Desktop App 1.0.6 Patch Notes

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  • account information should now load in much faster.
  • Several issues related to games not appearing properly or displaying incorrectly as "Starter Edition" should now be resolved.
  • will now display an error message when launched if there is already another client running in either another operating system or another user account.
  • Clicking links that log the user into their account in an external browser now have a timeout. If the request is not processed in a reasonable amount of time, the browser will open the link without the automatic login.
  • Qt version has been updated to 4.8.5
  • An option has been added to minimize the client to the system tray when launching a game (Windows).
  • Changes were made to how stores your last login region and language preferences. As a result, these may change after the patch is applied.

    You can change your language under Settings - General - Language
    You can change your login region from the login window

Bug Fixes

  • will no longer display that a game is running if the game has not yet started.
  • will no longer display that account information is loading each time the user logs in.
  • will no longer report that a video card is unsupported when the video driver is updated while the Desktop App is running.
  • Crabby will try harder to display game content when changing game tabs.
  • Fixed an issue during disk installation that caused an error message to display when prompting the user to insert the next disk.
  • Fixed some typos in the settings menu.
  • Pressing the Enter key while installing a game will now default to selecting the Next button.
  • Fixed a graphical issue that occurred when a progress bar was paused during installation.
  • Many error messages were improved to be more descriptive.
  • Multiple other bugs were fixed.


  • The background images for each game have been updated

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