App does not scale to high DPI displays

Bug Report
I'm using my newish Yoga 2 with a 3200x1800 resolution 13" display. most apps are scaled, but the blizzard app is not so appears tiny on the screen. screenshot attached. windows 8.1 64bit.
The chat is a problem, I can't read anything.
Still broken as of a year later
Another user unhappy with this situation. Several smaller companies are able to update their applications and fix this issue. Why can't Blizzard do the same?

Personally, I won't put any money in HotS until this situation is fixed in both Battlenet app and HotS. Or some explanation is presented for why this isn't fixed.
I'm just installing the app on my Surface Book and noticed this. Could we get this prioritized?
Hiya Everyone,

Scaling for high resolution displays has not been implemented yet which would be why you're seeing this behavior.

Thanks for the report!
Another one checking in with this issue. The application is not usable on a high DPI display.
This is ridiculous. High-dpi displays have been mainstream for quiiiite a while now. relatively unusable on high-res at the moment.
Just adding my voice to the pile. This is not hard to add and given the size of Blizzard and their usual focus on quality, it's an odd over site.
Blizzard pls fix

Thank you
Yes, i can confirm it and is frustrating!

Dell XPS 15 4k Display
This is ridiculous, the app is so tiny on high dpi displays. Incredible that Blizzard doesn't have a fix for this. It's 2015 now....
I'd like to add to the chorus of users frustrated by this.

Got a brand new Surface Book for (pre)Christmas and the app is barely legible at the native resolution.

This would be a great update to the application.
Just got a new Alienware 17" 4K Laptop and can barely read the App.
Blizzard this is ridiculous. It's pretty much 2016 and this is the FIRST app I find without scaling after installing a TON of new software in my new laptop (Surface Book). Please fix it, it's way overdue... app is ant-sized on a 4K TV. Will this ever be fixed?

It's a problem with lots of other game launchers too but this one is too high profile to miss. Both Steam and Uplay had the HDPI problem and it was eventually fixed.
Wow, Steam has you beat when comes to DPI. Maybe someday you will get a clue.

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