Account Management Bug Report

6d Welcome! Please Read. Welcome to the Bug Report forum! The purpose of this forum is primarily to collect issue reports on the Blizzard Account Management Application. When reporting an issue, please create your own thread unless a topic for the issue already exists. Please do not share any personal information in your posts. Before participating in the discussion, please be sure to read our forum Code of Conduct.Kauza0 6d
1d Did not cancel sub, got an email anyway I got an email saying my 6 month sub was cancelled. The amount of time on my account is still correct, just the sub status. This is likely to cause some concern among players. So I removed a pair of old credit cards from my Payment Methods. I don't think any of them were linked to my WoW Sub (I have not used the Sub option for many years). I did NOT remove any subscriptions for WoW - which are separate from Payment Methods. If one was set up still, it was years old and had not billed. Now, if it automatically removes the sub from WoW if you remove a payment method linked to it, that is good! However, the site needs to be clear about that happening.MissCheetah1 1d
5d 24 digit pass accepted b4 now no good I changed my account password years ago to a 24 digit password. It works fine right now logging in to my D3 account to play the game. However, I cannot login to my cellphone battlenet app or change the account password with my web login account because both only accept 16 digit passwords. So, any password created before the new account management change that is longer than 16 digits is broken. Allow me to change my account to a shorter 16 digit password please. My existing 24 digit password is in limbo! When I try to change my password, one must show the old password, but no longer than 16 digits. My old password is 24 digits.Chetanji13 5d
5d Adding Payment Method I have been trying to add a credit card to my account for a while now. Each time I try, all I get is the loading page. I've tried all methods of adding. Cleared my cache, disabled the antivirus, tried 3 different browsers and even mobile. All I get is an error or just loading.Youngish742 5d
5d New Acct portal not asking for login creds Good evemeowning! :) I tried out the new account management portal tonight and found out that it does not ask for any of your login credentials, meaning your password and/or authenticator token/number when logging in, even for the first time. This is a massive gaping security hole. We're talking big enough to drive a fleet of Mack dump trucks through. This needs to be rectified ASAP, as in "your house is on fire and you need the fire department there NOW".TheTias2 5d
5d Adding New Payment Adding a new CC to account it times out. used 4 diff browsers and used the ingame as well... still wont work.LinuxRocks3 5d
6d Not-owned game listed as 'active' The games and subscriptions section lists Starcraft Remastered as 'Active', but I don't own the Remaster. I can only assume it doesn't distinguish between the classic (free) version and the paid remaster.CareVader1 6d