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Guys you can already do this with any app.
Get this script, it will get your serial and restore code and send it to blizzard and get totp token in exchange, you can use it in any app you want, just remember to use it in 8 digit format.
even if app doesn't support changing to 8 digit, you can create a QR from this token and force being 8 digit with that, I've already done that with many apps(for test, like authy)
+1 for Authy compatibility
+1 for Authy (or other 3rd-party app) support
+1 for authy support
+1 for Authy compatibility
+1 Authy support
+1 for authy support
+1 for authy
+1 for Google Auth
The PyGetBlizSecret wasn't working for me, so I ended up using a different route. Wrote a guide on it an everything. And hey I got my blizzard authentication working in Authy!
Thanks for the guide tazer.

Also blizzard needs official support for this, so I'll pretend that Blizz secengs read the forums. +1 from me.
Google authenticator uses RFC 6238 and RFC 4226. You probably do the same. It's just a matter of providing the seed for us to be able to use it.
The only excuse you have to not support it is because you want to keep us captive, forcing us to use your app, and this is not acceptable from the security point of view.
The state of things now is that all the users that do not want to install yet another app are not enabling the feature thus we are less secure and at risk of loosing our appreciated accounts just by getting our password compromised.
You have the feature, let us use it. It's up to you to keep us safe.
Bumping this.
Support for 3rd party authenticator should be provided
+1, I would love to use a more robust software (like 1Password) in order to handle my 2FA needs.

I use an open source authenticator called FreeOTP that is compatible with the google authenticator method on many accounts.
+1 for Google Authenticator

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