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I am trying to write an API to parse the replays, I am using this structure But this seems different. With this implementation I see data like the name of the player but it is not structured.

My analysis :
Byte String : ok

Array Object : Here big problem with a hex editor.
I see two types of template; 0x04 0x01 0x00 so it's ok but i see lot of 0x04 0x1 ... and here i don't know if it's Array Object or another

0x05 :
Key-Value Object : I think it's ok here too
0x09 :
VLF integer : The algorithm has changed ?

My question is, is it possible to have the exact file structure replay.detais ?I'm really stuck on the parsing of the file because I have to "guess" the file structure.

I need your help :)
This might not be appropriate for this forum, but there's a pretty active hacker community over at the OwnedCore forums, have you checked them out? They have a HotS subforurm:

I played with HotS data during early alpha when the CASC file stuff was new and HotS was the first application to use this format. Unfortunately I haven't looked at any of the replay format files or anything else HotS-related.

Typically, the fastest way to reverse engineer this kind of stuff is to hook into the actual runtime and intercept what's happening. Although, I applaud your approach!
Reverse-engineering the files is probably not something Blizzard supports and likely against the ToS.

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