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API Bug Report
Update, February 2018: It appears the API is finally fixed and most, if not all, mounts are finally added! Thank you so much to whomever did this!

The following are the old ones I simply haven't checked yet, but may be fixed:

  • Green Kodo (spell ID 18991, mount #73)
  • Teal Kodo (spell ID 18992, mount #74)
  • Ivory Raptor (spell ID 17450, mount #35)
  • Mottled Red Raptor (spell ID 16084, mount #54)
  • Red Wolf (spell ID 16080, mount #13)

In addition, there's at least one you can delete:
  • Fel Bat (Test) (spell ID 215545) - a test item from Beta, already deleted from Mount.db2, but remains in the API


Wain, Warcraft Mounts.
Updated with Vicious War Ram and Vicious War Raptor, which also became available in 6.0.2.
Updated again. There are now four that I'm aware of that still will not appear in API queries (though the majority will not show up on the web-based Armory). I'm starting to suspect I'm shouting to the wind here, but at least these are recorded in case someone gets onto it.
We're quieter on this forum, but it's not a void. Your reports are appreciated :D
01/06/2015 10:50 AMPosted by Aurifex
We're quieter on this forum, but it's not a void. Your reports are appreciated :D

Thank you :) As long as this is the right place to report the issue. I was worried it wasn't.

Unfortunately these reports rely on people who are fortunate to own the particular mount and also use our site. It's quite likely there are more that are missing from the API data but nobody with the mount has noticed yet.
With 6.1 there's at least one new mount missing from the API.

The Chauffeured Mechano-Hog (I believe the spell ID is 179244) is not being returned for players that own it.

The Alliance equivalent, the Chauffeured Mekgineer's Chopper IS being returned, though the data associated with it are partially wrong. It's returned with the name "Mechano-Hog". Wherever your info is coming from, it's not Mount.db2. If it was it'd be correct.

Fortunately at some point the Great Greytusk was fixed and now appears in the API. Odd that it was fixed and the others were not unless it was an accident ;/
I haven't heard anything about mount fixes, but maybe I just wasn't in the loop. Regardless, glad to hear things are a bit better than when you initially reached out.
Added Voidtalon of the Dark Star to the list. It's also failing to appear on the Armory / API.
Removed Treadblade. That one is now in the Armory data.
Wain, I just wanted to say thanks for keeping this thread updated.
Happy to help. It's self-interest too :)
Updated the OP. The Felfire Hawk and Voidtalon of the Dark Star are now appearing, so I removed them from the list.

However the Acherus Deathcharger and Chauffeured Mechano-Hog are still missing (they don't appear to be listed under wrong names, they're actually absent). As far as I can tell those are the only two now!
Hey Wain,

I've already reached out to the devs from your comments on the other thread. Seeing this now makes me think this "might" be a separate issue. I'm working to confirm. Details to come.
UPDATE: We're confirming if this is a separate issue or something related to the previous mount bug. Details to come.
UPDATE: This is definitely it's own bug. I've submitted this into the system as a formal issue.

The development team has looked into this to confirm validity of the issue and they concur it is a bug.

Especially considering the Alliance version of the Mechano-Hog works normally (, its only the Horde version that is not showing up.

They also had the following to say: "We're guessing this is due to unique requirements on each of these mounts. One of them is granted via an heirloom achievement and the other is only available to Death Knights. Regardless, both mounts should at least appear in the "Not Collected" category."

I have no ETA on a resolution for this, but it is in the queue. I'll post updates as I get them.
Thanks Andanion, I thought it might be separate, so I updated this thread.

There are two more mounts to add, unfortunately. Someone seems to have broken the plain, old Brown Horse (spell ID 458, mount #6) and the Swift Warstrider (spell ID 35028, mount #162) so they're not appearing in the Armory now. This is a fairly recent bug so may have happened at the same time as the Felfire Hawk and Voidtalon appearing. Given we lost two at the same time as we gained two, there isn't some sort of max. size criterion for that mount table is there? Maybe it's capped?

It may have been a coincidence that those other two mounts have special ownership criteria. The Brown Horse certainly isn't special, nor were the others that were broken until recently. Hopefully they'll find the issue anyway. Thanks again :)
Thanks Wain! I've updated the ticket with your additional infoz!
Curiously, three ancient mounts that have never been available in the game are now showing up on the Armory, at the end of the "Not Collected" tab:

The first two appear only on Alliance characters, while the latter appears on Alliance and Horde.

We'd probably never see these in API data since that currently only sends owned mounts, but I presume the sources of Armory and API data are linked and so this is a related issue.

These seem to be ones created during the original vanilla beta but never made it live. While it would be great to see old unused mounts being made available, the outdated information makes me think these haven't been included deliberately. I'm not sure of the timing of them appearing, but it makes me wonder if it was a side effect of the recent attempts (with mixed results) to get missing mounts to appear.
Thanks for the new info Wain. The mount issue is still outstanding. I will update the ticket on our side with the additional information you just provided.
Just noting that the Mount master list API ( / WOW/MOUNT/ ) is missing the same mounts. Probably redundant to report this as the bugs probably stem from the same source.

That array has 499 entries, a few of which have never been in-game mounts (like the "Leopard" and "Tiger"). Can't help but wonder if someone set a hard size on it of 499 and any new additions force the old ones out. Probably not.

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