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Jun 4, 2013 Welcome to Blizzard desktop app Technical Support Welcome to the Blizzard desktop app Technical Support forum. This forum’s purpose is to assist in identifying and troubleshooting technical issues that may arise during the use of the Blizzard desktop app. Posters in this forum will be held to our forum Code of Conduct – please take some time to read it before posting.Aratil0 Jun 4, 2013
Oct 20, 2015 [Solved] Issues What is this [Solved] tag? We have created a way to mark a thread as [Solved]. If you’ve found a solution to your issue, or fixed your issue, you can mark your post, and the entire thread, as [Solved]. This will put a small green check mark next to the thread title. If you see this, it means the player who created the thread found a fix. How do I mark my Post and Thread as [Solved}? Click on the drop down arrow in the top right corner of the post. Choose "Mark As Solution". The post will be tagged with a green “Marked As Solution” banner, and a green check mark will be added to the Title of your thread. Who can mark a thread as [Solved]? Only the creator of the thread (the “OP”, or Original Poster), or a Blizzard Forum Representative can mark a thread as [Solved]. I see a [Solved] thread. Where’s the solution? A small box with a green check mark will appear in the top right corner of the thread, under the Reply option. If you hover your cursor over that box, it will say "Solution". Clicking that will jump to the post marked as a solution. What if I mark another post as a solution? That one will be “Marked as Solution”, and the previous post will be unmarked. A Note about [Solved] Issues Please keep in mind that when a thread and post are declared [Solved], this may only apply to the OP’s particular issue and circumstances, and fits his unique combination of software and hardware. One fix or solution can help many other players, but it probably won’t help all players. If the fix or solution doesn’t help you, it is just one more factor to eliminate in the troubleshooting process, and we’ll try our best to help you narrow it down, to find the solution that applies to your computer, and your circumstances. Thanks to all of you who post your fixes!Glaxigrav0 Oct 20, 2015
Jul 13 Destiny 2 stuck at initializing /slow download Please help Destiny 2 stuck at initializing! It got half download and I decided to pause it to play other games without my internet being slow. Go to resume it and it won't get past initializing I don't wanna restart the download :(Merle540 Jul 13
Jul 1, 2017 Common Blizzard Application Connection Issues Greetings all, We've been working to improve some of the available troubleshooting resources for our games. Since connectivity problems are a common problem in gaming, we wanted to provide some information on what causes connection problems and what to do to resolve issues when you're having them. Table of Contents 1. Connection Troubleshooting Resources 2. FAQs 3. What to do if you need more helpDrakuloth5 Jul 1, 2017
Jul 31 removes games itself So i have 3 times re installed ow and diablo 3 because removes them everytime after while??? and yews i have scanned and checked all folders and the games are not in there so they are actually removed.. waht could this be aboutSamzza0 Jul 31
Jul 31 BLZBNTAGT000008A4 I tried to update D2 to the latest update which was today's and I can't update for some reason, it always throws me the same error code, BLZBNTAGT000008A4 and " We´re having a problem transferring data. Please check your internet connection just in case and try again.". I´ve reset my pc multiple times and even uninstalled my antivirus (avast). It seems to get stuck in initializing.bucketwine1 Jul 31
Jul 31 Overwatch purchasing problem As a gift, my mom purchased Overwatch for me but on her account. Is there anyway i can gift it to mine or will I have to use the account she made?Odyssey0 Jul 31
Jul 31 Banning issue Greetings, One of my friends went to Espport Arena in Riyadh city in Saudi Arabia, and suddenly Blizzard banned his all accounts for no reasons. It seems there is a misunderstanding regarding the (wintrading) issue, which is completely untrue. I hope you could review this issue again. This is his Discord: (SubZero#9999) contact him for further information. and this is his email: ( Your cooperation is highly appreciated. Regards,ICONCEPT0 Jul 31
Jul 31 My games keep uninstalling themselves All my installed games have felt like uninstalling themselves a few times now. This hasn't been a matter of the game folder going missing and scanning for games to be able to play them again, but a good 200 GB opening up in my hard drive after booting my PC up again and my games being completely gone leading to me having to reinstall them all again. This has been about the 3rd-4th time this has happened and is becoming increasingly tedious with things like destiny 2 taking me minimum of 3 days to download with my net speed.Tuck5 Jul 31
Jul 31 Can't Connect to WoW or Overwatch Can't Connect to WoW or Overwatch no news ticker on Blizz app. In WoW i get an WOW51900329 error in Overwatch it will simply not connect. Reset your network devices to make sure your router hasn't become flooded with data. Tried Update your drivers and operating system to resolve any compatibility issues. Tried Release and renew your IP and flush your DNS to resolve any network conflicts. Tried Close all other applications to resolve software conflicts and free up resources. TriedEvel0 Jul 31
Jul 31 Can't log in to the launcher [Solved] I can't log in to the launcher. It gives me the error message, "Please enter your password." As if I hadn't entered anything at all (which I did). I know it's not that I got the incorrect password: I can log in to the website just fine. And I did, to change my password several times, each came up with the same error. I do have the option to simply continue offline, so I can still play the games: I just can't log in to bnet. I even entered the same password to log in just fine to WoW. So I just don't even know what the problem could begin to be. Any suggestions?Enderlord60 Jul 31
Jul 31 Warcraft III button greyed out Hello, I tried logging into after booting up Warcraft III, only to notice the button that normally turns blue (and henceforth clickable); remained grey and unable to click. I've repaired the client, restarted, waited 20+ minutes etc to no avail. Just wanted to get the message out, and see if anyone else was having this issue? My connectivity with everything else is fine. Thank youamsunday2 Jul 31
Jul 30 PayPal payment keeps getting denied even though info is correct I'm trying to use PayPal to buy silver for destiny 2 but when selecting payment options and using my paypal, Bnet denies it. Whats going on?aKawaiLizard1 Jul 30
Jul 30 Unauthorized purches Unauthorized purchesTim1 Jul 30
Jul 30 D2 - Error at log-in Upon logging in to D2 LoD I enter password and get thrown to an error message screen ... e.g. 7A3F67B8-4257-4C4C-AB58-B3572C7A6C69 happens frequently, and then randomly, doing nothing differently, I gain access ... is this a driver error because although I tick 'submit to Blizzard' I never get any feedback?Strangely5 Jul 30
Jul 30 You must restart the application using Blizzard's app in order to play Destiny 2 When launching the game the above message appears and the game is closed. The error code: buffalo is given. Upon reading on Bungies support sight the error code seems to have nothing to do with the previous statement and is rather related to service outages and being logged in on multiple pcs (which i am not).RoastedRoach16 Jul 30
Jul 30 Launching games bug. Anyone else still having problems starting Destiny 2 on launcher? I've tried re installing Destiny 3 times and re installing Blizzard too, nothing seems to work. Very frustrating :(HappyRogue3 Jul 30
Jul 30 Windows 10 and Diablo II Hi when I try to run the installer to install diablo II I get this.. Windows protected your PC Windows Defender SmartScreen prevented an unrecognized app from starting. Running this app might put your PC at risk. Im using windows 10 , I've tried running the installer as admin and that message keeps popping up , is this because diablo II and diablo II LoD aren't compatable with windows 10? . Some help would be appreciated.DrFeelsGood2 Jul 30
Jul 30 kills network connection I opened one day and it started an update of the launcher. I soon noticed that the progress was stuck at 1% so i tried to google it. It turned out that every time I opened I could no longer access the internet. I was still connected to the network but nothing would connect from the network to the internet. The issue is exclusive to my computer (not my phone, etc.) and requires a restart to fix.LazurTurtl3 Jul 30
Jul 30 Can't login to my account and i haven't made any changes to it since i got it Can't login to my account and i haven't made any changes to it since i got it. When i tried to login to my other account yesterday it said that there isn't any account with that email address and I think somebody logged into it and changed it but how is that possible? Without i don't recieve any emails... I tried to see if there was anyway to login with battletag but there isn't and i want to know the new email address the accounts tag is [Removed] and the email i was using before is [Removed by Moderator]Robobics1 Jul 30
Jul 30 Battle.Net Desktop Launcher NOT WORKING My Battle.Net desktop launcher is not working. About a month ago, I tried to log into Heroes of The Storm. When I opened the Battle.Net Desktop App, all of my games were uninstalled and had to be reinstalled before they were able to be accessed. The desktop app started it's own update and then never reopened as it normally does. I manually opened the app and all of my games were gone AGAIN. I followed all of the steps to properly uninstall and reinstall the app and it did not resolve the issue. I've repeated these steps probably 20 times I have followed all of the steps listed for deleting the temp files, uninstalled the app and reinstalled it. Nothing has worked. I already had my laptop checked for a virus and serviced to determine if it is an issue with my hardware and it is not. The issue constantly takes place no matter what method of access I use. I have even tried to access the game directly but it still requires the system to open the launcher, which then hangs up and doesn't open. When I check the Task Manager, it shows like 15 copies of the update agent and this doesn't make any sense. I am sick and tired of this. Ever since they forced us to use this stupid app, it's an absolute migraine to play any of the games.... When I try to open heroes of the storm or the desktop app i get an error code with a link that takes me to this website I've done everything that I can find on the forums to try and resolve this problem and yet nothing has been successful.GummyBear3 Jul 30
Jul 30 Can't disable launch on startup So, I want to disable from launching at startup. I went to the settings and unticked the launch on startup box. Didn't work, still launches. I disabled it in Startup. Didn't work. I tried finding it in RegEdit and removing it. Doesn't exist there. I didn't manage to find any other clues as to how to disable it, short of uninstalling the launcher, but I'm keeping that as THE last possible option. Any other solutions? I'm on Win10.Strider2 Jul 30
Jul 29 Two accounts on same email Hello! So my friend reasently bought overwatch through a code. He already had a blizzard account but he forgot that he had one so he made a new one with the same email. On that secound account he used the code for overwatch and logged out. When he tried to login again using his email he was logged in to his first account where he does not have overwatch. How can he log in to his other account again?Swoholo6 Jul 29
Jul 29 WoW account void of characters. I tried a few things. I'm sure I could have called some customer service line, but it's been 6 hours after submitting a eticket. I basically reactivated my WoW account and logged on only to find all characters missing. I looked stuff up online and tried to refresh the character list by using the Undelete button as well as making characters on realms I thought they should exist on. Can someone please chime in on if there is anything else I can do myself without direct customer service.Friedrice343 Jul 29
Jul 29 Destiny 2 Error Code: Buffalo Simply Won't Fix Got it for free from the promotion, installed, and repeatedly got the error despite launching it directly from the Blizzard Launcher. Attempted to Scan and Repair, Check for Updates, restart Blizzard Launcher, restart PC, Uninstall and Reinstall all 80 sodding GB, and switch regions to no effect. Bungie's support page on the topic was useless, can anyone here give me some help?Ascalaon25 Jul 29
Jul 29 I have to buy all of my games again All of my games were deleted I had to buy them again, I noticed this about a month ago, which is when I contacted Blizzard support, and told them that my games were deleted and that I had to buy them again. They said that maybe I was on another even tho I know I only have one account because I only have one email, so I wouldn't be able to make another one. At the time I wanted to play overwatch which I did have because I made video's on it for my youtube channel That's the link to my channel just to prove that I had it. The only other game that I had was Black Ops 4, I can also prove I had this because I still have the code for it in the case that I got for my birthday but I don't know if it will work since I have already used it once. I did buy overwatch again, hoping maybe I will have all of my stuff still, but of cause I had to start over. Any help with this would be really appreciatedCrazyApe2 Jul 29
Jul 29 Fails to Install - Windows 10 Title. Attempting to install the launcher causes it to throw this ambiguous error: BLZBNTBTS0000005D Or it blames my perfectly functional internet. One of the two. There are no applications or services standing in the way of it. And of the several launchers I'm forced to go through to play my games, this is the only one that consistently fails to install or otherwise throws major errors. I have previously attempted to get around this by copying over a install directory from my old PC; however, still presented numerous issues when trying to launch and games that required an update failed similarly to the install. Ultimately, this workaround proved futile and I manually wiped from my PC. I have since been trying to reinstall it to no avail.Garthok0 Jul 29
Jul 29 Upgraded my WoW account but not everything works Upgraded my account on WoW, but some things still appear as "starter editions can't do x", for example I can't battle with pets, but my character is lvl 24, above the cap for the starter edition.TenYan1 Jul 29
Jul 28 Cant enable streaming to facebook Im trying to stream to facebook, so I click the button in the app and a window opens saying "Continue" on clicking the button google chrome opens a page that says "500 An error has occurred." and I cant continue. Jul 28
Jul 28 Error on startup I cannot open the app at all, example of error: 9CEBACDC-60B6-4E4C-AD99-82CBCD8F2209 FD07EDCA-CD5A-4EEF-B2F8-1A217835065E 8E475039-B62A-454D-A9F6-3ABF3976E4A5 6B6474C7-BA1D-4311-A45F-2BC6763159FC I deleted the and blizzard folders from program data and roaming which was claimed to be the fix in other threads but that did not work and now I cannot uninstall since the uninstall file was in those folders.pencil1 Jul 28
Jul 28 I can't play Overwatch at Windows 7 Hello guys! I am trying to download from the launcher the Overwatch but i got a message which says: A 64 bit operating system is required to install and play Overwatch. I have Windows 7 64 bit installed. With the other Blizzard games i don't have problems. Can you help me ?NtelosFtj33 Jul 28
Jul 28 Black Ops 4 Running in background although i already exited game After playing any amount of time on BO4 and i quit the game, it never completely closes and i always see "Playing Now" on the BNET launcher. I open task manager and see that the game is still running even though i already quit and it won't ever complete quit unless i manually go into task manager and end the task myself. Any Solutions? Would be grealy appreciated! :)M00G0ESC0W0 Jul 28
Jul 27 BLZBNTBGS80000011 Another victim. I cannot access the Battle Net App, so I can't play anything! I already tried: Flushdns; Google DNS; Check host file; Reinstall app; Reset Internet. Nothing works! Help!Hedwyn8 Jul 27
Jul 27 Nintendo Switch Doom Battlenet issues... At start up, the games Doom, Doom 2, and Doom 3 want you to log into your Battlenet account. All I see is “Error logging in”. Where it wants your “username”, is it wanting your email, gamertag, or name? I’ve tried all three, changed my password, and still get this error. Is the server having issues? All I know is I just bought three games that I can’t play.ExpiredMilk2 Jul 27
Jul 26 Problema com gift card O PIN do gift card está danificado como faço pra resgatarFranbeck0 Jul 26
Jul 26 Diablo 2: Key claimed on battle net Okay so, I've had diablo 2 for ages now, Last time I played was probably sometime last year, worked fine and I was able to play multiplayer and such no problem back then. I try to boot up the game today, planning to play with my friends -- one of which I had just bought the game for so we could play together, and I get the message: "Unable to Connect Your CD key is currently being used by: Claimed on" Please help, I'd like to get this fixed as soon as possible.SoulfulMoon3 Jul 26
Jul 26 how i can disable the battlenet twitch streaming? how i can disable the battlenet twitch streaming? i'm on a limited data plan and it's consuming my data planSleeper0 Jul 26
Jul 26 Can't log in to the EU servers. Error code: BLZBNTBNA00000A8D(1118) Can't log in to the EU servers. Error code: BLZBNTBNA00000A8D(1118). Logging in from Estonia. This problem lives for 3 days already, please help.PizzaProtein2 Jul 26
Jul 26 Possible fix for "Can't go online" bug So for the longest time I could not go online in BattleNet, despite being logged in. I tried all the fixes the support team recommended and they all failed me. But this one trick logged me in instantly and I was back to playing 1. Disconnect your computer from your home internet. 2. Connect your computer to a different ISP. I used my phone's personal hotspot (my cellphone provider is different from our home ISP). If you use the same ISP for your phone, maybe you can ask to borrow a friend's phone. 3. Try going online 4. Once you're online, reconnect your computer to your home ISP. Hope this helps!SexyFlanders0 Jul 26
Jul 26 Could Not Block Player & Error 7000 During a recent game of Destiny 2, I found myself unable to block a user spam messaging me. Since I normally prefer to leave Whispers set to Everyone, this is an expected occurrence that is fixed simply by blocking the specific user. This time, however, I could not. "Could not block player due to network error" was the message that greeted me. I sensed a challenge and began running some tests. The accounts involved in my tests were my main account (currently experiencing the blocking issue) and a test account I created specifically for this test. Here are the results: 1) The problem is not game-specific Whispers are sent via the client and can be found in the Social tab. With all game processes closed, the inability to block users via their profiles persisted on my main account. The test account was able to block perfectly well. 2) The problem is not network-related Despite the text of the error, it is not related to a specific network. Using the mobile app via my cellular network (separate from my home network), attempts to block the test account returned the error "Request didn't go through. Try again!" 3) The problem is not client-related When contacted about this issue, Blizzard Support usually replies with a link to this article: Supposedly, this fixes the problem by rebuilding corrupted client files. Prior to testing this solution, the test account could block normally and the main account returned errors. Upon deletion of the client files and rebuilding them, the same results occurred. 4) The problem is not related to block list limitations The block list supposedly has a limit. If the limit had been reached (highly unlikely), then the removal of at least one user from the block list would therefore make space for the test account to be blocked. Errors still occurred. 5) The problem is region-specific Upon swapping my main account's client region from NA to EU, I discovered that it was possible to block users while logged into EU, but not while logged in on NA. Finally, I decided to run some messaging tests. Please note the Privacy feature Receive private chat messages from friends only was disabled during these tests. Here's what I discovered: 1) Messages while friended acted as expected Messages were delivered perfectly fine between the main and test accounts. 2) Messages while unfriended returned 2 results While I was able to message the test account from the main account perfectly well, the test account could not message the main account without experiencing the 7000 error. This should not be the case since both accounts' privacy was set to receive messages from anyone. In conclusion, this seems to be a server-side issue that is account-specific and region-specific. If you cannot block users or are being returned 7000 errors when you are 100% positive the other user is not blocking you, it's not your fault. What was used to perform these tests: Platform: Apple iPhone / MacBook Pro Laptop / custom-built desktop PC Network: Spectrum / Verizon Clients: / beta Jul 26
Jul 25 Destiny 2 is reinstalling itself after a crash even though its fully installed I had Alt-Tab out of destiny 2 to change music on my Spotify and when I clicked back on to the game it crashed my whole computer turning it off. Now when i go to play the game it requires the whole game to be reinstalled even though i can see it downloaded in my games folder.DaddySalmea1 Jul 25
Jul 25 Can't accept or receive a friend request Can't add or my friend can't add me when I send them a friend request or they send me one. Don't say, "Check region" already did. "You are probably at the cap (for friends)" I am not. "Check if you spelt his name correctly" I have checked. I am also using the blizzard desktop app and still can't see the request. He still can't see it and I can't see his any help?KiBo1 Jul 25
Jul 25 Slow download speed Trying to download destiny 2, getting slow download speedKlown0 Jul 25
Jul 25 BLZBNTBNA000003E8(1100) (It my word it to hard for understand i sry i from thailand and i not very good at English) hi i don't know what happen but i can't go to for support and i try all sulution i found it dosen't help can some one help me with this. i cant go to shop or support and all the game i have it will disconnect and say the same errour code:BLZBNTBNA000003E8(1100).Mongrai1 Jul 25
Jul 25 Destiny 2 Persistent Buffalo Error Just finished downloading the game on PC today, and I've been trying to fix this annoying error all day with no success. I've tried every solution I could come across besides uninstalling the entire game, since it took me an eternity to download all 87gb of it and I would like to play the game before it goes on Steam. I've deleted caches, changed my password, logged in and out of my account several times, restarted my computer several times, tried Scan and Repair, made sure that I am not logged in on any other device, ran the app and Destiny 2 in administrator, turned my wifi router on and off, and I'm out of ideas. Is there anything I can do to avoid having to reinstall everything and hope to God the game works the second time?DorothyBot1 Jul 25
Jul 24 Moving bnet client I was wondering the best way to move my bnet client to a different drive. I'm trying to free some space on my main drive but I'm not sure if moving the client itself to another drive would cause any issues. Not even sure on how to move the client to another drive to begin with.Shadowknght1 Jul 24
Jul 24 Borderless Fullscreen Fix Workaround So putting the game into Borderless Fullscreen does't work it has a gap at top or side or offset slightly depending on what kind of system you running long time bug that they haven't fixed, but i found a work around which works fine. Press Windows Key + R type to bring up Run command box Type %AppData% Press enter Navigate to AppData > Roaming > Bungie > DestinyPC > prefs Right click on cvars (not cvars old) > Edit Find windowed_resolution, set your monitor size Save and exit the editor, re launch the game may still have border at top tho if you have border at the top, right click task bar, make sure the "Lock task bar" is un-ticked Grab the task bar move it around screen bottom > right > top > left etc until destiny window pops in centre, now you should be able to go back into game without borders (Reason for running borderless window is because OBS won't capture fullscreen bc of bungie)Applecake1 Jul 24
Jul 24 Overwatch 100% disk usage, and i cant see characters. When playing overwatch i've noticed a persisting problem. First it takes a longer than usual to get in the game most of the time the other players are already fighting. Second when i get in the game i cannot see my character or enemy characters this resolves eventually but by thetime it can take one to 6 min. I checked my task manager while doing this and disk usage is at 100 percent.StrangStrong0 Jul 24
Jul 23 BLZBNTBGS80000011 I have been unable to log into, I know my password and username. Every time I try log in i get this error BLZBNTBGS80000011.Zeref1 Jul 23
Jul 23 Battle.Net Zoomed In with Low Resolution So at least 2 days ago from today, Battle.Net has been loading onto my laptop but super zoomed in and with low res for some odd reason. I can't move the whole tab itself in order to click play on any of the games; whenever I try it miraculously floats back to first spot it popped up at. I'm not sure what to do.LordShaxx1313 Jul 23