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Jun 4, 2013 Welcome to Blizzard desktop app Technical Support Welcome to the Blizzard desktop app Technical Support forum. This forum’s purpose is to assist in identifying and troubleshooting technical issues that may arise during the use of the Blizzard desktop app. Posters in this forum will be held to our forum Code of Conduct – please take some time to read it before posting.Aratil0 Jun 4, 2013
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2d Update Agent keeps harassing me! For the past 2-3 weeks, the Blizzard Update Agent keeps triggering the Windows security notifications every couple of hours (probably 4-5 times a day), it's bloody annoying :( Last night, I was in the middle of playing Overwatch and it popped up, minimizing the game and yanking focus. Thankfully, I was respawning so it wasn't a critical moment, but still jarring and REALLY #%@!ING ANNOYING. If it had happened as I was battling on a point, it could have cost us the game (I was playing ranked, and it was a really close match... there was at least one skirmish where I solo-cleared the point the enemy team was trying to cap). This is the dialog that comes up: I tried uninstalling but it gave me errors, so I manually purged from my entire system (the install folder, all folders from places like ProgramData and %USERPROFILE%\AppData, and anything referring to "" or "Blizzard" in the registry) and reinstalled BNet and all my games... and it's still happening.Anamortus375 2d
1d Destiny 2 stuck at initializing /slow download Please help Destiny 2 stuck at initializing! It got half download and I decided to pause it to play other games without my internet being slow. Go to resume it and it won't get past initializing I don't wanna restart the download :(Merle275 1d
Jul 1, 2017 Common Blizzard Application Connection Issues Greetings all, We've been working to improve some of the available troubleshooting resources for our games. Since connectivity problems are a common problem in gaming, we wanted to provide some information on what causes connection problems and what to do to resolve issues when you're having them. Table of Contents 1. Connection Troubleshooting Resources 2. FAQs 3. What to do if you need more helpDrakuloth5 Jul 1, 2017
Mar 19 Greetings, CROWDS Community! [Deutsch] - [Español (EU)] - [Español (AL)] - [Français] - [Italiano] - [Português (AL)] - [Português (EU)] - [Polski] - [Русский] We wanted to take some time to thank you for all your help, expertise, and passion around growing our Support Community here on Twitter! We’ve been thrilled to see you jump into this so openly, and the moments you’ve created with the community are a testament to how amazing you all are. As we continue to evolve this program, we will be disabling the CROWDS Platform on 2/28/18. Once disabled, experts will no longer be able to log in and use the platform. With your feedback in mind, we’re going to take some time to look into what will be next for this wonderful support community. We cannot stress enough how much we appreciate everything you’ve done, and can’t wait to share what we’re working on with you. As always, you can tweet us @BlizzardCS! Thank you! The BlizzardCS TeamGlaxigrav13 Mar 19
1h app won't download I have a Razor Laptop 14' - i7 4720HQ @ 2.6GHz - 8GB DDR3 - 500GB SSD - NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970M and have tried everything to get this app on my laptop. I've submitted several tickets and tried all of Blizzards steps but with no success. I also tried downloading from different websites but nothing. Am I doing something wrong or is this laptop not compatible? Long time WoW and Diablo player and not being able to play is killing me and restraining from destroying this laptop. LoL jk but dang I'm bored.PacMan0 1h
10h Warcraft 3 Frozen Throne Crazing randomly Game crashing when i'm playing games. here is my ReportID: 40705223-B4C5-4B85-9DF7-5EF4FB2BFDEFWongy3 10h
11h Missing Icons and Numbers When I opened app today most of the Icons and Letters were missing like an example is the pause button there is only a black square icon this never happened before!!!Diamondcart3 11h
17h Stream to facebook issue When I'm trying to stream on facebook got this message: An unexpected error occurred. We're working on a fix. Please check back later. I'm using the betta blizz app. Switched to normal version but still got this problem Error code: BLZBNTBGS80000035 (9000)Luno18 17h
17h Can't install Blizzard app I was having issues updating blizzard before I could download Azeroth and so i resorted to uninstalling/reinstalling the blizzard client. Now it gets stuck at updating when I try to install. I've tried damn near everything I've read. Looking at the C:\programdata\ logs it shows that a connection is timing out trying to connect to one of their IPs Any thoughts?Fayt0 17h
19h Horrible Lag issues in wow Hello, I've been having horrible lag issues in wow ever since a few days before the expansion launched, about a week before and its still going on now. Here's the WinMTR reports. |------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| | WinMTR statistics | | Host - % | Sent | Recv | Best | Avrg | Wrst | Last | |------------------------------------------------|------|------|------|------|------|------| | - 1 | 933 | 930 | 6 | 10 | 90 | 8 | | - 0 | 944 | 944 | 8 | 11 | 64 | 8 | | - 1 | 936 | 934 | 8 | 10 | 37 | 12 | | - 0 | 944 | 944 | 8 | 12 | 37 | 14 | | - 1 | 929 | 925 | 19 | 22 | 42 | 29 | | - 1 | 941 | 940 | 19 | 23 | 45 | 21 | | - 1 | 933 | 930 | 19 | 21 | 45 | 21 | | - 1 | 941 | 940 | 19 | 22 | 63 | 21 | | - 1 | 940 | 939 | 71 | 79 | 509 | 73 | | - 0 | 944 | 944 | 71 | 76 | 210 | 75 | | - 0 | 944 | 944 | 71 | 76 | 156 | 82 | | - 1 | 940 | 939 | 71 | 74 | 104 | 72 | | - 1 | 940 | 939 | 70 | 73 | 100 | 75 | | - 1 | 929 | 925 | 69 | 71 | 92 | 71 | |________________________________________________|______|______|______|______|______|______| |------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| | WinMTR statistics | | Host - % | Sent | Recv | Best | Avrg | Wrst | Last | |------------------------------------------------|------|------|------|------|------|------| | - 0 | 1101 | 1101 | 6 | 12 | 126 | 10 | | - 0 | 1101 | 1101 | 8 | 12 | 129 | 9 | | - 0 | 1101 | 1101 | 8 | 11 | 32 | 10 | | - 0 | 1101 | 1101 | 8 | 11 | 36 | 9 | | - 0 | 1101 | 1101 | 19 | 24 | 44 | 21 | | - 0 | 1101 | 1101 | 19 | 24 | 56 | 23 | | - 0 | 1101 | 1101 | 19 | 22 | 48 | 20 | | - 0 | 1101 | 1101 | 19 | 23 | 62 | 21 | | - 0 | 1101 | 1101 | 71 | 82 | 441 | 76 | | - 0 | 1101 | 1101 | 71 | 75 | 202 | 76 | | - 0 | 1101 | 1101 | 71 | 76 | 202 | 72 | | - 0 | 1101 | 1101 | 71 | 74 | 100 | 72 | | - 0 | 1101 | 1101 | 71 | 73 | 101 | 73 | | - 0 | 1101 | 1101 | 69 | 72 | 94 | 71 | |________________________________________________|______|______|______|______|______|______| Please help! This is happening to me and my brother in law and we're both on a wired connection and paying for 300mbps internet!Readyman1 19h
20h Install Error (WC3 ROC and TFT) (Fixed) Update: I think this was solved by following a moderator's suggestion in a different post: 1. Uninstall the application 2. Press Windows key + R and type in %temp% 3. Delete anything related to Blizzard or 4. Do the same for %programdata%, %localappdata%, %appdata% 5. Reinstall the application! Hello, When installing updates to warcraft 3 TFT which I had not played for around a year, it prompted a restart of warcraft 3, and came up with an error stating that the game was already in progress. I uninstalled warcraft 3 ROC and TFT, and when I clicked to install ROC on, it came up with an installer for TFT instead and at 67% produces error "BLZBNTBTS0000004A". On the forums, people suggest running this as administrator (which doesn't work) and looking in the files of the game for the updater or different files. However, in my case this error occurs prior to any files being actually installed, and the installer immediately seems to continue wanting to finish the TFT patch despite me clicking on the ROC installer. Any suggestions would be appreciated!kenderfail1 20h
20h Warcraft 3 install stuck at 65% When I first downloaded setup.exe it was stuck at 0% - I cancelled it - I started it again - stuck at 65% - cancelling and starting again and I'm still stuck at 65%Thoradin17 20h
21h Deleting and Reinstalling destiny 2 Will deleting destiny 2 and reinstalling it delete my character? I had no choice but to delete it on pc because i kept getting "Termite" code. And i want to know if deleting it will delete my character or are they saved to the destiny 2 servers?WalrusbP6 21h
22h can't start streaming via Blizzard desktop app hello! i managed login my FB account via blizzard desktop app, but i can't proceed with streaming because the "start streaming'' bottom is unpressable, and everything is set to place like title of streaming .....ect please help memazus0 22h
22h stuck in a different phase? NPCs, world mobs, other players, mailboxes, and portals are not showing up. my character is the only thing in the world. other characters on my account are unaffected.Josh0 22h
22h Black ops 4 beta install not appearing cant download the game. no install button even with a and pc restart. only a prepurchase button. would've considered buying the game if the beta wasnt full of aimbots within 2 days, but !@#$ you guys cant even get it working at all? what a joke, let cod die alreadyWov21 22h
23h "Downloading New Files..." I've been pretty frustrated with this for several days now and I can't find any help. One day I opened my app and it said I couldnt connect online... my wifi was fine so I uninstalled everything and tried to reinstall the desktop app... everytime I try it gets stuck on "downloading new files" and doesnt move anywhere. I've done so much research and cleared all my caches and everything, it just wont download. Somebody please help me.Slug12 23h
1d Blizzard Streaming App not working Hi, I am having the issue where the blizzard streaming app says "waiting for game to launch" on my PC, though it works on my lap top. I know this topic has been discussed but it seems like there has not been a solution to this problem. I made sure that there is no other streaming programs installed on my PC, even did a windows 10 fresh start reset, which wipes all my programs except for files and pics. Re-installed WoW and still not working. This is my set up: Intel core I7 8600k 32gb DDR4 3000mhz AMD RX Vega 64 Asus ROG Maximus X MG248GQ gaming monitor 144Hz with freesync Samsung 250gb SSDStorrespta251 1d
1d WoW files corrupted I've tried to reinstall the client but I get kicked off the game and a scan and repair automatically starts but it finishes and says "Whoops! Looks like something broke. Give it another shot." Windows also gives me the message that a data file in WoW is corrupted.samwy80 1d
1d reinstalling on pc is broken help please i went to gouninstall then reinstall but its making me buy the game now and wont let me reinstallImTheBearNow1 1d
1d Desktop App stuck on updating I have been having this issue for a while now. For almost a year, I will either get stuck updating the app at 100% or stuck on 89% in the installation. I have not played any of the games I own within a year. I have turned off my firewall, deleted and reinstalled app multiple times, updating pretty much everything hardware wise and all it does is sit at 89% for days. I don't know what I going to do. -I am currently doing the following -Running Installer after deleting the folders in program 86 and the hidden one -I have stopped Agent.exe in task manger and it still says the same -Turned of Windows Defender and Firewall -Restarted My computer - Have Changed my Secondary Logon Settings Please HelpFisterGman0 1d
1d All of my friends got removed off of my account Exactly as the title saysShadow34x1 1d
1d Blizzard Agent went to sleep Hi Every few days over the last couple of weeks I keep getting this message when launching It's very frustrating. The "fix" is to delete the programdata folder and re-launch it. But why do I have to keep doing this? It keeps popping up with this message every few days, and I would like to know why/ what the cause of this is so I don't have to keep re-locating my games every time I launch Battle.netflappers1 1d
1d Cannot Login to BATTLENET Battlenet cannot even let me login, is simply on a loop! I have 2 PCs with 3 different acounts, my other PC is working perfectly. This isn't! On the malfunctioning one, I can download Overwatch easily, however, cannot even access online! The login page is simply a loop!mattsoubala1 1d
1d BLZBNTBNA00000006 BLZBNTBNA00000006 I have done everything here as listed by Blizzard and nothing is working. Critical Blizzard Update Agent files are missing from your computer and the Blizzard desktop app can't download new copies. Follow the steps below to resolve the problem. Restart your computer to resolve problems caused by programs and services running in the background. Update your drivers to resolve any compatibility issues. Try closing background applications to resolve any software conflicts. Run a security scan to remove any viruses or malware infections. Disable or temporarily uninstall any security programs, which may mistakenly identify the login module as a security threat. Advanced Troubleshooting Tried everything here? If the steps above did not resolve your problem, visit our Technical Support forum or contact us.Goeffurself2 1d
1d battlenet installer stuck on downloading new files. so a few days ago i was playing some destiny and logged off to run to the store. when i came back the app would no longer log me in. every other application on my system works fine except so i thought well that has to be the issue.i then followed all the steps i could find to fix the issue like flushing dns, restarting the computer and router, disabling security programs, deleting the temp folders like the support pages say, and defragging and cleaning the disk. after none of that helped the app log me in i proceeded to delete everything related to it so i could do a fresh install. i deleted all folders, games, temp folders, everything. I downloaded the installer from blizzard and now it just gets stuck at downloading new files. i repeated the above steps numerous times to no avail.Siouxsie25 1d
1d Warcraft III Terms of Service / Third Party Programs Blizzard, I recently began playing WCIII again after a long hiatus, and I have a question regarding the Terms of Service and third party programs. My question is specifically in regards to discord and twitch. 1) Am I allowed to use discord (voice application) with friends while I play warcraft III. 2) Am I allowed to use a stream application in conjunction with the twitch service to stream live games while I play warcraft III. 3) If I am able to stream am I required to inform other players and am I required to receive their consent prior streaming. The reason I ask these questions are because the WC3 user onlooker@useast is harassing me and constantly whispering me that streaming and discord are against the TOS. Can you please inform me what the correct answer regarding this issue is. Am I in the wrong here or is the user onlooker@useast/azeroth wrong? -ErikEriktheGreat0 1d
1d Scan & Repair Stuck on Scan loop So I was playing a dungeon no worries when my graphics card crashed and i had to reset, then coming back I'm prompted for a file scan, but the scan doesn't load I had it on for over an hour. After I cancelled it I got the Update button where play was, so I clicked it, just to get stuck on waiting for other update or installation, I checked all my other games. Updated my drivers, ran a virus scan that was sweet, re-downloaded and installed launcher to no avail, finally to try deleting my World of Warcraft: \World of Warcraft\Data\data /.IDX files, and letting the scan and repair fix them, except it won't replace the files as it still gets stuck after about a 2% load bar. Please help :( So keen to get back into wow.MVMSupernova3 1d
1d Battle.Net refuses to download any update/game The past two to three weeks I have been un able to play ANY Battle.Net games due to me not being able to either A.) Install them or B.) Update them. NOTHING works. Fresh installs of Driver updates. Uninstall of already installed games to try and reinstall. Absolutely nothing. If anyone has had this problem before, please could they share how they fixed it? Many thanksDrRabbi1 1d
1d Battle Net App Issues Please Help! So I played some world of warcraft earlier this morning before I had to go out for the day. But when I came back Battle Net kept hanging while I tried to enter the game. When I logged out of the app it told me that the password I used was incorrect so I had to change it. Then it kept hanging whenever I tried to log back in. So I uninstalled the app (it took three restarts for the unistall to finally take) but whenever I try to reinstall I keep getting an error message to check my internet (my net is fine). HELP!Queen0001 1d
1d Cannot play HotS in China I know China has a habit of randomly deciding what foreign influence it allows and can daily block or unblock certain things as it deems fit, but I've not heard anything from Blizzard on this issue. Basically I'm living in China and have been using an internet cafe to play HotS on the Asia server. No problems until now, when the app won't recognise my password for any server. I haven't checked the China server because the email I'm registered with is Gmail and that isn't an accepted email address on the China server. So far as I can tell nothing else has changed. Is Blizzard aware of this issue? What can I do to fix this? I've already had to abandon my Europe account for the Asia one, I'm not doing it again.FredBurma2 1d
2d Launcher Slow Download Speed I've been having this issue for months now and I've even followed the solution as per I keep starting at about 2 mb/s, only for it to rapidly drop to 10kb/s or even 0b/s. I'm just trying to patch something. Should I just reinstall the Launcher or what?Ghostlupe50 2d
2d disconnected from please recconnect Diablo 2 Hello, I was reading online that this error message may be a banning issue or a connection issue with Diablo II. Can you please confirm if my account is on hold for any reason or if there is another way to resolve this issue. I have tried other servers and have had no luck. Thank youEnsizor0 2d
2d BLZBNTBNU00000006 - trying to uninstall BLZBNTBNU00000006 error code - Guide provided by blizzard to uninstall doesn't solve the issue. ** Is there any way to locate the directory and uninstall files rather than going through battle.netMishka5 2d
2d Blizzard desktop app error download Iv been trying to download the blizzard desktop app for a while now and for some reason the speeds is too slow. I live in the Philippines and my speed is decent with little to no issues downloading large games from steam at good speeds, but downloading the blizzard app which is around 4.5 mb takes way too long and even fails to download in the end.Lordloss1 2d
2d app login error For the past three days or so, I have had to reinstall the windows 10 app in order to log into it after I have shut down/restarted my computer. I do have the app connected to a Blizzard account authentication on my phone. Shown below is a image of what happens when I attempt to log in. Eventually, the app just takes me back to the login page: The only way I have found to resolve this issue so far is to reinstall the app. In other news, I also have to log out and then log back into the Blizzard website in order to post due to an error 500???? I wonder if the two are related.TheMechE9 2d
2d How is this STILL not fixed? Why should anyone buy Forsaken if the game just doesn't work? Every single time I play it, I always get "You must restart the application using Blizzard's app in order to play Destiny 2." I always get it mid game. This game was a huge waste of money, I cannot express that enough, and now you guys want more, and more, and more, and more out of us for the game that it should have been on launch. Here's a tip when making the next game, make it !@#$ing work.Degrazed1 2d
2d My account has been reset I launched the battlenet app so that I can play Overwatch which is what I have been doing almost since the game came out, right now I am a bronze border with 5 stars. But before I could, the app asked me to sign in, so I thought no problem but now when I start Overwatch. My account has been reset: Level 1, no skins, no money not anything. It is also telling me to purchase overwatch which I do not plan on doing. After taking a closer look on the desktop app, my friends list has been removed and there is no PTR on the drop down region list. Can someone help me out please.GreenThunder3 2d
2d app not showing up When I start the app, it starts running and I see it on the tray, but thats all. If i hoover on its icon, it shows the small preview window, but i can't make the big window appear. I can't start any game after any time. It shows absolute no progression, just laying there faking everything is freaking normal... P.S.: Sorry for the possibly horrible english. Not my main language.WERWOLF3 2d
2d Battlenet keeps disconnecting ! Destiny 2 is out and I wanna play but this stupid battlenet app keeps disconnecting and therefore I get kicked out of the game every time ! It is so annoying. I tried everything stated here : But nothing worked. Steam doesn't disconnect me every 5 minutes ! Steam > Battlenet Sorry but I am sooo annoyed by this. Can anyone offer a solution to this ? I already filled out a support ticket but I am not very confident in that. *sigh*LandoGriffin161 2d
2d Resolution for the desktop app is way too blown out Hello I recently bought a new laptop and downloaded the after playing Hearthstone a few times I exited and noticed that the window for the app is really blown out even when trying to manually make it smaller it still is over half of the screen. It's resolution looks pretty bad as well. When I went into settings the same problem occurs and I can barely click "Done" because it is so low it runs into my menu bar. Anything I can do to fix this?MayBeJoKing0 2d
2d problem whit the app hi I have problems whit the blizzard app I can not play any game and the app give this code BLZBNTBNA0000000CRodjay53 2d
2d Is it possible now to connect 2 accounts with 1 authenticator? Hello everyone! Lately I have having troubles switching from account to account and having to use 2 different phones to log to each account in, sometimes I dont have the 2nd phone around me and im basically locked out of my 2nd account. So is there a way to connect both accounts to 1 authenticator on 1 phone? Ive been reading some posts were they removed it for security and others say you can connect it up to 3 accounts but I cant find any way to connect them together :/. Hope I can get some help, cheers!ZeusMercy4 2d
2d Change email Trying to change my email address to a new one but when it won't accept the secret question name I put in. Not sure why.Trish2 2d
2d Transferring destiny 2 gaming license Hi everyone I have recently decided to shut down one of my account and standardize all my blizzard games into one new account. Any way can I transfer my destiny 2 license to the other account registered under me? Appreciate your feedback. Thank you.Albadore4 2d
2d Multiple disconnects in Overwatch, WoW, ect. I have been getting multiple random disconnects in Overwatch and other blizzard games. I have reached out to my ISP and after monitoring for a week they said there was nothing they can see on their end. Below is my MTR: |------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| | WinMTR statistics | | Host - % | Sent | Recv | Best | Avrg | Wrst | Last | |------------------------------------------------|------|------|------|------|------|------| | - 2 | 205 | 202 | 1 | 10 | 20 | 8 | | - 2 | 201 | 197 | 7 | 10 | 70 | 18 | | - 0 | 217 | 217 | 7 | 11 | 71 | 8 | | - 5 | 181 | 172 | 46 | 49 | 109 | 48 | | - 4 | 189 | 182 | 43 | 46 | 106 | 43 | | - 5 | 181 | 172 | 46 | 61 | 558 | 49 | | No response from host - 100 | 43 | 0 | 0 | 0 | 0 | 0 | | No response from host - 100 | 43 | 0 | 0 | 0 | 0 | 0 | | No response from host - 100 | 43 | 0 | 0 | 0 | 0 | 0 | | No response from host - 100 | 43 | 0 | 0 | 0 | 0 | 0 | | No response from host - 100 | 43 | 0 | 0 | 0 | 0 | 0 | | No response from host - 100 | 43 | 0 | 0 | 0 | 0 | 0 | | No response from host - 100 | 43 | 0 | 0 | 0 | 0 | 0 | | No response from host - 100 | 43 | 0 | 0 | 0 | 0 | 0 | | No response from host - 100 | 43 | 0 | 0 | 0 | 0 | 0 | | No response from host - 100 | 43 | 0 | 0 | 0 | 0 | 0 | | No response from host - 100 | 43 | 0 | 0 | 0 | 0 | 0 | | No response from host - 100 | 43 | 0 | 0 | 0 | 0 | 0 | | No response from host - 100 | 43 | 0 | 0 | 0 | 0 | 0 | | No response from host - 100 | 43 | 0 | 0 | 0 | 0 | 0 | | No response from host - 100 | 43 | 0 | 0 | 0 | 0 | 0 | | No response from host - 100 | 43 | 0 | 0 | 0 | 0 | 0 | | No response from host - 100 | 43 | 0 | 0 | 0 | 0 | 0 | | No response from host - 100 | 43 | 0 | 0 | 0 | 0 | 0 | | No response from host - 100 | 43 | 0 | 0 | 0 | 0 | 0 | | No response from host - 100 | 43 | 0 | 0 | 0 | 0 | 0 | | No response from host - 100 | 43 | 0 | 0 | 0 | 0 | 0 | | No response from host - 100 | 43 | 0 | 0 | 0 | 0 | 0 | | No response from host - 100 | 43 | 0 | 0 | 0 | 0 | 0 | | No response from host - 100 | 43 | 0 | 0 | 0 | 0 | 0 | |________________________________________________|______|______|______|______|______|______| WinMTR v0.92 GPL V2 by Appnor MSP - Fully Managed Hosting & Cloud ProviderParvo8 2d
2d switching folder for gameplay Ive been having issues playing WoW due to low memory so i wanted to switch the gameplay folder from my D: drive to my C: drive, does it usually take a really long time or has somethin happened?NamesCthulu0 2d
3d won't update/install I opened up the launcher ready to play some Overwatch. However, Overwatch was unable to update because the launcher was updating. The update was still at 3% so I just decided to play something else while I was waiting. After a while I went to check the update progress only to find that it was still at 3%. Naturally, just decided to uninstall and reinstall the launcher but now the launcher won't even install. I've already looked around the fourms but I couldn't find anything that helped. The threads I looked at were also posted years ago so I'm not sure if the solutions would still work. I'm really itching to play some Blizzard games but I can't. Does anyone know a solution that worked recently?zchannel11140 3d