[Windows XP] Agent.exe/Normaliz.dll Files not found

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After the 11/12 Battle.net update, certain versions of Windows XP are unable to start up the Battle.net Agent to run Blizzard games.

To resolve this issue, you must manually uninstall ALL Battle.net related files, including the Battle.net Desktop Application. Follow these steps:

1. Follow the steps on our knowledge base article to show hidden files and folders .
2. Click Start and select Windows Explorer.
3. In the upper right corner of the Windows Explorer window, search for and delete the following folders:
C:\Program Files\Battle.net
C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Battle.net
4. Choose the appropriate option for the launcher you use:
  • Battle.net Desktop Application & Hearthstone users: Use the updated Battle.net or Hearthstone installer on the Battle.net Games Management page to reinstall Battle.net application and related files.
  • Classic launcher users: Launch the game using the normal shortcut to download the updated Battle.net/Agent files.
  • not sure how to proceed with step two, where do I find C:\Program Files\Battle.net on internet explorer?
    On your harddrive titled C drive, the Battle.net folder will be in the Program files folder (that is in your C:\\ drive
    i ant find C:\Program Files\Battle.net any help ?
    would i have to remove from wow aswell for this too work?
    I am having a technical difficulty every time i log on the ptr on my ret in timeless isle it keps crashing, but i can log on any other character and it doesn't do anything. What could this problem be, it says i get error #132
    followed all of the steps, but didnt find any battle.net stuff, only blizzard/blizzard entertainment things. help?
    wont let me uninstall blizzard entertainment programs. says they are in use and can not be uninstalled
    leave it to blizzard to come up with a update that prevents the programs from working. says i am using xp and i have windows 7
    [Windows XP] Agent.exe/Normaliz.dll Files Not Found

    This is what I'm getting when updating my system specs, I am not running XP I'm actually running Windows 7.

    No wonder it can't find the file.
    Im running Mac OSX. The same problem here. Make no sense.
    I'm running windows 7. This isn't working.I can't find anything for documents and settings. I don't have a short cut on my computer since I had to delete wow since a forum said to do that. Now I cannot download it because it gets stuck on checking for updates.
    Its been stuck like this for weeks and this is pretty ridiculous.
    I have Windows 7 and the same problem is happening to me. I've tried everything. I'm starting to get irritated and when I submitted a complaint ticket no one replied and the ticket just vanished. I don't know what to do anymore. please help?
    I can't make any purchases from the blizzard store. And I've tried everything on both of my computers. Very frustrating because I want to get the pet/mount pack for myself and my husband.
    So I went into my C drive and delete battle.net and blizzard entertainment and went to up date my agent and it still gives me the same error#2

    do I have to uninstall all blizzard games and reinstall them or what?
    I'm running win 7 crashes and can't find any bnet files wtf this is nuts benn away from game for awhile and now I cant even play sucks

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