Third party authenticator support

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No way am I downloading a 3rd party authenticator app when there already exist widely-used open-standard ones.
This still needs to happen. Blizzard and Steam need to allow 3rd party authenticators.
bump x infinity
Nothing about A2F with Blizzard on Authy ?
Why the !@#$ isn't this a thing?
04/16/2019 06:43 AMPosted by KayHude
+1 for industry standard 2FA

+1 for at least a *reply* from a Bliz official. This silence is so incredibly ignorant and/or arrogant. Maybe I should use foul language in this post to provoke a reaction, thus proving that at lease someone looks at this thread... ;-)

OK, let me see if any official are reading this thread.

fu.cking ignorant bastards, get out of your proprietary holes and move your lazy asses to implement an open two factor authentication. This should be easier than licking your moms

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