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There is no way to get a list of all available battle pets?

This provides data about a individual battle pet ability ID. We do not provide the tooltip for the ability yet. We are working on a better way to provide this since it depends on your pet's species, level and quality rolls.

This provides the data about an individual pet species. The species IDs can be found your character profile using the options pets field. Each species also has data about what it's 6 abilities are.

Retrieve detailed information about a given species of pet.

A list of the battle pets obtained by the character.

The different bat pet types (including what they are strong and weak against)
list of battlepets listed by CreatureID, as you can see its a basic list due to it being made just for locating pets its does include speciesId aswell for you to be able to link it with charactor pets api. 630 pets listed in it currently.

i used a dump from /wow/battlePet/species/SPECIESID to create my list.
Thank you for the hint Talonos ^^

What about the new pets from Wardlors of Draenor?

Is there no way to get a list of all pets by Type?

11/18/2014 06:01 AMPosted by Darknoe

What about the new pets from Wardlors of Draenor?

Is there no way to get a list of all pets by Type?


it would be the same process as the one i listed as the pet type is listed under the species id'

{"speciesId":160,"petTypeId":4,"creatureId":23274,"name":"Stinker","canBattle":true,"icon":"inv_box_petcarrier_01","description":"Stinker uses his aroma to repel predators and attract cats. He's much more successful with the former than the latter.","source":"Achievement: Shop Smart, Shop Pet...Smart\n\nCategory: Pet Battles","abilities":[{"slot":1,"order":4,"requiredLevel":15,"id":576,"name":"Perk Up","icon":"achievement_guildperk_mrpopularity","cooldown":3,"rounds":1,"petTypeId":4,"isPassive":false,"hideHints":true},{"slot":2,"order":5,"requiredLevel":20,"id":539,"name":"Bleat","icon":"spell_nature_heavypolymorph2","cooldown":4,"rounds":1,"petTypeId":4,"isPassive":false,"hideHints":true},{"slot":0,"order":0,"requiredLevel":1,"id":119,"name":"Scratch","icon":"talentspec_druid_feral_cat","cooldown":0,"rounds":1,"petTypeId":4,"isPassive":false,"hideHints":false},{"slot":1,"order":1,"requiredLevel":2,"id":492,"name":"Rake","icon":"ability_druid_rake","cooldown":2,"rounds":1,"petTypeId":7,"isPassive":false,"hideHints":false},{"slot":2,"order":2,"requiredLevel":4,"id":527,"name":"Stench","icon":"achievement_halloween_rottenegg_01","cooldown":0,"rounds":1,"petTypeId":4,"isPassive":false,"hideHints":true},{"slot":0,"order":3,"requiredLevel":10,"id":360,"name":"Flurry","icon":"inv_misc_monsterclaw_01","cooldown":0,"rounds":1,"petTypeId":4,"isPassive":false,"hideHints":false}]}

"petTypeId":4," is in there.
Thanks for your reply Talonos, but i still don't understand...

This call will return data for one pet

So, if i want to get a list of all pets, do i have to do 630 api calls and dump data to a file? Do i have to manually specify the speciesId for every call?

Thanks and sorry for not understanding!
No you can just use a loop.

I use a for loop from 0 to 2000, if I get a json I put it in my database. I do the same for the abilities, unfortunate there is no tooltip avialable yet :(

I asked the question here but never got a reply:
Thanks Reebow,

I totally don't like this solution, as a loop of request is not optimal, but if we have no more options...

WoW API is great, but i think it's not really complete, so we hace to do this workarounds hehe.
using a loop is best possible way really as you would only have to do it once and store in your own database then you adjust your loop when a new patch with pets arrives

so say you ran loop from 1-4000 and the last ID was say 3784 you would adjust your loop to go from 3785-5000 and store the new infomation in your database. in all my loop from 1-4000 takes about 10-15minutes and its stored in my database then and updates only take 2-3 minutes if that when they add pets in patchs.
I'm not a programmer, and do not understand how to use the WoW API. Can someone perform a dump and send me results in an Excel spreadsheet?

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