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I've run into somebody that put out a rather legitimate comment regarding how the BDA works currently, and have come up with a potential way to make life easier for players while making the BDA main window and game window.

First, the comment:

03/14/2014 03:18 PMPosted by Wazbirt
My biggest issue with the launcher currently is I can no longer keep 2 separate installs of the game with different graphical settings (starting monitor) or addons.

There are those that multibox and/or have separate installations with very specific settings depending on what they intend to accomplish during their play session. While we currently have a Allow multiple instances of option, it's clunky and very limited in its capability, as well as still requiring the player to jump through hoops to use more than one installation for any specific game.

Instead of using the Allow multiple instances of, which is very cryptic in its description, move the option from Settings > General into Settings > Game Install/Update and change it to behave as follows:

1) Remove the option to Allow multiple instances of and add an option in Settings > Game Install/Update labeled Allow multiple installations of the same game to run at the same time.

2) Add a button in the window in Settings > Game Install/Update labeled Add additional game installation. Make the Add additional game installtion then bring up a list of games to install (WoW, D3, SC2, HS, etc) and have the player pick the game type they wish to install. Once done, the usual window will open for the player to then choose where the installation resides. If there is no game folder yet at the place they wish to choose, then it will be installed. If there is one already present, it will be added to the BDA's game install database within its preference file.

3) This will then create a new intalled game icon on the lefthand frame of the BDA's main window. If it's a WoW installation, the player will see a "1" and "2" in the lower right corner of the game icon area to indicate which installation this is for. Alternatively you can display the account number as would see it (WoW1, WoW2, etc). This gives a visual representation of the installed clients. Each game installation can have its own region and/or PTR/Beta sub-accounts selected.

4) Players could then launch any of those clients when they choose to by simply selecting them. Additionally, the player could also shift-click multiple game icons and launch all selected game clients together at the same time. The Play button would then change to Launch all selected games to reflect that you have more than one game highlighted. The BDA would allow only one game type to have multiple selections at a time to prevent unforeseen issues regarding logins from coming up.

5) For Diablo 3 users, an additional option in Settings > Game Install/Update would be a new option labeled Store separate login credentials for each installed client. The tooltip for this would read "Stores login information separately for each game client so you do not have to enter your login information manually for each client. Requires that you enable the Master Password option for security purposes."

6) A new Master Password option would be available in the Settings > General tab. This option, when enabled would allow players to utilize the BDA's capability to launch multiple game clients simultaneously on the same computer.

What this setup allows WoW players to do is to retain specific client setups via the individual installations' and SavedVariables files, while also facilitating a legitimate means of using multiple clients at the same time for both Diablo 3 and WoW, subject to whatever restrictions the ToS/ToU permit.

This is a more elegant way of dealing with the multiple game client usage scenario than forcing the player to maintain and troubleshoot multiple instances of the BDA, which even with just one open client can create issues. This minimalizes the variables used in a multi-client setup.
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Hey TheTias,

Thanks for the well thought out and relevant feedback, it is much appreciated. I just responded to a user in the Technical Support forum about this very issue. I've directed them to come here and add their voice to the discussion as it is something that relates to them directly.

If anyone else has more to add to this discussion then please do!
TheTias has a great suggestion here. This is a big issue I and other guild mates are running into. It seems like we can no longer bypass the launcher via direct exe launch which essentially breaks multi-boxing.

I think the suggestion for being able to add additional exe/games would be great. And it would allow us to also add in links to other blizzard games as well.
Wouldn't it be much better to simply allow for multiple game configurations, one for each instance of the game you want to run. Just specify whether to use an existing one or create a new one. Perhaps keep the default one as it is now, in with the game files, but allow creating others anywhere you want.

Similarly, I'd like to be able to specify a separate directory for addons, rather than have to have them mixed in with the Blizzard ones.
Count me in as someone who would like to see this supported as well.

Actually this might be a nice extra revenue stream the Blizzard could tap, by adding some more multiboxing support directly into wow/BDA people could start paying for the number of simultaneous toons they want to play. For those of us who already multibox it wouldn't make much difference, but it may get some new people to start purchasing multiple counts.
Great suggestion. I would like to add another to the pile.
With some players being active on PTR, Alpha/Beta and/or Live game installs; maybe the possibility of adding additional game icons to the left ribbon would make switching between those accounts easier (especially if the BDA supports multiple client runs, as per TS suggestion).
Please, PLEASE implement support for multiple copies of WoW. I have different UI setups for different WoW installs on the same PC, and it is frustrating to use them with the Bnet client in its current iteration. It actually keeps changing the install location in the client, and I have a near heart attack when certain settings are missing...and then I realize what happened, and have to log out, fix the client settings, and log back in.

Another arguably more serious inconvenience for multi-boxers, is that you cannot remain logged in on more than one PC, removing any "login once" convenience that is supposedly a grand perk of the Bnet client. As of the last time I tried running the client (on the second PC I use for dual-boxing), one was prompted for the authentication code EVERY SINGLE TIME - something one normally isn't faced with when using PCs that previously/frequently logged into

I know multi-boxers are a minority, but we also do spend more, and it would be nice to see a little love and support, especially since you're going force Bnet client use.
9 Months and no improvements on this...

Well they can't even get a game launch right; so I don't see this ever working either.
At least they added new command line switch "-config" to wow that allows you to specify custom config file name. With this option you can have one WoW installation with different setting like screen resolution, monitor etc.

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