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Dec 4 Welcome! Please Read. Welcome to the Feedback Discussion forum for the Blizzard Account Management application! Please feel free to leave any feedback regarding the Account Management experience in this forum. You can also report any issues you find in our Bug Report Forums. Before participating in the discussion, please be sure to read our forum Code of Conduct.Kauza0 Dec 4
Jul 31 Stop requesting land line numbers for SMS I have been presented several times with a window from support asking me to add a phone number to my account. IT NEVER ASKS FOR A CELL PHONE NUMBER. Other sites ask for cell phone, E-mail, member ID, or phone number. on those sites I am often able to let the site know that I do not have a cell phone. Blizzard account log in NEVER EVER EVER ASKS for a cell phone number. IT DOES ASK FOR a phone number. I have made many many many attempts at entering my phone number. The site rejects the number sometimes saying that it is invalid. After many many months I got frustrated and entered a ticket. The GM who replied (go check the ticket history) could see that the number had been valid for over 34 years (that should have been a hint that it was not a cell phone ) suggested that I may have used an incorrect format (the 8 or 10 different formats which were rejected included every format known to me). THE CUSTOMER SERVICE REPS and the GMs should be informed that the site wants cell phone numbers. FIRST AND MOST OF ALL THE WEB PAGE SHOULD STOP REQUSTING LAND LINE NUMBERS AND AASK FOR CELL PHONE NUMBERS SECOND The site should offer the option to inform the site that he or she does not own ( or does not wish to add their (flip or other) cell phone number) so that the site will not repeatedly request their land line phone number. UNLESS Blizzard is willing to provide such customers with and pay for the service for a cell phone. PLEASE GET THAT PAGE REPAIRED BTW it did dawn on me that there have probabaly been lots of account holders who have mistakenly entered cell phone numbers in the box in which phone numbers (rather than cell phone numbers) were requested WOULD THAT circumvent any liability related to cell phones which you never requested?TheOldLion0 Jul 31
Jul 29 Blizzard Account Doesn't Exist So I recently got an email about one of my accounts that my email and password were changed. It told me that I should change it right away but when I click the link and put in my account details It says my account doesn't exist even though it does. I've made purchases on this account and when I got to support they need me to show and ID but I can't provide them with one. Is there any way I can get my account back?LazyTurtle1 Jul 29
Jul 27 No Access to Authenticator or SMS Protect I recently had to replace my phone and phone number. Now that my phone number has changed and i no longer have access to the authenticator how do i go about updating my account details to include my new phone number?EmerldHelfir0 Jul 27
Jul 25 There should be a preferred name option Legal names should absolutely 100% be required to be the first thing that you see on your account settings page. For trans/nb people, seeing that can be absolutely detrimental. There should either be a preferred first name for the account page (and Real ID if anybody is still using that for some reason), and legal names should be hidden if a preferred name is set. It affects nobody, but helps people who have dysphoria over their deadname.JaiReWiz0 Jul 25
Jul 25 Changing First Name on Account Allowing players to change the first name on the account facilitates account sales/trading provided the last name is the same. Is this intended? This is just one more thing that makes our accounts less secure. No ID is required to change the name, SMS protect, Secret question, password.MissCheetah3 Jul 25
Jul 25 How to remove Authenticator without ID card I flash my phone but I forgot backup my Authenticator and the screenshot of recovery code. I registered this account in Japan, but I am not Japanese so I can not provide the ID issued by Japan government. I have my original national ID card, Is it helpful? If not, how can I remove Authenticator? Provide credit card bill? or E-Mail? or anything else? Does anyone know what I should do? Please tell me, thank you.Rorya1 Jul 25
Jul 25 why am I freely able to do this? hey guys, I was going through my Blizzard account updating everything (as I haven't updated it in years and a lot of the information was either outdated or false due to me creating it as a 15 year old), and I noticed that I am able to freely edit my account name. By name, I mean my ACTUAL name and not my BattleTag. I thought changing your name linked to the account was something you had to contact Blizzard for as it is a security measure. I'm worried if anything were to happen to my account (hijacked), I would not be able to use my name to recover it because it is so easily editable. Is this the case for anybody else?FuqSleep1 Jul 25
Jul 19 BattleTags and Special Characters Recently I purchased a BattleTag change because I wanted to change my name from TinyJehong to Ŧiny. However, upon entering this I found that special characters aren't allowed, despite seeing other people (Overwatch) with that exact character. So I checked the BattleTag Naming Policy page ( and it says they allow accented characters. So I enter TĬNY, but this also didn't work. 1. Why do only some regions allow people to put Ŧ in their name but I somehow see people in my region using it. 2. Are there any ways to rename my account to Ŧiny. 3. Please consider updating the BattleTag Naming Policy page. Thanks.TinyJehong0 Jul 19
Jul 19 diablo 2 support Might not be in right spot, but Forgot my diablo 2 accnt pw, I know the account and email, I requested a change and it went through but didn't work or I typoed.. Now it wont send the request to my email, what the problem be?QueefSter0 Jul 19
Jul 16 Regional Lock Why is it so difficult to play with people from other continents? I have family in Europe and live in the United States and every time I want to play with my brother and friend in Europe I have to switch server. Vice versa when I want to play with my friends in the US, I got to reverse it all. And that's not the best part. For example if I play Diablo 3, I get to play a different character on each server. I got one for the US and one for Europe. I don't get to level up my own character. People been complaining about that since 2014. Why is it taking so much time? or what is the reason for such business practices?Sm0othPainuS1 Jul 16
Jul 5 Accidental Name Change While looking for a different gamer tag I started tapping the random username button and i accidentally pressed the change name button. I would please like my username to be reverted back to what it previously was(AksisHunter#1290). Thank you for reading, sorry for the inconvenience.BrightHammer1 Jul 5
Jul 2 New Recruit a Friend Updates? My boyfriend is going to start playing WoW for the first time soon, but I know that the RAF program ended last month. Are there any updates about the new RAF program?Rachie0 Jul 2
Jun 23 About my name. My name, I would like to have a free name change as when I changed my name it was eddie910 I believe, I did not want that to be my name and for some reason it was I want my name to be kuzu and Im not spending 10 dollars to change my name as they is a ridiculous price and not reasonable imo if it was 5 to 3 dollars I would buy it but sadly enough its probably not gonna happen but if I could get my name change back that would be great, thanks.yings2 Jun 23
Jun 16 account hacked So this happened very recently and this is after getting a new pc so cant have any viruses on it, i go to log into only to find its not working then try to reset my password only to find my account doesn't exist with that email. This led me to contact blizzard support only to be told my email for my account was changed and i cant recover it unless i provide photo ID which i don't have because i haven't long been an adult so i haven't gotten any yet. What i want to know is why the hell cant i use my Birth Certificate as a form as ID, its even on the list of valid forms of ID so why cant i use it. This is made to be even more ridiculous by the fact that when i had to remove my authenticator they asked for photo ID but allowed me to use my birth certificate instead so why cant it be used now? Also i never once recieved an email telling me about any of this which surely an email change should be a little suspicious and should require more confirmation than there clearly was, it seems its easier to hack an account than it is to recover one. I cant help but feel pissed off by all this it just feels like blizzard don't care anymore and they are the only company i know where you have to provide photo ID to recover your account, and whats the point of the photo ID when you never provided it for the account, if its security then its still meaningless cause its just as good as a birth certificate if not worse cause someone could easily use their own photo ID but change the name shown if they need to so it can be easily faked.llamadrama0 Jun 16
Jun 15 WoW Account Name Changes Hello! The old WoW account creation system (pre allowed you to assign and change the name of your account. However now, newly created accounts are named WoW followed by a number in numerical order where as accounts created prior to the merge still retain their old name and can't be changed. Could we hope to see this functionality made available again? I understand that the name of the individual accounts aren’t used for logging in anymore. However, with WoW being the only game on where you can have more than 1 license of it, the names are how you can tell each account apart. Giving us the option to change it would help with telling apart accounts for those who have more than 1 WoW license under their account as well as being more visually appealing for those who perhaps aren’t happy with the name their account has.Ricros1 Jun 15
Jun 11 Updating Battletag ID If I update my battletag will the battletag code also be updated?Evens1 Jun 11
Jun 10 Account creation date Would like to see the date of my account creation. Somehow my whole WoW account as I was playing before the transfer to battle netGinger0 Jun 10
Jun 10 Stadia So I have destiny 2 on pc. When I launch stadia does that mean I can still access the game or do I have to purchase the game again?CajunWaffles1 Jun 10
Jun 10 Overwatch forum team. nevermindEnergy2 Jun 10
Jun 9 Big Ups Blizzard So I had my account hacked recently and it was a pretty stressful time. I put through my ticket and had my account back and re-secured in a bout half an hour maybe less. Big shout out to the GM Sehtovkt for getting my account back back to me, I really appreciate it. Thanks Blizzard Support, you guys crushed it.Birdman0 Jun 9
May 27 Random ban Hi, I’ve essentially come here asking if others have experienced what I have. A day ago I get a Blizzard email, telling me that my Overwatch account is closed, with the reason being “hacks”. I have reached out in the form of a ticket (the Overwatch forums says I can’t post due to said ban) and inquired as to why/what. The response I got was that I was sent detailed info from Sugoinekosan in email, of which I received nothing, and that the decision is final. Further on that I contacted web chat support, and got the same generic automatic answers. Blah blah blah, I still don’t understand. I’ve scoured my pc for any sign of anything suss, but rightly I don’t even know what I’m looking for cause they won’t tell me. On my Blizzard games I personally have never received any kind of mute or ban in the past, except one short one for a competitive game a year ago when my net crashed. So, I was told by the GM’s to write here and hope a dev sights this, and investigates my matter.DeluxeBento3 May 27
May 26 Banned without any reason My account game in COD BO4 was banned without any reason. while playing on the 2nd wave of zombies I received a message "ERROR" then after that it crashed back to lobby then I restarted again the game in zombie then the message appeared that I was banned. I don't use any hack or any cheat tool, I'm just playing the Zombie mode....please help return my account...SgtTomas10 May 26
May 23 Account merging Hello Its been awhile since i played something from blizzard but when i heard that WC3 reforged is going to be a thing i got my preorder ASAP. Unfortunately i bought it using my old email adress witch actually has battlenet account linked to it (this one). I have all my previous games regitered to my account linked to other Email i currently use ( accout name MRVAS and it is linked to is there any posibillity to merge those accounts? or just transfer the game to my curent account and completely delete this one? Oh and if you ask how i figured it out i tried to play oldschool WC3 today and it said i dont have preorder of WC3reforged and i freaked out so i checked Email about confirmation of preorder and i didnt find it in my current Email so i swiched to my old one and there it was. And since i have nothing here but WC3 reforged it will be much more convenient to have it in my current account. Can you help meShubySK1 May 23
May 23 Request: display account creation date (WoW) Hello! The old account management used to show us our WoW account creation dates. The new/current one does not... and so I am sad this information is no longer available. :( Is there any chance of adding this back to the account management page? It would be great for those of us that like to see how long ago we really started playing ;-) Thanks for considering!Gnare10 May 23
May 21 Authenticator Removal - Many thanks I've had my phone replaced with a new one and this led to my old one being wiped and (unfortunately) so did my blizzard authenticator. Many of you know this; when you log in to any site, or new devices, it would require you to authenticate using the app on its current device. Failure to do so would restrict any log-in, including the website itself (If you're not already logged in). To solve this problem, you need to request an 'Authenticator Removal' which requires you to fill in your email, reason, and a picture of your government issued ID (In this case I put in my driver's license). I got a response via mail regarding the ticket but there was no way to log into the website to view the ticket. Thankfully they knew that was a problem and removed the authenticator so I could access the website a few hours later and view the ticket as well. I was going to give up on playing some of the games I played the most because of this as this was an issue I had about a month ago and I thought sending a ticket wouldnt do any help since there are millions of players they have to deal with. The ticket was fully submitted and I got a response within the day to my surprise. I am very happy with the staff members, game masters and support team of Blizzard and I would like to show my appreciation, especially to Specialist Game Master Bethshadd. If you guys have any issues, just submit a ticket. The support team are made up of a lot of great people. Don't lose hope. Thanks again guys.Zeurivar3 May 21
May 20 Question About Login For Games Are the passwords on the launcher games the same as my Blizzard password? I am changing passwords, and I can't find Heroes of the Storm password change, are they all the same? Thank you, and I apologize if I'm breaking any rules right now, I just don't know where to post to.SoHTiger1 May 20
May 19 Who were you in 2005? - Account feature Dear Blizzard, I'll get right to the point: The idea? Implement a simple account function that makes it possible for users to see the following: Account created: I just learned I created my account on February 22, 2005, around 17:50 server time. First character created: My first character was created on 28th of February 2005 on the realm Nozdormu, and he was a paladin named Laslego (I know, I know). To this day he is still level 28. Oldest item in inventory: Is apparently a pair of Silver-Linked Footguards on my paladin. Fun fact: The Silver-Linked Footguards was created before my character was, so it's likely I either bought it from the Auction House or from another player. When you exactly hit level 60 and on which character Total playtime in vanilla More relevant facts... How do I know all this? I made a ticket and talked to the GM Kaszbad who provided me with all the information about my 'former' self from 15 years ago. Why? - It cuts the time from answering that same question again and again through tickets in the support department since it isn't visible in the current account management set-up. - Emotional investment and attachment. Build up for WoW Classic. - Nostalgia-trip. - Who wouldn't want to know all these small, but very meaningful details about who they were 15 years ago? How is this idea implemented? There will be some technical limitations since Blizzard don't have all data at their exposal from 2004-2007, so not every idea mentioned above can be implemented. But the GM Kaszbad could still mention my oldest item in my inventory so my guess is that there will be room for creativity for relevant features. Overall: I see it as a feature in your account that gives you 5-10 relevant facts about you from 15 years ago.Brother0 May 19
May 17 Display Account Creation Date Hello, I was trying to locate my account creation date as a flex to my friends and I ended up finding out that my account transaction history is missing six years. I think having the account creation date displayed on the Account Summary screen would be great because it gives you some pride in being a longstanding Blizzard customer and citizen of Azeroth. Thanks.Fergalerg9 May 17
May 13 SMS Change I have a problem, so I had my phone number changed recently, and my phone was reset, so I don't have my authenticator anymore. I want to change my SMS thing, but it keeps asking me to use the authenticator (which I can't access atm.) or the SMS code. Help pleaseFireFang131 May 13
May 9 Change email problem My email with the account is dead but to change it I need the code sent to that bad email. Can't progress without the code. What must be done to change from a non-working email to a new email?BigJoe1 May 9
May 3 Accented Characters in BattleTag I play in PH and play Overwatch in America Server, I wanted to change my BattleTag with an accented character but the system did not let me. I contacted support about it and they said that the reason they do not let me use it in my country is because the people in the server I play in will have a hard time locating, pronouncing, or reporting the BattleTag. I see a lot of people in my game with Chinese, Korean, and Japanese characters, I think it is understandable that they will not let me use those characters but accented characters? I really hope they will let us change our BattleTag freely in the future. What do you guys think?iWaltz0 May 3
Apr 30 Warcraft 3 account no signing in hello my Warcraft 3 account saix supposedly doesnt exist even though i can still look it up i need some help in seeing how to get it backsaix2 Apr 30
Apr 26 E-mail address disabled My email address has been disabled and I can`t update it anymore. I can log in and I can give information about my account to a staff member so i can get helped.Skipper0 Apr 26
Apr 2 whisper from GM I got a notice whisper from you: it say that your security system detected that I made a illegal transaction. Right after I scrap a head piece for titan residuum. besides that idk what have I done to get this notice.Choccobunny1 Apr 2
Mar 31 Rearranging WoW Licenses on Settings Page Hi! Currently on the account settings page, there is no way to rearrange the order in which our WoW licenses appear on it. Is there any way we could see this functionality added? It would help quite a lot with organization (i.e. being able to have our main account on top of the page).Ricros0 Mar 31
Mar 30 Physical authenticator seiral number invalid Just received my physical authenticator, purchased directly from Blizzard, and I am unable to add it to my account. I've tried adding the serial number with and without the dashes, and it still claims that it's invalid. I just quit another buggy MMO and switched here because it would seem that a game that's been running for all these years should be better. I stand corrected. Maybe my expectations of things just working as intended are too high.Nodori1 Mar 30
Mar 23 D2 I had two of my accounts merged, and the one that got deleted had D2 linked to it. can i use my code on the new account to link the game?CrazedMiner1 Mar 23
Mar 22 Family library and under Age 13 Accounts Why can't you create accounts for children under the Age of 13? Also why can't you share your game library with your family members? I would love to be able to play these games with my kids and not have to repurchase my library to do so. This should be seen as a way to create future players in this ecosystem. Even if at age 18 you needed to buy in to keep your game library as your are removed from the family account.DesolateJinx1 Mar 22
Mar 12 Password strength concerns Hello, I am updating my passwords on all my accounts and I notice that Blizzard only allows 16 character passwords and no special characters. Is there a particular reason why I can't make a more secure password? Limiting the amount of characters make users more susceptible to brute force attacks (especially when the character set is limited to only alphabetical and numeric characters). I can't see any advantages to this design. Will you enlighten me? In the mean time, I will create a 16 character password as a (hopefully temporary) solution. - Concerned userZaclR2 Mar 12
Mar 10 email change ? one single letter is missing in my email , thus I cannot receive email , any customer support fix it . any help would be appreciatedGrumpyPants1 Mar 10
Mar 9 Forgotten e-mail A friend of mine forgot the e-mail address she used for her account. Yeah, I know, sounds fishy from the beginning, but hear me out. She knows her ID and password, but since she uses too many damn e-mail accounts she can't remember the one she used for her account. She didn't log in for a year or so, and she used to play Hearthstone exclusively, since she's not much of a gamer. But she liked HS, and played it a lot. She had quite a few legendary cards and wants to return to the game. Anyway, the PictureID thing won't work since she didn't use her real name when she made any of the aforementioned e-mails, and therefore can't prove it's really her. I saw some earlier threads with the same problem, and blizzard employees gave people hints like first or last few letters of the address used, or similar hints. That would help a lot. Her ID is SilentShadow#2251 Here's hoping blizzard won't take me for a scammer, I'm just trying to help a friend out.Wolf3 Mar 9
Mar 9 since when did was I req. to provide gov I.D I got hacked, and now your asking me to provide you with government I.D. to prove that i am me? This wasnt a thing last year i beleive, so why start now? Story: I got hacked last night on my WoW account which isnt even installed and I have not played it in ages. I wake up to play hearthstone and my entire account is locked because someone bought 30 months and a character transfer! Sorry blizz but this bites. I refuse to send my I.D when I am getting hacked in your game.( not the first time this happend with wow). I would like for my account to be reopen and this resolvedMandereno1 Mar 9
Mar 4 Transaction history and account creation date I want my transaction history prior to merge with world of warcraft accounts to be visible or, in any case, at least the date in wich the account (world of warcraft) was created. Also it would be cool to have some kind of title or achievement for having been there on the first month of release of wow back then(european here, wich was february for us). Thank you.SummerStorm0 Mar 4
Mar 2 Account Name Change My wife and I attempted to update her account to her name instead of her Son's name but they keep requesting a birth certificate of her son who is 10. No one in their right mind should be handing out birth certs and we are unable to use his dependant military id so how the heck are we supposed to change the account name? This is a terrible policy by the company. Joe "Haljadone" said he is unable to help us unless we provide a birth cert; even though we provided my wifes drivers license. If anyone is attempting to "steal" an account why the F would they go through all this pain in the A process...So to change the name of my account from my fake gamer name to my real name I have to try and find a birth cert for my fake gamer name? It makes no sense!Naux1ous1 Mar 2
Mar 1 Able to See Secret Question Answer? I created my account several years ago (I'd actually forgotten that I had one) so I put something down as the answer to my secret question that I have absolutely no idea what it was. I'm able to get into my account and I can reset the question, but is there any way I can see what my answer was? I'm really curious.immatx0 Mar 1
Feb 11 We need the full transaction history back I was so sad to lose this. I would like the full history back rather than the truncated current version so I know when I started playing WoW. Had there been any sort of warning I could have made a note before it all disappeared, but now I just feel sad that my history has gone for no apparent reason and with no warning. Financial transactions need to be available in full to the person paying.Gill1 Feb 11
Feb 10 REQUEST: Product Level in each game license. Greetings Blizzard Web Team, As feedback for the new account management pages (which are really cool looking by the ways), I request that we can see our product level in the game license section in the new account management page. I have enclosed a URL with a screenshot from the old website to demonstrate. Thank you for your time and making the account management pages a lot easier to manage.WyomingMyst6 Feb 10
Feb 7 Changing my login Hi! If i change my e-mail, i will change my login? i want to change it... and if i change it, my btag will change? thxAmdorakzug2 Feb 7
Jan 31 Redeem a code How do I start a game warcraft frozen throne ??? Search me some Redeem a code that I can not findganelukic0 Jan 31