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Hey guys =)

I'd like to create a phpbb forum for my guild, since we arrive to WOD. And i would like the membres could login with b.net, as we can do on Wowhead or Battle.net.

I'm french, and i've read the documentation and some threads on the forum. I assume that i'm not really good in php coding (as i only know some html and css rules).

What do you advise to me do ? Somewhere to start ? Would you advise me to try with some mods like it's often used on phpbb, or another way ?

I really thank you, see u.
you would have to build an auth plugin for phpbb to use the battle.net login

https://wiki.phpbb.com/Authentication_plugins may help
I have built an extension for this purpose. It will work with PHPBB 3.1 and later. It is currently awaiting approval on the official PHPBB extensions, however you can access the pre-release version directly on Github at https://github.com/AJH16/PHPBB-BattleNet-OAuth.

Simply navigate to your ext folder in your phpbb installation, create a folder "AJHenderson", within that create a folder "BattleNetOAuthUS" and then copy the "auth", "config", "language" and "vendor" folders in to that folder. Also copy the composer.json, ext.php and license files in to the BattleNetOAuthUS folder.

Go to the ACP on the forum, go to customization, then extensions, enable the extension, register an application at dev.battle.net (note that you will need to have SSL enabled on your forum), register the callback URL as "https://yourforumurl/ucp.php?i=ucp_auth_link&mode=auth_link&link=1&oauth_service=battlenet" and then copy the key and secret in to the Authentication/oAuth settings for PHPBB.

Battle.Net US should now be available as an oAuth provider in your PHPBB installation.
AJH, I just added your extension to the Community Created Libraries & Resources thread.

Hell guys !

It seems great. Can I use this code on phpBB to retrieve some information through armory and display them in the forum? How?
i think this code is specific to login not to pull player data tho the author coul have that in there
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