Character Items Context field inconsistent/wrong

API Bug Report
Requesting the character items for "Xscrub @ Elune" gives the context "raid-mythic" for the mainHand: Hellscream's War Staff.

However requesting the item Hellscream's War Staff (105690) by itself gives no context and says there's no available contexts.

When I try to save the above characters items into my database my website will try and request:

Which obviously results in: {"status":"nok", "reason": "context does not exist for item"}

There's also occasions where the Characters Items context is "quest-reward" or "vendor". We either need no context returned or one that you are actually able to request when requesting an item from the API.
This looks like another case of what I reported in
It seems as though when it's on a character, the context is indeed showing the creation in which it was created. It appears we need to treat that field as informational, and not a guarantee that the context exists. The steps to finding an item in this way would be:

  • View the character's profile to find the item ID and the item context.
  • View the item's info to determine if contexts exist. If they do not, you have the item in this request.
  • View the item's info with the context to get the item in context.

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