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Does anyone have an existing item database/file dump? I'd rather not have to build one from scratch knowing there are tons of users out there with their own database. It can even be out of date as long as it gives me a decent starting point.

A parse able text file would be preferred and could be thrown on pastebin or something like that.

Basically all i care about is the item name along with the id but a dump with full item details would be great too.
I made API requests for all the items one by one a few weeks ago, here is a full dump with all items in JSON format.
And since I'm such a swell guy I made you a csv file with just the ID and name for each item as well. :)
12/31/2014 10:43 AMPosted by Oratory
And since I'm such a swell guy I made you a csv file with just the ID and name for each item as well. :)

Wow man, this is exactly what i was looking for! That was very helpful.
Oratory, FYI I've added this to the Community Created Libraries & Resources thread.
currently building my own itemDB for Diablo 3 items. Will share as soon as it's ready.
Sorry to resurrect, but does anyone have a pre-WoD dump? I'm doing some research and I lost the portion of my DB from itemid 288 to 19821. I need pre-squish item stats (unless there is a known formula for converting current stats to pre-squish values?)
Hi Czarath,

i have made an itemdump on July last year. It contains approx 69 thousand items as single json files. Hope this helps.
Hi Archangel,

Thanks for this; it's awesome. Problem is, the dump you linked to only contains 4,099 items, not 69,000. Could the file have been corrupted?

Hi Isaac,

i have double checked everything. The problem is you must extract with something like 7zip. The windows internal zip only shows the 4099 files, but if you do it with an external programm all is fine and there are 69.635 files.

That did it!

Thank you, Sebastian! This is incredibly helpful.
This is all well and good, but what about diablo items? It does not appear as though one can simply iterate through all the items like you can with WoW ones.

Is there a pattern that will allow someone to reliably scrape all the items?
Hello, is this file still available ? Is it still accurate ? How is this file actually generated ?

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