 Can't connect to app on home network Whenever I try to login to the mobile app on android while on WiFi I get the message of "Hmm...something went wrong." I have been sending tickets to blizzard support and following their advice, witch is how I know it is my network because they suggested trying it on a different WiFi network so I went to Starbucks and tried it on the free WiFi and I no longer had the problem. Once I had narrowed it down to my network blizzard support suggested checking the ports and seeing if the traffic was being throttled in any way. I tried port fording the ports and I checked the Qos settings in my router and saw that it was disabled so I don't think the traffic is being throttled. I do not know what else to tryNyrader0 Jul 19
Jul 17 Wrong version of the Authenticator My phone's model is a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and Android version is a 4.4.2 I'll tell you everything that happened yesterday. Yesterday before I installed that obsolete version of the Authenticator, I realized that the app itself failed to authorize my one-click approval so I logged in through my SMS Protect code and low and behold, uninstalled my app to reinstall it and found out that it's completely the wrong version which has no One-Click Approval. I disabled my Authenticator for now until it's fixed For more proof, I have pictures, but can't upload them here as it would give me error 404 and cancel the whole post.TrialMaca222 Jul 17
Jul 12 Mobile App, "Hmm... something went wrong" for iPhone The mobile app was working fine for the first few days and then suddenly it stopped and logged me out and now all i see when i try to log onto the Americas server is "Hmm... something went wrong. We're having difficulties connecting to the service. Please try again later or select a different region." It has been like this for hours. My internet is fine, i've tried reset, uninstall- reinstall and every thing for iPhone i can find. Please help! Also, i am able to log on just fine when i select any other servers (Europe, China...).XRayneMakerX8 Jul 12
Jul 11 Always signed in as 'Mobile'? Sorry for the confusing title, tried to keep it with in character limit. Been trying out the app and all works fine except, when I'm logged out of everything it still shows I'm online via mobile. I even deleted the app, restarted my phone and it continued to show I was online. If it's left long enough the status goes to Away, still on mobile. This is with the iOS app if that makes any difference. If you're wondering how I determined this, I checked on another Blizzard account of mine on Desktop - added myself and encountered the issue. ------------------------------------------ Small edit: when trying to sign into the app after it has been reinstalled, I get an error. Hmm...something went wrong. We're having difficulties connecting to the service. Please try again later or select a different region.Coldpaw12 Jul 11
Jul 11 iOS freezing / stuttering When using the mobile app, there seems to be some type of freezing / stuttering happening when typing. I just noticed this to start happening recently. Anyone else? Version: 1.31.1 iOS: iPhone X 11.3nickc21221 Jul 11
Jul 11 Chrome OS Support Accidentally Disabled Hi Blizz! Just reporting a bug here. All of your Android apps, even Hearthstone, work great on Chromebooks! Awesome! Except that your newest app, the app, has Chromebook support disabled (hopefully accidentally). I'm not expecting a fully responsive design or anything crazy, I'd be just fine and dandy with it opening up in a portrait mode like a lot of Android apps do on Chromebooks. So I'm not asking for any developer work, I just need the setting flipped on the Play Store to allow it. I'm pretty certain it's just an oversight, as every single other Blizzard app is installable on Chromebooks: Blizzard Authenticator WoW Legion Companion WoW Armory Overwatch League StarCraft WCS BlizzCon Mobile So please Blizz, just flip the switch to allow me to check if my friends are on Overwatch from my Chromebook :D I promise it will only make me play the game EVEN more!QueueTee2 Jul 11