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May 13, 2014 Welcome: Please read! Welcome to the Feedback Discussion forum for the desktop app! Before participating in the discussion, please be sure to read our forum Code of Conduct, and refer to the Beta FAQ and Known Issues list here before posting to see if your issue is already covered.Aratil0 May 13, 2014
Feb 14 Patch 1.7.0: Introducing Suggested Friends Today we released version 1.7.0 of the Desktop App, which includes Suggested Friends, and a number of new features and enhancements to the Friends List. Mutual Friends of your Real ID friends have always been displayed using their Real ID. If you do not want to show up in Suggested Friends, you can turn off the option in the Communication Preferences section of Account Management (you can click on the “Privacy Settings” link in the cog wheel on the Friends List, or visit Below are the full patch notes for the 1.7.0 release: Suggested Friends Suggested Friends will provide users with new and easy ways to make new friends on Facebook Friend Finder will allow users who have linked their Facebook account with their account to find and add them as friends. Mutual Friends (Friends of Friends) will also be displayed in the new Suggested Friends section. ‘Recently Played With’ players will be gathered from recent games you have played with people that aren't currently your friends. Currently only Diablo is supported, but we plan to expand this to other games in the future! Friends List Improvements We are adding new options for how your friends are displayed and grouped on the Friends List: All friends currently playing a game can be toggled to appear at the top of the Friends List and will be grouped alphabetically, by game title. You can choose to show both BattleTag and Real ID for your friends. You can now ungroup your favorite friends. Ungrouped favorite friends will be displayed with a star next to their name. Added an option in the Friends & Chat section of settings that will allow you to hide Real ID friend's real names from various parts of the App. Facebook Streaming Improvements We have changed the way in which Facebook accounts are linked to accounts. Linking now goes through Account Management. This will allow you to automatically enable Facebook Streaming and Facebook Friend Finder for linked accounts from anywhere you log into the Desktop App. Note: Users that have previously used Facebook Streaming will need to link their Facebook account to their account in order to stream again. Click on the Streaming icon to begin the linking flow. Bug Fixes Fixed an issue causing category names to not be properly localized in the region selection. Fixed an issue causing key binding to be lost when restarting the Desktop App if using a mouse button for Push-to-talk.Agunurrom0 Feb 14
Feb 16 Suggested Friends and Facebook Friend Finder FAQ! Hail, Champions! We've been looking through your feedback and questions, and wanted to create a post that should help answer the majority of questions we're seeing at the moment. Please check out the information below! Facebook Friend Finder This is our newest feature in Suggested Friends, so I wanted to list this off first! Linking to Facebook allows you to find friends on Facebook who have also chosen to link their accounts to Facebook, and suggest them as friends to you. We display Facebook friends with the name they have chosen on their Facebook profile. If you’d like, you can send them a friend request. We don't send any data to Facebook. Furthermore, can only post to Facebook on your behalf (after you’ve explicitly authorized the Facebook App to do so) if you've set up Blizzard Streaming, and Go Live. Players who link to Facebook will see a Facebook Friend Finder section in the Suggested Friends drawer. Clicking “Add” will send a Friend Request, and pressing the “X” will ignore them. Facebook Friends who are ignored can send you a request, at which time you can approve or deny the request, or block the user entirely. Please note that Facebook can be used for login (at Account Creation or linked at a later date), streaming, and friend finding. To set up streaming, you have to click on the Streaming Icon and allow Facebook to post on your behalf. Suggested Friends This feature has existed since the inception of the Application, but has been given a new location in the Suggested Friends panel on your Friends List. It adheres to the same settings and Privacy Options available in the Communications Preferences in Account Management, as well as Parental Controls (if applied). As a reminder, Parental Controls are enabled by default for users under the age of 18 during account creation (a parent's email is required to proceed, and a link for Parental Controls included). Concerns on Real ID Display There's also been some concern about who can see your Real ID name versus your BattleTag. For reference, your BattleTag is a nickname selected to show in our games, while Real ID is intended for friends you know and add via Email Address. Additionally, players can Opt Out of Real ID by disabling this in Communication Preferences. Requests where the requester's real name is shown are Real ID requests, requests where the BattleTag are shown are BattleTag Friend Requests. Suggested Friends will only show you suggestions of friends - you aren't able to take any further action with those suggested users. You will see BattleTags of Suggested friends, unless your mutual friend is Real ID Friends with you and your suggested friend. In this instance you’ll be shown their Real ID name as well. You can disable showing up in Suggested Friends by unchecking “Suggest me to friends of friends” in your Communication Preferences as well. Friends List Display of Real ID Friends Players who wish to organize/change how their Friends List is displayed in the Desktop App can modify these in the Settings > Friends & Chat menu. Here you can hide your friends' Real ID names, show or hide the Suggested Friends drawer, and manage your Block List of previously blocked users. Modifying these will not change your Account level Privacy Settings; if you would like to be suggested to others without having suggested friends displayed to you, that's possible! For reference, here’s a breakdown of what information you can see for friends of friends: You can see Real ID Names of your Friends’ Real ID Friends You can see BattleTags of your Real ID Friends’ BattleTag Friends You can see BattleTags of your Friends’ BattleTag FriendsAgunurrom0 Feb 16
17m delete/clear chat history Make an option to delete/clear chat history on appmaxbo39 17m
1h Linux Support for Blizzard Games The question of Linux support comes up time and time again but I really think it is time that Blizzard actuallty supported Linux. Here is why. Drivers aren't an issue anymore One of the big reasons that people didn't want to use Linux was the poor state of graphics drivers. This isn't an issue anymore. The drivers have massively improved and the major performance differences that some games still show are down to the lower quality wrapper-based ports rather than the native ports (like those Valve did for their games). Vulkan The Vulkan API is the cross-platform versions of DirectX 12. These two APIs are the future of PC Games but Vulkan isn't restricted to Windows 10 like DX12 is. By using Vulkan, Blizzard can generate code that is multi-platform friendly and would make the job of creating and supporting Linux games much easier in the long run. Blizzard are also a member of the Khronos group, the people who publish the spec for the Vulkan API. Source: Distro Fragmentation isn't an issue Another common argument for not using or supporting Linux is the number of distributions. While there are large number of options, the vast majority of Linux users use a small handful of distros that are very similar to each other. More importantly, Valve only officially support Ubuntu which makes their job easier while also reducing the diea who need to officially support every distribution that exists. Users are willing to test/support companies that support Linux There is a dedicated and growing community around Linux gaming that is willing to help developers, both finanically and constructively, who want to support. The community while buy the games while also do their best to report bugs or test development builds for upcoming or already existing games that are being ported. Blizzard are a massive company and they could easily grab the attention of this entire community and it would help to provide a lot of real world testing for them. Operating system choice is good Giving people the choice of using a non-Windows operating system to play Blizzard games is only a good thing. While you can use Mac OS X you do have to buy an Apple Mac to use it (in line with the license agreement anyway). This is important because Windows 10 and the upgrade tactics have drawn a lot of negative attention to Microsoft. There is an even growing number of people who are switching to Linux or at least considering it. However, there is one problem. Linux has (or had) a chicken and egg problem. Nobody uses it because nobody develops for it which leads to nobody developing for it as nobody uses it. While Valve and other companies have been changing this by porting games to Linux, a company as large as Blizzard porting their games to Linux would do wonders for this movement and would really send a signal to games and developers alike to actually take Linux seriously as a gaming platform. The benefit of doing this is that the users have more choice as to what operating system they run on their computer without having to make sacrifices. You can run the games via WINE but that isn't perfect whereas a native port would allow for Linux Gamers to enjoy the best possible Blizzard experience without having to install/use Windows. Linux Market Share Growth While the accuracy of web based statistics for operating ysstem use is questionable, the usage graph that will be linked below shows that Linux now has more than 2% of the market share on desktop operating systems. This is, again, a sign of progress. Source: 1h
3h Blizzard this is for you! On blizzard app, you cannot view the 'Shop or News' without being logged in, do you think you could make it I can view the news and maybe even the shop without having to be logged in? - Because on the website I can view both of them without being logged in, but on the blizzard app I cannot...Zmitchell0 3h
4h Friends List and Chat in Mobile Apps The mobile app is very useful for authenticating. However, it would be even more useful if it shows your friends list and allows you to chat with them. There could be times when you're not near a gaming computer and need to communicate with others who are in the games and don't want to be distracted by the phone. This function would help a lot.Thumbmaster73 4h
6h Card not working, NANI! Tried using a Wow 60 day pre-paid subscribition card (from 2011) It doesn't work....should I just wait a while or do something else?Liamninja1 6h
11h Hazmat-A Possible future Overwatch character? To Blizzard Entertainment: First of all, Overwatch is just AWESOME! You guys lived up to my expectations and beyond for this fantastic team-shooter. Second, I saw this character in the cinematic trailer, a hazardous materials-suited fellow ( just to the left of Zenyatta) and I'd love to see Blizzard add him to Overwatch's cast. Below are some of the stats I kind of threw together to flesh this character out: Call Sign: Hazmat Real Name: Hazane Mattias Hitpoints: 250 health (no armor nor shields) Class: Defense (Area Denial Specialist) Age: Undetermined Affiliation: Overwatch (formerly), To the highest bidder (currently) Vocal characterstics: Raspy, occasionally coughing, with a mixed personality of hostility and nihilism. Weapons/Abilities: Chemical Thrower: (Max Ammo-200) Primary Weapon-launches out stream of caustic chemicals about 20 feet, with temporary poisoning effect. Secondary Fire-launches globule of caustic chemicals at the cost of 50 ammo, with temporary poisoning effect. Gas Grenade: (8-second cooldown) disperses a lethal cloud of toxic gas in an 8 foot radius for 10 seconds, with poisoning effect. Gas Leap: (10-second cooldown) launches Hazmat into the air vertically while leaving behind a foul gaseous cloud in a 5-foot radius for 10 seconds. Sweet Release: (Passive) Upon being killed, Hazmat's suit ruptures, leaving behind a gaseous cloud in a 5-foot radius that lasts 6 seconds, and a 5-foot radius of acid-soaked ground for 10 seconds. Acid Rain: (Ultimate) Launches device that showers a 15-foot radius in highly acidic rain, causing lasting damage and death for those caught in the area...including Hazmat. Backstory: Hazane Mattias was a brilliant chemist working within the ranks of Overwatch's elite scientists. The fruits of his labors not only aided in many front-line battles against the Omnics during the Omnic Crisis, but other threats as well. Donning a specilized hazardous materials suit of his own design, he would stride into battle using his chemicals, gases, and acids against machine and man alike. Prior to the end of the Omnic Crisis, however, disaster struck. His suit was ruptured in such a way that he became a victim of his own toxic chemicals. Angela Ziegler (aka Mercy) used all of her resources to save Hazane's life. But instead of completely healing him, Angela's prototype microbiology did not account for the toxins that now flowed through Hazane's veins as normally as his own blood. His body was now left in a state of constant internal poisoning and cellular rejuvenation. Furthermore, his psyche was damaged beyond repair, his personality best described as "having episodes of sudden rage and suicidal nihilism". Following the fall of Overwatch, Hazane went into the business freelance mercenary work under his call sign "Hazmat", leaving his victims gasping for air amidst clouds of poisonous gas, or melting away in pools of corrosive acid. All the while, he is hoping for death's sweet release, only to have it foiled by Mercy's nano-machines bringing him back from the brink, driving him further into madness.JerrisVeneer0 11h
14h Friend list Why is the only online gaming community that has region locked friend list system? Why I can't add my friends who live in America, when I live in Europe? Wish wouldn't be so dumb and would be more like Steam :/Wasabi1 14h
15h app glitching Whenever I move the cursor across the window of the app all the images (background, games icons, labels...) start glitching as long as i keep the cursor there. This problem disappears when i move the cursor outside the window and then I move it inside again. Looks like this problem stops when I'm playing a game. Thanks for reading.MarkSmall0 15h
20h Appear Offline / Offline Mode / Invisible Mode Why is Blizzard not implement such a feature? There are several other threads, people want it from years. What is the problem? Do you need programmers? Seriously. This needs to be implemented ASAP. I am hesitating on purchasing any Blizzard games, as well as playing them. Why is this company's launcher the only one out from the major ones that does not have the feature?Ggd078 20h
21h Appear Offline? I'm not sure if this idea has been picked back up or not, but we're at the end of 2016 now and how is it possible that there is still no 'appear offline' for your status? I mean it could be troublesome with a game like Warcraft in the mix because somebody can just look in guild or do a quick /who and see that you're clearly online, but for every other game it seems to me like it'd be pretty easy to incorporate.KazuHiashi14 21h
23h Favorites Please add an option to remove the orange star from the friends list, especially when it is sorted by favorites.Alowolononan0 23h
1d Feedback on Compact Mode The compact view of the friends list is nice but I just have some feedback. Instead of having the logo of the game a person is in to the right ( I think it would look nice, or atleast have the option to put it on the left ( 1d
1d Wishlist for Chat... Allow SHIFT+RETURN (ENTER) for new line in chat during the same session, don't like to read "wall of text" in chat, especially copy/paste.Vandiel0 1d
1d Wishlist for the Battle Net App Here are my wish list items for the battle net app. 1. I wish I could choose a theme instead of just looking at the theme generated based on the latest expansion. If I could I would pick a Gnome-Alliance theme. 2. For the World of Warcraft "app" or any others when i click on them, I wish instead of seeing Blizzard generated "news" related to that game that I could instead see the suggested content guide like the adviser present in World of Warcraft. Thank is all. I'm loving all the games. Thank you.Endurance0 1d
1d Release native Linux clients in 2017. I'll keep to the point on this one as this request comes in every year. Blizzard, can you release a native Linux client in 2017. In March 2015, almost two years ago, Mike Morhaime responded to the creator of a petition asking for Blizzard to release native Linux clients for their games. In the response Morhaime stated the Linux market share was under 2% and that the numbers weren't there right now. However, that was 2015 and at the end of 2016/beginning of 2017 the numbers are higher. NetMarkShare [2] has reported Linux usage to be over 2% for the past 7 months while W3Counter [3] has shown Linux usage to 3.80% at the end of December 2016. Steam Hardware Survey [4] has shown Linux usage to be at 0.8% at the end of December 2016 and has sat just shy of 1% for the past year. This may not sound overly impressive but Steam has grown massively as a platform and earlier this money hit a peak of 14 million concurrent users [5] which 0.8% of is 112,000 users. The last released subscriber count for World of Warcraft was 5.6 million people (and it is likely different now). Assuming the count is still the same, 112,000 people make up exactly 2% of the WoW player base. Outside of the playerbase many elements of the Linux ecosystem have improved a lot. Driver support for graphics cards is much better with performance being equal or better than Windows in some cases. Valve even found that you could make game son Linux run faster than they do on Windows if you take the time to develop them well. [6] There is already a great market for Linux gaming with the community for Linux gaming also being very passionate and helpful to developers with bug reports and the such and I'm sure Blizzard wouldn't have an issue finding testers for World of Warcraft or any game they have. 2017 is the year that Blizzard Entertainment should start supporting Linux for current and future titles. 1: 2: 3: 4: 5: 6: 1d
1d Brood War Update Stuck at 65% Brood War update STUCK at 65%. Its been updating for awhile now probably 45 mins and it has not gone a single percentage above 65%. I'm running Mac OS X.xREDx4 1d
1d Backup? The app is neat. Maybe neater than Steam app. But I'd really love to have a backup feature so I can save my SC2 files on an external HDD. Although I think copying the files directly from the install directory will do the trick, but a backup would be a doozy.tushor3 1d
1d Option to disable animated tiles in Bnet client An option to disable the tiles in the client with annoying flashing videos would be nice. Can that be a thing? For example, the two Overwatch League tiles, randomly flashing when they pop up in the rotation are extremely annoying.Mangel6 1d
1d Add Family Sharing Psst hey Blizz, you said yourself you want to 'make your games more open to people who arent gamers.' yet I cant share my own games with my family? Yet I can do this on Steam? This is the kind of hypocrisy that ruins your self image. You literally made updates that ruin it for people who are actual gamers and made said game easier when most of the people didnt even want it. Your whole reply about this was, "We understand some dont like these changes, but these changes are meant to make our game more open to people who dont consider theirself gamers." Thats all fine and dandy but if you arent willing to let us share our own games with our family, that just makes you petty and hypocritical and shows that all you are doing to your games is making it a cash grab with Esports written on it.Heathensauce0 1d
2d WarCraft 3 added to Blizzard App? I enjoy and regularly use the Desktop App and was wondering if there had been any word of adding WarCraft 3 to the App. I currently own WarCraft 3 and the Frozen Thrown Expansion and would like to be able to integrate it into the App, especially since they made a new HD update to it not long ago. If the original Starcraft even without the remastered addition can be integrated, I don't see why WarCraft 3 can't/won't. Thoughts?BigMike19790 2d
2d overwatch keeps instaling same update So i just installed an overwatch updat and then when i click start it wont open, so i go into task manger and close it but when i go back to my blizzard app to restart the game it starts downloading the update i just downloaded. Is this normal?blackfly0 2d
2d Idea for an epic, new and ever lasting game!!!! Ive had an idea for this game for about a decade now. I really want to work with Blizzard entertainment on this. i have friends encouraging me to build it myself. Id rather it come out at its full potential. Its still ahead of its time. But has yet to be developed. Not sure if we even have the technology to create this. I really would love a sit down or arrange a meeting. It wouldn't be a waist of anyones time, other ideas might even steam from this.Crespo1 2d
2d Copy your Battle Tag from the Blizzard APP I don't know if possible, but i can't find the way to COPY my battle tag in the desktop app. Should be possible so i can quickly share it with my friends. If is possible ignore me and just drop a comment of how do it.uii1 2d
3d Classic Games Added to Launcher? When I noticed that Blizzard made Blackthorne and the other amazing classic games were free to play, I instantly got all of them. Thank you Blizzard very much for this. One thing that could make this even more amazing would be adding them to the desktop app for ease of access.Beachedwhale0 3d
3d Can't pre-purchase Destiny 2 Can't seem to pre-purchase Destiny 2 for what so ever reason. I have no idea if there is a problem with the server or something. I do have the money to get either the Deluxe Edition or just the game with the expansion pass. Even just the game itself isn't working for some reason. And I have been trying to resolve it all day by removing the default payment and so on. Anyone can actually help me on this? Doubt that it's the bank rejecting my purchase since I deposited the money during noon.(From Singapore by the way) "Your payment was not authorized. Please double check your information or contact your payment provider." This is the first time it happens to me. So anyone able to help would be appreciated.XenonKirito1 3d
3d Overwatch demo Can you please release an over watch demo? Don't want to buy a game without trying it out first, thank you.RobotDoctor103 3d
3d Bought a months play time, where's the game start button? So I log in to purchase a months play time. This means I have to have logged into Blizzard's web site. Ok in my account with access to my account settings etc etc. Nothing more confidential then that, so that's all good, buy the play time, cool... So now I want to get playing, can I find a link to get started? Nope. Hmm, does that make sense, its the same pin to get into, why no direct link to my game log in? So I will give up, close Blizz and open Battle, sigh....unintuitive? not user friendly? What do you think?ShadowDragon1 3d
3d Screenshot sharing in messenger As a relatively new BLIZZARD game player, I would like to submit the following user need: As a user, I need to be able to take screenshots across all the BLIZZARD games and be able to share them with other BLIZZARD game players in a quick and seamless manner. I have used non-gaming related messengers in the past that have utilized a button within a chat window that allows you to take a screenshot then allows you to annotate or recapture or cancel the screenshot. If not canceled, you then could hit send, which sends it to the chat window of the individual you selected to do the screenshot operation from. This would allow for new BLIZZARD game players to share information on their screen to more seasoned BLIZZARD game players in case they had a question or just wanted to share information. This would allow new BLIZZARD game players to have a better experience and keep them playing the games. Just a thought, appreciate your consideration.CRYPSIS0 3d
4d How do you pick update schedules Is there a particular reason why updates are scheduled in the middle of the day as opposed to say, overnight? I'm would bet there are less people on at say 3 am than 6 pm! I am aware that Blizzard games are played around the world and there is no time when nobody is playing, but i fail to see why is has to be from 1pm to 9 pm eastern north america.Wildboyz1 4d
4d Overwatch Genji's Oni skin problem What happend to genji's Oni skin? i can play with it anymore, i mean that i can play but when i play with it so it changes to classic Genji! happend to my friend too. Blizzard tell us the Genji's Oni skin problem, the problem happend after Junkertown map release. Other genji skins work. Please answer! i will be happy.xWannaBanana1 4d
4d Selling blizzard merchandise Hello, I wasn't sure where I should post this question so I apologize if i'm in the wrong place here. I was wondering if it was legal to buy merchandise from Blizzards gear shop and then resell it in online shops, or if the shopkeeper needed to have a special permission from Blizzard. Thank you in advance!TeemuStew0 4d
5d Third party authenticator support I realize that this doesn't have anything to do directly with the Desktop App, but the limited selection of forums leaves this as the nearest option, and the answerer of my support ticket told me that the forums are the place to request this. I hope that it can get forwarded to the correct parties. I would like to use a third party authenticator instead of the official Authenticator for Android. There are several applications that let you scan the QR code for a service which uses an authenticator -- like Amazon's AWS, GitHub, or Twitch -- and avoid having to download a company-specific app to generate codes for you. These applications are very handy because the growing number of accounts which use 2FA would otherwise cause a large number of custom authentication applications on users' phones, all essentially performing the same task. One of these applications is called Authy. Another such app which is developed by Google is called Google Authenticator. Both of these (and others) can be found on the Google Play Store. Can you guys please allow a way of using nonproprietary applications as authentication devices? I'm not a computer security expert, but I request that before dismissing this idea as insecure, you look into how and why it can be supported by services like AWS, whose users have a much higher ceiling on what they can lose should their 2FA be somehow compromised (somewhere around the "our entire company's infrastructure" level) than users of Thanks for reading!beo180 5d
5d Code/Capcha for login The capcha for login barely works and is dumb, fix it thanksStonedkiller0 5d
5d Adding DeathWing to heros! Hello I don't know personally anyone else that has the same idea but I would love if blizzard would add Deathwing to Heros of the Strom! Deathwing is one of my favorite dragons in all of world of warcraft and would love to have maybe another global tank flying around! Please consider Deathwing as an option! Its my dream to play him!DiabloJR0 5d
6d Please let us hide our friends lists from others! The title says it all. I am very uncomfortable with this new friends finder feature. It feels like a violation of privacy, and the fact that I cannot hide my friends list from anyone makes it even worse. Turning myself invisible isn't enough. Please let us hide our friends lists from others!Derrek23 6d
6d Offline Mode I know this keeps coming up (just did a nice search through the forums) It would be nice to be able to set myself to invisible or "offline" when i play. I have friends that I play with on occasion that I would like to have the ability to not offend and ignore them when I want to play by myself of with another group.MooCow45 6d
6d Fullscrean Mode As much as I like the Blizz desktop app I do wish there was an option for the App to always be Fullscrean even if was setup to be a Windowed Fullscrean type. For me would make it easier to check things out. Personaly i may only have the App and a voice system running, and the voice system i just have run in the back ground mostly for conviinence. For me having an option even if it was just a Windowed Fullscrean mode would be a great Convineniance.MonsterSquad0 6d
6d Appear invisible? Why is there not an option to appear offline or invisible to friends?Kastral11 6d
6d Using launcher with multiple accounts/computers is a pain I've been using the launcher on my main computer for the last few weeks and it's been great. Loved everything about it and had no issues or bugs. However, I have 2 WoW accounts on my battlenet and finally added the launcher to the second computer. Since then it's been a huge pain. Sure, if I fully log into one account, I can then log into the second one on the other computer... but the moment I need to re-access the launcher on either computer it's a vicious cycle of "reconnect/sign out" between the two computers. I thought the settings option to "allow multiple instances of battlenet" might allow them both to be logged in at once, but nope. Aside from that, the launcher is great, but hopefully this can be resolved. In the meantime I'd rather just have the new launcher on one computer.Goldwing118 6d
6d Add support for more languages in the BattleTag As far as I know, languages such as Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean are supported for BattleTag. However languages such as Arabic, Hebrew and probably tons of others are not yet. Now that fonts such as Noto exists ( I think it's time to extend the support for every language, there is no real barriers to restrict it anymore (except upgrading the games of course) I myself would like to change for an Hebrew name but I can't. The Customer Support guy even told me this was the first time he got asked this question. But I doubt I'm the first one to find unfortunate the lack of support for those languages. Also, there is the problem that you can't change for a BattleTag in a certain language without setting your account to that location, I find this unfortunate, as probably many players would like to use a name in a different language without living there.In3xess4 6d
6d Potential hackers about? 2 days ago or something like that, I got three emails in quick succesion with security codes from battle net (the ones that show up from time to time when logging in, and when logging in on a new device), so I changed my password immediatly. And now one of my friends got kicked out of OW mid-game, due to recent suspcicious activity. Therefore, I jumped to the conclusion that there might be some hackers running about, and wanted to let you know of this. I don't have much to go on, but better safe than sorry imo.BattlePants0 6d
6d update order Hi, Is it possible to get the app to change update order after the games that has most gamplay hours. etc the game i play the most gets to update first?Cav0 6d
6d Add Classic Games To Launcher Please add classic games to the launcher like Diablo 2 and Warcraft / Starcraft. Thanks.Hieronious23 6d
6d REPORTING ILLEGAL ACTIVITY IN BLIZZ VOICE CHAT I am unsure where to take this information. I recently overheard an episode of domestic violence over voice chat in the app. This brings up two questions: 1) Can I give the offending user's battle tag to you, with additional info pertaining to the chat session, so legal action can be taken? Can you find their IP address? 2) Other voice chat programs, such as Discord, have specific courses of action for this kind of thing, such as an email address dedicated to reporting illegal activity. There doesn't seem to an obvious place for this on your website. Do you have such a system in place?Temma1 6d
Sep 16 Peering for South Africa Dear Blizzard Thank you for taking the time to read my letter. My name is Eben and i'm from South Africa, most people know me as RT9. I am the community leader for Diablo 3 South Africa, i'm also involved with multiple blizzard activities and games, we have over 1000+ South Africans on our facebook group for D3 and the same for Hearthstone South Africa and Heroes of the Storm South Africa just to name a few. I'm sure you know how big World of Warcraft and Starcraft in South Africa is. The blizzard games are growing even faster in South Africa then ever before and with Overwatch around the corner our biggest concern is latency and high ping in South Africa. I'm sure you are well aware of the problem. Over the years a lot of South African Players have asked you for a server and we received multiple answers, we understand the cost involved with setting up a server in South Africa will be too expensive, that's why we would like to urge you to look at a Peer to Peer system for South Africa, we know there was a discussion between The NAPAfrica Internet Exchange and Blizzard but we have no idea what the outcome was. The average ping in all the Blizzard games is between 180ms to 240ms ping which is pretty high and very frustrating to play on, most of South African players have a 4 Mbps line download but upload 512 Kbps the average South Africans spend between R600 to R1000 ( $43 to $72 ) on our ISP company's per month. So we would like to know what your point of view is regarding the Peering for South Africa and if you are at looking at peer to peer can you share any light on the subject, please it will be greatly appreciated. From Me and all the South Africans we would like to thank you for the amazing work you guys do in all the games and patches, we deeply appreciate it. Sincerely EbenRT9254 Sep 16
Sep 16 Scheduled Auto Downloads Dear Blizzard, Please give us the ability to schedule auto downloads. Many of us have day/night bundles for internet. Many of us also want to limit the bandwidth usage during the day while other people use our lines. Currently, our only option is to use Task Scheduler and to check "Pause updates when I launch a game". The problem is it is very easy to forget the Blizzard App on, and then while you play some other online game, it flat-lines your bandwidth. I know there is an option to limit the bandwidth for "Latest updates" and "Future patch data", but I want it to download full speed when I need it to. Each of these options gives us half a solution and introduces just another problem. Thank you for the fantastic work - I'm huge Blizzard fan. There are many posts like this one, spanning back years, but every now and then we only get a non-committal answer from Blizzard employees.Heliac0 Sep 16