"Please verify your date of birth to continue"

Bug Report
I'm getting this on all game screens: http://i.imgur.com/MGIdrKD.jpg

Perhaps the message is intentional, but even if so its clearly not displaying correctly; and I can't actually use any of the controls to enter in my date of birth and hit OK.

Edit: Nevermind, after restarting the problem went away. Mostly likely was caused by internet issues on my end, as I've been having a lot of trouble lately.
Thanks for the report and update, TheSkunk!
This is still happening on some accounts.
This happens all the time for me and forced me to try and restart the app around 3 times till it functions properly. so this is still going on
If this happens to you, try clicking the "Games" button at the top to refresh the content.

We're aware of the issue and are investigating.
Still having this problem myself. I've uninstalled and reinstalled the app a couple times so far to no avail. I can still get into my games, it's just an unsightly nuisance and I can't see my friends list. Clicking the "Games" button does nothing for me, nor does restarting the app.
I am having this problem as well, have no idea how to fix.
I have same issue...Still can't connect to games although I am chatting in battlenet to my m8 who is currently online
I just started having this error appear today. I reinstalled the Desktop App but it hasn't helped. If I click GAMES to try and refresh it just shows the Crab with an error saying it can't load the page.

I did notice an odd occurence whilst trying to copy the error text. This is what copies:

Oki for me same date of birth crap, try closing trough Task manager, then reopen. it worked fine for me
05/23/2014 06:33 PMPosted by Ronald
Oki for me same date of birth crap, try closing trough Task manager, then reopen. it worked fine for me

This fixed my issue, thanks for the share.
this problem happened to me and i tried to close the app from task manager and restarting it and nothing happened.
and i tried to open it from another device but still i can't pass it.
Hello , 15/09/18 I am trying to help my friend buy Call of Duty black ops 4 but this same Verify your age issue is happening . have tried the above solutions but it doesn't work please help
Not working for me too. The fact that this bug has existed for four years is just silly.
same here, cant pre-order because of this, on the app and on the website..
Hi everyone. I am experiencing the same problem. I'm trying to pre-order Black Ops 4 and it's asking me over and over again for my date of birth. It just reloads online and in the Battle.net app.

Does anyone have a solution to this please?

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