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Jul 1 Common Blizzard Application Connection Issues Greetings all, We've been working to improve some of the available troubleshooting resources for our games. Since connectivity problems are a common problem in gaming, we wanted to provide some information on what causes connection problems and what to do to resolve issues when you're having them. Table of Contents 1. Connection Troubleshooting Resources 2. FAQs 3. What to do if you need more helpDrakuloth5 Jul 1
Jun 4, 2013 Welcome to Blizzard desktop app Technical Support Welcome to the Blizzard desktop app Technical Support forum. This forum’s purpose is to assist in identifying and troubleshooting technical issues that may arise during the use of the Blizzard desktop app. Posters in this forum will be held to our forum Code of Conduct – please take some time to read it before posting.Aratil0 Jun 4, 2013
13m Unable to pre-load Destiny 2 I have the game pre-ordered through GameStop. I know the pre-download opened up yesterday because my friends were able to do so. Whenever I open the launcher (even after yesterday's update) the Destiny 2 page just shows an option to pre-order, but no installation options. I could use some help getting the game downloaded. Thank you!SgtBalanced6 13m
19m Downloads and Online Play are Extremely Slow I'm having issues downloading anything through I have performed downloads through Steam successfully, am getting normal results from online internet speed tests, and can play non-Blizzard games online without any issues. However, whenever I try to download things through, it rises to around 3 Mbps then drops down to below 1 Mbps and remains there. I typically have download speeds of 10-20 Mbps on all other platforms. I have similar issues when playing Overwatch, which runs around 30fps on low settings, despite me being able to run most games (MGS5, Battlefield 1, and others) at at least 60 fps on high settings. I have tried restarting both my computer and my router and it seems the issue is with the Blizzard's software.Cascade0 19m
1h Can't preload destiny 2 after buying it Can't Preload destiny 2 even though i just bought it. In the launcher it says "pre-purchase" although i have already bought it. Also im not sure if this is a problem but my laucher is stuck in offline mode but i can still play games and go on the shop, i just can't see any friends online i the launcher. Pretty stumped tried everythingBean1031 1h
1h Ignore this my problem was fixed Every time I've tried to log in to Blizzard for the last 2 hours to play overwatch, the app says "We're having problems getting patch information. If you keep seeing this, we've probably broken something. Please bear with us while we fix it." I've tried all of the options to try and fix it but none of them have worked. What should I do?articus0 1h
2h Destiny 2 not able to preload i just bought Destiny 2 and it still says "pre-prchase" on the tab. The launcher is also stck in offline mode but i can still play games and everything just can't see my friends online in the desktop app. Help ive tried everythingBean1030 2h
2h Cant log into Blizzard App Cant log in to the Blizzard App since i changed my password on the website what should i do? i can use the site but i cant log into launcher it says "please enter your password" every time i put my password in.UxMoth70240 2h
3h Overwatch no longer updates/ isn't playable All of a sudden, Overwatch says it needed to update (for Halloween patch?) but when I click Update it gives me the BLZBNTAGT00000BB8 "Whoops! Looks like something broke!" and it won't allow me to run the game anymore or update it. And since the game won't update, the Update button can't turn back into the Play button. Help!PlasmaMango1 3h
3h Amazon lootboxes When copying the codes from I get: An error has occurred. Back to Blizzard Account Management I've never used the codes, I'm working in chrome browser, I have cleared cache and cookies, the codes have never been used before.. How can I get these codes to work?Vanellope0 3h
4h Cannot install Battle net "Failed network error" I have been trying multiple times over several days to download the Battle Net installer so I can prepare for Destiny 2 PC. no matter what I try on my system or Network I cannot get it to download. it will go part way and then say "Failed, Network Error." I had in installed before when I bough SC 2 in 2016, same system same network, but now it just wont work. I have tried to contact Tech Support, but I keep getting "Error, connection reset" every time I try, I've tried 4 separate occasions. I have no problems using other sites. I did try to redownload the steam installer, and that had the same problem as the blizzard installer. I tried that to just check if it was blizzard, but it wasn't. Yet I can run any other site and I can run a 4.1 GB update for a Steam Game but not download anything else, yes I paused the steam update before trying to get battle net or contact support.Utzad0 4h
5h BLZBNTBTS00000029 BLZBNTBTS00000029 Unable to play any Battlenet applications. Tried all of the troubleshooting and still can't run Battlenet.DaLea4 5h
6h Agent.exe So i was gonna play some HOTS i opened my windows 7 laptop and launched it gave an error saying "Agent.exe application error click OK to close aplication" I uninstalled and installed gave the same error.Any ideas how to fix it? Edit:The installer also said "We're having trouble launching the blizzard update agent."RetroFox4 6h
6h Updating Blizzard agent... I have had the issue of not being able to update overwatch for a couple of days. So i decided to uninstall all of my blizzard games and and restart install them. Sadly to no progress I stuck at looking at this loading bar that states Updating Blizzard agent... Can anyone help me?SirNestor12 6h
6h Battlenet Voice Chat problems. Hey. Since quite some time I've got problems with the Voice Chat. Since few months, me and each of my friends, have started having problems with BNVC, mostly it is being unable to join the channel, sometimes all of sudden it doesn't record voice at all. Any solution to this? It is so frequent and annoying to have reset BN for several minutes each time I want to talk with someone.Azaraphiel210 6h
8h Win version support drop + Wine presets I use Wine, a compatibility layer letting me run Windows programs under Linux. I know that's not supported, that's OK, it's not Wine I need your help with. Wine reports a fake Win version to programs, which come with presets. It varies which preset programs work well with. The Blizz app and games work perfectly under the Vista preset, and malfunction under Win 7/8/10 presets. Now the Blizz App refuses to launch with the Vista preset due to dropped support. Wine is really up to date, using "old" presets doesn't mean using outdated software. I need to force the Blizz app and games to ignore that they believe to be running on Vista, or disable version check entirely. Is there a way to achieve this? Thanks in advance. (P.s.: Why is there no app support forum on It never occurred to me that I have to go on only to access many things not existing on eu until my thread over there was locked.)StormHUN5 8h
8h Battle net error solution Had an errors blablabla....0028 and blablabla....0029. Not one from Blizz advices help. Then I just entered folder and opened program through (not launcher exe). Somehow destkop shortcut and etc. trying to open launcher too. So just make another one for Hope dat halps someone, cuz foking Blizz was no help at allFrenzy0 8h
8h Why blizz whyyyyy im having this wierd !@# error (BLZBNTBTS00000029 or whatever) which has been telling me that i should wait a little till things work again (ive been trying for hours now) I have flawless wire internet, and just all in all everything worked before this $%^-ty *!@ update yesterday or whatever. I just clicked "close" instead of "install update" and now that bullpoop wont even work anymore? just help me or so cuz im crying because i didnt get ANY legendaries so far and its making me upset.DaddysGotYou0 8h
10h Blizzard its stuck (,,Downloading new files") Blizzard AP its stuck like this for hours. (,,Downloading new files") What should i do ? I tryed to unistall and install again , but i recive the same problem. 10h
11h Internet connection + maybe create speed test for B. servers not good idea? Internet connection.. i tryed 3 webs on speed test internet connection and i have good ping, speed upload and download only blizzard games starcraft and overwatch ping is very higer from 80-300.. it is problem in my internet or blizzard have now troubles? And maybe create any blizzard connection test is good idea.. what you thing?Jeemix4 11h
12h destiny 2 pre load not happening. Basically the blizz app was telling me that its downloading at 2mb/s how ever it hasn't changed from 36.70gb, and very regularly it will stop and tell me its waiting for another installation or update. Now it will randomly tell me its downloading at 0kb/s and will sit there like that until the next time it stops for another installation or update to finish (nothing else is downloading or even trying to update or install anything). This has been going on for about a full day now. I originally had the issue where it was stuck on initializing and I did the move the destiny 2 folder trick, which helped get the download started. but no it isnt doing any thing at all. Anyone else had this issue ?KarN1 12h
13h How to change my app region from China to US I am a Chinese WOW player play WOW at Chinese WOW serv. At the same time I play SC2 and D3 at US serv. Now I get stuck by the app in region [China] and there is not option to change the region to [US]. I tried to download the language with ENG[American/US] times, but it did not install correctly. It just restart my Chinese app everytime, I got no idea how to change it. Read some pages from the forum and fund out there are some players they do can change between the regions. How did they do it?WarStar24 13h
14h Losing comp game points because of teammate leaving I why should I lose Sr points because a teammate leaves the game compBigMatt19751 14h
14h Error BLZBNTBTS00....0029 Yesterday everything was fine. Now I cant launch application. How to fix? If I wont be able to play Destiny 2 on release Im gonna ask for refund.Frenzy4 14h
15h BLZBNTBGS80000011 BLZBNTBGS80000011 is a problem for me. can't log in to battle net to play D3 cant figure how to fix itMina1 15h
16h Destiny 2 Download?!? WTF? I gave the open-beta a try for the weekend it was available. Downloaded and installed and played a bit. Wasn't bad. But it just isn't my sort of game. Uninstalled, and have not bought. Today after logging out of WoW, Destiny 2 starts an update. When I didn't have it installed. And it's updating some 33-34gb. Why is Blizzard Launcher forcing me into downloading a game I did not have installed and have not bought? I can't stop it from downloading it other than pausing it; I can't uninstall it because there's not a game to uninstall. So what's the solution to stopping the download other than leaving it in limbo?Ahrendel1 16h
16h For Those Attempting To Change Their Profile Icon, There has been minor confusion concerning the ability to change your profile icon. To do this, you must first activate Beta by doing the following: Click the Blizzard icon located at the upper left corner of the screen to trigger the dropdown menu, select Settings, then find and click Beta. Follow the instructions given. Once you've rebooted the app and logged in, you should be in Beta. From there, click your profile icon (where your BattleTag is at) and select View Profile. This should take you to your account options. Good luck, -Hogger ^^Hogger3 16h
17h This app can't run on your PC I tried downloading the blizzard battlenet several times and it tells me everytime "This app can't run on your PC' and "To find a version for your PC, check with the software publisher." I tried reading forums and online for solutions but none of them workedAsuna0 17h
17h BattleNet App stuck at starting up Well I've tried my best to get something to work here and now that won't cut it anymore. I have - No vpn services going, firewalls okay with the app, checking if drivers are updated, deleting and reinstalling the caches (both HotS and battlenet). The only way it seemed to work for a bit was going to msconfig and using select start-up but doing so made me lose my audio (my computer says it can't find any issues with troubleshooting) and kills my will to keep playing in utter silence. If ANYONE thinks they have the solution fire away because now I can't even us selected start-up to play as it says I'm disconnected from blizzard services. One extra thing of note is that when trying to open it normally task manager says that there are 3-4 update things for battlenet going at once and despite killing off the others the remaining lone one doesn't seem to do anything, killing that just has another pop up again in a bit still being useless. Thanks everyone who tries.ForgeMaster0 17h
18h Changing Profile Picture In Blizzard App? I know that it's impossible to change your profile picture in the Blizzard app, but a friend of mine had access to do so, check it out: I checked everywhere to change my profile picture but I haven't seen a single thing on that topic. I was wondering if this was possible or if this user has other permissions?ƘIRǞ6 18h
19h Can't Add EU friend to friends list? Is this a bug or intentional? I'm in the US, he's in the EU.Utherix27 19h
19h Battlenet Client not updating. HELP. My battlenet client has been stuck on an update at 10% and isn't moving. Because of this I can't install Overwatch, I can't update anything until this download is done but it is frozen/stuck. I have tried restarting the client, my computer and nothing has helped.LemonButler1 19h
19h Destiny 2 size 100gb It must be because I kept D2 beta in my pc. Is there a way to only delete the beta? It seems the files got mixed up and I cant pinpoint what to delete... Thanks!HypeBeast2 19h
20h Why can't I install the launcher? I am trying to install the launcher and it has been stuck on a screen that says updating blizzard agent for about 20 minutes.Wreckz27 20h
20h Cannot Install [ BLZBNTBTS000028 ] The update bar never updates, after 5 minutes it gives me the error shown above, I've tried every support page under the sun but no progress. Information ready upon request.Blurr5 20h
22h Unable to change picture/avatar? So, I'm kinda new here so sorry if this has been asked before. But, I can't seem to find a option to change that picture next to your name in the "friends list" or should I say "my Avatar" in the client. I tried seeing if there was a option here to change it but I failed to find a option. I managed to find these forums and upon further investigation around the forums here. I noticed some users have a Avatar, but all the ones I seen with avatars were Blizz staff accounts using Gif avatars. But I fail to see a option for it the client and here on this site So, My question is simple. How do I change my avatar? the one you see on the forum and the one you see here: in the clientmirg23 22h
22h how to change avatar on battle net????? saw my friend change their avatar on battle net client, how do i do that?yuanliangHer1 22h
1d Helper Process using a lot of CPU Ever since update today, the 2 processes called * helper* are using about 40% cpu usage and causes lag in games. Has anyone else had this problem, if so is there a fix? ~Edit: Windows 10 64-Bit Home edition ~Steven399 1d
1d Destiny 2 region locked? Hello everyone so i have a question.If i'll buy Destiny 2 through blizz app in america,can i still play in EU servers if i have friends from Eu.I mean can i switch between servers any time like in Overwatch,i have this question since for example if you buy WoW in US you are not able to play on EU servers.Thank you for the answers.ClassySoul8 1d
1d program won't start Hi, my program stopped starting overnight. It just won't open no matter how many relog I do. I tried terminating some background processes that *may* have interefered with it, but still won't start. I uninstalled it, manually deleted leftover files, downloaded it again (this very morning) and installed it again. Now it's stuck at "logging in" after I enter my email and password, and it won't pass that point, no matter how many relogs I do and how long I wait (I waited for more than 1 hour, to no avail). Help please.Fuz25 1d
1d Destiny 2 download stuck Hi so yesterday i started download destiny 2 and everything was working fine,then i had to pause the download and now is stuck on initializing or download at 3b or even 0. I can download every other game on bnet just fine,any one know how to fix this?thanksNova14 1d
1d App update crashing Diablo 3 After the latest App update I can no longer run Diablo 3. It either crashes in the load screen entering a match or just after.Icevalkyrie0 1d
1d Miserable connection to Everything was perfectly fine yesterday. This morning, it has been absolutely brutal trying to play Heroes. Miserable, stuttering lag leading to staring at the "reconnecting" screen for the rest of the match. I am able to play any steam game with no lag or issues whatsoever.Avanthion1 1d
1d is hard to open, and when using it will constantly freeze. Hard to open is a bit of a broad term, but to add details concerning it I'd say I try to open it, give up after 2 minutes when I realize it never opened, then try to launch it again. It won't ever launch via this way. What I've found out through trial and error, I need to close all the processes the launcher has and try to launch it. This can take some days 5 attempts, and other days 20 attempts. Thats just one issue. Another issue I've encountered is just about every time I click it will go not responding. ( being a prime example, I recently reinstalled to see if it could help and it reset my download settings, and when I was attempting to change them back, it took me a solid 3 minutes to open settings, go game updates, and change just 2 of them.) Every time I switch games, click the BLIZZARD in the top left to open up buttons such as settings and log out, or anything really, it'll become unresponsive. To be honest I'm not sure what all I've attempted to fix these issues. Over the past at least 2 years I'd say I've looked up solutions on numerous ocasions to no avail. The best thing I can do is just reinstall one day and hope it'll fix itself, but the numerous times I have it has not fixed itself.Mrb7268 1d
1d Blizzard Launcher is STILL slow as all hell. Often ends up "not responding" while launching it. Launching takes a minute. Changing games, opening drop-down menus takes several seconds. I see various posts from as early as this spring from various users on various versions of windows and all kinds of PCs. I have seen the blue-recommended workaround of changing my connection settings. It does nothing. Neither did the suggestion before that ("turn off hardware acceleration"). Don't see why it would either, it looks like it's just this specific program that runs incredibly poorly. It's autumn now. There have been numerous updates to the launcher since the troubles began, yet none attempted a fix for this issue. In fact it hardly seems acknowledged at all. I should not be required to mess with my settings to un-screw what your tech-barbarians mess up. Get with the fixing please, it's really tedious. The funny thing is, there was a certain update that made the launcher a whole lot uglier with simpler icons that was supposed to make it run BETTER......Grim2 1d
1d My app now exists in a border between life and death. Yesterday, I tried to play Heroes of the Storm, but due to the queue issues I guess my app got wonky or something. At first, it depicted Heroes of the Storm as ready to play, but when I actually started up the game it told me that the game wasn't on the right patch. I tried checking for a new update, but it just kept searching without really doing anything. Once the queue issues were resolved, I turned on to try again, and I managed to get the game to try updating, but that just started a new problem. It wouldn't update. Told me that it was "Waiting on another installation or update." The only other Blizzard game I have installed is Overwatch, so I went to the OW tab to try and get it to update, but OW was also waiting on an update or something. I tried going to the Task Manager and ending the process and trying again multiple times, but that didn't work. I then looked up online and found the suggestion to delete the folder, which I did. I then tried to launch Heroes of the Storm again, but that just got me to the "Starting the Blizzard app" thing that never went anywhere. Same for Overwatch. I tried a bunch of other methods listed on the Support, like running my computer for malware, checking the Windows Host Life, etc. etc. None of them worked. I then attempted to download and reinstall the app, but that didn't work, because despite the folder being deleted the app was still alive. So I tried to uninstall it repeatedly, but it just tells me it's being deleted and doesn't really do anything. So I'm sort of at a standstill, because as much as I would like to get rid of the app so I can reinstall it, the app doesn't seem to be unable to uninstall itself, possibly because I deleted the entire folder already? Trying to uninstall OW or Heroes of the Storm have the same result. So, my question is, how do I get rid of an app that doesn't know when it should be dead?Maggeh3 1d
1d Toast Notification - Monitor Issues Since the update the app yesterday, in the Settings > Sound & Notifications > Enable Bnet toasts - it will not actually save the monitor the popup should be displayed on. It keeps only doing Primary even though I set it to another one and it says Changes saved. This is happening with both the updated current client and the beta client. Reloading clients and pc does not fix issue.Ender0 1d
1d What's up with the download server My launcher was stuck a 94% during an update. I uninstalled, trying to reinstall the damn thing again, and now it's taking forever to download the launcher, had to try multiple time to install the .exe file, because it will always stop, and now that I've gone through that, it's taking forever to Install, probably because the download is so damn slow that it's taking forever, what's up with thatDryy2 1d
1d Im so done This service is terrible. Errors are !@#$ing everywhere Every %^-*ING where I try to update a game, it gets stuck, I try to delete its cache, it doesnt gets deleted, I try to reinstall, it gets stuck I try to open the reinstalled app it gives me an error !@#$ING START OVER AGAIN, AND AGAIN, AN INFINITE %^-*ING LOOP WITH THIS TERRIBLE !@# APP. $%^- YOU BLIZZARD.ThiccPH0 1d