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May 13, 2014 Welcome: Please read! Welcome to the Feedback Discussion forum for the desktop app! Before participating in the discussion, please be sure to read our forum Code of Conduct, and refer to the Beta FAQ and Known Issues list here before posting to see if your issue is already covered.Aratil0 May 13, 2014
Jun 25 Discussion on Plans for Social Features We’ve received a lot of feedback and questions about the possibility of building social functionality like chat and friends into the app. Right now our focus is on testing and refining the login and updating experience, but we’re planning to continue evolving the app with additional features -- including social features -- in the future. In the meantime, please share all of your thoughts and feedback regarding future plans for the social experience here.Aratil500 Jun 25
6d I love it! Here's what I would love even more! This is the unified Blizzard/ app/launcher I have been waiting for since... well... since first was a thing back in WCIII. - I love having a single launcher for ALL* my Blizzard games! (* <coughcough> please, add classic titles like WCIII, D1 & 2, SC1, etc., even if it is just a launch icon and not full support <coughcough> thanks) - I love seeing the links and feeds for what's new and interesting with Blizzard (no, really, I am that big of a fanboy/junkie). - I love that I can see my friends online and message them from either the desktop app or from any of the games. What I would like to see (because, I'm a greedy gamer that way): - A more consistent and unified set of chat features from game-to-game and including the desktop app; I want to be able to "Broadcast" a message in the desktop app and in Hearthstone, too, not just in WoW, SC2, and D3. - Begin able to subscribe to various forum threads and having a feed show up on the desktop app would be an awesome way to track topics and conversations that I am either interested in or actually participating in. To prevent some sort of feed overload, you could limit the number of subscribed threads. - Some sort of mail system. You could limit the number of characters to 160, make mailing someone in only available to friends and/or co-favorite friends, and even limit the number of mail messages sent in a day. This would be a great way to touch base with friends who may be on a different wake/sleep cycle, etc. - A unified personal/guild/clan calendar system. With various privacy options, this could be a great way to let people know which game you plan on playing and when, guild events, etc., etc. Or, if a player wanted to lock down the privacy completely, it could still be just a great personal reminder/alarm system, especially if it could send you messages in game: Calendar says: "WHY ARE YOU PLAYING D3 RIGHT NOW, NOOB?!? YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO BE TANKING FOR YOUR WOW RAID GROUP IN 5 MINUTES!!!" - An achievements page, chronicling all my various achievements from all the Blizzard games. You could even make new meta-achievements that require combined achievements across games. Like the calendar, a player could possibly change privacy/sharing options, because, hey, plenty of us like to compare/show off achievements. - Portrait/Meta-Portrait: Just like when one is posting in the forums, it would be nice to have a little portrait for my presence. It would be great if this was a full-figure model that could be displayed somewhere in the desktop app. It would be pure awesome-sauce if it was some sort of meta-portrait where I was able to mix-and-match parts/features from my various games played (Tauren Marine? Hell yes! Infested Crusader? Why not! (Oh, wait... that may just be a DK...)). It would be beyond belief if they were animated! So, this is just a daydreaming wishlist. That the desktop app does not have these things does not make it bad. Like I said, I love it! This is just some things that I think would take it next level.Wolfcow117 6d
Nov 15 [Suggestions]: New skins, and a universal achievement/award system [EDIT]: I see now that my post is a giant wall of text. I'll put all of the important stuff in bold for those of you who don't have the time or attention span. • The first suggestion is pretty self-explanatory -- Many people who have gripes with the software are people who have misgivings with the look of the interface, or just the feel the get from each game page. So why not create new skins for the app, or at least let us choose different backgrounds for the games, with matching color schemes to accompany them? It couldn't be that complicated of a task to give us that much customization. • The second suggestion is one that would be quite a bit trickier -- A universal achievement system. Each of Blizzard's universes offer an achievement system with loads of rewards in each game, so why not employ a similar system for all of Battle Net? Since the app is beginning to unify all 3 universes and make chatting a lot easier between them, why not offer portraits, or hey, maybe different backgrounds (see: suggestion 1) as awards for achievements? You could actually do it make it even simpler than that -- Suppose our achievement points across all the Blizzard games are added up and summed up on our Battle Net accounts in the app? (Suppose I have 10k in WoW, 4k in Starcraft, 4k in Diablo, totaling up to 18k total Battle Net achievement points?). Some games (such as WoW) have more achievement points to offer the player, and I can see how some players might feel that it's a bit unfair if they don't play WoW and only have access to a much smaller number of achievements. You could remedy that issue by making the points from WoW count for half or something. At least, if you intended for the Battle Net account-wide achievement points to actually be an entirely different point system than the ones in-game. Honestly, if you've been looking for a way for the app to bring a better sense of community and really give people a reason to use it because they WANT to and not because you're making them, why not add some benefits for their hard work, and make them happy that you've unified the launcher platforms? I'd love for people in Diablo 3 or Starcraft 2 to see how many achievement points I have in WoW, and vice-versa. Not to mention, these forums are a bit dreadful, with the Battle net logo as avatars. It's not that I dislike the logo, but it's a bit pointless if EVERYONE has the same avatar. Give people a way to earn new ones, and see what they do with it. [EDIT]: • Since changing the UI is on the table, I'd also like to suggest giving people the option to choose the size of the fonts and/or other elements of the app. Personally, I use two fairly large displays (1920x1080, ~24-29" each), so I have plenty of screen real estate to spare. The app is always maximized on my secondary screen while I play my Blizzard games, and it looks great. What I've seen some other people complaining about, though, is that the app doesn't look quite as neat and sleek on smaller displays in its current state, where the elements will look a bit cluttered and jammed in. In the same way that many people with smaller displays use smaller icons on their desktop, it would be nice to see them being given the option to do the same with the fonts and buttons/panels in the Blizzard app.Aurumai53 Nov 15
Nov 3 App 1.5.2 Patch Notes The new App version is now live globally with the latest Blizzard Voice improvements and a bug fix. Here are the Patch Notes: Voice Chat The Microphone activity meter in Voice Chat Settings will only show activity when a voice chat or microphone test is active. Added "None (Disable Microphone)" to input devices. When this option is selected, the microphone will be disabled but you will still be able to hear other people if you participate in a voice chat. The Microphone Volume slider will be locked and will not reflect or change your computer's control panel mic volume. Test Microphone, Transmission Mode, and Toggle Mute Key will be grayed out and locked. Microphone mute status will now display in the channel window so that others will know if you have muted or disabled your microphone. The first time you are in a voice channel with a disabled microphone, there will be a notification reminding you that your mic has been disabled and that you must select an input device for others to hear you. Once you dismiss the notice it will not appear again. The Microphone Volume control in Voice Chat Settings reflects your computer's control panel mic volume. The App will always reflect the existing control panel settings on start-up. The App will only change mic volume if you manually adjust the volume. The App will only register and transmit voice data from your microphone when you are engaging the mic in an active channel, such as pressing the Push-to-Talk button or using Open Mic. If you are using Push-to-Talk but are not pushing the activation key, the App will not transmit data from your mic. Bug Fixes Auto update settings should no longer be reset after launching a game from a desktop shortcut.Eric Carter0 Nov 3
7h Overwatch Cross-Platform accounts Okay, so I wasn't sure where to drop this question since the Overwatch forums are STILL read only, but I was thinking this is a question that might come up as the game grows and a lot of know-it-all people are going to presume the answer to this non-definitively. I bought Overwatch on both PC and PS4. I did presume that they would be separate accounts, one on Battle-net, and one on PSN respectively. During the Open Beta, I did notice that the PSN account does connect to Battle-net. Since then I have watched nearly 100 hours of beta game-play content on youtube and some of the content suggested that sometimes you are matched up with console players and PC players alike. I was hoping someone on the Blizzard team could shed some light on this cross-platform relationship as a lot of people will see this as a big deal. Some people feel that thumb-sticks vs mouse is unfair. On the other hand, some people feel that a split community is less fun.(I agree with the latter) So, are they indeed separate platforms that play on separate servers, or are we all tossed into the same hat for matchmaking? I feel this is related to so many other questions like: How do i play with my buddies on another platform? Could I link my PSN/PC accounts to sync my progress? Are console players going to be considered in eSports or are they going to have to go PC to be taken seriously? I think that all of these things impact replay value as well as "serious eSports athletes".jksarge160 7h
8h Unbelievable UnbelievableGrahmm3 8h
10h Was DC'd in the middle of competitive Exactly what it says in the topic title. The Overwatch server disconnected me because battlenet wanted to restart to implement updates. We ended up losing the game because I was doing a lot of heavy lifting as healer. I think the applications need to communicate with each other more. If I had gotten penalized for "leaving" it would be even worse. Please tell me something in the works.Cutethulhu0 10h
19h Password prompt for HoTS every time Every time I start HoTS it will prompt me for password. This does not happen to any other games within I have tried to reinstall the whole suite however it did not resolve the issue.Wangsta0 19h
1d Overwatch demo Can you please release an over watch demo? Don't want to buy a game without trying it out first, thank you.RobotDoctor58 1d
1d [Request] Friends group settings Good evening, my request is to be able to filter / sort the friends on my list, current "favourite or nothing" is not enough. I want to create / delete my own groups and assign people to them. Bonus: able to manage sub-groups Example: "My D3 friends" "My WoW friends" --"Best friends" --"Nice people I met while playing" --"Friends from arena" --"Friends from RBG" --"Raiders" "HS friends" ...pretty please? :)Pepe53 1d
1d RSA Overwatch Servers Hey, so I have posted this on reddit, but was told/asked to post it here So before I begin this has nothing to do with beta, already purchased the origins edition, have no saltiness at all.. merely just a question from a serious fps player Anyway so a friend of mine got into beta the other day, and he says that on EU servers he gets a ping of 200 and sometimes he couldn't find a match so was put on NA servers and got a ping up to 350, so I am just curious if Blizzard has any plans to maybe put servers in RSA ? I have played fps games for a long time and 200 ping can create a serious skill gap.. especially in fast passed shooters.. so are there plans to maybe sort this out.. or are RSA players doomed to 200+ ping ? Also if RSA players don't get servers here can we also maybe look at refunds ? as I know we can't refund anymore.ChaoticTouch66 1d
2d Battle Tag length increase. I don't think I'm the only person that wouldn't mind an increase in length of Battle Tags. Currently it is limited to a 12 character length. I have a username that I use everywhere else... social media, Twitch, Steam, Discord, etc. Literally *every other account* I have uses the same name. It's not the name I use here on Battle Net. Why? Because the character limit is 12 & my username everywhere else is 14 characters long.Deathengine9 2d
2d BattleTag - Character Limit Hello, Please consider increasing the character limit above 12. This really does limit some of us on choosing a great BattleTag. Thank you,Webshark5 2d
2d Desktop App - Add Support For Classic Games I would like to see the classic games I own supported by the desktop launcher. Now that the launcher is a standard...having to go into my account to download the classic games separately makes things feel segmented. And as someone else mentioned in a different post, it would be nice to integrate some feature into these classic games (chat support, for example). On another note, I love the desktop application\launcher. It's an incredibly clean interface and easy to work with. Switching between games and seeing news, videos, friends, etc, is perfect. The chat feature is well done as well. I'm sure Blizz has plans to enhance it in some way. But as of now I cannot think of anything I would do to change the interfaceTrollerCon2 2d
2d add classic blizzard games to app i think it would be cool to also include classic battlenet games like Starcraft, Diablo II and Warcraft III.jjb86111 2d
2d battle tag I cant change my battle tag. just 3 weeks ago I change it and now it says I need to buy a battle tag to change. what should I doBabyZylbrad1 2d
3d Third party authenticator support I realize that this doesn't have anything to do directly with the Desktop App, but the limited selection of forums leaves this as the nearest option, and the answerer of my support ticket told me that the forums are the place to request this. I hope that it can get forwarded to the correct parties. I would like to use a third party authenticator instead of the official Authenticator for Android. There are several applications that let you scan the QR code for a service which uses an authenticator -- like Amazon's AWS, GitHub, or Twitch -- and avoid having to download a company-specific app to generate codes for you. These applications are very handy because the growing number of accounts which use 2FA would otherwise cause a large number of custom authentication applications on users' phones, all essentially performing the same task. One of these applications is called Authy. Another such app which is developed by Google is called Google Authenticator. Both of these (and others) can be found on the Google Play Store. Can you guys please allow a way of using nonproprietary applications as authentication devices? I'm not a computer security expert, but I request that before dismissing this idea as insecure, you look into how and why it can be supported by services like AWS, whose users have a much higher ceiling on what they can lose should their 2FA be somehow compromised (somewhere around the "our entire company's infrastructure" level) than users of Thanks for reading!beo153 3d
3d App does not recognize games not on C: drive As of the latest round of windows updates (Windows 10 64bit Pro, set to update automatically), the app does not find and does not recognize any games that are not on the C: drive. Symlinks on the c: drive to the location to the d: drive are not followed. For years I have run with a slim C: drive (SSD) and with a larger D: or E: drive for large games. For example, C:\Games\World of Warcraft has been a symlink to D:\Games\World of Warcraft since 2012. Now, however, the link is not followed, and the app says I have no Blizzard games installed. If I tell the app specifically to look in D:\Games\World of Warcraft, it does not find it. I had to move my installation physically onto the C: drive for the app to recognize WoW was installed and launch the game. This behavior is exhibited by three applications I know of so far: a) blizzard desktop app b) Steam client c) Curse client For the steam and curse client, they ignore the symlink (which they have been previously using for 4 years successfully) and instead create a new empty directory. This behavior is seen on my main system (Win10 Pro 64bit) as well as two laptops (Win10 Home 64bit). To replicate the behavior, do the following: a) install WoW onto drive other than c: b) install desktop app c) it should fail to recognize the wow installation when you tell it where it is. I am fairly sure this issue is at heart a problem with a windows update, but I need your help to drive it with microsoft. I cannot be the only person running apps on drives other than c: and using symlinks.Mobius0 3d
4d Invisible Mode (Pt. 2) Continued from 4d
4d One chat window, multiple tabs as the title suggests, the IM portion of the app would benefit from having a single chat window with multiple tabs to switch between different conversations by default, with the added option of creating new windows for each new chat. I noticed a lot of people in the forums suggesting group chats, and that would probably be helpful too, when people want to group up before starting games.kibitzbum3 4d
4d BLZBNTBGS80000011(2) I try everything.Urguell0 4d
4d Got the answer Nevermind got the answer to the topic sorryKingColebra0 4d
4d Make name changes free they should be free, if not at least like 1.50 USD or 5 free changes (one is not enough)KappsCereal2 4d
4d Option to add Classic games to the launcher list.. I have quite a few of the classic games from Blizz installed on my computer (i.e. Warcraft II, III, Diablo II, Starcraft..) And think that it would maybe be a good idea for Blizz to throw the option on there to add those games from your hard drive, or perhaps to have the client automatically search your hard drive for said legacy games. Talk to me about feedback :) Thanks. -ImpImperfect26 4d
5d Proper team comp I really hope this doesn't go under the radar but I would absolutely love a game mode where people willingly go into a mode where good team comps are mandatory, like no all offensive heros, meta at max and 2 tanks 1 healer minimum. It's so sad watching how overwatch should be played while never being able to do it because other players just want to dps! I'd wait 15 minutes just to play a proper game of semi co-ordinated overwatch. Please blizzard please!!rake1 5d
5d User Account Control Every time I login to the launcher, the windows user account control dialog pops up asking me if i want to allow it to make changes to my hard drive. While it's running, after I've already told it "yes", it pops up and prompts me again. Every day, every time. Seems like something needs a-fixin'Squee4 5d
5d Der Zauberstab Sehr geehrter Blizzard Mitarbeiter, vor ca. 2 Wochen habe ich mit WoW angefangen, und mir einen Hexenmeister erstellt. Schon zu Beginn ist mir etwas aufgefallen, was meiner Meinung nach verbessert werden könnte. Dabei handelt es sich um die Tatsache, dass man als Hexenmeister (und Magier) zwar einen Zauberstab trägt, diesen aber nicht zum Einsatz bringt. Ständig fuchtelt man wild mit seinen Händen umher und beschwört irgendwas, stattdessen könnte man doch wie die meisten anderen Klassen auch seine Waffe benutzen. Zwar kann man ja den Stab durch drücken von Y in die Hand nehmen, steckt ihn aber sofort wieder ein sobald man einen Gegner angreift. Den Zauberstab als aktiv zu verwende wäre meines Erachtens nach auch nur logisch, da so ein Zauberstab schließlich als Katalysator für die zu verwendende Magie dient. Ich hoffe ich konnte sie mit meinen Schreiben zu motivieren eine derartige Änderung oder eine Wahlmöglichkeit für die Art des Angriffes zu verwenden. Mit freundlichen Grüßen lNobody22llNobody22l0 5d
5d Peering for South Africa Dear Blizzard Thank you for taking the time to read my letter. My name is Eben and i'm from South Africa, most people know me as RT9. I am the community leader for Diablo 3 South Africa, i'm also involved with multiple blizzard activities and games, we have over 1000+ South Africans on our facebook group for D3 and the same for Hearthstone South Africa and Heroes of the Storm South Africa just to name a few. I'm sure you know how big World of Warcraft and Starcraft in South Africa is. The blizzard games are growing even faster in South Africa then ever before and with Overwatch around the corner our biggest concern is latency and high ping in South Africa. I'm sure you are well aware of the problem. Over the years a lot of South African Players have asked you for a server and we received multiple answers, we understand the cost involved with setting up a server in South Africa will be too expensive, that's why we would like to urge you to look at a Peer to Peer system for South Africa, we know there was a discussion between The NAPAfrica Internet Exchange and Blizzard but we have no idea what the outcome was. The average ping in all the Blizzard games is between 180ms to 240ms ping which is pretty high and very frustrating to play on, most of South African players have a 4 Mbps line download but upload 512 Kbps the average South Africans spend between R600 to R1000 ( $43 to $72 ) on our ISP company's per month. So we would like to know what your point of view is regarding the Peering for South Africa and if you are at looking at peer to peer can you share any light on the subject, please it will be greatly appreciated. From Me and all the South Africans we would like to thank you for the amazing work you guys do in all the games and patches, we deeply appreciate it. Sincerely EbenRT9231 5d
5d Blizzard please don't nerf Ana into the ground I know everyone is on the triple tank hate bandwagon.. but Ana is a HIGH-TIER support and should be treated as such. She's good BECAUSE she has a high skill cap. If you nerf her too much, there will be literally no reason to play her or try to get better. I may be biased because she's my favorite hero, but please Blizzard don't let all the whining make you do something against your better judgement. People are going to find something to complain about no matter what. If you nerf Ana, they'll just complain about something else. If she's honestly causing you that many problems, KILL HER.L0newolfMN0 5d
5d [Request] Set auto-update time window Many ISPs here in Canada are moving to an 'unlimited' download window each day, typically from 2am-8am (or as late as noon). Ideally, the option should be: a) auto update anytime b) auto update between [START] to [END] and a default setting to check for updates anytime you start the program. Now that the Blizzard client is carrying so many games, this is becoming an issue. I might not even play Diablo 3 or Overwatch for a month or two, but i'm losing 10-20gb of bandwidth cap a month sometimes in updates.elthionel1 5d
6d Sell skins in overwatch for credits Hi! I think a great idea for overwatch will be to sell you skins for some credits not at full price but at half of price. i think this is a good idea because i don't like some legendaries i have but i would like to sell them for some credits. What do you think guys,it's a good idea or not?Shazam0 6d
6d Appear Offline? I'm not sure if this idea has been picked back up or not, but we're at the end of 2016 now and how is it possible that there is still no 'appear offline' for your status? I mean it could be troublesome with a game like Warcraft in the mix because somebody can just look in guild or do a quick /who and see that you're clearly online, but for every other game it seems to me like it'd be pretty easy to incorporate.KazuHiashi5 6d
6d TF greedy mother!@#$ers, have to put $10 into the site just for a name change, yall already make bank off of WoW kysChilledChaos2 6d
6d Blizzard Gear Blink Shopping Hi - I apologize for also posting this here as well as in the below Shopping Feedback Board, but that board is clogged with continued Chinese spam posts. Below: A representative had told me that I should post Shop feedback here with regards to the Blizzard Gear Store via one of the tickets I submitted. Issue: The Blizzard Gear Blink shopping is not working correctly. When trying to process an order, it says that payment is declined. However, I've confirmed with my bank that there are pending transactions for every payment attempt I've made on both cards I used. An image via a recent ticket I submitted can be viewed to show this. Basically, is declining a transaction but processing payment anyways, for each time I try and retry to process an order. Note 1: This issue is definitely affecting Chrome and IE/Edge, across three computers (two of mine, one of another). Note 2: It has happened in the same way to another person I know on their account. Note 3: Blizzard Store Reps state that the transaction shows as cancelled on their end, however does not show up on my account management. It goes from "On Hold" and straight to the Void. They mention that it is odd that no notes are shown. Note 4 (Update): I'm not the only person having an issue with paying with a credit/bank card, seems universal. Note 5 (Update 2): Using PayPal generally gives an error 10486 when attempting to use it, however setting it to draw directly from your bank (rather than a CC or bank card) causes it to be successful. According to Google searches, PayPal lays the blame squarely on the purchaser for a 10486. Clearly, something else is going on. Interestingly, PayPal initially didn't work even with the change on my main computer, although went through fine on my old computer. This was the first "big" purchase I attempted to make on the new computer, all former big purchases (prior Blizzcons, other large Gear Store orders, etc) were purchased on the computer that successfully processed the order. Is there some kind of hardware recognition thing going on? I know that Blizzard has used hardware recognition in the past, most notably to enforce a perma ban on Overwatch accounts. It can explain why all transactions failed on my new computer and not my old computer. I have not tried using a CC on my old computer, however I may try it out and see what happens. Note 6 (update 3): I can confirm that trying to buy something on the Blink Gear Store does not work if you're going through a VPN, multiple sources confirm. You'll get the errors I described above. Question 1: What happens if all of the transactions get posted to my account? I have no order number to refer to because they are not visible to me, and it looks like more payments are processing on my bank than orders showing up. Chargebacks look bad, and I don't really want to go through the process of fixing this while at Blizzcon.Warpp6 6d
6d Appear Offline status, request #6 Happy 4th Anniversary! Exactly four years ago on this day, Blizzard released a statement announcing the pending development of an "Appear Offline" privacy option for Here's a link to the actual blog post which, not surprisingly, still receives regular feedback from users requesting the feature: As befitting a company named Blizzard, the development of this option has truly progressed at a glacial pace. Years and years of requests from customers have piled up, unanswered, and requests continue to appear on the various Blizzard forums. This post is nothing more than a weekly reminder that we would really like a status update regarding this feature. My inquiry from last week is available for review here: Since today marks a four-year milestone of inaction, I've put together some historical data that might offer some perspective on the level of demand for this feature. Over a similar interval between 2010 and 2014, users of the General Discussion forum of World of Warcraft, Blizzard's most active forum, contributed the following posts to discuss the need of this privacy feature: 2010-2014 "Appear Offline" Forum Topics: 205 2010-2014 "Appear Offline" Cumulative Posts: 11145 That works out to a frequency of one thread each week--and more than seven posts every day. For 1460 consecutive days. These are people who purchased goods and services from Blizzard Entertainment, requesting a basic privacy feature that is available on every other major online gaming platform. And the requests began more than six years ago. Is there really nothing to report to the users who support this company?Offline10 6d
6d For the love of god... add an invisible option to the launcher and games already. sometimes i just want to play my game with out being bothered by anyone and the afk option for my visibility is not good enough.Pestilence2 6d
6d B.NET APP NEEDS APPEAR OFFLINE/INVISIBLE By now we understand how much blizzard cares about their customers when they can't even respond to a simple question of why not implement appear offline/invisible. "Technical problems" was an excuse too long ago for it to not be implemented. Point is people want to play in peace sometimes and would love to "go invisible". Unfortunately, Blizzard still can't come out and tell us something. It took one of the Overwatch developers(years later) to tell us he ALSO wants the feature and even went so far as to tell us that Blizzard is the uncooperative one in this. If Overwatch developers give us better updates than blizzard support, then we got a problem. Tell us what reasoning you have for not implementing such a simple feature. Worried about seeing your friend in-game? Well implement a match making feature that makes sure you DON'T get matched with them...FireBlaster0 6d
6d WARRIOR THIRD RELIC SLOT I got the achievement on 9-9-16 for the order hall campaign and i still to this day in 2017 cant access my third F-ucking relic slot BLIZZARD fix your Shi-t im tired of waiting and nothing workingWesley1 6d
6d using incorrect taskbar icon? After the update today, I noticed the taskbar icon is now displaying the incorrect one. It's selecting the high-detail icon that should be reserved for 'using large icons'. Here's an image with the different possible icons and where they are used: The first position is my taskbar with the incorrect icon being displayed (should be high-readability icon that is in the middle position). The second position is what the Battle,.net window uses if you 'use small icons'. The third position is what the window uses if you use regular or 'large' icons. The icon being selected for the bottom right taskbar position should be using the middle, 'high-readability' icon.Bert1 6d
6d Balance & Payments So for Christmas I got a gift card from a friend. First time I've ever received one, and I'd been wanting to do a faction transfer of one of my characters on WoW, when to my dismay I discovered I could not contribute the $20 of my balance towards this. When I contacted customer support about this, I was told that Blizzard apparently has a rather archaic payment system due to state taxes or some such that won't allow me to split the payment between my balance and my card. Really Blizzard? In this day and age, you can't do split payments between a gift card/balance and the card used for payment? Come on. Get your act together and join the modern era will you?Kortanis0 6d
6d Voice Chat Opinion Hello, I have used many voice chats over the years and I was pleasantly surprised at how great the new blizz chat is. It is clear and it is simple to navigate. My only issue is that you can only invite people from your friends list. I would like to use this feature to do random pug raids and mythic keystones so that I don't have to give out my personal Teamspeak information. Alas, I cannot. That makes this feature rather useless to me. Maybe in the future it will be open for inviting anyone. I hope so, because I would use it!!!!Hippykillers1 6d
Jan 12 Resetting Passwords Blizzard, Your reset password function sucks beyond belief. My wife accidentally clicks logout when trying to get Diablo to complete an update and because it's been 6+ months since she has used her password, she can't remember it and your system blocks her at every turn while attempting to fix it. We wanted to enjoy an evening together and one little accident ruins everything. Fix your **** process. The account is linked to an email. Send a reset to the email. Your secret question is a joke and so is the lettering security. This is angering and you should feel your utter failure of lack of customer service this provides.Rhuun0 Jan 12
Jan 11 "Hide" a game While I like the app, please allow us to "hide" a game from the left side of the app. For instance: Social interaction in MMO's are toxic, and I don't want to play them. Add an option to "hide" WoW.Echobat56 Jan 11
Jan 11 Selectable Graphics card? Please supply an option to select which graphics card to use to run bnet games, plz plz plz plz plz plz plzWRGGalaxy0 Jan 11
Jan 11 Show icon in the tray after an update Hi, I have a simple request for the app for Windows. Can you do something for the icon in the tray (next to the time, bottom right). Make it stay after an update when we choose in Windows option to always show the icon ? (for exemple Steam stay visible after an update) I know, it's a detail... :P Thanks ! (Sorry for my english too...)Pob0 Jan 11
Jan 11 help me pls transfer character i want to transfer my priest into my fri account (different) account The destination account must have been created by the same person as the origin account. is saying this any idea to solve this pls thanks all waiting replys dont skip it sry for my weak englishTigerking0 Jan 11
Jan 11 Please let us disable showing Real ID names in chat and in-game menus There are lots of people that have Real ID friends that stream, and some of them are not ok with their names being popped in the chat of the streamer. Please create an option to allow streamers to make it so that only the nickname pops up in the chat when someone comes online and not their actual name. Same goes for most of the in-game menus. May be just limit showing the actual name of the person to the client itself or something along those lines?sirren5 Jan 11
Jan 11 Battlenet chat Please make it so you can invite and accept invites for battlenet chat ingame.Zermalice0 Jan 11
Jan 10 Software dowloads What's going on with the software? At different time intervals the software downloads things in the background (while I'm playing) or even if I start it (100MB + (that is much with DSL2000, indeed Games unplayable)). The software is only supposed to update my games and automatically log in to my games .... why is it loading so much data (and also in priority before the game updates)?Affenkoenig0 Jan 10