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11/08/2018 11:32 AMPosted by Dagok
11/08/2018 07:07 AMPosted by TrueDuality
Bumping this as well, surprised there hasn't even been a response to this...

U2F is a no brainer.

There's no response to this because Blizzard can come up with NO customer friendly argument why they should not use an open standard for 2FA.

They probably have a reason for using their own implementation, but it's probably not customer friendly, which is why they won't voice it here.
Get Google or Lastpass auth to work ... not using another app... that even not able to authenticate more than this account, atleast i am thinking that .. without knowing the truth.
4 years with no response from Blizzard? Cmon guys, don't your customers at least deserve and explanation as to the WHY?

If you can justify the choice you made, then please, voice it here.
Just after setting my accounts to Lastpass authenticator, I came here to see a thread ignored for many years.

Blizz must love their authenticator more than its users' choice :/
Please add support for last pass authenticator
Wow! 4 years and still we can't use 2FA of our choice! No wonder why i ditched blizzard many years ago!
Not that this is going to make any difference, but yes... I too agree that using open standards is a good idea. I don't say the current Blizzard Auth App is bad, but I'd like the ability to group all my 2FA profiles together.


Please Blizzard...allow us to use 3rd Party auth. apps...
+1 for third party authenticator integration.

At least Google authenticator, for the love of god!
Google authenticator please!!!
+1 for LastPass Authenticator!
Up - I hate having to have an app specifically for this
+1 LastPass
+1 for LastPass. Excellent app with cloud saving in case phone is lost
Google authenticator please!!!
+1 for LastPass Authenticator!
+1 for industry standard 2FA

+1 for at least a *reply* from a Bliz official. This silence is so incredibly ignorant and/or arrogant. Maybe I should use foul language in this post to provoke a reaction, thus proving that at lease someone looks at this thread... ;-)
Why would they want to maintain a proprietary app rather than use a common standard 2FA? It's not for security reasons since they support SMS 2FA.

Only reason I can think of is their auth app doubles as some form of spyware for market data about the products you buy/use. Perhaps useful to Netease. Check the permissions, full disk and Internet access! A TOTP authenticator app doesn't need any of those permissions.
+1 for Google Authenticator.

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