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An API module for World of Warcraft wirtten in Visual Basic can be found at
C# .Net library I've been working on
trumultibox, is the source for this project available. I can't seem to find it or a link to it on the website.
Yes its in the downloads
trumultibox, why is it gated behind a (free) purchase flow? I'm not comfortable recommending that the community give out their email addresses in exchange for a library.
Its is just the download manager I use for the website, the download is free. I understand if you are not comfortable recommending it to the community for an email address. If I could turn that off I would but it is how it is designed. Most places on the internet require an email address like forums, etc.

I was just trying to give back to the community by sharing what I developed. That is all nothing shady intended. If I had known that it would have been a problem, I would have never offered to share it here. I apologize that I may have missed any policy stating that is not allowed.

The site is in the infant stage and I was just trying to get something online.
How does this work? I copied the file to a public file sharing site to make it available with the need for an email address. I am just trying to give back.
02/10/2015 08:12 AMPosted by trumultibox
How does this work? I copied the file to a public file sharing site to make it available with the need for an email address. I am just trying to give back.

Making a Gist is generally a good way to share code.
trumultibox, I totally get where you're coming from and don't want to discourage contributions or community involvement. Apologies if I gave the impression that your efforts aren't appreciated. Thanks for sharing the MediaFire link.

Building off what Sapu said, sites like GitHub ( or BitBucket ( are great because they provide free hosting, offer free HTTPS hosting, and allow devs to inspect source without having to download files that may contain viruses or give out potentially sensitive information.
May I add my own?
It is for Meteor, a JavaScript library

(The GitHub page is here:
I made a Hearthstone API that returns card data. Hope it's useful to someone!
Sorry for the delay, Crowz. Not sure how I missed your post. I'll add it to the list now.
Hey I've made Kadala. It is 100% fully featured at this point.

The Diablo 3 Web API client for PHP.

Announcement topic on the forums:

It has a github but that is linked from the website above, which is a better landing page.

Install using composer:
require kadala/kadala
Sample usage:
// create a Client
$apiKey = 'my-bnet-api-key';
$client = new \Kadala\Client($apiKey, \Kadala\Region::US);

// retrieve the item data
$itemId = 'P1_CruShield_norm_unique_02';
$data = $client->getItem($itemId);

// $data contains the json_decode() response from api
Cheers, Finlay. I'll add you now! (~ ̄▽ ̄)~
Hello, Aurifex! Can you please add my fresh (and very first) gem to Ruby section in first post?

Big thanks!
Just added you, Frey.

Dear Aurifex,
Andanion pointed me in this direction from a post. I built this realm tool and was wondering if you would you possibly be able to add it where you see fit? I built it with PHP and the rest of the site utilizing php, json, ajax.

Thank you very much.
Hey Kiloras! This thread is for tools and resources to build applications. I could add your app as an example implementation, but you'd need to share the source for your project.
I've made a strongly-typed C# 4.5 library for Diablo 3, available since 2012.
It's kept up to date, and another version will be up shortly before DIII v2.3, aptly labelled 2.3 too :) EDIT : it is now updated to 2.3.
Hellparsley, your site notes that this is an open source project, but I can't seem to find the source for the project on the site. It seem that the ZIP only has the compiled DLLs and docs (good form on CHM/MSHC, btw).

I'd like to add your project to the list, but I'm not comfortable with recommending that other devs run unknown binaries on their systems.

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