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+1 here as well. It's annoying having an app that handles all of my 2FA except
The authenticator predates the popularity of the TOTP 2FA method, otherwise known as Google Authenticator. As such, it is reasonable for them to have created their own method, but they also should've kept with the times.

Authy, in addition to their proprietary method, supports TOTP (Google Authenticator)-based 2FA. Blizzard would either need to implement TOTP-based 2FA (good idea) or partner with Authy (less good idea).

You can find complete documentation on how it works (for the mobile app) here:
+1 I hate having multiple authenticator apps :) Also, adding by using QRE is the shiz.
+1 Authy
+1 from me as well. It would be awesome to have every 2FA account on the same authenticator app.
Also +1'ing this... I want to use the one app for everything... dont see the point in having to use your own app. All my other 2 step enabled accounts are through the one app.
+1 Authy
TOTP 2FA support is a must
want this
It seems not that support for Authy (or other 3rd parties) needs to be implemented, particularly considering the open source Windows Authenticator ( already has support for Perhaps it'd be more productive to encourage the 3rd party of choice to support's authenticator system.
I too would like to use the authentication software of my choice, please add this
+1 for Authy or Google Authenticator
+1 for Authy or Google Authenticator
I would also like to use Authy or Google Authenticator, as well.
+1 for Authy support
+1 for authy!

Please focus on Authy first. :)

Google Auth have no backup solution, for now, so it sucks. :(

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