Battlenet keeps making itself the active tab

Bug Report
I don't know if this problem has come with the lag issues EU is having right now.
But for the first time there's a message saying "It's a busy day for!" - followed by a waiting time.
The thing im reporting is that If I want to stay in the battlenet queue I still need the battlenet process to be running. But the thing is that every 5-10 seconds or so, the window showing the information of queue time keeps tabbing in, (getting active). Which almost made this thread impossible to write because of it making app active instead of my browser window.
I agree!
The app window constantly popping into foreground is super annoying, makes it impossible to use the computer for anything else in the meantime (mine says approx. queue waiting time 430 minutes! so id like to use that time for something other than just energy consumption idle computer).

Please fix this!
This is accurat//e /// I have put one slash mark in my post for e/a/ch//// //time that the app stole focus while typing this - and I type pretty q/uick////ly.
who thought this was a good idea?
Yes, i can confirm this. Really annoying!
C / onf / irming this really annoying bug. We know !@#$ doesn't work / an / / d / that there is a queue. you don't have t / / o make the computer un / usable in th / / / e / / / meanwhile
Hello folks,

Would it be possible for you to gather and send us a copy of your Logs? It will help us to better understand the cause of the issue.

This may not result in an immediate fix for your individual issue, but it will go directly towards getting this sort of issue fixed in general. That being said, if we can find anything in your logs that will help us to better troubleshoot your issue, we will do so.

You can email those as a zip archive to this address:

Use this line for the subject (please use your own username in the subject): [vikedr] [Battlenet keeps making itself the active tab] [12330693159]

Seriously this is so frustrating i mean i dont mind being in a quee for 4-5 hours BUT i would like to be able to use my machine for something else and its seriously imposible to do that cause every freakin 3 seconds it will change active tab by it self...
This is by far the bug with worst impact I have encountered through my 7 or 8 years of WoW and now HS.
Hello folks,

We're aware of the focus stealing issue and have found the cause. We have a fix for this that we will put out in a future update. In the interim you can sign in to the Desktop App through "Offline Mode" to avoid being put in the queue. Note that when in offline mode you'll still need to login manually to each game client and Hearthstone will be unavailable.

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