adding payment not working in chrome

Bug Report
if you open account management from launcher and try to add a credit
card to your payment options, the 'save' / 'add card option, does absolutely
nothing in my latest chrome browser v37.

i had to go through trouble and using explorer to actually make it work..

just as reference here's some statistic as who uses what browsers..
August 2014
Chrome 60.1 %
Internet Explorer 8.3 %
Firefox 24.7
Safari %3.7
Opera %1.8 %
others... whatever.....

so basicly half your customers cannot add payment options without downgrading to some not so popular browser.

Have a nice day.
Hello Killyana,

This may have been an issue with the website at that time. After taking a look this morning I was able to successfully add several payment methods using Chrome.

Make sure to check the list below the area with the large "Default Payment Method" box to see if the payment you added is in the list.

Thanks for the report, we'll keep an eye on it in case we see any more issues.
Had this exact some issue - probably caused by adblock plus or ghostery. I disabled adblock plus for battlenet and was then able to successfully give blizzard my money. Hope this helps
2019 and having this problem with Chrome as default.

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