Whenever I click a link from the launcher, my Chrome crashes?

Bug Report
Any of the links that make the browser launch and try to run that site will cause my Chrome to crash and hang at a white screen, Anyone else having this issue?
Hello Keahi7907,

This is a known issue with Chrome and the way it interacts with links sent from the Desktop App. We're working to find a solution to this issue and we'll get a fix together to send out in a future update.

In the interim you can still follow links from the Desktop App, just make sure you have a Chrome window already open before trying to follow any links. With Chrome already open the web pages should load as normally when clicked in the App.

I would also add Firefox to this bug report.

Everything is OK if Firefox window is already open.

Kind regards.
This bug has a duplicate topic with more responses here:
3 years later, still crashing!
Still crashing. lol blizzard coding.
Still going! Maybe they are shooting for a crash record. xD
still happening for me. and what's frustrating is even if I close that chrome and exit the launcher, when I restart chrome it's still in crashed mode! Won't load any pages! I have to kill it several times
3 years later...
Yeah still crashing. However, I just click the little blue patch notes button at the bottom and that's fine. (bc it doesn't open in chrome). Would like to click the links though..
4 Years later...
Experienced this for the first time today...
5 years later still crashing.. Nice patch guys...

Hey it's fixed.

At least, for me.

I haven't been using the launcher for much at all lately, so I'm unsure when it got fixed, but at least it's fixed.
No it isn't, I get it every single time.
still crashing in 2019
01/23/2019 11:44 PMPosted by Khufu
still crashing in 2019

yup and crashes all the apps attached to chrome

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