Desktop App Running exceedingly high CPU usage.

Bug Report
I'm not sure how i can provide information in the way of logs or something for you to work on, But this is what happens.

As i got hearthstone recently i am using the desktop app. Since then My computer's Cpu runs up (slowly) to ridiculously high temperatures. at which point it crashes or freezes. The temperatures reach in excess of 160C. When the app is not running i have temperature range of 40-50C and when running other titles (non-blizzard) i have 50-70C

It is the app causing this, Because as soon as the app is ENDED, my Cpu returns to a reasonable usage and temperature according to the monitor.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Even a method of running hearthstone without this client would be excellent.
I've got the same problem, and is getting anoying. Also, a way of running Hearthstone without the app would be great.
I am glad I'm not the only one. I have resorted to buying a new cpu heatsink to combat the problem.
I have the same issue. Agent.exe *32 and *32 are both running at 25% of my cpu. Not sure why as is running there are no downloads going on or anything.
I get the same issue.
Win7 x64 might be the issue.
It only seems to happen after I exit WoW or when the bnet app is minimized. Closing the bnet app returns the cpu usage to normal.
Hello folks,

If you see this happen you can try updating all drivers and running Windows Update and it may fix this. It could be related to a very specific set of systems with a particular library and these updates may address that. Thanks!
Exact same problem. When the launcher is minimized and wow or hearthstone is open, the battle net agent(agent.exe) is using 25% (one core) as well as the launcher( using 25% (another core). They are doing nothing visible. No updates or anything. This only happens while INSIDE a game. They are constantly at 0% before I launch. They will however stay up at 25% for 10-15 minutes after I close the game.

As it stands right now I have to manually end the task(s) in task manager after launching the game(s) as it will eat 50% of my cpu and cause me a significant drop in FPS.
same problem here. i opened the app to play diablo 3 and hearthstones wants to update but doesnt and runs my cpu at 100% and freezes up all my other programs on my pc.
Seriously Blizzard.... please make a plan here! It shouldn't be to hard to fix. Its starting to become a hassle having to forcefully end the multiple instances of Agent.exe. this has to be done every time I launch a game to stop them from running away with have my CPU cores...
I'm experiencing the exact same issue. After a seemingly random amount of time (anywhere from 30 minutes to 4 hours), the app starts using up a full CPU core. It doesn't seem to matter whether I'm in a game or not.
Same problem - After twice blue screen after overheating my PC and hours spending reading forums i find a solution that did allow me yesterday to play only using 30 CPU
I suppose problems appear in case of multi processors. I was not fancy to change BIOS and Only Stop Agent do not help - it will restart in seconds, so solution that work for me:

Go in Task Manager and select Battle Agent process --> Right button Set Affinity --> UNCHECK All processors and choice CPU 1 (CPU 2 ..)
Once Agent start to show check if they are on "all processors" if is the case - repeat procedure above
Don't worry they will be like 20 but using 1 or 2 % CPU and in total no more than 25 %

You can have one normal play of (in my case recently Diablo)
same problem 50% cpu usage after exiting game, come on rediculous, wasting electricity to do nothing no updates or anything, restarting app seems to fix it, but i dont want to do this everytime i play a game, either fix or get rid of crap client and lets login the old way. and dont say its updates cause as soon as app is restarted cpu usage is normal again, so guess what its the app not us...
Win 7 64bit
4gb ram
r9 270x
Hmm, Blizzard, you may need to take note of some of these comments. Most are made by people with above average computer knowledge.
Saying to do a Windows upodate is not a solution.
This app is bloated in memory usage, and cpu usage. (I get 25% cpu usage)
I may be posting this on several threads just to spread the word about it since it seems to be a common issue.

I just found out about the ~25% CPU usage on the app and wondered for a while what it could be. Then I realized I had WoW updates paused because I'd stopped playing. I uninstalled WoW and restarted the app so it stopped attempting to update and the issue was solved.

In short, if you have paused updates, either let them update or uninstall the game. Or just close the app once your game is running. Either way.
Im getting huge spikes in cpu usage when bnet launcher is starting up.
fyi it does this on the mac too.
I have the same problem with Hearthstone . my (svchost.exe) goes so high when im in Hearthstone. It's kinda annoying when every time after 30 mins of playing you have to reset the whole game and windows gets frozen for some minutes. this only happens when I play hearthstone not any other games....
I can confirm this. Im running 8.1, at first i though it was a malware or something but alot of people are having this issue.
Heres a fix until Blizzard fixes it
"We're continuing to research this issue but we do have a temporary workaround. Setting your client to run in Windows 7 compatibility mode should resolve most of the freezes and stuttering. Steps below.
Go to the Hearthstone Build on your computer (you can use the Show in Explorer option from the app)
Right click the Hearthstone.exe and go to properties.
In the Compatibility tab select "Run this program in comptability mode for:"
Set the field to Windows 7." -

I coppied this from eu battlenet . It worked. enjoy
I am having the same issue too... I am just trying to download Diablo 3 and it is killing my CPU and i checked it and it is hitting anywhere from 45-67% usage.

I am running an Intel Core i5vPro @ 2.6GHz, 8GB Ram, Windows 7 Pro, all drivers updated with Windows updated, and on a solid state drive. It brings my laptop to a crawl and I cant even use Youtube!. Blizzard, come on guys/gals, your client is breaking things.

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