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Still cant log on -.-
Okay, seriously, what the **** is the problem with the servers? I've played Diablo 3, then i quit from the game, then 15 minutes later when i tried to get back in a the game couldn't connect in the game. What is this? And it's recurring error... Come on! Do something! It's really ridicoulus...
Same problem here.. Can't play a single game via launcher, errors all around. EU server btw..
Hello folks,

It appears there is an issue right now impacting some users and causing them to be unable to log into the Desktop App and/or the game clients. We're looking into the issue at the moment and will report updates as they become available. Thanks!
seems to be working now :D
"The error code 73 appear when you have already created the maximum number of account of game authorized on an account or when there is a problem in the parameters of the parental control"
But that not work so can't get in setting account to find that "bug"
I have the same problem, i was trying to log in with my account for a few minutes without a clue of how to fix it so, i asked my friend to log in with his account and guessed what? no error, then I tried with mine hoping its fixed but no same error again.
and yes now its working!
working for me now!!!!
Im still having this issue. It looks like it has been resolved for some people now so whats the problem here?
The previous issue appears to be resolved now, however; we're doing some quick maintenance at the moment that may have an impact on logins to the games and websites. We'll continue to update as more information becomes available.
Maintenance has concluded and the previous issues appear to be resolved now as well. You should be able to get back in game and App now without issue. Good hunting everyone!

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