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I have multiple installations of World of Warcraft on different hard drives. One is my "main" wow setup, one is for when my husband uses my PC (since my default WoW install settings somehow make unwanted changes to the settings on his account), and one is for a new UI I'm working on. As it stands, you are only allowed to specify ONE WoW installation via the Bnet client. Worse, the game location settings somehow change themselves from time to time, which means I'll log in, and have all the wrong game settings.

I cannot be the only person with more than a single WoW install. Please provide support for specifiying multiple game installation locations, and fix whatever it is that gives the client a mind of its own and lets it change game location settings.

I would also like to reiterate (I've posted about this before) that there really needs to be some kind of setting to allow those of use who multi-box (literally using more than one PC to do so) to remain logged in on multiple PCs. The force log-outs are annoying and remove one of the biggest benefits of having the Bnet desktop client in the first place.


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