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A number of our the developers in our community have put together resources, libraries, and other tools that you may find helpful when developing against the APIs.

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World of Warcraft
Can you add my library?
Been working on it since 2011

It's a php library for WoW armory/

If you are in search for a .Net D3 API, you can add mine to the list:
It includes the access to API, the data models (D3) and a stats calculator.
Hi there,

I created a python wrapper for the wow community api a while ago..

Might be useful for pythoneers among us ;)
My Node.JS library is available at
Another Node.JS library - (its a fork of, updated for the API endpoints).
Wrote also one for python, using it myself for years:
@Dorwido Hi, I was checking out your library, but the website for the documentation is a dead link. I was wondering if you have something available for how to use it?
Yeah it got lost when I moved server, should be time to generate, basic usage is kinda:

from wowapi.api import WoWApi
wowapi = WoWApi('yourkey')
realm_data = wowapi.get_realm(region)

realm_data['lastmodified'] contains then last modified datetime from the header
realm_data['data'] contains the data return from the api

The documentation is btw kinda in the source code its auto generated from there, gonna have a look if i find a backup of all that stuff to generate them new
the site should be back online, but not updated for version 0.5, i think the only relavant change was that using just the api key due the mashery change.
Awesome thanks. I was digging around with it last night and got it working more or less doing what I wanted it to do. Nice work, and thanks again!
I was having trouble getting it working with a web app I'm working on. Some of the other libraries out there don't play nicely with Google App Engine, but yours I was able to get working.
Glad if it helped you, if something not working feel free to change it and supply a patch on github as a pull request or ask and I will look into it and change it myself.
LibWowAPI has just upgraded to version 2.0 in preparation of Warlords. It is a strongly-typed .NET library complete with full documentation that allows you to easily access the .NET API in your own projects. The library has been in development since 2008, before there was even an official API! :)

The library can be found at
Hi, do you distribute any media correlating to the responses you get from your API? e.g. ... "spec": { "backgroundImage": "bg-monk-brewmaster", ...
I have also writes another PHP library with a ultra simple usage.
My small Java 8 apps:
Guild rooster in HTML
Forum signature generator
Dear Aurifex
could u add my last post for php coders ty

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