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But this thread started in 2014 so I don't think they are listening to their customers in this one
This isn't happening, guys..
Hey it might still happen.

+1 for industry-standard TOTP support please!

And thank you for adding 2FA long before the industry caught on :)

Authy support would be great.

Please add Authy support!
This thread is over 2 years old, and not one single reply from Blizzard!

I'm a computer geek, and I'll give my +1 vote on this too. I'm so insistent on using ONE authenticator app for all my accounts that support the industry-standard TOTP authenticator system that if said account doesn't support the standard (google authenticator, authy, even LastPass has an authenticator that supports this... which is the one I prefer btw), I do not use 2FA on those accounts...

I disabled the use of any authenticator for my battlenet account, because it doesn't support TOTP.

My question to Blizzard is this... If people like me disable authenticator use, because they can't use their own preferred authenticator app, how is it more secure? The answer is that it's not... My account is LESS secure, because I refuse to use the proprietary authenticator.

Please implement TOTP based authenticator support! Thanks!
I came here for the same reason. I use authy and really do not need yet another 2FA. Please add support for Authy/GoogleAuhenticator etc.
Is this the only thread where this is talked about? I already use Authy to avoid having a hundred different 2FA apps, why can't Blizzard throw us a bone here?
No, I don't want a WoW pet in my account. I don't even play WoW, but I do value the space your app takes in my phone, and would prefer to have 2FA on my own terms, not yours.

And if third-party security is insecure, I wonder if your computers don't have Antivirus, or if you would use in-house crypto instead of peer-reviewed, public domain crypto. You just can't be fully isolated in today's digital world.

But whatever, you're not even reading this. It's a shame your games are actually good, I can't say I won't keep playing for this (which I admit is more an annoyance than a real issue, but still, I value my freedom)
Come on Blizzard, wake up...
It's not a matter of security imho. Or you are assuming that you provide the only secure two factor authentication, which is not true. Other big companies are also using a standardised technique and they are not less secure.
I would also like to have this added. I know Blizzard makes money from physical dongles (like my Diablo 3 one) but it would be nice to move it with all my other accounts that I already have added it to Authy.
After searching the net over and over, I found we already have all the thing we need to use FreeOTP.

I wrote a brief tutorial on what you need to do here:

Just logged in using FreeOTP to post this. Cheers!
FreeOTP is nice, but I am not going to set up yet another app for 2FA, which is why I'm (like others in this thread) are asking for Authy or Google Authenticator support.

As far as I know, both Google Authenticator and Blizzard's official authenticator use the open-standard "TOTP" for authentication codes, however Google only uses 6-digit codes, while Blizzard uses 8-digit codes. I can't imagine it would be impossible for Blizzard to support 6-digit codes.

Maybe one day we'll get an answer from them about this...
I too am an Authy user. I work in Hybrid IT and use Authy for most of our customers, but some of them use their own and I literally have a key chain with fobs; RSA, Safenet, etc. it would be awesome if I could just add this to Authy.
Please please please listen to your user base blizzard!!!
+1 Authy
Thorandor, the mobile Authy app supports 8 digit codes. I used the instructions in that link and have Authy acting as my BN authenticator now. (The desktop/Chrome app, sadly, does not.)
I must have the Duo a TOTP compliant app for my job. I have been able to convert from one app per MFA site to using it for every site except This is just plain dumb/lazy/outdated of Blizzard.

And then not to have any comment from Blizzard in years is just plain insulting.
Ubisoft has the option to use Google authenticator.
Pleas Blizzard, do the same.

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