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I'm playing with WoW item api and I would like to have nice local copy of that database which I could easily query with sql. While I was programming come copying script, I got few questions

1) Is there any way to retrieve more that one item at time? Or some item id list which I could use? Is it really needed to brute-force all URLs from to to even get what items exist?

2) Sure different items got different fields related to it, gear should have some stats, usable items data about using item etc. Is there any existing list of fields what I can expect API to throw out? Maybe some item type groups or something?

3) Is there any way to reveal how old some certain item is? 113652 is from WoD and 105670 from MoP but how my script is supposed to know that? Should I use some 3rd party db? Could I calculate it from item id?

I sure can't be first one doing this same thing ...
This is easy with my WarKit library:

Here is a JSON dump for various item types for the latest Beta build:

In the dump above, there are keys for: "items" (wearable things), "gems", "enchants", "foods", "potions", and "elixirs" (elixirs, flasks, scrolls.)

- I've manually built my own blacklist for bad items, but it is still incomplete.
- Consumables only include things that give stats.
- Some enchants don't have corresponding item IDs.

I don't include any date/age meta information although this data would be cool to have, especially w/r/t querying for items from a specific patch or expansion. Some of this can be inferred by ID, but it won't be exact.

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