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May 13, 2014 Welcome: Please read! Welcome to the Feedback Discussion forum for the desktop app! Before participating in the discussion, please be sure to read our forum Code of Conduct, and refer to the Beta FAQ and Known Issues list here before posting to see if your issue is already covered.Aratil0 May 13, 2014
Jan 6 New Features Now Live - Notification center, Gifs, @mentions and more! With this update, we're excited to release a host of new features aimed at making your social experiences more fun - and we've fixed a few bugs along the way! Read on for more details: Notification Center Chat messages, group invites, mentions, and friends requests - oh my; a lot is happening and we want to make sure you don't miss a beat. Check out the the notification center at top right of App. It's your one stop shop for Social! Giphy Support If a picture is worth a thousand words, is a GIF woth a million? In chats, click the GIF icon to browse Giphy and find the perfect image in Jraphic Interchange Format. Pro tip: Type "/giphy" followed by a search term to roll the dice on a random GIF! Are you feeling lucky? Link Previews We know sharing is hard, so we've made it easier. Many links will now preview content in line - start sharing your favorite YouTube, Twitch, and Imgur links! Mentions @All, we did it! You can @mention group members, moderators, and leaders in Blizzard Groups! Patching Improvements We've also improved our patching process to make it less intrusive. Most app updates will no longer require an immediate restart — except this one (sorry). New News We're bringing the updated Blizzard News experience to the App! Blizzard News combines the latest news across all of Blizzard's franchises, eSports, and community initiatives. App Feedback Portal The Blizzard community has some of the most impassioned gamers in the world - and we love it. There is never a shortage of feedback, so we've added an in-app feedback portal in the Blizzard dropdown. We've shipped a lot of new features this patch, so head over to the feedback portal and let us know what you think! (You always do...) Bug Fixes: Joining voice in a group channel is now more responsive. Deleted messages no longer lose their identifier when the channel is refreshed. Fixed an issue where users would not be able to dismiss expired group invites. Resolved an issue where user's tooltips would fail to display when hovering over their avatarsExeliran8 Jan 6
1h Deleting parts of game after purchase Deleting S n D from Blk ops 4. Dont understand that one. That's one of the main reason I purchased the game, think I should be refunded my money if you take away part of the game. After I buy it....Slice1 1h
9h Hide Games in Launcher Please implement a way to hide certain games in the launcher.Zephir91 9h
10h Thank you Blizzard Thank you Blizzard. You have filled my childhood with joy and dreams I can never otherwise imagine. But right now you are everything I stand against of. So I have to let you go now. Rest in Peace.Lovans3 10h
11h Option to disable animated tiles in Bnet client An option to disable the tiles in the client with annoying flashing videos would be nice. Can that be a thing? For example, the two Overwatch League tiles, randomly flashing when they pop up in the rotation are extremely annoying.Mangel9 11h
1d Download estimates on Battlenet Title pretty much says it all. Why hasn't a download time estimates make its way into the launcher? Or is it there and i'm not seeing it?Luctus0 1d
1d AckDiVision initiatives The market research feels a bit off from my point of view, so I'd like to offer my humble commentary directly so the Captains of Industry will better know which way the wind is blowing. I appreciate as I always have the opportunity to feedback here. For context, I've been a gamer since my Dad first got bored waiting for my Mom to shop at the Mall and wandered over wondering WTH a Pong machine is and put a quarter in it to keep my 6 yr old self quiet for 10 minutes. Long amazingly cool story short, I've been with Blizz from the start, buying most of their stuff, counting on having loads of fun with it online since Al Gore invented the InterTubes. In bulleted fashion cause folks in conference rooms love bullet points: - I was going to buy the Necromancer pack for Diablo 3 last night and didn't. First time ever I just don't feel good spending money with your company. - It's clear from your comments and from the direction you've pushed for with publications like Overwatch or Destiny 2 that you're after a more micro-transactional model with a continuous release framework, like much of the industry is. I think just like much of the industry, you're not feeling the growing push back coming on that stuff. But I speak only for myself of course. - I don't want to pay small amounts of money for much of anything in a game. Frankly, I don't want my game time to involve consumer decisions or math all the time. I also don't want to have to play amateur accountant to track how much I've spent and I resent you trying to force me to lose track. I especially find it slimy that you knowingly prey on children who have lesser personal finance skills. - I don't want to have to buy an annual pass to entitle me to a sort of expansion with some gated events that're sort of finished and will need renewed next year, but HEY TRUST US IT'LL BE AWESOME! How about you make a finished publication and I'll decide if I want to buy it? Even better, stick to the model that's earned Blizz so much trust and be careful and certain to deliver it. Amazing concept that... building value through great service delivery! - I'm not interested in playing DiabloCrush or whatever you have dreamed up on my phone. No thanks, no how, bad idea. I can't imagine how hard your team lead had to bump his/her head to think that either the mobile market is craving Diablo or that the Diablo players are craving mobile. Maybe it'll be huge outside of the U.S. where I am and you know something I don't know, but one thing is for certain... the company I've invested my consumer dollars in will be putting their time and attention into that market and not mine and the game will be utterly leaving its framework. So, I can't be happy about that even if it is a financial win for your shareholders. Anyway, I could go on, but long posts suck and even typing these thoughts is burning too many calories on this... my game time is supposed to be about having fun, not having to experience what was my absolute favorite and trusted game publisher get gutted and pushed off course by ActiVision making decisions based on short term money grabs rather than the long term relationship of the studio and its franchises with its consumers. Good luck. -Dreamevil2 1d
1d Option to turn off video in Desktop app. Please add an option to turn off video & twitch functions in app. App takes way too much memory and cpu time while being in background.WeryBigMonk3 1d
1d P2P Hello, I would like to ask if all battlenet games somehow use p2p (peer to peer) when playing or downloading updates or similar torrents. If so, whether it can turn off p2p or not. Thank you in advance for your reply.Alpina0 1d
2d Licence faile why I cant connect blizzard servers with my own WarCraft 3 licence?Kuman0 2d
2d Are you guys doing ok? We're worried about you Blizzard employees, things haven't been looking too hot. They treating you well over there?Nalzerion1 2d
2d Can desktop client has a dpi scale function? When in a high resolution (high dpi) monitor,font size seems very small. If use Windows system scale,font performs not well.kei4 2d
3d Warcraft III Reforged Illidan Stormrage Campaign Will Illidan's story be told in the reforged version and will his army the Blood Elves will be a playable race and campaign In the future?darmar880 3d
3d download for Chromebook? Hi I have a Windows 10 computer but recently got a laptop for a Chromebook OS. I just wanted to let developers of the game to know that if they would add to be allowed to install just like a Mac or Windows computer on a Chromebook it would be greatly appreciated.Squidzrule2 3d
4d Update scheduler Dear Blizzard, One of the reasons I left you guys about 5 years ago was because I have low bandwidth in the area that I live. As such, downloading your massive games can get cumbersome when there are other people living here. If I'm ever to come back and buy World of Warcraft to play with my friends I will NEED an update scheduler. This is an incredibly simple fix that will please many of your users. See this post from 5 years ago: It's embarassing to support a company that doesn't listen to their customers.iPone0 4d
4d Login with email instead of phone authenticator Really annoying, I left my phone somewhere else, I'm getting it back, but in mean time I can't install a !@#$ing Blizzard game... how is that intended? There should be a way to send 'code' to my email that's attached to my account.... it's not like my phone is 100% always attached at me.Warsong0 4d
5d Overwatch demo Can you please release an over watch demo? Don't want to buy a game without trying it out first, thank you.RobotDoctor121 5d
5d Blizzard just lost a loyal customer. I for a few days I've been trying to gift destiny 2 to a friend and it tells me friend is ineligible to be gifted destiny 2, however they can be gift the special edition. I was gonna submit a support ticket but blizzard requires a photo copy of my drivers license (lol not gonna happen). So I got this idea to gift him a balance that would cover the standard version of the game and did just that and now he is getting an error saying he cant purchase it either. says something along the lines he needs a blizzard account but he's logged into his battlenet accountDragonLorde4 5d
6d Probably not the right category but IDC I am having payment issues with a gift card registered in my name which still has enough balance for the needed purchase. The only thing I get is "please fix your errors and try again" or "Sorry, we are unable to complete this payment." My billing information in my Bnet account matches the registration information of the card and the card has sufficient balance. All information is good and matching down to each character and money is there. So why TF can I not buy what I want to buy. I can't contact support because I need a government issued photo ID (For some fkcing reason, am teenager with no license in US) so how TF can I pay for something if you are going to give me no explanation of what is wrong and I know for a fact that there is nothing wrong on the card's end. And make your support accessible ffs. TLDR; Let me pay I thought you wanted my moneyDANKMEME0 6d
6d Last time we try forum forever expecting reply? Hey blizzard now i tryed to help you guys for like 15 years without getting any feedbacks on any of my accounts. So i am done putting my feedbacks in here if you wanna save your company give me a direct line to somebody inside of blizzard that can make changes and ill work for free^^ i have 15 years of experiance with your games been playing pretty much all of them played diablo 2 on EU as number 1 on the ladders played world of warcraft and topped pvp ladders for 4 years played Heroes Of The Storm and where Rank 1 for 1 year then i also played alot of starcraft mostly for fun tho. if you wish not to contact me on the forum with a more direct line to chat then email ([Removed]) if you dont want your players help then please tell me so i can stop wasting hours of my life trying to help some ignorant people who dont give a shiit ^^ Thanks for reading this. Regards! [Edited by moderator to remove personal information]insanesmoker2 6d
6d Third party authenticator support I realize that this doesn't have anything to do directly with the Desktop App, but the limited selection of forums leaves this as the nearest option, and the answerer of my support ticket told me that the forums are the place to request this. I hope that it can get forwarded to the correct parties. I would like to use a third party authenticator instead of the official Authenticator for Android. There are several applications that let you scan the QR code for a service which uses an authenticator -- like Amazon's AWS, GitHub, or Twitch -- and avoid having to download a company-specific app to generate codes for you. These applications are very handy because the growing number of accounts which use 2FA would otherwise cause a large number of custom authentication applications on users' phones, all essentially performing the same task. One of these applications is called Authy. Another such app which is developed by Google is called Google Authenticator. Both of these (and others) can be found on the Google Play Store. Can you guys please allow a way of using nonproprietary applications as authentication devices? I'm not a computer security expert, but I request that before dismissing this idea as insecure, you look into how and why it can be supported by services like AWS, whose users have a much higher ceiling on what they can lose should their 2FA be somehow compromised (somewhere around the "our entire company's infrastructure" level) than users of Thanks for reading!beo270 6d
6d Warcraft 3 Reforged release date. I would like to point this out early so it can be considered and i hope others will agree: I would rather see the game be released in a perfectly finished state than see it come out early with bugs or glitches, so Blizzard should take all the time it needs to polish and fine tune the game before releasing it even if that takes more time.Timmins10 6d
Feb 8 remove swarmhost Swarmhost are bad design, they are free units, killing units which cost money, so zerg gets free money and will be ahead. Retarded unit, should have been removed 5 years ago...stolker0 Feb 8
Feb 8 Game to fund/buyout- I’m an original blizzard player who has played all the expansions and evolutions of the blizzard suite from the times when we’d have LAN parties to play Warcraft, Starcraft, Diablo 1 & 2. (I was also a big WOW player 0-60 & 70). You should definitely check out the mechanics of the new game “Atlas” it’s remarkably similar to World of Warcraft in its infancy. It just needs a bit of a professional polish- and blizzard could nail another amazing genre. You should check out the twitch streamer: Farlight_Excalibur ~this guy is a role playing captain of a crew in the game- The game itself is an open world pirate game (but their could be different factions -merchants, Royal Navy, etc- where you can claim islands with resources, build bases, missions, fight sea creatures, and go to battle with other ships/factions- similar to Sea of Theives, but, to me, way-better mechanics and potential.DubberRildos1 Feb 8
Feb 8 why battle net sucks this is the worst time in gaming I have ever had or I cant say that because the game wont even play I have to look at my world of Warcraft subscription run out yea because that's fun pc gaming is the worst at least my ps4 can update thanks for this crappy hell apphellboy19 Feb 8
Feb 8 GREAT APP Blizzard should buy out an app called Dragonsoul its closing down in may its is a perfect match for wow .gameon0 Feb 8
Feb 7 Black ops 4 - How to uninstall this garbage? So.. It is not located under "uninstall or change a program", and I cannot find anything uninstall related in the battlenet client.. Any ideas?Linkt5 Feb 7
Feb 7 Give Us The Option To Hide Games In Your Launcher I have some compelling reasons for you -discerning member of the Battlenet Launcher dev team- to raise this idea at the next pitch meeting -if indeed that's how your company does things- and try and get this feature implemented. 1. If you plan on adding more games (you do) you're eventually going to run into the problem of a bunch of games people don't own cluttering up a list at the side, forcing people to scroll through the list to find the ones they do. 2. Activision are villains. A lot of people don't like them, and a lot of your fans were very unhappy about the merge. A lot of people don't want to see the likes of Destiny 2 and COD BLOPS 4 -both of which are somewhat controversial- alongside Star Craft, Diablo and Warcraft which are all pretty much considered classics. 3. It's super cynical. I understand it from a business perspective -you want people to buy your games and if you keep reminding them of their existence you might boost sales, and that may be true- but people see you making cynical business moves and it erodes away the good will that your games earn you. Oh and if someone wants your game, they'll buy it eventually anyway. Regardless of you forcing it on them. Good luck to you -discerning Blizzard employee who is definitely reading this post-.CypressFluff0 Feb 7
Feb 5 blizzard censoring players feedback, or ignoring Yes there was case blizzard was censoring players feedback, if they don't like what it says. And just delete posts. They don't listen to your feedback anyways, they don't care about you. It is only about making more money, don't buy crappy skins, which any community moder could easily do for free, you have oceans of skins for other games, if blizzard allowed it you would have thousand of skins from community modders too... It is all about money, they don't careabout you, blizzard not company it used to be - "blizzard activision"...krixorum1 Feb 5
Feb 4 Why Blizzard Should Increase the Character Limit of Battletags;It Affects Sales More Than You Think! Dear Blizzard, The reason for this message is not purely personal and I truly believe that it might be in your best interest to read this and consider my proposal. Allow me to begin by saying I love your game, Overwatch, and think it was very well made and fun to play. With that out of the way let me ask you, what's the first thing you do in the process of playing Overwatch (or any Blizzard game)? You buy the game of course. But even before that, you create your account. And during the account creation process, you are asked to create a Battletag. And when customers come up with a Battletag that they find fitting, they type it in sometimes only to find that it exceeds the character limit. Then, in disappointment, they must find a new Battletag to use. The important question I have is, how do you think it affects your sales if the first thing your customers do before buying a game is get denied by your company? You may think that a simple denial of Battletag freedom isn't a big deal. That people will just get over it. But I, as a gamer, understand that the reality is that that simply isn't true. Battletag matters. Period. It's the symbol you carry into (online) battle. It's the facade you where when you want to slip out of harsh reality and play a simple game of Overwatch (or any other Blizzard game). It's what you want to be known as within the Blizzard world, and the truth is that if players don't get to completely choose their Battletag, they might not even want to play the games Blizzard has to offer. I believe if your customers are denied the choice to have a slightly longer Battletag, they might not deem it worth it to purchase your games. But enough about the problem. The part you want to hear about is most likely how to fix it. Good thing that part is easy for you. My suggestion is to simply increase the character limit to something like 16 or even 18 (something that allows flexibility, without too many potential issues with names). If you do that, then you make people happy before they even buy the game, which definitely influences their decision to purchase. So please, consider what I have to say, as I think it will help you guys as well as me (because I of course would like a longer name). Anyway, thank you for taking valueable time out of your day to read this and help out the Blizzard community. Have a great day!thatguy2871 Feb 4
Feb 3 Launcher Needs Rework! Feature Request Would it be possible for the devs to take a look at the launcher and rework the social features? I have a lot of friends - maybe too many friends! - and it seems under-designed. Here are some feature requests that I would like to see: - At the very least, please let us add notes to contacts. If nothing else we need this to write down things about other players - what games they play, what roles they might fulfill in a specific game. - Show us what games they play, or what games we've played with them. "Is this an Overwatch friend or a Hearthstone friend? I don't remember anymore." - Attach a video clip of game play to a friend. Thanks for considering these requests.RustJunky2 Feb 3
6d You were disconnected from Please Reconnect You were disconnected from Please Reconnect, I just got this any way around it i reinstalled and everthingJavadown922 6d
Feb 3 Remove Activision Anybody remembers the 'Remove Eververse' spam of Destiny 2? Activision is just so much of a damn downgrade to the launcher, it should be given a complete own one, filled to the brim with dead games and predatory practises, as that is what Activision stands for.NekoSeba28 Feb 3
Feb 3 Friends, servers and Destiny 2: how does it work? DISCLAIMER: I posted on but got no response. As my feedback pertains mostly to the Blizzard PC app and the way it is used to add friends, I'm posting here. If this is not the place, please direct me to where I can report this. It is an immensely frustrating issue. ISSUE: I can choose the region before starting Destiny 2. There are two regions: Europe and America. In-game, on each server I see a different list of friends. That is, I repeat, in-game. In the app I have *another* list of friends. That's basically three different lists of friends where they can or can not overlap. If I send a friend request to a person who is on a different server than me, they receive the request in the Blizzard app and we do not see each other in-game. If I send the request when we're both on the same server, they receive it in-game and not in the Blizzard app. In the first case, even after someone (either I or they) change the server we still do not see each other in-game. If we start removing each other from the Blizzard app and try when we're both on the same server it seems to be broken already, that is we cannot add each other in-game. (I don't know if this is time-sensitive, i.e. if I retry again the next day that it would work.) Also I cannot invite someone who is in my Blizzard app friends list, and they are playing Destiny 2, to Destiny 2. There is simply no way to invite a friend who isn't in your in-game friends list. SUMMARY: So, unless two people are on the same server prior to sending their friend requests to each other, they cannot see each other in-game and they cannot play together in Destiny 2. There are three friends lists. One in the Blizzard app, one in Destiny 2 when you are logged on to Europe and one in Destiny 2 when you are logged on to Americas. I have friends who are in my Blizzard app and whom I see in Destiny 2 when I'm logged on to their server. On the same server I have people whom I see in Destiny 2 but not in the Blizzard app. The same is true when I log on to Americas. Please address this if it is in your domain. It is utterly frustrating and not something I would expect from Blizzard. Please fix it. Ideally all my friends should be in the Blizzard app and only a subset of them will show when I'm logged on to Europe and another subset when I'm logged on to Americas. This way it will not matter where everybody is in the moment of sending and receiving friend requests. This looks to me as the most straightforward way to resolve this. I believe you can come up with something better.simich4 Feb 3
Feb 3 Blizzard achievements... Can we get something like a unified achievement system, which brings all your achievements on the blizzard account and gives us a level or points like xbox and playstation have? I think it would be amazing to have something like that, I also think it would make other people who don't play a certain game on the blizzard account to actually start playing it and getting achievements for their profile.. Please consider this! <3MitchWalsh012 Feb 3
Feb 2 Not sure where to post this, but can someone official give me a definitive answer? Okay, for various reasons, sometimes staying at my desktop PC is not an option. Now, searching google has brought clashing answers, some from 3+ years ago, so I'm asking for word from someone more in the know than an average forum-goer. Can I use a remote desktop app to play Blizzard games without any sort of trouble with Bliz (such as account suspensions bans, etc). I mostly ask because I discovered if, on my steam link, I tell it to "exit big picture mode" I can interact with my desktop as normal, doing things like browsing the web, managing files, etc. I figured I could use this method to launch the Bliz app, and play OW while in a place better for my arthritic joints. Will this get flagged as something violating the EULA, resulting in punishment? As I understand it the EULA is mostly against playing by cloud, whereas this would be by LAN.KillerGoblin1 Feb 2
Feb 1 BattleTag Availability I might be interested in changing my battletag, and i have a certain thing in mind. I would suggest implementing a way to see which battletags currently are available, so you don't buy the battletag change only to find out the name is taken.iLikeClouds7 Feb 1
Feb 1 Why can't I be logged into multiple apps at once?? I'm seeing a lot of mods be explicitly rude about this, so here's a really realistic scenario; How about if I'm playing on one computer and want to DOWNLOAD the game on another? Seriously? What kind of company sits here and criticizes the users that literally feed them money for a feature that pretty much EVERY other DRM Management software has. You can't be serious sitting here asking why people would want a STANDARD feature. You moderators make me sad, inability to listen is why you hear the same complaints over and over again.DanOfWakanda2 Feb 1
Feb 1 blizzard = [Removed] censoring players feedback on the forums, only because you don't like what it say, even if it is civil and consrutive criticism... Moderator: Edited for language. Using obscene or inappropriate language, even if masked, and discussing disciplanary actions are both against the community code of conduct, and yes, you will be suspended for either.yourmopm4 Feb 1
Jan 31 I want to show people on Steam that I am playing Overwatch It's advertising for Blizzard, will create interest and it will show my friends what I am doing. At the moment Steam lights up briefly with a battlenet game, then goes back to status online and blue. Why can't I have this simple thing? I don't necessarily want the overlay. Is there any simple way around this?Antiquary38 Jan 31
Jan 30 Diablo II not showing in desktop App Hey guys, It might just be me but my Diablo 2 LOD doesn't have a tab in my desktop App. As the original StarCraft does show, I was wondering if there is something I have done wrong. The game runs without problems. Thanks in advanceReaper46 Jan 30
Jan 30 Add Classic Games To Launcher Please add classic games to the launcher like Diablo 2 and Warcraft / Starcraft. Thanks.Hieronious119 Jan 30
Jan 29 I can't create a voice chat channel. Some how i can't create a voice chat channel. The +Create a channel button is gone and my friend can't invite me to their channel. Any solution? Thank you in advance.Durable41 Jan 29
Jan 29 Payment methods Why dont you accept direct express from comerica bank master card for ssi clientsvictor3 Jan 29
Jan 29 The Unvisable function does not work properly People can see me, Invite me and can see that I am Online, when I play Sc2 and hots, HOW?? please fix this.Emircan0 Jan 29
Jan 27 why I can not talk in voice chat I must make sure that I keep up with your PC code of conduct so that I don't hurt anyone and their fragile egos. I was wondering why I am not able to talk in voice chat. I much enjoy your enlightened thoughts on this matter thank you ActivisionDarksymphony0 Jan 27
Jan 27 Overlay for In-Game Hello people of (or Blizzard maybe hehehe....) I think it'd be very useful and convenient to have a Overlay because it'd be amazing to be able to access your friends list and make a group text conversation with them and chat from the Overlay. Think of it just like Steam's In-Game Overlay, it'd be really cool and useful. I'd like to hear some feedback! Thanks!VEGASDEATH1341 Jan 27
Jan 26 New Feature Now Live - Clear Chat History We've heard your feedback! With today's release of the Blizzard Desktop Application version, you will now be able to clear chat history for 1-on-1 chats. To clear chat history, navigate to a 1-on-1 conversation and open the dropdown by the user's BattleTag or Real ID. Select "Clear Chat History" and confirm the prompt! Keep in mind that this will only clear your view of the chat and does not clear the history for both users. Keep the feedback coming!Exeliran14 Jan 26
Jan 26 please increase your friends list limit 200 is very little for those who play several games and / or a long time, let's meet new people, but does not mean that we do not want to have old friends, please increase the limit of the list of friends according to the time and games played and please answer something about itHenrique0 Jan 26