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my api lib still functions, 400 refers to malformed request what part in the script does the lib fail or is it failing all together?
Wanting to let you know, if $region is lowercase, nothing will happen (malformed url error thrown).

Also, apparently within account.php in /ext/, the starting slash of for example:

case 'user':
$q = '/account/user';

will result in a malformed URL as well:

Removing the / fixed it for me.
lib could be a lil outdated for the new urls dropping ial review and add some changes in the next few days
Hi Ulminia,

is there any chance that you migrate your perfect script for the new api?
I tried to migrate myself by changing old urls to new ones, but it didn't work. Can I hope that there's gonna be new version of lib any time soon?
soon been working on it the past few days once its ready ial release it on github

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