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Dec 4 Welcome! Please Read. Welcome to the Bug Report forum! The purpose of this forum is primarily to collect issue reports on the Blizzard Account Management Application. When reporting an issue, please create your own thread unless a topic for the issue already exists. Please do not share any personal information in your posts. Before participating in the discussion, please be sure to read our forum Code of Conduct.Kauza0 Dec 4
Jul 27 I cant get my free name change :< Hey there! ^-^ my battletag Níðhöggr#11501. I wanna change my name from, well Níðhöggr to Níd. And, so I checked my account and went to change my name but couldnt find it. I thought maybe it was only once per account. So I did some searches and found theres 1 name change per account. I don't ever recall changing my name on this account. But if I did, please inform me. If not, why? Thank you, Nid. ♥Níðhöggr1 Jul 27
Jul 26 Wrong Language in Marketing E-mails Despite my language being set to English in my accounts, for some time I've only been receiving marketing e-mails in Portuguese, sometimes in Spanish even, probably due to my region. Three support tickets later, I still have the problem.Miriadis1 Jul 26
Jul 9 Diablo 2 English client download error I want to change my diablo 2 language from spanish to english, but i can't download the english client, after 2000kb an error appearsBloodveil0 Jul 9
Jul 9 Can't add payment method Hello everyone, Today, i want to add payment method for my account. But when i select Credit Card, it's not running but if i select Paypal it's ok. I used to opera, google chrome, Edge browser and tried wait about 30 min ~ 1 hour but it's not ok. Now what should i do with this error, please help me. Thanks Jul 9
Jun 3 Persistent Password Issues. I have had a account for almost a week now. Every time I attempt to log in I get the 'password is incorrect' prompt. Every time I reset the password; every time I use the same password. Immediately after the reset the password works. The next day, when I go to log in, the cycle repeats. Baffled is what I am. Any ideas?zyphe0 Jun 3
May 14 "An Error Has Occured" when editing Account When I click the button to update my beta settings from the page, I get a generic page with "An Error Has Occurred" and nothing else. See: This has been a long-term issue with editing account settings on my account. I am trying again to seek a solution. It happens on Windows or Mac, Firefox or Chrome or Safari, on my network or others, and on my computer or others. I posted a ticket, and the GM that responded also encountered my error. He directed me here. I just want to update my beta settings. Please!Swashy0 May 14
May 9 Can't change email if email not working My email has stopped receiving new incoming emails. I try to change it to a new email but the process requires you return a code sent to the non-working email. Not possible...BigJoe0 May 9
Apr 22 My account is gone when i try to log in to my account NOTNOVACAINE#1142 it says the account doesnt exist. I was playing on it yesterday and i tried to log in today and its just gone, please help.Novacaine1 Apr 22
Apr 10 Inactive Sub keeps trying to resub My card has nothing in it, which I assumed would cancel my WoW sub automatically once it expired, but I keep receiving a text saying Blizzard tried to get me to pay for it again. In account management, my current sub status is Inactive, and there's no option to cancel the subscription. I don't want to resub, and I'm afraid that once I put enough cash in my card Blizzars will automatically resub me. How do I actually cancel subscription?Erp0 Apr 10
Mar 3 Cannot create new blizzard account Trying to create an account for my daughter and i get this message every time i try to create the account. Tried using 2 different PC's and using my phone. Tried Chrome & IE. Cleared cache & cookies How am i supposed to get a new generation to play the game when they can't even create an account.Les7at0 Mar 3
Feb 10 Can't add new credit card as payment method. I've been trying unsuccessfully for months to add a new credit card as a payment method to my account. Every time I open a web browser, log in, click on Account Management, and select Add New Payment Method, when I select Credit or Debit Card and click Continue, the loading icon just swirls around endlessly without anything ever happening. I've waited up to thirty minutes before giving up. I'm never able to get to the actual form where I input my credit card info. This has been going on for me at least since summer last year. It's not a problem on my end as I've tried numerous different ways to try to add my credit card to my account and every one has failed. My main web browser is Chrome and it never works. I've disabled all my extensions and it still doesn't work. I've ensured all network traffic is allowed and nothing is blocked, including third-party cookies and it still doesn't work. I've tried in other web browsers like Firefox and even Internet Explorer and they all suffer the same never ending loading problem. I've tried on other computers and laptops and they also suffer the same problem. I've even tried on my smart phone's web browser and it too refuses to cooperate. I did manage to find one workaround by using the desktop app: I can click the "SHOP" tab, select what I want to buy, advance to the payment screen, and select "Other Payment Method > Credit or Debit Card" and the form loads as expected; I can verify my billing address and input my credit card info and then click "Pay." But this only works if I need to buy something right then and there, it's not a good alternative as it doesn't let you simply add a credit card without having to make a purchase at the same time. There are numerous topics from other users both on this and other forums experiencing the same problem. Can someone at Blizzard please look into why this is such a prevalent problem and advise? Thanks.JoeJoeaGoGo0 Feb 10
Feb 10 Adding New Payment Adding a new CC to account it times out. used 4 diff browsers and used the ingame as well... still wont work.LinuxRocks7 Feb 10
Feb 10 Adding Payment Method I have been trying to add a credit card to my account for a while now. Each time I try, all I get is the loading page. I've tried all methods of adding. Cleared my cache, disabled the antivirus, tried 3 different browsers and even mobile. All I get is an error or just loading.Youngish744 Feb 10
Feb 2 sms protect confirmation problem Hello, i have a problem entering my phone number in SMS protect, everytime i enter my confirmation numberit its says connection error even though if i enter a random phone number it says its not a phone number. And i press the resend code multiple times and enter it but after a fewExalted1 Feb 2
Jan 13 Not able to enter a ticket This is clearly a bug. I've spent over $6,000 on I have recently realized how horrible of a game Destiny 2 is, after purchasing the $100 bundle for myself and a friend, with less than 3 hours logged. I decided that i want a refund, and i still do. But when i went to open a ticket, i was asked to confirm an old phone number to enter a ticket. No worries, i can change that number right? Same account for 5+ years, $6,000 spent, shouldnt be an issue right? Then i am asked to provide a government issued ID. What the hell? I will NEVER send Blizzard a photo of my government issued ID. This is outrageous. Never in my time on the internet outside of paypal,. have i been asked for this. I want a full refund for both purchases, and this outrageous requirement for a photo ID removed, or you will never see another penny from me. And we all know you need every penny you can get right now. I am a cash cow for this game. Refund, or lose a customer. Forum Mod Edit: This post has been edited by a moderator due to language. Hosh1 Jan 13
Jan 6 Not Available to Post on the WoW Forums My Characters won't update on the WoW forums for me to post. I have an active subscription and the character is over level 60 but its not sticking. I'm not sure where else to post this as GMs haven't been able to assist further and are calling it a bug, which I get, but I can't post it to the WoW bug report forums since I can't post there, and it doesn't really fit anywhere else. I just want to be able to post on my character like I used to, and I'm not sure why they keep falling off for being able to be posted as. Its not just one character. None of my characters are available. I can't post there at all.iggzy8801 Jan 6
Dec 27 Issues with older longer passwords Hello everyone. Today I tried to change my account password. My old password was 25 characters long and when I tried to change it, I wasn't allowed to change it because the old password was longer than 16 characters. I am sure the 25 characters one is correct because I tested it loging out myself and loging in several times to the website and I succesfully loged in through all those attempts. I thought the "forget my password" would be an option but it is more a workaround than an actual solution. Luckily I found this post ( from an angry user with a similar problem. So I was finally able to solve the problem by only using the first 16 characters of my old password. By the way, my new password now complies with the 16 character limit. The problem was solved (yay!) so, story aside, there are other issues underling the site system. First, this discrepancy between the login system that allows me to log in with a long password and the account security settings that does not allow me to change my password because the old one is way to long. Then the security settings itself not allowing this seems like undesirable behaviour. Especially considering that there are indeed people that somehow managed to get a longer password (my wild guess is that you can create an account from different places and some of them lack this character limit). But what worries me the most is about the solution. If I needed to trim my old password to change it and it worked without triming in the log in, then that means that Blizzard is not storing our passwords in a secure way (At least they have two factor authentication even though they do not call it that way). I tried to submit a ticket to report this but it seems it won't allow me unless I attach a picture of my ID, and with these security flaws I'm seeing, I do not feel confident enough to send said picture. So I am writing this post hoping it will suffice as a replacement for the ticket. Thanks for your time, and good evening.Samazure1 Dec 27
Dec 22 Unexpected error code from complete:0 Sad that a company that used to be known as one of the greatest can't even keep up with simple coding for credit cards anymore. Ive been trying to buy loot boxes for the Overwatch Xmas event since it launched and I cant add my debit card for days now. Fine you dont want my money? I give up. I've never seen a company fall so flat over a couple months than this one. Everything is going to hell!!VonDoom1 Dec 22
Dec 10 Did not cancel sub, got an email anyway I got an email saying my 6 month sub was cancelled. The amount of time on my account is still correct, just the sub status. This is likely to cause some concern among players. So I removed a pair of old credit cards from my Payment Methods. I don't think any of them were linked to my WoW Sub (I have not used the Sub option for many years). I did NOT remove any subscriptions for WoW - which are separate from Payment Methods. If one was set up still, it was years old and had not billed. Now, if it automatically removes the sub from WoW if you remove a payment method linked to it, that is good! However, the site needs to be clear about that happening.MissCheetah1 Dec 10
Dec 6 24 digit pass accepted b4 now no good I changed my account password years ago to a 24 digit password. It works fine right now logging in to my D3 account to play the game. However, I cannot login to my cellphone battlenet app or change the account password with my web login account because both only accept 16 digit passwords. So, any password created before the new account management change that is longer than 16 digits is broken. Allow me to change my account to a shorter 16 digit password please. My existing 24 digit password is in limbo! When I try to change my password, one must show the old password, but no longer than 16 digits. My old password is 24 digits.Chetanji13 Dec 6
Dec 5 New Acct portal not asking for login creds Good evemeowning! :) I tried out the new account management portal tonight and found out that it does not ask for any of your login credentials, meaning your password and/or authenticator token/number when logging in, even for the first time. This is a massive gaping security hole. We're talking big enough to drive a fleet of Mack dump trucks through. This needs to be rectified ASAP, as in "your house is on fire and you need the fire department there NOW".TheTias2 Dec 5
Dec 5 Not-owned game listed as 'active' The games and subscriptions section lists Starcraft Remastered as 'Active', but I don't own the Remaster. I can only assume it doesn't distinguish between the classic (free) version and the paid remaster.CareVader1 Dec 5