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No result about to find a "showcase post" investigation on this forum, so I decided to create this thread. (Maybe i missed the post, hope no).

First at all, this forum is dedicated to help users of the Battle.net API to perform and fix their projects for Blizzard games communities.

I'm really interested to see what you guys created with the Battle.net API (Guilds feeds, Roster management, etc).

Template to use:

Name: App name
URL: App URL or Download link
Platform: Web/Mobile/etc
Code: Language used (Java, PHP, etc)

Functions: The main purpose of your app

UPDATE: My project is no more, so I have nothing to share with you guys: <
Nice initiative, Gym.

I'm working on a guild site. Small compared to your project. The first few pages are live.
I'm using PHP/Codeigniter and some AngularJS. It's a work in progress :-)

Love the design and look you've got going there Gym. I really need to get some experience with AngularJS, the no load page change is a really cool effect.

Right now I use the API on a number of sites, some which are public, and some which are not.

Public Sites:

Name: SolidICE
URL: http://solidice.com
Platform: Web
Code: PHP/Laravel/JavaScript/NodeJS

Functions: optional authentication method (register with existing Battle.net account), character management, BTag features for our group finder (solidice.com/group-finder), and data collection for the raffles (solidice.com/raffles).

Name: BlizzVoice
URL: http://blizzvoice.com
Platform: Web
Code: PHP/Laravel

Functions: optional authentication method (register with existing Battle.net account)
Nice initiative, Gym.

Name : WOWschemes
Platform : Web
Code : Javascript

    Spanish version: http://www.wowschemes.com

    English version: http://en.wowschemes.com

Functions: WOWschemes users can access the type of character they wish, and instantly obtain a scheme of its spells classified into uses, with the option of making a comparison between characters.
03/19/2015 10:17 AMPosted by Refugee
Nice initiative, Gym.

I'm working on a guild site. Small compared to your project. The first few pages are live.
I'm using PHP/Codeigniter and some AngularJS. It's a work in progress :-)


I love the stuff you've done ! Design is flat and smooth !

03/19/2015 12:28 PMPosted by spudnic072
Love the design and look you've got going there Gym. I really need to get some experience with AngularJS, the no load page change is a really cool effect.

Nice stuff ! Guess i used one of those website to get oqueue :3

AngularJS is really easy to learn. If you are a little bit friendly with javascript language, you can make miracles with angularjs in few hours ! Try it out !


The idea to compare class abilities is really nice ! Maybe the best way for people to choose what they want to play !


Thanks for the sticky post guys, stay awesome !
The Undermine Journal
Auction House statistics and data for all US and EU realms.
  • Hourly-resolution pricing charts for all items and battle pets for the past 2 weeks.
  • Daily-resolution pricing charts for all items since December 2014 (and growing).
  • Daily OHLC charts for stackable items since December 2014.
  • Search current auctions by seller, with seller posting history for the past 2 weeks.
  • Battle pet pricing by breed.
  • Separate item pricing for item bonus levels (Heroic, Warforged, Mythic, etc).
  • Pricing data built into an in-game tooltip addon, automatically updated on Curse and WoWInterface twice each week.

Realm Pop
Population statistics for all US and EU realms.
Compare populations between realms, including connected realms. Drill down by character race, class, gender, and level for any realm. For example, find out that the most popular race for level 100 rogues on US PVP realms is Undead, and 63.7% of them are male. Or discover the most populated US PVE realm with a balanced A/H ratio is Malfurion/Trollbane. Don't transfer your character to another realm without checking Realm Pop first!
Name: WoWLeaderboards
URL: http://wowleaderboards.net
Platform: Web
Code: PHP

Name: Hearthstone API
URL: http://hearthstoneapi.com
Platform: Web
Code: PHP

Name: Demon Hunter Damage Calculator
URL: http://dhcalc.dawg6.com/
Platform: Web
Code: Java/GWT

This tool supports profile import for D3 Demon Hunters and calculates DPS, primarily for level 70 set bonus-based builds.
03/19/2015 07:31 PMPosted by erorus
The Undermine Journal

Happy to see your still around. I think there was a time last year where you were thinking of closing shop?
why not lol

Name: WoWRoster
Url: wowroster.net demo: http://beta.wowroster.net/
Platform: Web
Code: Php,Javascript

Functions: Online guild CMS website using blizzard api to update memberlists, player characters (rep,mounts,achievements,equipment and more), extensive api item caching and tooltip generation, guild realm status. Using api oauth to assign a players characters to there account users can claim there toons without having to equipping items anymore.


Name: Garrison Mission tracker
Url: http://garrisontracker.com
Platform: Web
Code: Php,Javascript. addon req till api info avil.

Functions: online tracking of player garrison missions (api used for reward generation atm)
I'm working on a guild website generator, that uses WoW's API to set up user accounts, roles, and guild "groups"
100% JavaScript (CSS/HTML don't count)
Doubt it will ever really be implemented in production in any meaningful way, but I just kind of want to do it for enjoyment
Auctionhouse stats for all eu/us realms:

Name: WoW Auction
Url: https://www.wowauction.org/
Platform: Web
Code: Python,Javascript
Nice work guys!
Here is my creation

Name: Pet Dex
Url: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=de.reebow.wowpetdex
Platform: Android
Code: Android

It´s a database for the battle pets.

I hope the api will sometime give the attack description, so it will get even more useful. :)
I updated the original post with a pre-alpha best in slot app.

Best in slot app :

Have fun :3
Name: HearthBreak.com
URL: http://www.hearthbreak.com
Platform: Web
Code: NodeJS

Tracker for Hearthstone events, series, tournaments, matches and players with additional public api support.
I am not a developer or in any way knowledgeable in javascript or css but I made a roster that sorts my whole guild.


note: some firewalls detect the site as adult material because before I got the domain name it was !@#$.
Name: Guild Audit
URL: http://www.guildaudit.com
Platform: Web
Code: PHP, Javascript with JQuery

Hobby project I've been developing for a couple of years now. Always wanted something I could build myself for fun, and to learn from.

The site lists your raid group and shows all kinds of information about each character. Started as a replacement for my own raid spreadsheet and expanded from there.
Name: Bounty-o-Matic
URL: https://bounty-o-matic.com/
Platform: Web / Addon (wip) / Mobile app (maybe)
Code: Python, JQuery

Travel safe through Azeroth!
Someone waits for you in the dark? Spit on your corpse for the third time?
Is a double agent? Killed your cat?

  • Put a bounty on his head! - Let's describe your Nemesis and found the perfect killer for him.
  • Choose a reward to pay your mercenary - It can be anything: gold, items, pets, even a date!
  • Mercenaries answer your bounty - They can proove the kill with a screenshot uploaded on Imgur for example.
  • Send the reward and close your bounty - Kill people is hard, so stay clean and send the reward. You are a good guy.

Name: Ankylos Guild
URL: http://guild.iamankylos.co.uk
Platform: Web (+ planned addon)
Code: Python/Django, JQuery(Thinking of converting to AngularJS)

I've used the API to create our guild website, featuring several advanced features that make use of the API, including our own in-guild loot system, auction house and several roster based features.
love this idea, now i might be able to help others. My raid leader was asking for organizational help. its why i came to this forum seeking an answer to a blizz api question to begin with. most i could tell from the documentation
name call me "mir"
project "Wow Raid Organizer"
Demo Link: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1GjaHDmImdCGBfxath9-Wg_N7p6Ar4rmQ3SVGxu6B3wc/edit?usp=sharing
(feel free to copy to your own google doc and use it!)
i have mine and two friends in there to show it off as of the post
its has three sections. input (realm/toon/(main) role/comment), availability, and look up results as requested by the RL.
it uses conditional formatting to do highlighting on gem/chant status
it uses code to sense the role and count that, as well as the class and count that and do a diversity calculation
it uses two scripts to find stuff (check the script editor after copying to see the code)

this uses Google Script (you can grab it from the demo link) which is JSON based

oh, since im posting here, i guess that makes it open source. hahaha

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