Cant Connect, Error BLZBNTBGS80000011 (73)

Technical Support
Just happened while I was in the game, I have never had parental controls on the account and only one Diablo 3.....dont know what the issue could be.
I have the same problem
Same problem. I'm located in Australia (Blizzard just reported connectivity issues in the north/east region of NA; but it's more widespread?)
same issue :( located in Eastern Canada
same issue here, located in Spain :S since this morning. I can log in the forums, in my account by here, but not with the battenet page/ app
Same here.... UK..
working for me now!!!!
The previous issue appears to be resolved now, however; we're doing some quick maintenance at the moment that may have an impact on logins to the games and websites. We'll continue to update as more information becomes available.
Maintenance has concluded and the previous issues appear to be resolved now as well. You should be able to get back in game and App now without issue. Good hunting everyone!

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