Guild suddenly "not found"?

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Had a nice Roster page on our guild website. Was working fine. Today I noticed it wasn't loading. So I typed the url into the bar:

Get an error message that says: {"status":"nok", "reason": "Guild not found."}

Something going on?

Edit: Noticed that it is working fine for other random guilds. Just not mine.
Thanks for the info. We've heard a couple reports of this kind of issue; we're looking into it.
Same here:,members,news

Of the guilds I check, any guild with a space in the name (represented as '%20') fails.
I checked our old guild, same name, different server, and it is working fine. Replace sargeras in the link with azgalor and it works. Even with a space, or a %20.

Can we have a status update on this issue? It's been almost 24 hours.
Same issue for me both with:
US-Lightbringer guilds are having issues as well.
same here, multiple guilds not found on stormscale eu: lithic, damage inc..etc
Same problem for Exïled@EU-Vol'jin

{"status":"nok", "reason": "Guild not found."}

This error blocking us to update our integrated armory on our guild website ..
Same problem US Velen First Regiment
Same problem EU Blackhand Steel and Thunder
I guess they know now that there is something wrong. :)
All guilds on the sha'tar have same issue
Same problems on Frostwolf
I was also hoping there would have been an update by now :(
Our guild have the same problem, with Guildomatic service.
Exact same problem with "The Aspects" guild on EU Argent Dawn. Please give us some feedback, API **shouldn't** go down just like that in such a company like Blizzard.
Having the same issue for "Shards of Nordrassil" on US Kirin Tor

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