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Hello, I cannot click on anything outside of links in the app (no switching between games, no friends list, no clicking play etc...)

When I hover over items they go into their active/hover state but click on them does nothing. Its preventing me from playing some games, fortunately WoW I can still load by double clicking on the file in the program files directory.
I'm having the exact issue right now
same here
Same here
Same here

But i can't open Diablo 3 -.-
Also having this issue. Clearing the cache did nothing to help.
have the same issue
rebooting, clearing the cache and reinstalling the application changed nothing.
Same here. Omg man 2 days i can't play because of this, someone solved it?
Same here need help
Thanks Exeliran, sending it right now.
Info sent thank you!
Sent my info as well, hope it gets fixed soon!
Email sent, thanks exeliran.
Sent I hope it gets fixed as soon as possible :)
same issues here, man this stinks, first my fav game starts doing lag spikes like crazy (diablo) and now i cant even launch any games at all, idk why im gonna keep paying if these issues keep happening. i understand there is issues with patches and new releases such as WoD, but if blizzard is biting off more then they can chew, then slow it down or hire some more people to keep things on track. btw my computer basic info is dell: XPS L702X, Windows 7.
Same issue here. Sent
same here. sending right now.
So is there any word on when this is going to get fixed? It's been over 24hrs least they could tell us something.

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