Everyone Should Implement Gzip !

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Thought i would throw out a quick post to show you guys the before and after results from me implementing gzip into my API calls.


I was avg over 150k a second before implementing gzip, after i dropped down to 40-50k. Didnt reduce any calls, just implemented gzip.....

All in All THANK YOU blizzard for adding gzip compression, the amount of data i'm transferring has been a huge problem.
That's a pretty awesome result! I'd be interested to see what the associated CPU spike was too
From my tests it's also faster. For 100 request from 6sec to 3sec.
Wow, that sounds promising! Thanks for calling attention to it :)
As requested the CPU usage from the server

Before 30-50%
After 25-33%

I have not looked into see if my requests are faster, i would expect them to be with the reduced network load.

As for the box its running on, all that's running on this VM is the API calls cron jobs. its a Google VM g1-small (1 vCPU, 1.7 GB ram) so itty bitty machine.

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