Can't log into the battle net app

Technical Support
Whenever I try to log into my batte net account on the battle net app. It says that i can go in offline mode or cancel and it gives me this error:

"Could not connect to the service.
more help: BLZBNTBGS80000021 (3003)
-Some games may not be available
-You may be prompted to log in again when playing a game"

Been having this error all day.

Thank you for your attention.
I've been having the exact same problem since yesterday,
still can't login at all today.
Ive been having the same problem too.
It say's patch work is being done tomorrow but surely that should affect my login today?

Can anybody help?
Same problem here too..... Blizz?
Same problem still going around.
Stuck on the same stuff while trying to play Diablo with my friends
Hello Technick,

Diablo III is still currently down for maintenance, as are several services and could be the reason you are having trouble connecting at the moment.

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