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Since the release of 6.0.2 yesterday, I seem to be getting an extremely high number of 404s when requesting guild data from the API.

Anyone else experiencing the same issue/is there an existing topic regarding this already?
Was just going to make a post about this. I have tried several guilds on my realm and they all seem to respond with a 404.
Pulled my logs from today; it looks like this problem has gotten progressively worse throughout the day (my logs rotate at midnight and noon).

From 2015-10-15 AM, number of guild requests
404: ~11300
200: ~14400

From 2015-10-15 noon - now (4:46pm), number of guild requests
404: 13656
200: 1808

I suspect Blizzard is dealing with a lot of minor issues from the launch of 6.0.2, so I'm expecting this to sit around for a little while. However, if anyone who reads this is not experiencing the above problem, please let us know.
As noted in the Any API updates for 6.0.2 thread, the WoW APIs have not yet been updated to reflect the changes made to the game. It's quite possible that the errors you're seeing are related to this issue.

That said I'll follow up with the team to see if there's anything else worth sharing.
Thanks so much, Aurifex. My apologies; I hadn't read entirely through that post to see your comment of:

Just finished syncing with the folks working on the WoW API. As you're all aware there are a lot of changes in the works for the game. Due to the scope of these changes the API will most likely not work properly between the pre-patch and the launch of WoD. The team is actively working to have everything ready for the expansion's launch.
No worries. No one has any reason to hound these forums as much as me and my team ;)

Our poor website database hasn't updated since pre-patch release due to Armory guild info not updating.

But thanks Aurifex!
10/15/2014 04:11 PMPosted by DaPimpShield
Our poor website database hasn't updated since pre-patch release due to Armory guild info not updating.

Same here.. i see error response codes i've never seen before =O

I have no idea what Developer over QPS is =O
That means that it is a perfect time to test your error handling!

Also, QPS stands for 'queries per second'.
I have an issue where all the guilds on my realm apparently do not exist..
Other realms and guilds work OK.

string(46) "{"status":"nok", "reason": "Guild not found."}"
I am unable to load https://eu.api.battle.net/wow/guild/darksorrow/Bl%C3%A5%20Stue?fields=members&locale=en_GB&apikey=<I removed my api key>

Which I find odd, because http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/guild/darksorrow/Bl%C3%A5%20Stue/ works.

Any issues with guild name including æøå? if not, any other clues to what is going on?
Guild ShadowCompany on US-Rexxar exists on Armory:

doesn't exist on old API (or new):
There are several guilds not reachable with the API. They are working on an updated API for WoD released this week, so we all just have to wait, the issues will definitely get resolved.
Hi Blizz,

I also did some testing :

This us guild returns a 404

result received : {"status":"nok", "reason": "Guild not found."}

But this one (my bank guild) is returning its former name.
{"lastModified":1413327114000,"name":"Midgard","realm":"Lightbringer","battlegroup":"Cruelty / Crueldad","level":3,"side":0,"achievementPoints":10,"emblem":{"icon":141,"iconColor":"ffb1b8b1","border":0,"borderColor":"ff00317c","backgroundColor":"ff003582"}}

Can you clarify/fix please ?
Still no fix to these issues. It's taking a really long time and there seems to be no resolution in sight. I really wish the bug reports made to Blizzard received some form of feedback. If we are writing bug reports, you would think the least they could do is either give a thanks for putting in the time and effort to explain in detail, or even send an acknowledgement to confirm the bug - a lot of the time I assume it's just me but find out weeks later that I have wasted a hundred odd hours trying to see if there is a way to fix it myself.
First off, apologies for the lack of updates. I still don't have anything meaningful to share, but I'll prod and see what I can dig up.

Second, this thread has a lot of great data; for what it's worth I've been singing its praises when communicating with the other API folks. Like any job we're juggling several balls at once; extending a simple thanks can be difficult sometimes. Still, I'll try to pick up the slack on that end :D

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