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I know BreedID table like this
3 B/B
4 P/P
5 S/S
6 H/H
7 H/P
8 P/S
9 H/S
10 P/B
11 S/B
12 H/B

But when i use auctions or character API for pets data or pet auctions i saw BreedID like 18, 19 ,22. Anyone know it's mean? How to convert 22 breedid to Breed chars like P/S?
If breed > 12 then
breed = breed - 10

IIRC the breeds above 12 repeat from 3, because the original implementation had male and female pets. 6 would be male H/H and 16 would've been female H/H, but the gender was not used anywhere in-game.

Fortunately the same order was kept for male and female breeds so we can just subtract the ID instead of having a longer map. :)
Thanks for help

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