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I'm currently pulling down the AH data for my server from the API into Excel to play around with. I've kinda figured out that the "rand" values on the .json output encode the Random Enchant stats on items.

But I'm having a hard time finding decodes. Does anybody know? With all crafted items in WoD rolling random secondary stats, I think it'd be very helpful to have a list as these will become more important than when they only really applied to greens & blues.

And if nobody knows, I'll try to sniff them out once I have some WoD data to try to decode, and will post results so they're here :)

They come from ItemRandomProperties.dbc and ItemRandomSuffix.dbc.

Do you want just the names or do you need the stats, too?
Oh that's a great list! The suffixes should be fine for what I'm using. These seem to line up with what I suspected. Gonna spend some time playing with these :)

Thanks, Erorus!
Here's the list I'm running for 5.4.

Do any of the positive suffix ids still exist? Anyone have an armory link to a profile with some? From what I've seen most of the old low level gear has negative suffixes (uses the newer system.) For example, my level 23 warrior Fdgy http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/suramar/Fdgy/simple has gloves (with a very low item id: 3474) with the newer suffix system ("of the Bear": -68).

WoD suffixes however use item bonuses, and their group ids are not assigned to items in the DBC data. Whereas normal suffixed items like http://www.wowhead.com/item=96540/bracers-of-the-midnight-comet have a suffix group 541, which corresponds to suffixes {-336, -337, -338, -339, -340}. This information is available from my MoP Item API: http://raffy.antistupid.com/wow/items.php?id=96540. There was a Beta patch where most items where tagged as 656 but that has been removed. For example, http://wod.wowhead.com/item=116182&bonus=525 can be "of the Peerless" (crit/mastery).

https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/2989349/catus_data/Suffix.txt is Simc data merged with my data from MoP regarding the newer suffix groups (I only needed data for Leather Agility users.)
Parse it as: [suffix group] : [suffix1], [suffix2], ... # comment ignore me

For WoD, I searched for all of the new items with only two stats (primary + stamina) + other strange items and then have been slowly collecting the item bonus universes associated with these items but my database is still very incomplete. I don't have a file I can link you at the moment, but the data will be included in my WarKit library: https://github.com/adraffy/warkit

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