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May 13, 2014 Welcome: Please read! Welcome to the Feedback Discussion forum for the desktop app! Before participating in the discussion, please be sure to read our forum Code of Conduct, and refer to the Beta FAQ and Known Issues list here before posting to see if your issue is already covered.Aratil0 May 13, 2014
Feb 14 Patch 1.7.0: Introducing Suggested Friends Today we released version 1.7.0 of the Desktop App, which includes Suggested Friends, and a number of new features and enhancements to the Friends List. Mutual Friends of your Real ID friends have always been displayed using their Real ID. If you do not want to show up in Suggested Friends, you can turn off the option in the Communication Preferences section of Account Management (you can click on the “Privacy Settings” link in the cog wheel on the Friends List, or visit Below are the full patch notes for the 1.7.0 release: Suggested Friends Suggested Friends will provide users with new and easy ways to make new friends on Facebook Friend Finder will allow users who have linked their Facebook account with their account to find and add them as friends. Mutual Friends (Friends of Friends) will also be displayed in the new Suggested Friends section. ‘Recently Played With’ players will be gathered from recent games you have played with people that aren't currently your friends. Currently only Diablo is supported, but we plan to expand this to other games in the future! Friends List Improvements We are adding new options for how your friends are displayed and grouped on the Friends List: All friends currently playing a game can be toggled to appear at the top of the Friends List and will be grouped alphabetically, by game title. You can choose to show both BattleTag and Real ID for your friends. You can now ungroup your favorite friends. Ungrouped favorite friends will be displayed with a star next to their name. Added an option in the Friends & Chat section of settings that will allow you to hide Real ID friend's real names from various parts of the App. Facebook Streaming Improvements We have changed the way in which Facebook accounts are linked to accounts. Linking now goes through Account Management. This will allow you to automatically enable Facebook Streaming and Facebook Friend Finder for linked accounts from anywhere you log into the Desktop App. Note: Users that have previously used Facebook Streaming will need to link their Facebook account to their account in order to stream again. Click on the Streaming icon to begin the linking flow. Bug Fixes Fixed an issue causing category names to not be properly localized in the region selection. Fixed an issue causing key binding to be lost when restarting the Desktop App if using a mouse button for Push-to-talk.Agunurrom0 Feb 14
6d New Feature Now Live – Player Profiles & Avatars Let your friends know a little bit more about you by customizing your new Player Profile! If you’re in Americas region’s beta, you can customize your Player Profile now by clicking your BattleTag and selecting View Profile. Here are the Profile customization options you can start using today: Avatars Select an avatar to represent you on your friends’ Friends list and in the Groups you’ve joined. You can choose from a variety of familiar characters and images from your favorite games! Just click the Change Avatar button (right next to your current avatar) and select the new one you want to use. About In the About section, you’ll have up to 200 characters to write a message and share what’s on your mind, so other players can learn more about you at a glance. Recent Games Games you’ve played in the past six months will now show in the Recent Games section. You (and your friends) can click the links to view your public profiles for each game. If there’s a game you’d rather not display in this section, you can click Edit to choose which games are shown. Links You can create up to 10 links to display on your profile. Use one of the preset link types for Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, Instagram, Tumblr, or Twitter to create an recognizable icon for those platforms. You can also select Personal to create a unique link to your own website, if you prefer. Profile Settings You have the option to hide your Profile if you’d like to stay incognito. Edit the Profile Settings at the bottom of your profile to change who can view your profile and links. Once you start using these features, we’d love to hear what you think. Feel free to use this thread to post your thoughts on Profiles & Avatars.Psione55 6d
Jan 4 New Feature Now Live - Social Tab & Groups Our new Social tab is your one stop shop for managing all your social interactions. Whether you’re whispering messages to a friend, engaging in multi-chats, or hanging out in our new Blizzard Groups, you can easily pick up where you left off in all your conversations. Chats When you open a chat with someone in the Blizzard app, it will show up in the Chats list under the Social tab. This keeps all your conversations in an organized, accessible list. If you ever want to take a conversation outside that list, click the [icon] icon in the top right corner to open it in a new window. Groups Blizzard Groups are a new way for you to connect with your friends and plan your next mission. Players can create and join Groups based on their common interests. You can use groups to keep in touch, share strategies, and catch up on conversations you might’ve missed while offline. Creating a Group When you create a Group, you can choose from several options to customize your experience. First, provide a Group name. This will be the title that appears in the Groups section. You can also choose an avatar (from a variety of in-game icons) and write a short description for your Group. Inviting Others Once the Group is created, you can start inviting friends to join. Browse your Friends list and select who you’d like to add, or send an invite link. The invite link can be customized to expire after a set amount of time or a set amount of clicks. You can also manage the created links in the Group Settings and revoke access to the Group, if needed. Channels Each Group can have multiple text and voice chat channels. You’ll start with a General channel by default, but from there you can create custom channels as needed. When you create a channel, you’ll assign it a name and have the option to provide a short description. You can also choose who can view the channel. The Groups beta is available now in the Americas region. Head to the Social tab to get the party started! Once you’ve had a chance to check out it out, use this thread to discuss the new features.Psione61 Jan 4
Dec 24 New Feature Now Live – Gifting Whether it’s a friend’s birthday or you want to say “thanks” to a friend, the new player-to-player gifting feature lets you purchase and send in-game gifts to your friends. Sending a gift To send a gift, head to the Shop tab in the desktop app. Select a gifting-enabled item such as Hearthstone card packs or Overwatch Loot Boxes. Select the Gift button, and choose the friend from a drop-down menu during the purchasing process. After choosing a friend, you can send a message that is shown with the gift. After that, finish the purchasing process. Claiming a gift When someone sends you a gift, the upper right of the app will light up to show you that something’s waiting (you can also select View Gifts from the drop-down menu under your BattleTag). Click the gift icon that lit up to open your gift inventory. Here, you’ll find any gifts that are waiting for you. Click Claim or visit the Gifts web page on mobile to add the gift to your collection in the associated game. Once you’ve sent and/or receive some gifts, let us know what you think! You can use this thread to provide feedback on the Gifting experience in the Desktop App.Dylon Kempkes9 Dec 24
Dec 21 Desktop App Certificate Update Our recent update to the Blizzard desktop app made sure players could properly use features like logging in to via a social network, or joining a Blizzard group via an invite link. To facilitate these features, we updated the local webserver to use a self-signed certificate to be consistent with current industry security standards. For those interested in more detail, using these features requires your web browser to communicate with the Blizzard desktop app. Previously, the desktop app used a certificate signed by a public Certificate Authority, meaning that no modifications to your system certificates were necessary; however, this technique is incompatible with Certificate Authority policies and we can no longer use it. While some browsers such as Chrome and Firefox are equipped to handle browser-to-app communication techniques, the changes were necessary for other browsers. For the time being, the desktop app generates a self-signed certificate that’s unique to your machine and configures your system to trust it.Dylon Kempkes0 Dec 21
Dec 9 New Feature Now Live - Appear Offline Appear offline allows you to set your status to show you as “offline” to your Blizzard friends while remaining connected to This means you can launch the app and game away without distraction. Appearing offline will show you as offline to everyone in your Blizzard friends list. Once you have joined a game, the experience of appearing offline might be slightly different depending on which game you are playing. In the case of World of Warcraft, your guildmates will see your character come online and enter WoW’s in-game chat channels, and anyone who has you as a character-level friend will see you online on their friends list. Everyone outside of the same game as you will not see you online or playing any games. Offline Messaging Do you see a friend who’s offline but you really want to send them a message while it’s on your mind? You can now send offline friends messages and they will receive them the next time they come online! While appearing offline you can still send and receive messages in the app, but it is up to you when you want to respond. Once you start using these feature, we’d love to hear what you think. Feel free to use this thread to post your thoughts on Appear Offline.Psione59 Dec 9
Oct 24 New Feature Now Live – Shop Update The Blizzard Shop is getting a makeover! Starting today, open beta users will see a new experience when selecting the Shop tab in the Desktop App. What’s New? • Redesigned Homepage: The homepage has a new look. This includes a new franchise navigation bar for quick access, recommended products, and more detailed product descriptions. • Personalized Recommendations: You’ll now see a recommended section that provides you suggested products based on games you play. • Franchise Navigation Bar: The new franchise bar is a quick way to access all products for your favorite franchise right from the homepage. • New Visual Design: The look and feel of the shop experience has been re-designed. This includes full-art product cards, multimedia components, and dedicated franchise pages. To switch to the beta version of the Blizzard app, simply open your app Settings, click on the Beta tab, and then click Switch to Beta button. Once you’ve had a chance to poke around, let us know what you think! You can use this thread to provide feedback on the updated Shop experience in the Desktop App.Dylon Kempkes5 Oct 24
Feb 16 Suggested Friends and Facebook Friend Finder FAQ! Hail, Champions! We've been looking through your feedback and questions, and wanted to create a post that should help answer the majority of questions we're seeing at the moment. Please check out the information below! Facebook Friend Finder This is our newest feature in Suggested Friends, so I wanted to list this off first! Linking to Facebook allows you to find friends on Facebook who have also chosen to link their accounts to Facebook, and suggest them as friends to you. We display Facebook friends with the name they have chosen on their Facebook profile. If you’d like, you can send them a friend request. We don't send any data to Facebook. Furthermore, can only post to Facebook on your behalf (after you’ve explicitly authorized the Facebook App to do so) if you've set up Blizzard Streaming, and Go Live. Players who link to Facebook will see a Facebook Friend Finder section in the Suggested Friends drawer. Clicking “Add” will send a Friend Request, and pressing the “X” will ignore them. Facebook Friends who are ignored can send you a request, at which time you can approve or deny the request, or block the user entirely. Please note that Facebook can be used for login (at Account Creation or linked at a later date), streaming, and friend finding. To set up streaming, you have to click on the Streaming Icon and allow Facebook to post on your behalf. Suggested Friends This feature has existed since the inception of the Application, but has been given a new location in the Suggested Friends panel on your Friends List. It adheres to the same settings and Privacy Options available in the Communications Preferences in Account Management, as well as Parental Controls (if applied). As a reminder, Parental Controls are enabled by default for users under the age of 18 during account creation (a parent's email is required to proceed, and a link for Parental Controls included). Concerns on Real ID Display There's also been some concern about who can see your Real ID name versus your BattleTag. For reference, your BattleTag is a nickname selected to show in our games, while Real ID is intended for friends you know and add via Email Address. Additionally, players can Opt Out of Real ID by disabling this in Communication Preferences. Requests where the requester's real name is shown are Real ID requests, requests where the BattleTag are shown are BattleTag Friend Requests. Suggested Friends will only show you suggestions of friends - you aren't able to take any further action with those suggested users. You will see BattleTags of Suggested friends, unless your mutual friend is Real ID Friends with you and your suggested friend. In this instance you’ll be shown their Real ID name as well. You can disable showing up in Suggested Friends by unchecking “Suggest me to friends of friends” in your Communication Preferences as well. Friends List Display of Real ID Friends Players who wish to organize/change how their Friends List is displayed in the Desktop App can modify these in the Settings > Friends & Chat menu. Here you can hide your friends' Real ID names, show or hide the Suggested Friends drawer, and manage your Block List of previously blocked users. Modifying these will not change your Account level Privacy Settings; if you would like to be suggested to others without having suggested friends displayed to you, that's possible! For reference, here’s a breakdown of what information you can see for friends of friends: You can see Real ID Names of your Friends’ Real ID Friends You can see BattleTags of your Real ID Friends’ BattleTag Friends You can see BattleTags of your Friends’ BattleTag FriendsAgunurrom0 Feb 16
6h delete/clear chat history Make an option to delete/clear chat history on appmaxbo246 6h
9h Third party authenticator support I realize that this doesn't have anything to do directly with the Desktop App, but the limited selection of forums leaves this as the nearest option, and the answerer of my support ticket told me that the forums are the place to request this. I hope that it can get forwarded to the correct parties. I would like to use a third party authenticator instead of the official Authenticator for Android. There are several applications that let you scan the QR code for a service which uses an authenticator -- like Amazon's AWS, GitHub, or Twitch -- and avoid having to download a company-specific app to generate codes for you. These applications are very handy because the growing number of accounts which use 2FA would otherwise cause a large number of custom authentication applications on users' phones, all essentially performing the same task. One of these applications is called Authy. Another such app which is developed by Google is called Google Authenticator. Both of these (and others) can be found on the Google Play Store. Can you guys please allow a way of using nonproprietary applications as authentication devices? I'm not a computer security expert, but I request that before dismissing this idea as insecure, you look into how and why it can be supported by services like AWS, whose users have a much higher ceiling on what they can lose should their 2FA be somehow compromised (somewhere around the "our entire company's infrastructure" level) than users of Thanks for reading!beo220 9h
1d Time played? Is there a way to view "time played" for games on Blizzard. Steam keeps track of all hours logged to every game you play. If this feature isn't part of, It should be. Even PlayStation and Xbox keep track of hours played. I know it's a small feat/request. But it's a very nice feature to have.Karlastrophe7 1d
1d providing app old version. Since i auto-updated app today, some problem appeared. I want to use old version, which doesn't having any problem, until current version's problem is solved. And how about toggle on-off the auto-update for app? this function for games exists, but doesn't for app.김쿠울4 1d
1d Overwatch demo Can you please release an over watch demo? Don't want to buy a game without trying it out first, thank you.RobotDoctor113 1d
1d BattleTag - Character Limit Hello, Please consider increasing the character limit above 12. This really does limit some of us on choosing a great BattleTag. Thank you,Webshark40 1d
1d PaySafeCard Why there isn't ability to use PaySafeCard as payment method in all countries? I am living in Slovakia and I finally got money to buy Overwatch. I have 40€ for standard edition but sadly, in our shop, you can't buy standard edition, only origins edition. Only other way I can buy Overwatch is trough PaySafeCard. Blizzard please add PaySafeCard as payment method for more countries. I will appreciate it.tinko101 1d
1d Bad work of the Russian support Good day I want to inform, that Russian support totally ignore the requests "Appeal silence". GMs dont give proofs of the "crimes", they just say "everything is fine, silence will stay" and immediately close the support ticket Please, "fix" the Russian support, right not it works totally careless to the customer Thank youOnyx2 1d
2d Wew, shocker Blizzard, download gets stuck and so I go to uninstall but it won't even do that Fix your launcher first maybe? Why is your launcher trying to update when it's shut down and going through the uninstall process too????? I wanted to download star craft 2 and play with my mates, but it just gets stuck on "waiting...", I tried pausing it and resuming, restarting the launcher, restarting my PC, and letting it "wait" over night. Your launcher is broken and I'm enraged, sorry to say. This is why I go by the logic "always something.. it can never be easy."Tadpole0 2d
2d Linux Support for Blizzard Games The question of Linux support comes up time and time again but I really think it is time that Blizzard actuallty supported Linux. Here is why. Drivers aren't an issue anymore One of the big reasons that people didn't want to use Linux was the poor state of graphics drivers. This isn't an issue anymore. The drivers have massively improved and the major performance differences that some games still show are down to the lower quality wrapper-based ports rather than the native ports (like those Valve did for their games). Vulkan The Vulkan API is the cross-platform versions of DirectX 12. These two APIs are the future of PC Games but Vulkan isn't restricted to Windows 10 like DX12 is. By using Vulkan, Blizzard can generate code that is multi-platform friendly and would make the job of creating and supporting Linux games much easier in the long run. Blizzard are also a member of the Khronos group, the people who publish the spec for the Vulkan API. Source: Distro Fragmentation isn't an issue Another common argument for not using or supporting Linux is the number of distributions. While there are large number of options, the vast majority of Linux users use a small handful of distros that are very similar to each other. More importantly, Valve only officially support Ubuntu which makes their job easier while also reducing the diea who need to officially support every distribution that exists. Users are willing to test/support companies that support Linux There is a dedicated and growing community around Linux gaming that is willing to help developers, both finanically and constructively, who want to support. The community while buy the games while also do their best to report bugs or test development builds for upcoming or already existing games that are being ported. Blizzard are a massive company and they could easily grab the attention of this entire community and it would help to provide a lot of real world testing for them. Operating system choice is good Giving people the choice of using a non-Windows operating system to play Blizzard games is only a good thing. While you can use Mac OS X you do have to buy an Apple Mac to use it (in line with the license agreement anyway). This is important because Windows 10 and the upgrade tactics have drawn a lot of negative attention to Microsoft. There is an even growing number of people who are switching to Linux or at least considering it. However, there is one problem. Linux has (or had) a chicken and egg problem. Nobody uses it because nobody develops for it which leads to nobody developing for it as nobody uses it. While Valve and other companies have been changing this by porting games to Linux, a company as large as Blizzard porting their games to Linux would do wonders for this movement and would really send a signal to games and developers alike to actually take Linux seriously as a gaming platform. The benefit of doing this is that the users have more choice as to what operating system they run on their computer without having to make sacrifices. You can run the games via WINE but that isn't perfect whereas a native port would allow for Linux Gamers to enjoy the best possible Blizzard experience without having to install/use Windows. Linux Market Share Growth While the accuracy of web based statistics for operating ysstem use is questionable, the usage graph that will be linked below shows that Linux now has more than 2% of the market share on desktop operating systems. This is, again, a sign of progress. Source: 2d
2d Mind fixing sr system ? It’s not hard, EVERY win gives me 23 sr and EVERY loss makes me loose 25 sr. How are you supposed to climb like that. I’d rather have the perf based system because that was at least helping to climb. ( I play tank and healer. NOT DPS )adri1win740 2d
2d Removing unwanted content from, like Destiny 2 I guess there is no way to remove Destiny 2 and it's related content and news from Battle net, so it would be nice if we had an option to do that, I don't care about that game and it's only trashing my launcher. I also couldn't care less about e-sports, so it would be great if we had option to uncheck any game/type of content from appearing on the launcher since it's not relevant to my interests it's pointless for it to be there. I'm sure a lot of people play a one or two games and don't care about specific categories (like promotions for example) to be notified about them. While I know it's not a huge issue, I like to keep things clean and organized.Fengas6 2d
2d Can I play WoW while the launcher is downloading on another computer? Ok so I just got a new computer, and its downloading the game in the launcher. I still have my old computer, I was wondering if its ok to start the launcher and play wow on my old computer while I wait for the new computer to install WoW? Or will I not be able to open the launcher on my other computer?Takata5561 2d
2d Removing the overwatch league livestream from the launcher. It would be great if the launcher wouldn't be trying to stream the league games while im playing the game itself. For most people its probably not a problem but my internet speed is very limited here making the game unplayable due to the launcher hogging all the bandwidth. I don't see why it needs to be live streamed in the launcher to begin with? why not add a short preview video or a picture that shows which teams are playing instead? Now that im done with my perfectly reasonable rant im off to tf2 for some uninterrupted playtime.BananaBob7 2d
2d Paysafecard I want to pay wow subscription with a paysafecard but don't accept the codes.I don't have a credit card and I don't say it's hard to buy a pre-paid card from shop,but will be more easy to have a balance ,to buy 1 month of subscription on wow,to buy card on hearthstone,etc.WhiteRaven1 2d
2d Add Twitch to Connected streaming Accounts I would like to see more ways to stream E.G. (twitch) with OWL now strongly supported by ties with Blizzard and Twitch. I would like to see the possibility to use it in connections for streaming. I really dislike going through Third party software to stream to Twitch. Blizzard is great at everything they do this is just a suggestion. don't expect a response from them. I would just like to see what the community thinks about it!ImpishMisfit0 2d
2d iOS app I would love an iOS app for This way I can talk to all Blizzard friends while on the way with my iOS mobile device. Also the option to leave a message if someone is not on his phone at that moment will be nice. For example when you are raiding but stuck in traffic, this way you can send a message through fast. Another plus would be an option to view (WoW) Guild chat in the app this would be awesome, I know you can view it in the World of Warcraft App. Basically a social platform App for iOS.Daethoron3 2d
2d Hide Games in Launcher Please implement a way to hide certain games in the launcher.Zephir1 2d
3d Desktop shortcuts should launch games immediately Hi, I only play StarCraft II, so I'm not sure how this would affect the other Blizzard games, but when I double-click the shortcut for SC2 on my desktop, I want the game to launch. I don't want to have to click some big blue Play button to launch my game after I've already tried to launch it via desktop shortcut, I want the game to launch immediately with no extra clicking involved. Really, the way this works sucks. I understand the game needs to update, but can't check for updates, then launch the game? Why do I need to click three times to open SC2? I would appreciate a change in this functionality, if you awesome guys at Blizzard would be so kind :)CactalAgony47 3d
3d Will you guys ever increase the battle-tag character limit to 15? My gamertag on all platforms is Sushi with a 10 character word after it, I was bummed when I couldn't use my original tag on this platform. This would give users more freedom to pick their tag and you guys would probably make more money from battle tag changes.Sushi1 3d
3d Disable video/twitch Auto-play or at least add the option, is not fun to randomly have twitch OW league playing by itself.neruxxx0 3d
3d Games launching when picked from system tray I was asked to post here about this. When rightclicking the battlenet app and selecting a game it used to open the app on that game's page. After the update it is launching the game (whichever one is selected - happens to all of them). I have to close the launched version if I'm already in game or I will get disconnected due to a second login. This is happening on Windows 7 (up to date) and I've since updated my laptop battlenet app and it is also happening there (windows 10 - up to date)Jodmos7 3d
3d Chat 256-Character Limit Too Short I've been trying to use the client in place of Steam for chatting, but keep running into issues with pasted text being cut off early. It looks like the current limit is 256 characters, while Steam's character limit is 2048 per message. Any chance this could be increased?potaco3 3d
3d Friend Groups A good idea I think would be the ability to group friends into more than just Favorite and Non-Favorite? Can we get a personalized friend grouping system?Scarred0 3d
3d Give us a new RTS We need Starcraft 3 or Warcraft 4, hell even a new franchise with similar mechanics. not everyone likes playing team arena games or Moba games. I find they are not as mentally demanding as starcraft, which is where I find my satisfaction. Starcraft 2 is one of the last RTS games available to play and I'll be damned if the genre dies out because of the Team arena / Moba genre. I have 0 intention towards purchasing Overwatch or spending money on HotS. Give us RTS players something to be excited for.ChokingVictm5 3d
3d Option to ignore blizzard gifts Every now and then I keep getting lootpacks for HOTS and card packs for Hearthstone show up in my battle net gifts. Since I don't give a single damn about either of these games (and never will) I wanted to request an option to ignore anything gift-wise that comes from blizzard's side for these 2 games. ThanksChikenuggetz0 3d
3d Remove downvotes As far as I've seen every time I come by any blizzard forum is that it is massively abused. Troll posts and condescending posts get upvoted while legitimate, helpful. and concerning posts often get downvoted massively and that's just how it seems to be with this community. The only thing anyone seems to be able to agree with is tiny quality of life suggestions that aren't worded remotely negatively.Lunacy0 3d
3d The forums are the worst Every post i've ever made on here has been met with massive downvote counts. Everyone assumes i'm doing this for ME. That only applies to one post (Wanting Noire widow and blizzcon bastion in GOTY) I've been speaking solely for as many players as possible. (some people would love to join a game on their potato and not get punished for missing a couple games in a row.) The Megathread i tried to make (which was gonna include things referring to the arcade not having only 5 cards. ) got me suspended (even though there was a MONTH OF MEI megathread) Let's not forget several posts that never made it to the forum because of the title (widowmaker is not meant for a game like this) I've concluded that this place is way too hostile to people with under 90000 posts. people will just downvote without another thought (The post asking if winston had adhd). and upvote the stupid comments(things like, "this is a bad idea and you should feel bad"). The Moderation team and blizzard themselves respond to the wrong things. I'm going to go drink bleach nowMacCheesePi1 3d
3d New Overwatch-League-Icon Hello Please make this Icon optional in the settings for the Blizz-App. I don't like the look of it and I have no interest in what ever is behind it.McCrazy16 3d
3d Web Page in Chat Window When pop out chat is enabled and pressing middle mouse button on a link (only tested with youtube so far), opens the webpage in the chat window.Clutch0 3d
4d OWL Tab Glowing, Autoplaying and Sound A few feedback points on the new OWL tab: 1: The OWL tab glow, likely to draw attention to itself, comes across like a sad cry for attention. OWL doesn't need it. 2: I've had the video on the OWL tab start playing without clicking on the tab itself. I don't see an option to disable autoplay of the stream, this de-incentives me from so much as clicking on the tab to check it out. 3: The "sound" settings for the client don't turn off the sound for the OWL stream; the sound continues to play after leaving the tab. It's annoying that the controls for the client don't control the embedded stream. If there's a way to manage this, it's not readily apparent.DeadOnToilet1 4d
4d Please move the Overwatch league button to social tab in the launcher so we dont have to see it Also there is overwatch ads on the WoW launcher can you guys stop please, its kinda gross how hard your pushing overwatch and is definitely turning me off from liking overwatchDutch0 4d
4d harassed by "overwatch league" ads, main menu of the - Blizzard app. Would it be possible not to be harassed by "overwatch league" ads in the main menu of the " - Blizzard" app when I just want to play Starcraft?CannibalShee1 4d
4d Battle.Net App - Ran all night streaming from Twitch!? So I woke up this morning to get my coffee before work and I started hearing faint sounds of games. I tracked it down to my PC, but to my surprise, no apps were open to be the source of the noise. After a bit of confused sleepy searching, I found my sound mixer telling me that the source was the app which was in the system tray. I opened it up and sure enough it had been streaming Overwatch crap for god knows how long. Had I been on a Data cap this would be a serious issue, but thankfully I don't have one. I had previously had the app on WoW's game shortcut to launch it, not this Overwatch tab that appeared. Please add an option to remove this because I have no desire to watch this content or have it AUTO WATCHED because of some silly bug in your app. Again, this thing was in the system tray, playing this content for who knows how long while my PC was idle. This happened without my interaction. Totally unacceptable.Dot50Cal1 4d
4d Battletag Why i can't change my battletag? I have not change it 1 time so dosen't i have the free one? So why i don't have it?!DragonWizard0 4d
4d Small Feature: Move Install Pretty self explainatory; allow the application to move the installation game folder from one drive to another. For an example, you buy a brand new hard drive and want to move your games from your main drive to this new drive. This feature will simply move the installation folder from that drive to the destinated location on another drive that the user gives. It makes it easier to move the games, especially for those who internet is not in favor to just redownload the games.Crimroxs1 4d
4d Warcraft 4 or Warcraft Remake Hello Blizzard and anyone who reads this thread, im just making this post, because i think that making this game or its remake would bring back the glory and an incredible amount of people back into the stage of this amaizing game, i could collect signs, if you want to see the amount of people that is really wishing for this to happen, this game was the KING of games in its time and i think that you Blizzard can bring it back, ive played WOW and Starcraft 1 and 2 and Heros of the Storm, even Hearthstone, but these games cant fill my hunger, so i keep playing the Warcraft 3, just giving an idea.. i think it would be great if you, Blizzard, could make a pack joining the old warcraft 1 and 2 with the warcraft 3, making a remake of those 3 amazing games into 1 AMAIZING CREATiON, i know that maybe im asking too much, but i think it would be great for both, Blizzard and the gamer community. if you are another player that wish this to happen i really appreciated you comment, so maybe we could make this tread big enough to call the attention. Im sorry if my english is not the best, still im a big fan of all of your games, good bye and Thank You for reading this post.hec2ko0 4d
4d OWL Stream continues after leaving tab This is a serious bug and needs to be fixed immediately. Additionally, please give us a way to disable the tab or at least the glowing effect. I would prefer all Overwatch content be confined to the Overwatch tab.Nitrix1 4d
4d Hackers Adding Authenticators To Prevent Resolution adding an authenticator to hack my brothers account they have changed his password/email and added an authenticator so he no longer can access the account on or on the game cliet blizzard failed once again to respond to tickets and or receive phone calls and it is ridiculously difficult to navigate where to go when you HAVE to be in you account but if your locked out of your account from someone else hacking you then your screwed and now this has happened twice once in tbc and he lost his whole account and now in legion like wtf manIgnored3 4d
4d Transmoging Dear Blizzard, why is it that with the new appearance system during Legion, that Death Knight's are now no longer able to transmogrify their armor to anything, but plate. We used to do it all the time, and it was fun. It gave us a good feeling when any of our plate options didn't match our transmog, so we could always turn to cloth or leather. I mean, it's still very possible for Death Knight's to wear other things that plate. I hope you enjoyed reading my concern/comment about todays transmog system.GhostDragon1 4d
4d Option to disable auto updates I game a lot on my laptop while I am away from home, and when I am not at home I use a Verizon connection that limits how much bandwidth I can use each month or I get hit with a nasty fee. It would be a great addition to your new launcher app to add a option to disable auto updating. Besides that the app works great, keep up the great work guys.Venom11 4d