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Is anyone maintaining a dump of the WoD-version item json extracts? I don't want to pull all the data from the api if someone has already done it and packaged it.

Using my library WarKit you can construct your own JSON dump of WoW items:

Here is a skeleton of some code that could (if finished) dump the WarKit database to Blizzard-compatible-ish JSON:

Note: if you want strictly Blizzard JSON data, just pulling all of the items directly is probably easier. However, if you want to do anything remotely interesting with the data, like something other than redisplaying the JSON data stylistically, you will find WarKit extremely useful.

Dumping the bare minimum information (id, itemLevel, quality, itemClass, itemSubclass, etc.) for 57K items (armor + weapons + enchants) is a 15MB file. The full dump is probably 250+ MB. And you'll still need to write a ton of wrapper code to make sense of it.

The WarKit database is less than 8MB but also includes all of the information necessary to scale items, gems, enchants, armors, class stats, race stats, racials, weapon damage, suffixes, item bonuses, item contexts, upgrades, consumables, etc. But it is still missing some non-essential stuff like "buy/sell" price, durability, bag/stacking information etc. It has a validating paper-doll object which can import equipment directly from Simc scripts, from the Blizzard Armory, or can be constructed programmatically via code.

Unfortunately, WarKit lacks documentation at the moment because it is still a work-in-progress.

WarKit is the backend for my universal Paper Doll application: Apparatus

Edit: I forgot to mention, WarKit is written in Java so it might not be suitable for everyone. However, if you're ambitious, you could just write your own importer for my WKDB.dat database file in whatever language you choose:
Thank you sir, I'll take a look. I'm actually just rebuilding an Auction data miner and I wanted to get the latest item buy/sell prices and classification. I know there is the UMine Journal but I prefer to get the data myself and do my own custom reporting. I also want to do some serious trend analysis to make some decent gold. :D

In further reading, it looks like you don't have b/s which makes sense seeing as you have other purposes for your App. I'll just have to eat the dumping of Blizz Json data. |D

This is a full dump of the items, wish blizzard would give the option to load a full dump took quite some time to gather all items
Great question! Has anybody a dumb for all d3 items?

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