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Thank you for this information! I finally found exactly what I needed to get started.
Hi, I created a .json file with all Items. (EU-Server 29.08.2017)
I tried all id's up to 250.000 or something like that.
Here's a new C#/.NET client for the WoW Community APIs:

Available on NuGet here:
I’ve just released a Swift project on Github that accesses all of Blizzard’s API for WoW, StarCraft 2, and Diablo 3. This includes the new OAuth services.

If there are any iOS developers out there this should make it easier to create apps.
It's not built as a framework, more like a foundation for an app, but it's a fairly comprehensive start.

Feedback welcome :)
Do any of the WoW API's contain GetBuildInfo() method?

I'm tinkering around with an AddOn to update the Interface Version number of the *.toc file for AddOns that have been installed and would like to update a resx string value with the appropriate ## Interface Version: so that when a patch happens a player with many addons can quickly and cleanly update their addons interface version number so that the client no longer sees the addon as out of date unless the addon is returned an error value indicating could not be loaded, or impossible to load. I'm seeing this as a FrameXML that could be run from a slash command that would invoke the library I have created that would go out to the file system open the toc file in each addon (unless it was prefaced by "Blizzard_" (indicates a Blizzard implemented addon which should not be modified)) recursively walking the directory tree opening each toc file in turn checking the Interface version for a match if found skip to next addon if match not found update existing interface version with corrected interface version number save the file close the file and continue iterating until all addons are updated with the current interface version.

The goal is to make AddOns that have been updated but the author failed to update the Interface Version number correctly loadable without the out of date flag and to do so programatically so that the player does not have to spend much time on going through a long list of addons opening a toc file checking the interface version updating if necessary saving the file and closing the file.

I realize that the Load out of date addons does this but I constantly find myself having to do this when I update addons from curseforge because the addons author has not updated the toc Interface version so I decided a tool was in order to go through the list in a rapid relatively pain free way.

Any help on Implementing GetBuildInfo() would be appreciated.
I have written a small tutorial to get OAuth2 in development and production environments with passport-bnet in Nodejs Express.

Here's the post
I've updated 2 year inactive for the new developer platform and contacted the orginal maintainer already, that he may transfer me his project.

My plans for my project will be to use more endpoints, implement callback and a way better documentation.
Hey, I created an API wrapper library for WoW, SC2, and D3 community APIs called BlizzPy for Python developers. It includes fetching character, guild, auction, PVP, pets, and general game data for WoW (both raw JSON and organized data), ladder and player data for SC2 (both raw JSON and organized data), and just raw API data for D3.

You can find it here:

You can install it through "pip install blizzpy".

Could you add it to the list? Thanks.

I updated the python-wowapi to support the new client credentials flow. Also the project no longer lives on bitbucket as stated in the first post, but on github.

if you please can update the list with this php gist using GuzzleHttp and kamermans\OAuth2 to request the new api with Oauth2.
Hi @Aurifex (or any other dev)
I never posted my small utility here, I hope it gets added so other might it helpful after blizzard removed that functionality from its site:
It's an rss feed generator for WoW which I implemented based on benweiers blizzard.js js library in node.
So you can read all the latest about a specific character or guild in your rss feed reader. You can find it here:
Example url:
New library/app:

Name: API proxy

Language: NodeJS

Description: A simple API proxy server for the API. Will retrieve the access token and proxy API request. Useful for web UIs that don't wish to expose API credentials to the end user. Can be easily deployed as an application using Docker or hosted on a free site, such as Heroku.

Source code:

License: GPL v3

Also available on at
May as well throw this here in case it's useful to anyone: I maintain an Overwatch League ICS Calendar convertor - useful if you want to feed this data in to say any kind of Google, Microsoft or Apple iCal Calendar function.

Source code is available from the bitbucket repository linked on the home page.

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