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Hello Developers!

I love open source software. So today I am releasing a new wrapper for the API available through NPM for developers using NodeJS. Why? Because the other API wrappers have not been updated in some time, and may no longer be maintained by their authors.

Available under the MIT license this means you can fork it and do whatever you'd like. This also satisfies Blizzard's Usage Policy that any client library that engages the API be open-sourced and freely available.

All API methods for the World of Warcraft, Starcraft 2, and Diablo 3 APIs have been implemented. Hearthstone, Heroes of the Storm, and Overwatch APIs will be added when/if they are made available.

You can find it on NPM:

Or on GitHub:

Please open a Github issue if you have any problems or feature requests.

--- Future ---

- Custom request configuration

--- History ---

- Initial release
- WoW API methods
- WoW documentation

- SC2 API methods
- SC2 documentation

- D3 API methods
- D3 documentation

- Locales
Awesome! +1

How were you able to do this so fast? :O
Thanks Locust. I had already written most of the library for the app I'm working on (I'm going to post that here first for developers to get a first-look when I'm ready to unveil it). When Blizzard announced the new Dev Portal it was pretty simple to update the URLs to the new format. Very little of the methods had to be changed so I think I was fairly lucky.

The decision to release the library was already made and the new API was the nudge to get it out the door :)
How can I implant this into my Wordpress website?
you have to install nodejs on your server and install the package
Nytoro, WordPress is written in PHP while this library is written in JavaScript. Technically it may be possible to get WordPress to talk to this lib, but I'd recommend checking out one of the PHP libraries your fellow devs have written.

Speaking of which, I was just reading this post ...
Thanks for releasing this library skt, it is very useful.

I have a few requests which I will open a github issue for.

Also you may be interested in this (which domain to use for api requests):
Thanks Jafula, I've checked your issue and can't see an immediate reason why wouldn't work but would. Perhaps there's a proxy or filter blocking access?

I'm working on introducing some overrides and other features like you suggest and will post again when I release them :)

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