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May 13, 2014 Welcome: Please read! Welcome to the Feedback Discussion forum for the desktop app! Before participating in the discussion, please be sure to read our forum Code of Conduct, and refer to the Beta FAQ and Known Issues list here before posting to see if your issue is already covered.Aratil0 May 13, 2014
May 14 New Features Now Live - Notification center, Gifs, @mentions and more! With this update, we're excited to release a host of new features aimed at making your social experiences more fun - and we've fixed a few bugs along the way! Read on for more details: Notification Center Chat messages, group invites, mentions, and friends requests - oh my; a lot is happening and we want to make sure you don't miss a beat. Check out the the notification center at top right of App. It's your one stop shop for Social! Giphy Support If a picture is worth a thousand words, is a GIF woth a million? In chats, click the GIF icon to browse Giphy and find the perfect image in Jraphic Interchange Format. Pro tip: Type "/giphy" followed by a search term to roll the dice on a random GIF! Are you feeling lucky? Link Previews We know sharing is hard, so we've made it easier. Many links will now preview content in line - start sharing your favorite YouTube, Twitch, and Imgur links! Mentions @All, we did it! You can @mention group members, moderators, and leaders in Blizzard Groups! Patching Improvements We've also improved our patching process to make it less intrusive. Most app updates will no longer require an immediate restart — except this one (sorry). New News We're bringing the updated Blizzard News experience to the App! Blizzard News combines the latest news across all of Blizzard's franchises, eSports, and community initiatives. App Feedback Portal The Blizzard community has some of the most impassioned gamers in the world - and we love it. There is never a shortage of feedback, so we've added an in-app feedback portal in the Blizzard dropdown. We've shipped a lot of new features this patch, so head over to the feedback portal and let us know what you think! (You always do...) Bug Fixes: Joining voice in a group channel is now more responsive. Deleted messages no longer lose their identifier when the channel is refreshed. Fixed an issue where users would not be able to dismiss expired group invites. Resolved an issue where user's tooltips would fail to display when hovering over their avatarsExeliran9 May 14
7h Non Blizzard games on Blizzard launcher Stop putting non blizzard games on my blizzard launcher. I will not ever play them. I have no desire to play them. I do not want to see them. It is intrusive. While it might be fine from the eyes of people in the company as it is 'their' launcher... I downloaded this launcher because it is called the 'blizzard' launcher. If you want to make some all purpose launcher then do so, but stop putting this stuff i have no interest in on this launcher. If that is 'beyond' reasonable... then make it so i can collapse the entire field entirely. There are now (3) things there, that I do not want to see. Cod BO4, Destiny 2 and CoD MW....FanduTalah4 7h
7h Blizzard Battle.Net App I'm not English speaker, so: Please make toggle in Options to remove "Change account"/"Change user" options from all menus. All the time I'm trying to "Close" application and missclick on "Change Account" and forced to type password. Because they are near each other. And it's very annoying. Russian version: Пожалуйста, уберите из меню куда-нибудь или дайте возможность в "Настройках" скрыть пункт "Сменить учетную запись"/"Сменить пользователя" из всех меню (в трее, по кнопке Blizzard в основном окне программы). Постоянно пытаюсь закрыть программу и регулярно промахиваюсь и приходится вводить заново пароль, что дико бесит. Зачем так делать? Юзабилити, такое ощущение, что вообще не тестировалось.Whawk0 7h
1d Non-Blizzard games. ... Emphasis mine. Source: So... is constant flashing ads for Activision games part of your "quality standards"? Because if you think so, I disagree. I want to opt out of it. Give us the option to hide icons from the app. Even Bethesda has it. Please someone tell me that you are aiming for higher "quality standards" than the Bethesda Launcher.blacxthorne2 1d
1d Still can't upload screenshot? Hello. In Discord, for instance, I can capture the screenshot, and simply send it directly in chat using Ctrl+V keycommand. But here not only I can't send the SS, but I can't even upload a picture. Why don't create those features here? It will make life more simpler.Cybernetix0 1d
1d Season 17 slayer ever wonder why to pass season 17 you have to do a set dungeon when 17 is all about NOT HAVING SETS. there's no alternative but it's against everything this season is trying to do. big oversight. not that it's a doable thing as the only set I've seen (up to T7) is the one in the gifts. hardly any dropped set pieces and NO rings or amulets with sockets that are worth wearing. wonders how they put this season together?? still play for the fun of it but the season journey seemed over long agoTKD0 1d
2d Friends List 'Mobile Friends' Hello Everyone On the top right corner of the app, there is a Friend-Symbol with an indicator how many Friends currently are online. Same for Heroes of the Storm on the bottom right side. The Indicator shows a number, even if Friends are not really "online" playing a Game or being active in the App. That Indicator is kind of misleading as it suggests me that there are people online to play with, but they are "Mobile". I would like to see (one of) the following App Features: - A filter that gives me the possibility to "Hide Mobile-Friends" - Multiple colored Indicator Numbers for: RL Friends, Mobile Friends, Online Friends and maybe Lobbies/Groups that are currently fully available. (Colored in Loot-Colors like Orange Legendary for RL-People, Epic for any other Online Friend... and so on, whatever!) That would be great! Thanks in advance!TheMurloc0 2d
3d Feature Request: WoW Item Link Support I'd love to see this in the app. It would be cool to see some sort of official integration or Wowhead integration in the app for item links. If a buddy I play WoW with isn't in game and I link him or her an item, it comes up as plain text in the bnet app. I'd love for these to be hoverable or clickable item links. Same integration for achievements and quests would be great too.Distasio0 3d
4d Why do battletag changes cost money? i would like to know why name changes are charged when other sites like steam and ubisoft do not require money to swap names. i know im a very rare case but i would like to remain anonymous, im a consistent grandmaster/top500 player in overwatch meaning im in the top 1% of the game competitive wise. im not bragging about my rank im bringing this up because its really hard to remain anonymous on the blizzard site/blizzard games, specifically overwatch because of my rank. has blizzard entertainment considered decreasing the cost of name changes or putting them free altogether but on a timer (like one name change every 30 days or something like that) overwatch/blizzard settings doesnt allow that as far as i know and i believe i have a right to my privacy, which it seems like is not allowedUndyne1 4d
5d Add level system to add more friend slots? Hey dudes, So I'm probably going to be playing Destiny 2, but it's really disappointing that I will only have 250 friend slots for Overwatch and Destiny 2. I only play games when friends are online, and we almost exclusively play with a full party of 6, even though the 6 change a lot. Would it be possible to add a level system to unlock more friend slots? Or maybe just raise the friends cap to 400 or 500? Cheers!cmdrkilljoy1 5d
5d Black ops 4 - How to uninstall this garbage? So.. It is not located under "uninstall or change a program", and I cannot find anything uninstall related in the battlenet client.. Any ideas?Linkt7 5d
5d Battlenet friend cap is still 200 :( Battlenet friend cap is still only 200 :( I have all blizzard games 200/8 games = 25 friends pr game. It feels bad deleting friends every time you find a new active player to play with. This is a huge problem for me every time I change game and find new active friends to play it and now wow classic is coming. Please give us bigger friend cap. It's good for the community!! Having a friend to play with, will make people play more and then you guys make more money from SUBS!!! We get more friends!! You guys get more money!! WIN WIN!!! 200 friends over 16 years of playing blizzard games is nothing. Compared to Facebook you can have 5000 friends!!!Necon0 5d
5d [Guide] Setting up 3rd Party Authenticator for For all you guys like me that want to use one app for all your 2FA codes, this is a little guide for how to setup your 3rd party authenticator for You'll need the following: A 3rd party authenticator that can generate 8 digit tokens. Google/Microsoft Authenticators do NOT support 8 digit codes. I recommend Authy, but others have done this with FreeOTP as well. Blizzard authenticator serial and restore code, which can be found in the Blizzard app (top right menu, click on serial and restore). Git, Python3, and pip (a python package manager) If you're on windows, install Cygwin and select the git, python3 and pip-python3 packages during the install As an alternative to Cygwin, Windows 10 users can use the Ubuntu Linux Subsystem on Windows 10 (see UPDATE 3) If you're on OSX, easiest way is to install Homebrew which gives you a Debian-like package manager. Then pop open the terminal and brew install git and brew install python3. If you're on Linux, you already know what you're doing The near entirety of getting this to work comes down to Jeremy Leclanche's Python BNA app ( Fire up your terminal (Cygwin for us Windows guys) and get typing. > cd ~ > git clone --branch 4.1.0 > cd python-bna > python3 ./bin/bna At this point, if you get complaints about missing python modules, you'll need to install them with pip. In the example below, I try and run the bna app and python complains there's no bna package installed. So I use pip to install it. > python3 ./bin/bna Traceback (most recent call last): File "./bin/bna", line 8, in <module> import bna ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'bna' > pip3 install bna You'll know everything is working okay when you see the script throw an error message at you saying you need to set up a new authenticator. > python3 ./bin/bna Error: You do not have any configured authenticators. Create a new one with 'bna --new' or try 'bna --help' for more informationWith that done, all that's left is to port your Blizzard authenticator to the bna app using the serial and restore code you got from the Blizzard app. Then you can generate the OTP url. > python3 ./bin/bna --restore US-1234-5678-9012 ABC123DEF456 > python3 ./bin/bna --otpauth-url otpauth://totp/ You have a couple of options for how to import this url into your authenticator app: Enter the secret manually into your authenticator app (given by secret= in the url). Authy users may have to manually change the account to 8-digits (see UPDATE 2). generate the QR code locally as described in the UPDATE 1 Use an online QR code generator (like, if you're okay with putting your 2fa secret out on the public interwebsOnce everything is setup, test it out once by logging into your account and if everything is good, then write/screenshot your serial and recovery code and then you can delete your Blizzard app. UPDATE 1 - Generating the QR code locally @Heresiarch pointed out that using an online QR code generator reduces the security of your authenticator since the URL you provide to the website contains the 2FA secret. The easiest way to alleviate this is to manually enter the secret into your 2FA app. If however you really like QR codes, copy the OTP url and use the following commands in the terminal to generate an SVG image. > pip3 install qrcode colorama > qr --factory=svg "otpauth://totp/" This will output a long stream of xml data. Paste this into an empty file and save the file as QR.svg. You can now open this with a browser to view your QR code. UPDATE 2 - Authy Users: Switching from 6- to 8-digit codes If your Authy mobile app added the account as a 6-digit token (normally happens when you enter the secret manually) you can change it to 8-digits using the Authy Desktop app or the Chrome plugin. After you add the account to you mobile app, open up the desktop app or the plugin and go into settings. You'll see the option to edit your accounts and when you do, you'll see the radio button for 8-digits. UPDATE 3 - Using the Ubuntu Linux Subsystem ...tazer8441 5d
6d BattleTag - Character Limit Hello, Please consider increasing the character limit above 12. This really does limit some of us on choosing a great BattleTag. Thank you,Webshark75 6d
6d BlackOps 4 - Current Summer Event BlackOps 4 - Current Summer Event sucks I paid for this game and I can barely find matches when I do try and play. Also you are limiting my game play to some of the worst match making options I have seen since this game launched. If Blizzard doesn't stop limiting me to the game play I want to play I will never support another title the put out. Just Horrible!!!!StrobeWW1 6d
6d I'm done with your games. Hello, I've been a customer for a long time and i have to say I am very disappointed with the way this company have been heading. Your games dont work on my system eventhough i meet all requirements or exceed them. I have tons of games that work with my system but your games are the only games my computer has issues from "Render Device Lost" in Overwatch to bad frame rate i used to get in WoW, and many other issues i have suffered through and you guys expect us to fix them for you just so it can work, i think not. I love the IPs its a shame though that those memorable IPs are getting overlooked by you guys. I have had enough of fixing your problems, looking for band aids to a cancerous tumor. What makes this the worst of all is that you have my money and all the time spent trying to fix your problems. So, I'm done ranting and i'm done with your platform. You lost a very loyal customer and you still wont care.Cadianlord0 6d
6d Bad for Business This is a sad day for me. After years of playing and loving Blizzard games I've come to the decision that I will no longer be buying any Blizzard products. I truly am sorry as I would love to support the people working at Blizzard, but I cannot in good conscience do so while Activision is still involved. Predatory business practices and a total lack of innovation on Activisions part have absolutely destroyed any interest I had in their products. Alas, Blizzard too is fast becoming a follower in an industry for which it used to write the rules. I know that this is entirely because of the Activision merger. Blizzard is turning into just another corporate brand, a soulless money printer with no care for its IP's or the gamers that play them. Just another garbage publisher in a world full of garbage publishers. It breaks my heart to see yet another iconic developer die at the hands of corporate greed, and I never thought it would happen to Blizzard. At least I had hoped it would never happen to Blizzard. Do you guys remember when the only criticism you would hear was, "whats taking them so damn long!?" I sure do. Man, those were the days. Now it's nothing but bad press and disconnected business moves indicative of men in suits that have no idea what they're doing. What was once a brand that understood their customers love for their games has become just another PR talking head; saying the right things because that's what companies who care do. I have no idea what Blizzard is anymore. Everything that I am seeing and, everything I am reading leads me to believe that Blizzard doesn't know what they are anymore. My hope is that Blizzard will somehow get out from under Activision and start creating worlds again, but in my heart I know that's just a pipe dream. Blizzard is already dead and it's time I was honest with myself about that. So, here is me, with no other choice but to turn my back on the legacy that WE shared. All of us together made Blizzard something truly special to me, and I can honestly say that I have enjoyed every moment of that journey. Unfortunately for me and many others Blizzard has chosen to take another path,and this is a path I will not follow. Activision wishes to do business, so I am doing business by not giving them my money. Rest in peace Blizzard. I will always remember you fondly.ODPrankster0 6d
Jun 11 How do I uninstall the BO4 Beta? It doesn't show up in "Add or Remove Programs" and there is no option to uninstall it in the launcherSerenity0 Jun 11
Jun 10 More avatars Can we have more avatars to choose please?I'd love to see Grommash Hellscream from the hearthstone card or BroxigarAlastor0 Jun 10
Jun 10 Social Chat! Blizzard needs to make a " mode " or something that i can go back to the NORMAL chat system we had... cus this new social thingy is so tilting! plz fix ASAP! Its way to hard to see if friends have sent me a msg or a groupe. but i just want a thing that i can use the last patch if possible for the chat. -TyzenTyzen3 Jun 10
Jun 10 Stadia? Are you gonna release you games on Stadia Blizz? Imagine if all actiblizz had to do was develop and publish? Let google run the infrastructure for us with the best servers and GPU support, and you guys can focus 100% on the game. I want it!Eyebore2 Jun 10
Jun 9 Addition of Classic titles to Bnet App Addition of classic titles to app. It would be useful to see classic titles and maintain the activation/cd key for games such as Diablo II from within the Bnet Launcher. Also, the ability to store multiple cdkeys on one account. Thanks! Also, support Mac's! The eGPU movement is catching on.BlueKnight0 Jun 9
Jun 9 Let us decide what games are on the launcher I have no interest in playing some of the games that appear on the launcher and I really don't want news of things like Modern Warfare and I wish I could decide not to have it show up.Atoli2 Jun 9
Jun 9 Please censor homophobic slurs on Blizzard chats I play Starcraft II almost every day, and during a game today, another player continually called me the homophobic slur, "F#g." And to my surprise, the Blizzard chat system did not censor it. Blizzard developers need to censor this word! It would be nice to play Blizzard games without worrying about homophobic slurs, and it would also show Blizzard's support for the LGBT community.ToJo42420 Jun 9
Jun 9 Black Ops 4 - PC/Australia - No players Hey dudes - anyone else having problems actually finding a game in blackout/regular multiplayer (in Australia)? Seems like when i do connect (to an AUS server) there will be 10-20 people max. Certainly not enough for a battle royale game...Andy5 Jun 9
Jun 8 BattleNet - Friends List Grouping/Categories Friend List - Grouping Hi i don't usually write in forums so apologies if this has already been mentioned somewhere else as i couldn't find a specific topic on this? Will we ever be given the ability to categorise our 'Friends list' into groups similar to how the 'Favorites' option is labeled? (Not to be confused with Social Tab Grouping) So for example the BNET user would be able to create, name and view local groups from the (Friends Icon) and see i.e. Group Labels (If selected would display as so) Favourites - Bestie#0000 Friends - Friend#0000 - Friend#0001 Guild Members - GuildMember#0001 - GuildMember#0002 - GuildMember#0003 - GuildMember#0004 Pugs - Pug#0001 Recruits - Recruit#0001 and so on, i think you get this idea! :D Having a feature like this i feel as a user and GM in WoW more specifically it would allow for clearer filtering of my friends and acquaintances within the BattleNet App, but with this ability to create and name your own categories in a way like I've listed above i feel would really support any BNET user in whatever game they enjoy playing? Currently i'm having to use the notes to keep track for this but again it's tedious in keeping it up to date so this is why i'm crying out for a simpler way to manage this. I'd really like an opinion on this as i personally feel this would be a great feature for everyone using the BNET Application :) Thanks for reading this.Buffalo1 Jun 8
Jun 8 animation/video playing on game pages option we should have an option to block animated videos showing up on the games page -.- Whats that blizzard? There is a video for bap usable in comp now? Sure toss me a link. One should have to click PLAY to have it shown. Not have a video window with animations going on with a play button THAT ISNT CLICKED! Not just about this one…its about a lot of their(blizzard overall not just OW related) video crap <_< [venting done]Hotaru2513 Jun 8
Jun 8 Disable auto-stream in the launcher Routinely there is some stream going on in the launcher, and it uses a TON of data. Even when paused it still uses data, it lags out games, and it soaks up major portions of monthly usage limits. Watching network usage yesterday I noticed activity was high, the stream in the launcher was going. I don't watch videos or anything when I play and somehow at barely halfway through the month I'm already at 694GB of 1TB for the month. At this rate you're going to end up costing me an additional $50 this month Blizzard, we NEED a way to disable the stream window in the launcher. Not pause, disable. This is like that U2 album that got forced on the iphone users. Content no one wanted preventing the use of a product to its potential.Lohac2 Jun 8
Jun 8 Slowest Download Speed In The West Battle.Net, I'm downloading at 2.5Mbs a second. On steam i download 232Mbs a second. What gives.Pixleator0 Jun 8
Jun 7 Cannot connect to Blizzard app Anyone have a guess as to how long this could take? Rearranged my desk, made it al fung shuey, grabbed a hot cup of tea.. boom. nopeMorgetiud0 Jun 7
Jun 7 Blizzard launcher I am sick and tired of the launcher always being down I never have any problems with steam and it seems like every other time I log into blizzard I can't play my game That I payed for, for one reason or another.Dagger0 Jun 7
Jun 7 trying to log in getting this error: been getting disconnected when I had launcher running too in the past... What's going on Blizzard?Ossirthenion0 Jun 7
Jun 7 Feedback on connectivity issues/Minor bugs. I have noticed connectivity issues across so i'd like to point them out. World of warcraft Screen randomly flash freezes, mainly around the new zones's capitals. Starcraft a friend sometimes gets kicked from a game and is unable to reconnect/perhaps gets randomly DCed from Bnet. Heathstone Frequently during the Dalaran heist, client loses connection with server and quickly reconnects. Overwatch Noticable Input lag difference between Quickplay/Competitive and Arcade.FransBauer0 Jun 7
Jun 7 Waiting in a queue??!! Since when do you have to placed in a queue to log into app and wait 2437 minutes?????!! What on earth is going on?!BroodWar8 Jun 7
Jun 7 down down??? with a 5hr que time ummmmmmm and it keeps going up. now at 242 minutes was at 149 minutesf1fty28ty4 Jun 7
Jun 7 Ticket Time? Just curious what the current wait time is on tickets?Orzhova642 Jun 7
Jun 7 cant submit a ticket CAN'T SUBMIT A TICKET I can't click the submit ticket option on contact support. I've connected using the authentication app. I have filled out all the blank fields. Yet, I cannot submit my ticket. Why?BehingYou3 Jun 7
Jun 6 partner games renamed again?? Will the Partner Games heading be changing back to Activision once Destiny moves its PC playerbase to steam??? (as announced in their ViDoc) thoughts!Storm2 Jun 6
Jun 6 BO4 Doesn't work. I just bought a key through Humble bundle monthly. I redeemed it through battle net but then I get an error code. I honestly don't know what's wrong, I can't find anything what the error code means. So I don't know why they have it. If you wonder what the code is: BLZBNTBGS000003FD I posted it here because humble support redirected me here, thanks for the answers in advance!MagicPants0 Jun 6
Jun 6 Worlds Unite OST/Music/Song Blizzard Entertainment just released the opening cinematic video they showed at Blizcon 2018 on YouTube called “Blizzard Entertainment - Worlds Unite”. No matter how hard I look, I can not find the awesome epic music that was used in that video. If you know some information, please respond and tell me what is the name of that OST / Music / Song is!Pablo50001 Jun 6
Jun 6 Reaper is OP Ever since the new buff for Reaper that gives him an insane amount of healing for doing damage, I've quit competitive. Having to fight Reaper in his current state may be manageable for GMs and higher ranking players, but for lower skilled players he is nearly unkillable. Multiple times I have fought against Reaper as Roadhog or Reinhardt with a mercy pocketing me and the Reaper still manages to out heal and kill the both of us. That shouldn't happen. I know the devs want to have higher rank players play Reaper, but it is ruining comp for the rest of us. The "git gud" mentality of that buff makes me want to quit Overwatch entirely.Snecko1 Jun 6
Jun 6 WoW Class Icons as BNet Avatars? With WoW Classic coming out, do you think it would be possible to get Class Icons as avatars on Like this: Jun 6
Jun 6 Hide Games in Launcher Please implement a way to hide certain games in the launcher.Zephir95 Jun 6
Jun 6 Logout Confirmation for BNet Client Can we get a logout confirmation for the client? With 'Logout' being directly above the 'Exit' option on the right-click context menu, I've accidentally clicked it countless times. And sure, I can login again, but it's an unnecessary annoyance. Most applications ask for you to confirm you want to logout. BNet does not. It IMMEDIATELY kicks you out to the sign-in screen. Can we get a small confirmation box to prevent accidental logouts?Drakkenfyre0 Jun 6
Jun 5 Third party authenticator support I realize that this doesn't have anything to do directly with the Desktop App, but the limited selection of forums leaves this as the nearest option, and the answerer of my support ticket told me that the forums are the place to request this. I hope that it can get forwarded to the correct parties. I would like to use a third party authenticator instead of the official Authenticator for Android. There are several applications that let you scan the QR code for a service which uses an authenticator -- like Amazon's AWS, GitHub, or Twitch -- and avoid having to download a company-specific app to generate codes for you. These applications are very handy because the growing number of accounts which use 2FA would otherwise cause a large number of custom authentication applications on users' phones, all essentially performing the same task. One of these applications is called Authy. Another such app which is developed by Google is called Google Authenticator. Both of these (and others) can be found on the Google Play Store. Can you guys please allow a way of using nonproprietary applications as authentication devices? I'm not a computer security expert, but I request that before dismissing this idea as insecure, you look into how and why it can be supported by services like AWS, whose users have a much higher ceiling on what they can lose should their 2FA be somehow compromised (somewhere around the "our entire company's infrastructure" level) than users of Thanks for reading!beo286 Jun 5
Jun 5 Will Cod Points Transfer From Bo4 To Mw4? Hey everyone, I recently bought cod points in bo4 and I had some left over and I was wonder if it will transfer to Mw4 when it comes out, I really want to buy some in game items in Mw4 pls help :DPopinyoyo1 Jun 5
Jun 5 Voice chat - not hearing microphone? My friend and I cannot chat through Blizzard using the voice chat feature. When he looks at his voice chat settings in Blizzard it's not registering any sounds from his mic. It's not muted. His mic is working as we can communicate on skype and also in his computer settings you can visually see it registering. We don't have any issues with other games such as overwatch. Does anyone have any ideas?Mathildah26 Jun 5
Jun 5 Friends list empty Friends list empty after latest Battlenet update why as this happened ??. The first time it as done this after an update anyone got any ideas.Blunham2 Jun 5
Jun 4 new classic, old retail and losing subs so with the classic demo's coming and going people are getting really excited for classic to come out, so much so that a lot of people are canceling their subs to WoW and moving to a private server to play 'Classic' before it comes out, anyways with this happening and blizzard losing subs would that incline them to release classic sooner than the end of august regardless of how 'finished' the game is because people want to play it, they are happy with most faults but mostly just want to play the game and are instead playing it elsewhere for free, food for thought if blizzard wants to make something for their effort before everyone burns out on private servers.Cheshire04000 Jun 4