Account Management Feedback Discussion

6d Welcome! Please Read. Welcome to the Feedback Discussion forum for the Blizzard Account Management application! Please feel free to leave any feedback regarding the Account Management experience in this forum. You can also report any issues you find in our Bug Report Forums. Before participating in the discussion, please be sure to read our forum Code of Conduct.Kauza0 6d
2d REQUEST: Product Level in each game license. Greetings Blizzard Web Team, As feedback for the new account management pages (which are really cool looking by the ways), I request that we can see our product level in the game license section in the new account management page. I have enclosed a URL with a screenshot from the old website to demonstrate. Thank you for your time and making the account management pages a lot easier to manage.WyomingMyst2 2d
4d Privacy settings on the profile/armory I am not sure if this is actually part account management, but I thought it might belong here and that now might be the right time. Will this or another update in the future on the account management allow us to set our profile/armory to private so only we can see it? I see some people wanting to have this feature.clueso1 4d
4d Initial Feedback Greetings all! I have been having fun poking at this and have some feedback. Pro: -Much easier to find critical features such as Security, Communication preferences, Parental Controls, Connected Accounts, etc. This is going to be great for users. Concerns: -Change Secret Question is now an option and appears easy to do. -From my forum login, I was able to go straight to Act Mgt without a secondary Auth check. This means anyone with access to my PC could do that. \ -It appears I can just remove the Auth with a couple clicks. I did not try it, but will it actually let me remove it without entering two codes from it and/or sending an SMS message? Issues: -When viewing the Games and Subscriptions, it does not show the account levels for each purchase (DE, CE, etc.). This is an issue when helping players sort out which digital rewards they should have. They often don't remember and Act Mgt is a nice tool we use to help them. Also used to help with figuring out if a purchase went through or key added right. -Building on that, Gift History does not show all the claimed keys and rewards. It is very spotty. Again, this is a purchase/key claim issue as well as sorting out rewards. -I don't see any purchase history before 2008 -Some purchases like Virtual ticket keys are missing. -The Game time/Subscription history for WoW seems to be gone. It used to show per game license and included all sources, even free days for issues. Will keep playing with it and add more as needed.MissCheetah13 4d
5d Changing First Name on Account Allowing players to change the first name on the account facilitates account sales/trading provided the last name is the same. Is this intended? This is just one more thing that makes our accounts less secure. No ID is required to change the name, SMS protect, Secret question, password.MissCheetah1 5d
5d Transaction History truncation issue The transaction history should always include every transaction from the first trial account registered to current. There is some data where it is fine to truncate - money transactions isn't one of them. Financial history is never trivial. Please update account payment history to reflect ALL the payments and transactions per account, and not just for 2010 onwards.Atanae2 5d
5d URLS on Authorized Applications Kudos on putting Connected Accounts on the same screen as applications authorized via the OAuth System. Both were probably roughly the same systems so it's nice seeing them both on the same page. I also like how explicitly list the permissions each app has. It might be useful to add the URLs or domain names the applications use - some people may not be able to tell which website a particular application authorization is for just from the App name.Bluespacecow0 5d