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Over the past week or so, I've started to notice that the Update Agent process starts downloading at seemingly random times, (Edit: addition) but most often when I close WoW. I can't tell what it's downloading - files for the Desktop application? World of Warcraft? Diablo 3? All I can tell is that it's maxing out my connection.

This is a problem because I have a very bandwidth-limited connection, only about 500 kbps. When these downloads happen while WoW is open, for example, I experience pretty savage lag. As I said, I don't have much bandwidth, and the Update Agent takes all it can get.

I've tried setting lower limits in the Desktop application's download settings. P2P downloading is disabled. I un/re-installed the Desktop application - no help. I also performed a "Scan and Repair" operation on WoW with the Bnet Desktop App - approximately 20 megabytes were downloaded at the conclusion.

Another user posted with similar problems in WoW's tech support forum (, but after replying it occurred to me that this is more likely an issue with the Bnet Desktop App than with WoW.

Is this something that I can fix, or do I merely need to close the Bnet Desktop application after launching another game or while it's not in use?

Editing again, as a bump feels like poor form. I tried deleting the various cache files as instructed by knowledge base articles, as well as running the desktop app with antivirus software disabled. Nothing I've found has worked. Is this an actual problem of the app, or is it merely routine file checking that looks like a problem because of my painfully low bandwidth connection? It really is quite disruptive and may lead me to abandon the Bnet Desktop app outside of patching.
Running the risk of jinxing things, this issue appears to have been corrected by updating Heroes of the Storm. I hadn't launched the game in some time, and for some reason it wasn't automatically updated.

I launched it on a whim and got a version mismatch error on the login screen. Upon closing the game, the Bnet Desktop app started downloading an update for the game. Since completing that update, the unusual downloading behavior described in the previous post seems to have stopped - fingers crossed.

For now, please consider the matter closed. Thank you.
And then about a week later, it starts doing it again. This time around, all the games are up to date. I'm hesitant to bother trying all the steps that failed to work last time.
Hi kirae, let's double-check your versions (Settings > About) of the app, agent, and WoW: Version Agent Version

If you have all of the latest versions, but the app still tries to get updates, Windows may be preventing some files from being changed or overwritten. I'd try running the app on another User Account in Windows, and see what happens.

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I have: Version Agent Version
Diablo3 (with RoS)
Heroes of the Storm Beta(33684)

All of those games open, run, connect, authenticate, etc.

I failed to mention that I'm running Windows 8.1, which is up to date except for a .net framework update (which is now competing with the Bnet Update Agent for my meager bandwidth). My user account is set to administrator. Edit: Also failed to mention that I'm using Avast antivirus, should that be relevant.

I created a new user account as instructed, also an administrator. I will admit that I have not been super rigorous in testing with this new account. I opened the Bnet app three or four times. The update agent started going each time. I waited for it to stop before closing the app on the chance that ending the process manually would taint the results. I've been playing around on the user account that I made for the purposes of this exercise in troubleshooting and have not yet noticed the "random" download behavior. That's not to say that it isn't happening, but I haven't noticed it yet. I'll try to get some more time on this.
Hi Kirae!

I have exactly the same issue, with a limited bandwidth and 4 WOW players in the
house playing arena this has become a real pain...

I have tried everything. Reinstalled everything and updated everything even formated my drive. The problem still persist!

When I play WOW suddenly the battlenet update agent starts running in the background and its especially fun when playing arena...
This has become a real issue, as my bandwidth is set to 200kb upload.

Im starting to think launcher was the worst thing Blizzard ever made...
4 WOW players in the
house playing arena

When I play WOW suddenly the battlenet update agent starts running in the background

Is this happening to just your computer, or all 4 computers, Xiu?

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Its happening to all our computers. We have 2 computers running with Windows 8.1 and 2 others with 7.

Only temporary solution I found is by starting WOW the old fashion way and not opening at all.

If I launch WOW in and close after wow has launched the update will still suddenly start downloading.

I really wish there was a fix for this issue, as I would really like to use the features!
I still haven't caught the update agent "randomly" downloading while logged into a different user account. I'm going to try playing Diablo on the other account for a while later on this/Thursday afternoon - it'll be very obvious if a download starts while playing Diablo.

I uninstalled my Avast antivirus as I'd heard that could cause some issues, but that did not help.

What's the endgame with checking other user accounts? Do we just log over to that when we want to use the desktop app? It might be a bit of a pain in the butt to get all my program/hardware settings ported over to the other account. Trading one inconvenience for another inconvenience which may not be a permanent solution to the original issue doesn't sound too great.

I haven't had any luck with google - is there any way to see what the update agent is downloading or if Windows is blocking or otherwise interfering with it?
Have you already tried reinstalling the app, kirae? Reinstalling may help re-apply the proper permissions for your current Windows User Account.

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Yeah, reinstalling was one of the first things that I did - before creating the new user account in Windows. Takes a couple of hours on this connection. I did not reinstall on the new account ... is that the next step?

Edit - on a whim, I went diving through the various files and folders nested in C:\ProgramData\\. The properties window for two executable files say "Security: This file came from another computer and might be blocked to help protect this computer." Those two files are ErrorReporter.exe in \\ and Agent.exe in \\Agent.2328\. Both files have a "Date Modified" of 10/24/2013. Could one of these be the issue? These files are old and "might be blocked" despite the aforementioned reinstall and deleting of these various folders (knowledge base suggestions) I did before posting here to begin with, so maybe not.
02/05/2015 01:49 PMPosted by kirae
C:\ProgramData\\. The properties window for two executable files say "Security: This file came from another computer and might be blocked to help protect this computer."

Did you happen to copy anything from another computer? Or did you just install the app normally?

02/05/2015 01:49 PMPosted by kirae
Those two files are ErrorReporter.exe in \\ and Agent.exe in \\Agent.2328\. Both files have a "Date Modified" of 10/24/2013

Those are really old - I'm surprised those are there if you reinstalled the app.

02/05/2015 01:49 PMPosted by kirae
I did not reinstall on the new account ... is that the next step?

I would try that, and see what happens.

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Answering the questions - The desktop app was originally installed normally. I've also tried deleting the various Blizzard and directories in the ProgramData directory and "patching manually" as described in the knowledge base. Then I reinstalled. (This was all before I made this thread.)

I will try reinstalling on the other user account.
Before I actually got to reinstalling the Bnet Desktop App again, an update downloaded and asked that I restart the program. Desktop App is now, Update Agent is now Since this update, the excessive downloading on launching the Bnet Desktop app and the "random" download behavior seem to have stopped. Knock on wood. Again.

So again, for now, I think everything is good.
I hate to be the burden of bad news but it's not updating anything. Instead it`s doing something that Blizzard won`t admit to. It pops up every time you have battlenet open even if you are not logged into it. The best thing for you to do is just open battlnet up to log into your game and then close battlenet. Afterwards go to your task manager by pressing ctrl+alt+delete, select task manager and then find update agent, right click on it and select end task. Also, if you play WoW, when you log into a character go into task manager and shut of the WoWbrowserproxy.exe this way too. It`s another naughty thing that happens while you play.
Well, I had written a large and descriptive reply detailing what I did to figure it out on my system and when I submitted it, it simply disappeared... fantastic.

First: this is not a case of Blizzard DoSing their customers. Seriously, take your tinfoil hat off. There's no conspiracy here.

Second: I have a web proxy that I had recently made changes on and the web proxy was interrupting the download of the new agent.exe, causing it to attempt a redownload over and over, filling up log files to nearly 1GB of space and nearly saturating my 60mb/s connection. I configured the proxy to not proxy for my gaming PC's IP and that fixed it. The download immediately finished and everything went back to normal. I will have to go back and see why it was interfering and make better rules for it.

You will have to check your PC and router/firewall/UTM/whatever to ensure that you are not filtering HTTP/S connections. The core of the issue is this: something or some process, either on the PC or on a device upstream of your PC, is causing a reset of the download before it can finish. If you're on wireless, switch to wired, or vice versa. Disable all web proxies/filters temporarily, etc, etc, until the cause of the problem is found (Edit: this includes antivirus and software firewalls, such as ZoneAlarm or the free Comodo Firewall).

Third: For tools that can help you troubleshoot such stuff, head on over to, and search for sysinternals suite. Download TCPview (shows what processes are doing network wise) and Process Explorer (better than task manager, IMO). They are awesome.
I had this issue, resolved by uninstalling Heroes of the storm.

I've had issues loading heroes in the past due to my antivirus, my best guess is that it blocks the update from completing.
I know this is a bump, but what I don't get is that this !@#$ isn't meant to update while a game is running. yet it does, and chews up bandwidth creating lag.
2+ years later and this still isn't fixed :)
I had to uninstall all of my blizz games except for the one I wanted to play to fix this.

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