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May 13, 2014 Welcome: Please read! Welcome to the Feedback Discussion forum for the desktop app! Before participating in the discussion, please be sure to read our forum Code of Conduct, and refer to the Beta FAQ and Known Issues list here before posting to see if your issue is already covered.Aratil0 May 13, 2014
Jan 6 New Features Now Live - Notification center, Gifs, @mentions and more! With this update, we're excited to release a host of new features aimed at making your social experiences more fun - and we've fixed a few bugs along the way! Read on for more details: Notification Center Chat messages, group invites, mentions, and friends requests - oh my; a lot is happening and we want to make sure you don't miss a beat. Check out the the notification center at top right of App. It's your one stop shop for Social! Giphy Support If a picture is worth a thousand words, is a GIF woth a million? In chats, click the GIF icon to browse Giphy and find the perfect image in Jraphic Interchange Format. Pro tip: Type "/giphy" followed by a search term to roll the dice on a random GIF! Are you feeling lucky? Link Previews We know sharing is hard, so we've made it easier. Many links will now preview content in line - start sharing your favorite YouTube, Twitch, and Imgur links! Mentions @All, we did it! You can @mention group members, moderators, and leaders in Blizzard Groups! Patching Improvements We've also improved our patching process to make it less intrusive. Most app updates will no longer require an immediate restart — except this one (sorry). New News We're bringing the updated Blizzard News experience to the App! Blizzard News combines the latest news across all of Blizzard's franchises, eSports, and community initiatives. App Feedback Portal The Blizzard community has some of the most impassioned gamers in the world - and we love it. There is never a shortage of feedback, so we've added an in-app feedback portal in the Blizzard dropdown. We've shipped a lot of new features this patch, so head over to the feedback portal and let us know what you think! (You always do...) Bug Fixes: Joining voice in a group channel is now more responsive. Deleted messages no longer lose their identifier when the channel is refreshed. Fixed an issue where users would not be able to dismiss expired group invites. Resolved an issue where user's tooltips would fail to display when hovering over their avatarsExeliran8 Jan 6
1h Copy and Paste Deck Code IN Hearthstone doesn't work Why can't I simply copy and paste the deck code to my friends in Hearthstone or even the battle net chat system? The code is to long and both hearthstone and the battle net chat has a character limit. This is very frustrating when trying to share decks with your friend while in the game....please fix this.iCpryde1 1h
10h Failed to create a graphics context. [WINE] As of today the Blizzard app doesn't work anymore. After logging in, I get the following error: I'm using Wine and that support page even mentions that this may occur with Wine, but it doesn't saying anything about why, and how to fix it. Very often if an error is something that happens to Windows users as well, the fixes for them can be performed under Wine and usually work. I have tried everything I could find, but to no avail. - Tried setting QT_ANGLE_PLATFORM to "warp" - Ensured my nVidia drivers and Wine are up to date - Ensured I have 32 bit packages for nVidia - Disabled browser acceleration - Tried using both Windows' DX11 dlls as well as Wine's built in ones I believe it started happening now because the Blizzard app just updated to a new version. I wonder if anyone else have this issue, and if there are any ideas (even if it's for Windows) on how to fix it? (And if you want to reply how I should use Windows instead, just please just close this thread instead. Thank you.)StormHUN7 10h
11h Reinhart skin OW So, massive fan of Starcraft, WoW and Overwatch. Been playing Reinhart a lot and Im asking if you could make a Jim Raynor skin for him. Many Thanks. PhillARK3131 11h
1d WoW on Xbox Please Blizzard make wow on Xbox one x ! AI want to play it with friends really consider it :)GwNax0 1d
1d Third party authenticator support I realize that this doesn't have anything to do directly with the Desktop App, but the limited selection of forums leaves this as the nearest option, and the answerer of my support ticket told me that the forums are the place to request this. I hope that it can get forwarded to the correct parties. I would like to use a third party authenticator instead of the official Authenticator for Android. There are several applications that let you scan the QR code for a service which uses an authenticator -- like Amazon's AWS, GitHub, or Twitch -- and avoid having to download a company-specific app to generate codes for you. These applications are very handy because the growing number of accounts which use 2FA would otherwise cause a large number of custom authentication applications on users' phones, all essentially performing the same task. One of these applications is called Authy. Another such app which is developed by Google is called Google Authenticator. Both of these (and others) can be found on the Google Play Store. Can you guys please allow a way of using nonproprietary applications as authentication devices? I'm not a computer security expert, but I request that before dismissing this idea as insecure, you look into how and why it can be supported by services like AWS, whose users have a much higher ceiling on what they can lose should their 2FA be somehow compromised (somewhere around the "our entire company's infrastructure" level) than users of Thanks for reading!beo277 1d
2d Overwatch Account Merge Hello Blizzard i have a question for account merging with 2 account because i saw that i cannot merge 2 Overwatch, can that change that you also can merge accounts with Overwatch items thank you. Sorry for the bad grammar.MisterLucias0 2d
2d away status on so i was wondering.. i am seeing people "online" on monile app and the moment they seem to go away it says "away for 2 days" (for example) even though 5 minutes earlier they were showing as online/active. any ideas? also is there a limit of how many friends the friend lists shows to others when they check our friend list on bnet?Aragul2 2d
3d Linux Support for Blizzard Games The question of Linux support comes up time and time again but I really think it is time that Blizzard actuallty supported Linux. Here is why. Drivers aren't an issue anymore One of the big reasons that people didn't want to use Linux was the poor state of graphics drivers. This isn't an issue anymore. The drivers have massively improved and the major performance differences that some games still show are down to the lower quality wrapper-based ports rather than the native ports (like those Valve did for their games). Vulkan The Vulkan API is the cross-platform versions of DirectX 12. These two APIs are the future of PC Games but Vulkan isn't restricted to Windows 10 like DX12 is. By using Vulkan, Blizzard can generate code that is multi-platform friendly and would make the job of creating and supporting Linux games much easier in the long run. Blizzard are also a member of the Khronos group, the people who publish the spec for the Vulkan API. Source: Distro Fragmentation isn't an issue Another common argument for not using or supporting Linux is the number of distributions. While there are large number of options, the vast majority of Linux users use a small handful of distros that are very similar to each other. More importantly, Valve only officially support Ubuntu which makes their job easier while also reducing the diea who need to officially support every distribution that exists. Users are willing to test/support companies that support Linux There is a dedicated and growing community around Linux gaming that is willing to help developers, both finanically and constructively, who want to support. The community while buy the games while also do their best to report bugs or test development builds for upcoming or already existing games that are being ported. Blizzard are a massive company and they could easily grab the attention of this entire community and it would help to provide a lot of real world testing for them. Operating system choice is good Giving people the choice of using a non-Windows operating system to play Blizzard games is only a good thing. While you can use Mac OS X you do have to buy an Apple Mac to use it (in line with the license agreement anyway). This is important because Windows 10 and the upgrade tactics have drawn a lot of negative attention to Microsoft. There is an even growing number of people who are switching to Linux or at least considering it. However, there is one problem. Linux has (or had) a chicken and egg problem. Nobody uses it because nobody develops for it which leads to nobody developing for it as nobody uses it. While Valve and other companies have been changing this by porting games to Linux, a company as large as Blizzard porting their games to Linux would do wonders for this movement and would really send a signal to games and developers alike to actually take Linux seriously as a gaming platform. The benefit of doing this is that the users have more choice as to what operating system they run on their computer without having to make sacrifices. You can run the games via WINE but that isn't perfect whereas a native port would allow for Linux Gamers to enjoy the best possible Blizzard experience without having to install/use Windows. Linux Market Share Growth While the accuracy of web based statistics for operating ysstem use is questionable, the usage graph that will be linked below shows that Linux now has more than 2% of the market share on desktop operating systems. This is, again, a sign of progress. Source: 3d
4d Is this just me or does everyone else lose connection to the blizzard servers all the time as well? Since the start of april i feel like i get the '' lost connection to the servers '' screen way too many times. Every second game of Hearthstone, Overwatch or Starcraft i lose connection and it seems to get worse by the day. Checked the Firewall, Internet and the PC, couldn't find anything. If anyone is familiar with the issue and has a quick fix i would appreciate it.Bomb4t0 4d
6d Diablo 2 account saying incorrect password? Diablo 2 account saying incorrect password? I know I'm typing the password in correctly tho! Account: Tylor Gateway: US-EastBT1609111 6d
Apr 12 Copy your Battle Tag from the Blizzard APP I don't know if possible, but i can't find the way to COPY my battle tag in the desktop app. Should be possible so i can quickly share it with my friends. If is possible ignore me and just drop a comment of how do it.uii3 Apr 12
Apr 11 #ReworkMcCree Hey Blizz why do you hate McCree? He is the worst hero in game effectively because of the kit that YOU gave him. I love McCree and want to play him but I can't because there's no way to win with him at my SR. He takes a ton of mechanical skill in order to be decent. His flashbang stuns for less than a second giving others the chance to counter when other stuns are longer. His reload is slow. His shooting is slow so even if he does decent dmg he is often out dps'd by others that fire faster who also have more ammo. His roll moves him about 1 inch for those super amazing get aways. His ult is so easy to dodge or shield that it's not even good for killing which is what it was designed for. He also moves super slow in ult and is easy to kill super fast. I love McCree and want to play him but again at my SR that means never winning. I feel like you hate McCree and in return you hate me. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! Fix him and I mean really fix him and not just give us another gay or whatever hero instead of making the game good. Thank you sincerely. ME.WookieNinja0 Apr 11
Apr 11 Please let us hide our friends lists from others! The title says it all. I am very uncomfortable with this new friends finder feature. It feels like a violation of privacy, and the fact that I cannot hide my friends list from anyone makes it even worse. Turning myself invisible isn't enough. Please let us hide our friends lists from others!Derrek26 Apr 11
Apr 11 Separate installation I think, many people have SSD + HDD config, because they don't have plenty space on SSD. What's promblem to create separate location of installation Audio|Video and main game files?Grey54 Apr 11
Apr 10 Native Linux Support I'm unable to reply to the previous Pro Linux Thread, because so many people supported the notion, it broke the internet: I want native linux support for all Blizzard games. I own them all (plus the old games not on I Love Blizzard. I Love Linux. I understand why there is no Linux support. Porting any existing mega-game to switch from DirectX to OpenGL is a massive fundertaking, plus it has to run on all distributions/hardware. Is the payout worth it? I don't know, but I maybe onto something... Some (very early) stats from Steam reported 2% of gamers use Linux, and those gamers on Linux spend less time playing games than gamers on Windows. Of the Linux gamers, how many have already purchased all of the Blizzard games and won't generate any additional revenue, except for subscriptions & in-game purchases (I think I spent $200 on Hearthstone so far, lol). It's important to entertain and embrace the Linux users as Steam is driving more gamers to leave Windows, including those who didn't know there was a better & free alternative to Windows, imho. I doubt most gamers are using Windows by choice. They are using Windows because it shipped with their pre-built PC (of which sales are way down, meaning more will eventually switch to Linux). They're also using Windows because they never heard of Linux. And the biggest reason is because Blizzard doesn't support Linux. Could somebody smarter than me explain how how many Blizzard games support Mac, but not Linux. Meaning all OpenGL work is done, since Mac only supports OpenGL, which means the hardest work of porting to Linux is done, right? If that's the case then tapping into that growing 2% market sounds very easy and likely profitable. Not all distributions need to be targeted, Steam is target to run support on Ubuntu, which worked out well for them. BTW: Hearthstone works on Android. Android was built on Linux. Partial win. My name is Blitz and I approve this message.Blitz46 Apr 10
Apr 10 Sad (Linux) user Hello Blizzard, I beg of you, make bnet app and at least hearthstone available for Linux. I enjoy your games, but i cant stand using windows. Theres ton of people who feel the same. Please do something for us!Solidsnake7 Apr 10
Apr 10 Blizzard Games for Linux I know that there have been petitions, and plenty of forums and such relating to this topic... And I have read some of the responses from Blizzard as well, and their concerns. Based on what I think is most concerning for them, is the marketplace for Linux systems makes up, apparently about 2% of internet users, based on conversations that I've read. Instead of looking at the numbers, we should always look at why those numbers are the way they are. Another person mentioned that nobody develops for Linux, because nobody uses Linux, because nobody develops for Linux. Kind of a dirty cycle... However, that is entirely true it seems, at least from a gaming aspect. All of my friends that game on Windows would prefer to use Linux, but simply they can't, or don't want to hassle with Wine to get the game working, and even then there will likely be complications. Linux has come a long way, especially in the last 5-10 years, gaining more support and more development. Blizzard would not have to support all systems, just likely, Ubuntu/Debian based systems and RHEL. If Blizzard were to tackle this, at least throw some support (not all games at one time), this would likely have drastic effects on the Linux marketplace. It's at least worth a shot, in my opinion, to port at least 2 of their major games to Linux, to at least see if they can help out the Linux marketplace. Windows is nothing but spyware/adware and Mac is usually too expensive... Linux allows people to spend more money on games for Blizzard, or other companies. Valve has done a great job trying to port games to Linux, which has helped, but having a major player like Blizzard would be much more effective. I don't know the resources or the time that would go into this, but I would at least ask to consider, just porting 2 high profile games to Linux, just as a trial to see how the gamers react. I would love to test and provide feedback for this too, as well as I'm sure plenty of other people in the Linux community would be on board with helping Blizzard take on this task.... Hope this doesn't fall on deaf ears.. SincerelyLometur11 Apr 10
Apr 10 Linux/Debian Support? I see there is a wine based solution, out there in the linux community; however, as a big fan of both Blizzard and Linux, I feel compelled to reach out in hope that I can hear from Blizzard staff, concerning thoughts/plans/actions towards adding linux support to their desktop application & games. Ubuntu would be great! Would love to see it :D <3 Thanks for all your hard work!!urm0mma4 Apr 10
Apr 10 Suggestion | Blizzard Game Pass Price: $9.99/every month to gain access to every game on the Blizzard client. TL;DR: Something like Origin Access and Xbox Game Pass but for Blizzard. Why? Personally, people like me. I don't want to spend $60 (and many people don't either) on Black Ops 3.5. So, why not have a program to not just play Black Ops 3.5 but Destiny 2, WoW (with the subscription included), StarCraft and other titles. Just look at this statistic, Forza Horizon 4 had 2 million players play the game, 2 million. This program will definitely boost numbers for both Blizzard and Activision which is a win, win.azgoodaz5 Apr 10
Apr 10 COD BO4 is dead on PC if you're in Australia. Do not, I repeat, do not buy this game on PC. As of 24/2/2019 I am unable to find even one blackout match or a full lobby multiplayer match. I am not as disappointed as I should be because I had only spent $55 on this failure of a game. Please save your money and go buy something other than this piece of recycled garbage.Bann5 Apr 10
Apr 9 Site feedback I can't create topic in site feedback. I be now this: "Thanks for visiting the Blizzard Forums (3.4.9) · Patch Notes" - if scrolling down we have see this words and numbers. Blizzard I think this needed clearling. And this is many time no updated and that numbers too.ikki1 Apr 9
Apr 9 Make swords great again! Imagine if swords were moved to the energy slot so we could actually use them! I think the meta would shift again and we would see different styles of play.GhostDragon1 Apr 9
Apr 7 Warcraft 3 reforaged I was wondering as I have the classic wc3/ft download available, are those of us that have them getting reforaged for free? or are we having to pay for it all over again? I ask this because they did the same for starcraft.MrLaxitive1 Apr 7
Apr 6 Adding shop on battlenet mobile Will you please add a shop in the mobile app. I'm curious.Muyhem0 Apr 6
Apr 6 Disable Video Ads! Please give us the option to disable video ads for the new patch!! I only keep the Launcher open to update my games. I know its constantly loading the same high quality 10 second video, and after a while its going to add up and waste my limited data. PLEASE give the option to disable these ads, we only need to see it one time anyways.Amerikaner7 Apr 6
Apr 5 BattleTag - Character Limit Hello, Please consider increasing the character limit above 12. This really does limit some of us on choosing a great BattleTag. Thank you,Webshark71 Apr 5
Apr 5 Estimated Download Time Add an estimated download time when downloading games. I'm downloading Hearthstone now, and can only see the remaining amount of data and the download speed. I know you can technically calculate it yourself from that, but it's much more convenient to have the program do it. It's nice to see at a glance how much time is left before you can play. Estimated download time is shown pretty much everywhere else, so not sure why it's missing here.Viannah51 Apr 5
Apr 4 take away decay!! Hey blizzard/ I think you guys should take away decay its so unfair i dont unstand Why you guys having it When lira off peoples having on itYeeter690 Apr 4
Apr 4 Hide Games in Launcher Please implement a way to hide certain games in the launcher.Zephir93 Apr 4
Apr 3 Time played? Is there a way to view "time played" for games on Blizzard. Steam keeps track of all hours logged to every game you play. If this feature isn't part of, It should be. Even PlayStation and Xbox keep track of hours played. I know it's a small feat/request. But it's a very nice feature to have.Karlastrophe52 Apr 3
Apr 3 animation/video playing on game pages option we should have an option to block animated videos showing up on the games page -.- Whats that blizzard? There is a video for bap usable in comp now? Sure toss me a link. One should have to click PLAY to have it shown. Not have a video window with animations going on with a play button THAT ISNT CLICKED! Not just about this one…its about a lot of their(blizzard overall not just OW related) video crap <_< [venting done]Hotaru2510 Apr 3
Apr 2 Remove Game Icon I'm never going to play WoW. Why can't I remove it from my game list? I like being given the option to install it initially, and would like to see an install for future (or past) games, but I would also like to be able to clean up my launcher and only see the ones I will actually play. Other than that I love it so far.Drazilin129 Apr 2
Apr 1 Removing Region Lock From Friends List. It's ridiculous that the friends list is region locked. I, like many other people online, have friends all over the world who I enjoy playing games with and chatting to. I wouldn't mind too much if it was a simple matter of selecting a region from the friends list so you could easily cycle between them, but to even change region is a massive to-do. Worst part is, if you've added a friend on EU and they go onto NA server, it no longer even registers them as your friend! So you have to re-add them and have two instances of the same person on your list. It just seems incredibly archaic to have this restriction in place, especially with Blizzard trying to push their self-titled launcher as a platform for IMing and to join games with your friends. I would like to simply see it without the region locking, and the list could simply show a flag or the abbreviation for whatever server the person is playing on in the friends list (e.g. NA or a US flag next to the game symbol on the friends list to show which server they're on) or at least an option in the friends list to easily and quickly switch between which server you're viewing friends from.Yojimbo10 Apr 1
Apr 1 Destiny Info On the Destiny 2 page of it says "published by Activision," this is no longer the case and inaccurate please fix this or is this a glitch?JamesBond0071 Apr 1
Mar 31 Please STOP auto play of streams I don't have a big conection and everytime I am alredy watching stream. Is just so annoying. Ty.ncqp20 Mar 31
Mar 30 Changing Phone number and other disgraces. Why would I need to change the phone number if I had the old one? When you go to change the number it sends an SMS to the old one. The one you don't have anymore. Want to put in a ticket for help? Verify by SMS, to the old number. There is another option but I am under no circumstances going to scan a photo I.D. to blizzard. The only reason this even came to attention is because I was trying to get blizzard to stop spamming the crap out of my email. I'm not playing WoW because its garbage, stop spamming me, I'm not playing hearthstone because unless you put down real money its garbage, stop spamming me. The only game I really still played was HoTS and blizzard hamstrung it, stop spamming me. I don't know what happened to this company but its insane. I never asked for email spam, I never asked for sms protection or verification and the number on the account has been out of my possession for years.Fenrir0 Mar 30
Mar 29 COD is DONE!!! Thought this was going to be the best one yet and you guys worry about skins a bull!@#$ in the game other then making the game better. This will be the last time you (NONE KNOWING HOW TO RUN THE GAME) get my hard earned money. Nice way to kill COD.... If they even gave a %^-* they would reach out to the players and ask what they are doing wrong but just like everyone says they got our money so they don't give a !@#$. If you have a problem with my opinion then ban me but give my money back for the season pass that has been a total waste of money. MR.WTFMRWTF5 Mar 29
Mar 27 Silent Installer or Unattended Installation Most softwares/applications have silent install switches that allow for automated unattended installations/deployments. The Blizzard App/ app however doesn't (not that I know of after hours of googling and failed attempts). It would be great to have the Blizzard App have a silent install switches to accommodate large scale installation using deployment technologies like SCCM. Additional switches could also be incorporated to allow for installation logging to a desired log file. Most common examples of silent install switches are below. /s /silent /log "C:\InstallerLogging\ Install.log" /q /quiet Usually installers being passed switches this way will install applications with default settings. It could be taken one step further. An answer file switch, providing an answerfile that will have settings in it that the installer will read and answer as the installation is performed. Example below /s /answerfile:"C:\ Installer\Unattended_Install.ini" This would enable large scale installations for enterprise and education institutions. Side note, generally the blizzard app can auto update for any user, provided the system directories (Program Files (x86)\Blizzard App\), (ProgramData\\) used have "All Users" Full control security permissions. In addition to any HKLM registry hives.Blade4 Mar 27
Mar 27 Block Battletags from Battlenet App On PC it would be a great feature if we can block someone by putting their battle tag from within the app (at least on the PC version). Had a situation recently where I removed whom I thought were friends but turned out to be not the case, I removed them without first blocking them and really don't want to re-add them as friends just to block and remove. Please make this a thing!!AlliCali0 Mar 27
Mar 27 Multiple logins Battlenet app Battlenet app needs to be able to have multiple logins. It's dumb that it logs you out if you log into another computer. It would be nice to be able to message and see who's online from another computer. It makes sense to not have multiple instances of games running, but not the battlenet app. Please change it to allow multiple logins.MacOSX4ever1 Mar 27
Mar 25 DC COMP CANT JOIN BACK? I was just doing comp in a 4 stack. 2 people from mine and the enemy team got dc'd because blizzard servers were overflowing and putting us in a queue. When we can finally re-connect the game kicks us completely and says match incomplete and counts the game as a loss. Our other 2 clan mates get the win? Why can we not join back to comp games after your servers dc us and it has nothing to do with the players internet?Aryze0 Mar 25
Mar 24 wow 3 week ban for trying to play diablo 2 on a computer with a VPN... So I tried to play diablo 2 on a friends computer who had a VPN installed. I never even knew what a VPN was until this issue! So I try to play and get DC'ed right away. game refuses to connect after, I have no idea whats going on, then im told, oh its probably my VPN messing with it. He disabled VPN, and I tried and it worked! I logged out, ate dinner, came back, and it was back to unable to connect... So I looked up on google, and see that you get banned for playing diablo 2 on a VPN! I contacted support and they like "sorry bro, its an old game and we don't feel like doing anything, your ban is either 12 hour, 24 hour, or 3 week ban, nothing we can do" and seeing how its been past 24 hours and I still cannot log on that means I got a 3 week ban. Stop bullying your customers. I contacted support, admitted my mistake, and you guys are UNABLE to help? too bad your banned, deal with it, is your attitude? this !@#$ makes me want to cancel my wow account, my dads, wow account, as we spend over $30 a month on your company, for 10 years, I have bought all blizzard games, and your level of help is sorry bro its an old game, we CAN'T do anything? I accidently used a VPN, Can I see where in terms of service it is a BANNABLE offence? if no one shows me that, I will cancel my wow accountsSlimegirl1 Mar 24
Mar 22 Your Account has been locked: SMS Literally logged in to the Wow forums <because reasons>. Authenticated the log in via email and got 2 emails back to tell me I'd logged in. All normal. Then I get an SMS which reads: "Your account has been locked Visit account management to unlock it" My account is working fine. What the hell is going on?Gibus0 Mar 22
Mar 21 New Feature Now Live - Social Tab & Groups Our new Social tab is your one stop shop for managing all your social interactions. Whether you’re whispering messages to a friend, engaging in multi-chats, or hanging out in our new Blizzard Groups, you can easily pick up where you left off in all your conversations. Chats When you open a chat with someone in the Blizzard app, it will show up in the Chats list under the Social tab. This keeps all your conversations in an organized, accessible list. If you ever want to take a conversation outside that list, click the [icon] icon in the top right corner to open it in a new window. Groups Blizzard Groups are a new way for you to connect with your friends and plan your next mission. Players can create and join Groups based on their common interests. You can use groups to keep in touch, share strategies, and catch up on conversations you might’ve missed while offline. Creating a Group When you create a Group, you can choose from several options to customize your experience. First, provide a Group name. This will be the title that appears in the Groups section. You can also choose an avatar (from a variety of in-game icons) and write a short description for your Group. Inviting Others Once the Group is created, you can start inviting friends to join. Browse your Friends list and select who you’d like to add, or send an invite link. The invite link can be customized to expire after a set amount of time or a set amount of clicks. You can also manage the created links in the Group Settings and revoke access to the Group, if needed. Channels Each Group can have multiple text and voice chat channels. You’ll start with a General channel by default, but from there you can create custom channels as needed. When you create a channel, you’ll assign it a name and have the option to provide a short description. You can also choose who can view the channel. The Groups beta is available now in the Americas region. Head to the Social tab to get the party started! Once you’ve had a chance to check out it out, use this thread to discuss the new features.Psione78 Mar 21
Mar 21 Remove Activision Anybody remembers the 'Remove Eververse' spam of Destiny 2? Activision is just so much of a damn downgrade to the launcher, it should be given a complete own one, filled to the brim with dead games and predatory practises, as that is what Activision stands for.NekoSeba30 Mar 21
Mar 21 Blizzard Finally uninstalling all Blizzard related games and moving to POE. Blizzard, you have failed me. Since the 4th grade I've loved everything you had to offer. Twenty years later and I don't want to touch any product you own. I honestly think that Blizzard lacks the creativity and ability to even make a game as great as Path of Exile.Moraxus0 Mar 21
Mar 19 Warcraft 3 and Frozen Throne Support The launcher would be more encompassing of all Blizzard games if older ones like Warcraft 3 were added. Giving support for these games may even help bring back players to them.Likhan31 Mar 19
Mar 18 Blizzard Launcher - Online Friends Display Please give the friends panel on the Blizzard launcher a higher priority for display. It's really annoying not realising friends are playing a game because of the amount of adverts displayed in front of it pushing it out of view, not just adverts but for games I don't even play or need to know about such as HOTS, Hearthstone and Starcraft. The Friends Playing panel seems to have a higher priority on things like WoW, where adverts will often appear to the right of it. But for overwatch it seems to have the lowest priority and adverts always appear to its left, pushing it gradually out of view.Dystilled2 Mar 18