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As far as I can tell the launcher does not support more than one WoW install. I currently have three with different Interface/WTF settings.

I suspect that the launcher will eventually become mandatory just because it's a chance to spew more advertising, and everybody has to do that as much as possible. It would be nice if it didn't screw up my multiboxing setup in the process.
Depressing to see no one responded to this. I have multiple copies of WoW on my gaming PCs (I dual-box using two PCs) and the fact that you can't have more than one copy of wow configured on a PC with the Bnet client, PLUS the fact that you can't remain logged in on more than one PC at a time, is not just disappointing, but extremely frustrating.

I like the basic functionality of the client for the most part. A "hidden" mode would be nice - Setting status to "away" makes it impossible to trade items or be invited to parties in game - something I found out by accident, btw, nothing warns you and at first I thought an addon had things screwed up. But without support for more than one game install or for multi-boxers using multiple computers, making the client mandatory is a punishment, not a perk.
Actually there is an option where you can run multiple instances of the Launcher in order to play. You don't really need individual installs the launcher is fully capable of running several instances of the game off of one install. Sure you wont have the individual settings from each install (although I was under the impression that settings were account specific now) but I'm sure you can find a workaround. Go to Settings/General- and check the "Allow multiple instances of" box. Then just log in to your separate accounts and have fun. Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy.

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